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Throughout the State of Zhao, everyone knows that the horse produced from Wujiabao is the best. Such a small thing, how do you bother coming in person. I’ll ask others to pick some for you. I’m not in a hurry, I don’t go out of Handan. Now that I have come, I will stay in your house for a few days. Er… What’s wrong? You don’t seem to welcome me too much? I welcome you very much. Come to a person. My lord. Choose a good room for Mr.Pan. Yes,sir. You are so hospitable! Now that you say so, I’ll play here for a few days and then pick a couple of good horses to go. I hope you can have fun at my house. Tao Fang, take Mr.Pan to rest. Please. See you. Please. Wujiabao is just that! I think the worry of my adoptive father is absolutely unnecessary! I have said that… Shut up. I can’t bear you any more.When you speak, you are as noisy as the yenta. Have you got the He Shi Bi? I have got it. Why don’t you bring it to me? Should I take it in person? Sir,don’t be angry.I also want to bring it to you.But we can’t go out now. Since He Shi Bi was stolen,Wu Yingyuan ordered the blockade of Wujiabao.No one is allowed to go out.So we can only be trapped in Wujiabao. Then tell me, where is He Shi Bi now? I hid it in a safe place. I’ll take it to you as long as no body notices me. But now the defense of Wujiabao is strict. Even if you get it, I’m afraid you can’t get out of it. You give me the He Shi Bi now. If I want to go out, no one dares to stop me. Yes,sir. Xing Yun. Wu,what’s up? What are you doing? Nothing.What’s up? I think you are very strange these days. Do you have anything to hide from me? It’s nothing! What’s your matter? Before that, Xiang Shaolong and you… I’m telling you, Wu, I really want to kill him but now the He Shi Bi hasn’t been found yet. You really hate him that much? Really! Why did you come? Don’t you go to bed at night? I don’t think you are a bad person. I come here to take a look at your situation. You’re visionary. Can you untie the rope for me to make me comfortable? You really have unlocked the rope for me. Aren’t you afraid I’ll run away? Do you think you can run out? Why can’t I? As long as I think, I can run away now! I just don’t want to fight with you. I like world peace. I’m here to probe your Kung Fu. My Kung Fu?Training is good for our health.And I can show you my Kung Fu. It’s him. Yes,it’s him. Are they your friends? Who are you? Who are you? You are bold! You dare to talk to me like this, and I’ll give you a lesson after I handle my business. Hey,the man dressed in red, how dare you bully my men. Hit him. Hit him. This time we will defeat you. I will be defeated by them. Judo? Now I will fight with you. I will make you admit your defeat. You’re so flaunting. -My hand. -You’re so flaunting,right? -My head. Come on. What do you mean? Are you saving me or beating me? You guess. Hey,don’t move. Oh,my lord. You Bird Man are so bad. I know you can defeat them. So I didn’t help you to fight against them. Come to practice Kung Fu with me. No,I don’t practice Kung Fu with you. Xiang. My lord. Hurry to tie him up. My lord. Don’t help me any more. You can leave now. Don’t mess up! Pan,Lian Jin was impolite to you.Forgive him. Today, my anger has gone away. Let it go. You are magnanimous. By the way,Lord Wu,who are you tied up in the yard? Why do you call him a Bird Man? It’s just a joke for young people. But this man does come from the sky. Did he really fall from the sky? Yes. It’s interesting.Er,what’s the name of the girl? She is my niece, named Xing Yun. Xing Yun?Xing yun is a name with a spirit. Jin Jun. Ah? How old do you think the girl is? I think the skin of the girl is very good and her face looks as beautiful as a blossom. Her eyes are big and bright. As you say, she is as bright and mysterious as the stars in the sky. She is more than five feet long, with a light figure and a short waist, and she must never married.I think… Shut up. I just ask you how old is she. I guess she is about eighteen, not more than twenty at most. Maybe seventeen, sixteen? Shut up. My lord,I’m so sorry. Have you got it? My lord,I bring the He Shi Bi. No wonder that everyone says it is the first beautiful jade in the world. My lord,it’s He Shi Bi. It’s shinning. This jade is warm and delicate, just like the hand of the virgin. It attracts people to touch it. Shut up. You’ve got the He Shi Bi and you should leave as soon as possible. OK. I will say goodbye to Wu Yingyuan tomorrow. I am afraid that when you leave, Wu Yingyuan will search you. Then how do you deal with it? Does he dare to search me? Quickly,quickly. Why did Wujiabao ring the bell in the middle of the night? How do you let me sleep? My lord will call everyone to be here to give a lesson on the evening of 15th day of each lunar month. It’s ridiculous. Yan Ping,come on. My lord,why do you ask us to com here in the middle of the night? Yan Ping is here, and so are all the people. A dying man also has an opportunity to plead. Bring Xiang Shaolong up! Let me go! Let go! Don’t move. Go. Sir, let me go. I didn’t steal! Don’t move. Xiang Shaolong, don’t worry, I’ll let you go after I ask you a few questions. OK.Ask me. Then you talk about the origin of the He Shi Bi. I know a little bit,a person of the state of Chu named Bian He picked it from the remote mountain, and he broke his both feet because of giving the He Shi Bi. Then He Shi Bi was found in the State of Zhao and the emperor of Qin wanted to take fifteen cities to exchange He Shi Bi.Then there was a story that Lin Xiangru returned the He Shi Bi to the State of Zhao,right? How much do you think He Shi Bi is worth? Of course it’s priceless! Great. If you get it,how will you manage it? If I get it, of course I will sell it as soon as possible. Did you know that Yuan Zong spent all his life’s savings and bought it back at great risk? He is for the purpose of prospering the whole world. He aims to achieve the goal of Mohist and universal love. But you want to sell it? Hey,you’re trapping me into a confession. What you say is not true. Xiang Shaolong,according to the law of Zhao,the person who stole the He Shi Bi should be killed. You want to be free but don’t tell us the truth. And how can I save you? Lord Wu,I really didn’t steal the He Shi Bi. You and Xingyun knew that Mr.Yuan had already fainted in the ground when I arrived. Yes. You should make sense. If you must say it’s stolen by Xiang, what about the stolen goods and the He Shi Bi? He just didn’t have a chance to take it away! Hey, you can’t speculate on yourself. You have to tell the evidence? Where’s your evidence? Tao Fang. Yes,sir. This is the copy of footprints found in the room. Hey,release me.Release me. That’s not true. This footprint is the same size as Xiang Shaolong’s footprint. The evidence is conclusive, Xiang Shaolong, you still do not admit it. I… Xiang, You cheat me. You’re excessive. Xing Yun. Xing Yun. Xiang Shaolong, admit your crime. Bird Man, how do you sophistry this time? Xiang Shaolong, tell me, why do you want to steal He Shi Bi? Lord Wu, the first time I saw that and I couldn’t put it down, I wanted to take it back for a memorial! How did you steal it? That night I drank too much, and as soon as I saw no one around, I ran to the house with the He Shi Bi, but I put a fake one there… So someone stole the fake one again? Yeah. There is such a stupid person stealing the fake.If so, Did I make a meritorious service? How about untying me? Young people who have made a big mistake because of greed should be give a chance to change. Besides, you’ve helped us. As soon as you hand over the He Shi Bi, I’ll let you go. OK. I hid it in the yard. I’ll take you to it now. But in order to make you remember your lesson and prevent you from continuing to do evil, punishment is unavoidable, and you will be branded the face. What does it mean? Branding your face. Branding your face? Lord Wu,no. I can’t be branded the face. I’m so handsome. Tao Fang, execution. Yes,sir. Take him away. Go. Hey,Tao Fang,I’m so handsome. I can’t be branded the face. Come on! Cut the crap! Tao Fang. Tao Fang. Please don’t do that. Let’s go. Fang, I really can’t be branded the face! Look at me so handsome! Chief Tao. What’s up? What words are you making on my face? Since you stole He Shi Bi,you will be branded the word of thief. Chief Tao, did he really steal the He Shi Bi? You also heard him confessed his crime. I’ll take him there right now to look for He Shi Bi. This, this is impossible. What are you talking about? Nothing. I can’t believe it. He saved us before. OK. You’re handsome. But you stole things. You can’t argue this time. Take him away. Go. Wait. Master has an order that no one shall enter. Keep the door. Follow me. Get in. Come on. You’ve worked hard,Shaolong. Nothing. Lord Wu,what about my performance today? You can ask Xing Yun. She hasn’t reacted yet. She just asked me, did you really steal He Shi Bi? She forgot that we were acting. Lord Wu. But Xing Yun performed very well. Especially she stared at me and then ran in tears. She performed perfectly. Xiang,don’t be kidding. Now let’s get to the real work. Now how to make a fake He Shi Bi? how can we find it in such a short time? I have discussed this with Shaolong and I’m sure that the thief will be exposed. Two predecessors and Tao go to the yard to pretend to dig for He Shi Bi. Xing Yun and I go to arrange the rest of the matter. OK. We’re going now. Let’s go. Xiang,since your wrist strap is so powerful,why did you ask me to prepare a wooden box? Valuables should be kept in good care. What if the thief see it and steal it? Is it OK? If it doesn’t look like real, we’ll waste all the previous efforts, and we’ll never find the real again. Wow… How’s it going? Still worried? This is amazing! It’s like it’s real. It’s called high technology. That’s fun! Dig this way. We find it. Jin,I help you find the He Shi Bi and you have branded on my face. Can you untie me now? No. I’m afraid not? Xing Yun. Let me help you out. Ah,Xing Yun. Don’t be softhearted. It’s OK. Uncle Wu said that as long as he could hand in the He Shi Bi. He could be free. Lianjin and Tingfang watch over He Shi Bi for the first half of the night. Yan Ping and Xing Yun are in charge of the latter half of the night. No matter who is in charge, you can’t leave half a step, no one can step into the room. Yes,sir. Yes,sir. My lord,the He Shi Bi that we stole may be false. What? Before Wu Ying yuan interrogated Xiang Shaolong, Xiang Shaolong admitted that he had earlier used a fake one to take the place of the He Shi Bi. I may stole the fake one. Fake? What’s the use of that? Wait a moment. Give me the fake one. I want it. You can’t steal the He Shi Bi. What else can you say? My lord,I have an idea. It doesn’t look like a fake. My lord,Wu Yingyuan arranged for me to watch over He Shi Bi. At that time I can get the real He Shi Bi. At that time,they take a fake one to meet the emperor of Zhao. He must be angry and kill them. And he doesn’t release the hostages. At that time, the vassal can reach his purpose,right? Well , what you say is reasonable. Give me. If you can’t succeed,I will give you punishment. Yes,sir. Ah,my He Shi Bi,my He Shi Bi. Xing Yun. Uncle,why did you come? Oh,the He Shi Bi is important. The master sent me to guard against loss. You can go back and have a good rest. Then take turns on duty with me. Well,thank you. I’m going. OK. Uncle,You must keep an eye on it. Don’t lose it any more. OK. Don’t worry. OK. Yan Ping. Master! You? You’re fine now? You tell me what this is. It was my obsession, Master, forgive me. Xiang Shaolong, you must have set me up. Well, you were right. But I’m not hurting you. I’m doing something good for the people. Do you know yourself is a bad guy? I save your master. Do you know,stupid guy? Master, you’re fine all the time? 你们 你们都在骗我You’re all lying to me. Why not? Xing Yun,Yuan Zong,Lord Wu we are acting all the time. Do you know? Unexpectedly Pan came to the Wujiabao. Zhao Pan is for He Shi Bi,right? Yeah, so what? How dare you take him? To tell you the truth, I am the worker of Pan, how dare you treat me? Don’t you want your Wujiabao? Shut up. Yan Ping, are you really not aware of the seriousness of the matter? Dad! Why didn’t you tell me? Wu, the matter is so important that we dare not tell you. You know! You know that! You all know! I don’t know! You, bird man, you dare lie to me! I’m not lying to you, Miss Wu! If you know about this, then all people of Wujiabao will know it,too. You see Jin can guess it, right? You… Ah. Wu. Ting Fang. Don’t move, or I’ll kill her! Don’t come here! Let her go! Let her go! Don’t move! Get back! Nobody move! Dad. Wu. Don’t move.Or I’ll kill her! Wu. Catch him. My lord,we were framed. So the one we have is real He Shi Bi. What shall we do? You’re gonna save me,my lord. You work for me so I certainly will save you. Thank you,my lord.Thank you,my lord. 喂,你怎么能杀人呢?这是犯法知不知道!Hey, how can you kill others? Do you know this is a violation of law? 项大哥!Xiang. 乌堡主,这就是你们乌家堡待人接客的态度?Lord Wu, is this your attitude toward reception? On the first night, someone was going to kill me. I don’t know how long the good title of your Ma Zhuang in the world will last if others know it. You’re talking nonsense. I think it was your own guilty heart that killed him. Lord Wu,you should teach your daughter the attitude of speaking to others. I ask you, this sword is piercing from behind. The assassin will not hold his back against you when he assassinated. Hey,guy,he did hold his back against me. How’s it going? Guy,I’m Xiang Shaolong. You made it clear to me. Answer my question first. Answer you? I don’t need to answer you. Pan,Yan Ping isn’t an assassin but my disciple. We don’t care about today’s things. I’ll apologize to you tomorrow. What are you laughing at? Are you master Yuan Zong,right? The person lying here is your most trusted apprentice.He betrayed you.How do you feel? I’ll tell you the truth, I killed Yan Ping. He didn’t do his job. He didn’t protect He Shi Bi well, should I not kill him? You escort He Shi Bi and should be more careful. Let’s go. At this point, contradiction is inevitable. I have informed the Handan chamber of commerce and let them tell the emperor of Zhao that I want to enter the palace to give him the He Shi Bi. Even if Zhao Mu is powerful,he should take into account the emperor of Zhao. Now that things have come to like this,we should be careful. This time we really caught the theft and evil backstage manipulator according to Xiang Shaolong’s method. Xiang Shaolong is clever. Shaolong is not only a man of intelligence, but also a man of unique ideas. He is indeed a rare man. Yes. There are several villages. Six or seven children.Eight, nine or ten flowers. I have asked Xing Yun to give me the most simple poem but it’s also difficult to me. The moon… Long. What are you doing? You scared me. Long,what are you doing? Studying. Don’t you see that? Are you illiterate? Do you know these words? I’ve never seen it, what’s this? Well,you don’t know,too. Why did you come to me? Let’s go. Hey,Jin,help me move my stuff. Xiang,can’t you ride a horse? Why can you neither read nor ride horses? We are going to Handan soon. You should learn to ride a horse. I can ride a horse. But your horse doesn’t have a saddle. I can’t ride it. What is a saddle? What’s the use? I don’t think he can ride a horse, so he said something we don’t understand! But since you can’t ride, I’ll pick a tame horse to help you. You. Come on. Hello,Mrs.Wu. Choose one of the most lively horses for me. Yes,madam. Stop. How about it? Isn’t it easy? It looks very easy. Have a try. OK. Come on. Bird Man, you are overweight! Jia. Xiang. Xiang. Don’t move me! Don’t touch me! Oh, my god, are you all right? You look very painful. I don’t argue with a woman. Long,are you OK? Can’t you walk back on your own? Do you have a stretcher? What? Xiang,you should bear it for a moment. You should be patient when you learn to ride a horse. Don’t worry, it won’t happen next time. You mean the saddle? Yes! The next time I have a saddle, I won’t fall off my horse again! Then I’ll make it with you. Yes! Hey, Xing Yun, who is that Zhao Pan? Zhao Pan, it is said that Zhao Kuo’s son, Zhao Mu’s foster son. Zhao Kuo? Yes. Did Zhao Kuo talk about stratagems on paper? Yes. He is said to have died in a battle. Zhao Ya let Zhao Pan recognize Zhao Mu as his father. Now they live in the house of Zhao Mu. That’s it! Xiang, bear with it again! OK. One! Two! Three! Xiang Shaolong? It’s him! That’s him! This man behaved in a very strange manner, and I don’t think he was from Wujiabao or Momen! Tut, I heard he fell from the sky,he has a nickname, called Bird Man. Bird man? So he’s different from normal people, huh? Oh, I think he’s very strange to speak. Is he the one who messed up your plans? At that time, Yan Ping was about to hand over Hebbi to me. But Xiang Shaolong played a trick with this Yuan Zong then they got the He Shi Bi. Falling from the sky? Do you think he is the new saint whom Zou Yan’s talked about? !You do not have to worry, I have seen this person. He looks so bad.He’s absolutely not a new saint! Well, when I see this man someday, I’ll know if this bird man is a new saint! Well, this failure is not entirely because of him, if there is no Yuan Zong, I afraid he can not do these things! I have told you before, don’t think little of Yuan Zong. Now I’m afraid that we will be more difficult to get the He Shi Bi. My father, don’t worry, I have another idea. This time I will succeed! I’m going to do it. Pan, be careful, do not let yourself hurt! Mother, you can rest assured, the father gave me so many guards, and I have Kung Fu! There’s no danger! OK. Father,I’m going now. OK. Don’t worry. I have told the escort that they must ensure the safety of Pan. I trust you. I didn’t expect to see so many stars at night in ancient times. Xiang. Xing Yun. Are you looking at the stars again? Yeah… These stars are where I used to work! The stars all over the sky can illuminate the history of a thousand years, but not the development after a thousand years… Oh, by the way, do you remember what I promised you? You mean taking me to the stars? That’s right. Close your eyes! Hand out. Hands! I don’t know what the stars look like. Anyway, it’s definitely not what you thought it would be. How do you know what I’m imagining?! Of course I do! Three, two, one, open your eyes! 这是什么东西啊?What is this thing? This is the sun… How is it like a… Is it like a big fireball? Yes. Would you like to try? Xing Yun. Huh? Do you know what that is? Well, I don’t know! What’s this blue ball? This is Earth… Earth ? Yeah! The place we are stepping on, the place we see, the place we can touch, what we can hear, what we can eat, are on this ball! So we live on this ball? Yes! Certainly not the blue place, is another place! Now, I’ll show you where we are! Wow… If I’m not wrong, it should be here! Where did this come from? What? One hand pokes me! That’s great! Is that my hand? Xiang,you’re so great. Mr. Zou Yan, who is famous in the seven states, is not as good as you. The two of us are not comparable. After all, we are not born in the same generation. Anyway, I am also a representative of primary school’s science class. Huh? Xiang,is there anything else to see? A lot of. What? Are you ready? Wow… It’s beautiful! Wow, Xiang, what is this? What are these stars! This one is called Andromeda! Andromeda, Andromeda? Does that sound good?! Yes. It is different from our Milky way, it will be much larger than our Milky way, and will be much more colorful… Xiang, how many earth is there in the universe like this? Nothing. We can find a lot of similar planets where has air and water. But we have only one earth. Only one, because human feelings can not be replicated, high-tech can’t make it,too.


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