A Small Extract: Cherrelle Skeete | Gate Theatre

Oh, but by now
you’re tired of all this looking. You want to reach your destination. Your hotel. Your room. (WAVES LAP GENTLY,
STEEL DRUM PLAYS) You long to refresh yourself. You long to eat some nice lobster. Some nice local food. You take a bath, brush your teeth, get dressed again. As you get dressed… ..you look out the window. That water. Have you ever seen anything like it? Far out to the horizon, the colour of the water is navy blue. The water is the colour
of the North American sky. From there to the shore,
the water is pale… ..silvery clear. So clear that you can see
its pinkish-white bottom. Oh, what beauty. Oh! What beauty! You have never seen anything like this. You are so excited.
(INHALES SHARPLY) You breathe shallow. Oh! You breathe deep. You see a beautiful boy skimming
the water, godlike on a windsurfer.

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