A Step Into The Past【寻秦记】——EP 01| Chinese Drama | Welcome to subscribe Fresh Drama

Black hole program activated,high energy particle beam,prepare for bombardment. Warning,warning,the forward gravity goes up in geometric series,please evacuate in time,please evacuate in time. Captain! The gravitational force of a black hole suddenly rises exponentially. Activate the antimatter launch engine immediately. Antimatter launch engine damaged,the power can not reach its peak,the ship can’t escape the danger zone. Calculate at once how fast it takes to escape this gravitational value! The speed of light. Is there another way? 67.333%The black hole singularity is the central point that maintains the structure of the black hole. If we send a spaceship and destroy the stability of the singularity with an antimatter bomb, the balance of the black hole will be broken, and we have a 67.333% chance of escaping. But in that case, the ship would never be back. I’ll carry out the task. Zhanfeng. Shaolong,help me prepare the ship. Yea sir. Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to work with you. Good luck. AI!AI,Contact nebula(Xingyun?) I,hurry up. What’s up? What’s going on? Xiang Shaolong! Xiang Shaolong! Xiang Shaolong! Xiang Shaolong! Come back. Feng, I am ordering you as an acting captain to bring all of you back to earth safely! Besides, I’ll keep the jade for you for a while and give it back to you when get a chance. Take care, everyone. Wait till I get back! Wow… What is this? The appearance of unusual celestial phenomena,be careful. Master,this place is three hours away from Wujia Bao.. Yeah,at this time, it is not appropriate to cause incidents. The members of mohism,listen to me,go on a journey through the night,accelerate ahead. Yes sir. Whoa! Grandpa, I’d like to see. Rapid return. Go. The leaves are wide, the bark is thicker, and most trees have no fluff,temperate continental climate,searching for similar locations.Search result,no similar location. No similar location? Hey, cheer up. 0Female, 18 years old, risk index 0, no other information available. No more? If I can guess,I’m asking you? Hello.Hello.Hello. Can’t you talk? Hello, who are you? Where are you from? What are you doing there? You can talk! Well, I just asked you for a while. You don’t answer me,it’s great to see a living person,do me a favor,I’m gonna fall into the mud. Ouch,you… Please leave the marsh area quickly.Please leave the marsh area quickly. Help me! You… wait a minute. Don’t move. Hurry up. Grab it. I’m still alive,don’t know what about Zhan Feng. Thank you, beauty. You saved my life. Ask me for help in the future. Wow, that’s amazing. You, you talk strange, you really fell off the meteorite? Meteorites? Yeah. Yeah. You’re strange too. Wearing an ancient costume , but it looks good. Um? All right,my name is Xiang Shaolong. What’s your name? I’m Xing Yun. You…you are Xing Yun? Yeah. So coincidentally, my ship is also called Xing Yun! The ship? Flying boat? Flying boat! But it’s called Xing Yun. Your name is Xing Yun. Hey, let me ask, what is this place? Here,Wujia Bao of state of Zhao. ?State of Zhao? Go! Go! Go! Guys, go! Come on, go! Guy,heroes save beauty? I’ll take you. You don’t know Lian Jin? If you beg for mercy now, you may be able to save your life. So many of us can’t beat him? Kill the man,and take away the woman,come on. Bro.stop. Say, who sent you here? Where are the Mohist ? Are you here for He Shi Bi? You can’t save them. And He Shi Bi, our bro’s already got it. Master,why isn’t she back yet?Why don’t you take a break here? Wait for her. The child has been curious since childhood, especially happy to see the astronomical phenomena, this meteorite from the sky, she did not look at the truth, will not give up. Don’t worry. She had a sense, and she would come after her. We’d better hurry. Okay. Yuan Zong,hand over He Shi Bi,I won’t let you die. He Shi Bi is right here with me, but I can’t give it to you. Son of a bitch. What sound? What are you doing? Go! What are you going to do? Beauty,wait for me! I didn’t say it clearly. Go! Beauty, wait for me, beauty! Xing Yun,I’m coming. Filming? So many people? I’m not gonna show up here, am I? Hey,did you really kill him? Call the police. Hey,you’re wrong.I was passing by. Really throw me in another place? So many people,I need to save some electricity….come on.Have you ever seen high technology? A strong internal force. Hey, are you okay? So-sorry,actually,I… Lian Jin,Lian Jin. I tell you, I never hit a woman. Insulator! You…. Hey, I didn’t mean to electrocute you. Xing Yun.I turned it off. Still fight, old man? Master,the man was clearly out of touch with He Shi Bi,must be with Ma,why don’t you kill him? Hey, wait a minute. I saw him fall from the meteorite. He didn’t know anything about He Shi Bi. Master, this man is of unknown origin,keeping him will only lead to more trouble,in my opinion,I’d rather kill wrong than let go. Grandpa! The killing of innocent people is not done by Mohmen.Xing Yun,Take them back to Wujia Bao. Okay. Your majesty,your majesty,something happened,your majesty. What are you doing? What form is it? The state of Zhao,the wind and rain come in their time,people return to their hearts,what ‘ s in danger ? Your majesty,there was a strange vision in the southwest last night,today,from 5am to 7am,there’s a meteor,it must indicate that there’s a traitor!The forcibly retained the hostages,but he does not know that Qin’s current national strength is growing,when it’s easy to get caught.Only afraid Qin Zhao belligerent, harms the common people,your majesty,think twice! Sir,if the hostages were returned to the State of Qin, wouldn’t the State of Qin be more unscrupulous? What’s good for Zhao? This will keep Qin and Zhao in good hands for several years and will not lead to war. Years later, what? Sir,the ambition of Qin is known all over the world,had it not been for threatening the hostages to frighten him, I fear that my country would have been at war for many years, but for more than 10 years of stability, where did it come from? It’s reasonable,you can leave. The crisis of the state of Zhao,not far. Sir. Good.Good. Take it away. Sir,Yuan Zong took He Shi Bi to Wujia Bao,if you don’t act, it’s too late. Why are you so worried? I have my plan. …You’re really in charge,I Jing Jun to you of admiration, such as the surging river continuous, but also like the Yellow River flooding a hair out of hand…. All right,anything else? Sir,I heard that today Liu openly admonish the,said he hide a malicious intent. What can he do? However, it can warn others. All right,I go to… I’ll go myself. Stop,stop. Zhao Pan,you recognize a thief as a father, and you are devoid of good faith,I fight for my life to bring down you crooked thieves. You are really loyal to the emperor and patriotic, I admire you. Take it. Come on. Let go! Let go! Grandpa! Let go of my grandchildren! let go of my grandchildren! Wasn’t you pretty rough? Go on. What can you do now? Crying? Let go of my grandchild! Stop! Put the knife down! put it down! Princess! Cousin! Pan, you’re messing around again! I’m not. I’m just kidding with him.Give the child back. Give you. Get over here! Pan is impolite,if there is a crime, please forgive him. Thank you so much,princess. Let’s go back in my carriage. It’s safer. There would be no trouble with the princess. I go back by himself. Goodbye! Pan,he is the elder of state of Zhao,why did you do that? I know,I won’t do that again. You have to do things with a clear conscience. I know. Sir,what are the omens of yesterday’s strange celestial phenomena and the falling meteorites in the southwest? …The god of heaven is blowing, meteorites are coming, and this turbulent time may be about to be exhausted…. Please point it out. Yin and Yang cycle, the five virtues together, troubled times only the saint can be solved.The saint appeared last night. Congratulation. ?Do you know where the saint was born, sir? I divined last night,saint is not ignorant children,it’s only today that he’s willing to show up,meet with you. You are not a light person,meet with me? Even when a saint was born,that should be with the king. Yeah,you are right,a saint was born,is to assist the world and the Lord,but the world knows who the Lord can do,don’t know yet. Can you tell the character of this saint, sir? A saint is not an ordinary man; you’ll know when you see him. Thank you. Pan,can you understand what I just said to him? Not fully understand All right,did you look for Liu today? Yeah, I want to teach him a lesson. Do you know why I haven’t done it so far? This is Liu’s house! Dad. You are coming! Come on,inside please. OK, let’s go. Come on. All the way hard, there is a long way to welcome. You’re quite welcome. Uncle. Xingyun,Tingfang’s hurt? Uh, don’t worry, sister. She was struck by lightning. Nothing serious. Lightning? Who is this man? He is the person who makes us corona. So weird? Take her into the room and rest. Come on. Madam. …?That almost kissed me… Where is the man who makes me numb? He was locked out by Mr Lian. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, what are you doing? Hey, hey! What clothes do you wear ? How strong is it ? Who are you? Me? I’m Wu Tingfang.Say,do you come here for He Shi Bi? Why does it sound so familiar? Oh, I remember. is it that Bian Bian Bian, Bian Bianhe excavated He Shi Bi? You know that? And say you’re not to rob it?


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