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What’s this? Horse! No, this one. Give you to take it away. What? How wonderful. Can’t see it, okay, bigger. Can it be magnified? Hey,of course. Is it so? You see. Right! What are you doing? Lian, I am helping Xiang make the saddle, he always fell off his horse. Shhh, give me some face please. I see, so how to use it? I will tell you after I finish it. ah, I can make more, and then sell it to WuJiaBao, and earn some money from your WuJiaBao, and take it to my hometown to sell, gain both fame and wealth, right? Why do you sell our money to your hometown? Right, why do you sell the money? Do you have to buy things at your home without spending money? Buying things in my hometown is basically without cash. What’s more, yur money is more valuable than ours. Oh, what are you doing? Mr. Wu. Fort owner. Wu, we are going to find you now! This is saddle, I said before. If you let the riders of WuJiaBao ride on this saddle, it will be more stable and more comfortable. Come, come, come, let me show you, coeme, come, Wu. Come. So heavy. I tell you, I have already think of this saddle’s promotion plan. Well. Buying horse and send saddle for free. Right? This trip to Handan is of great significance. If offer the He Shi Bi is successful, it can avoid war between the two countries. So no matter what happens, remember that we must ensure the safety of The He Shi Bi. I got it. Let’s go. Let’s go. Hey, Xiang, this saddle is a good use. It’s really solid to use it. Ting Fang, do you think it will never fall down after mine stirrup finished. It was not like me, who had fallen from the horse’s back before. Hey, you! All right, ShaoLong, calm down,don’t get angry, don’t get angry. I am maganimous. How about it? Comfortable, right? I didn’t expect that you Birdy have a few tricks of the trade. What I can is more, or let us have a competition. Okay, whoever runs out of the woods first will win. Okay, Xing Yun, you are our referee. Okay, are you ready? Yes! Three, two ,one, begin.Go! Hya, hya. I win, how about it, TingFang, if I know early, I will make a bet first. Humph, you’re lucky to win a game,let us do it again. Ah, no,no, no.
No, agaian! Go! Okay, again, go, play with yourself, I stop at the right time. let’s go, we go to find Xing Yun, go, hey, hey, hey, go. Xiang, come here quickly, we are eating. Here! Come! Still is meat, I’m tired of it. I want to eat a little light Zhejiang cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Shandong cuisine, and my spicy and hot pot! Wait, what you said what spicy and pot is? Spicy and hot pot, so delicious, do not put meat and just vegetables, super delicious! Oh, Xiang, you don’t want to eat meat? Then, I can take you to the mountains and pick up wild vegetables and mushrooms. Okay, let me go with you, go! Go. The little girl take the mushroom, with a big basket on her back! Hey, Xiang, you see there’s another one here. I saw it, Xing Yun, in fact, we have enough wild vegetables to eat for two or three days. Wow, Xiang, you come to see quickly. Wow, wow! Xing Yun. Xiang, you see, a lot. The river is shining! It’s a water firefly unexpectedly, I see it here first time. Water firefly? Right! It’s really nice, so beautiful, compared with it, high technology is hardly worth mentioning. Xiang, haven’t you ever seen a water firefly? No, never! !Oh, I remember it. I have seen in our old school textbooks. It is a kind of marine life, living in the sea, and we have given it a very nice name, called blue tears! Blue tears? Yeah. That’s a nice name! Right! I often saw it when I was a child, but rvery time is on the beach, I don’t know why, it also have here. After all, more than two thousand years have changed a lot! In particular, the ecosystem of nature. The river here, may become sea after many years. It is a pity that human beings will never know how to cherish the gifts of nature. Do you know that, Xing Yun, Blue tears are extinct in my hometown. Really? That’s a pity. Right, so, we should cherish everything we see in front of us, maybe later, it will be our most precious memory. It doesn’t matter, Xiang, we are looking at it now. Yeah, Xing Yun, take out your hands. Hands? Just like me. This? What does this mean? Is it pretty? Wow. It is a beating heart. I have never seen blue tears, Can you accompany me for a while? Nature, always has a powerful force shocking human beings’s heart. Hello, Birdy, Birdy,Xiang Shaolong, wake up! You even can sleep on the horse, take care of you will fall down. I watched the blue tears all night. I was all sleepy to death. Hey, you even can fall asleep on the horseback, there can’t be find the second Birdy in the world. Ting Fang! Xing Yun! Mr.Yuan, didn’t you say you want to teach me the Mohist swordsle. when do you teach me? Shao Long, it seem that your are really have interest studying my Mohist swordsle. 有,当然有了!I have, of course have. It’s too dangerous here, and no law. I had the space suit defense before, and now the space suit is out of power. So, I want to learn a few Mohist swordswordsk for defense. Defence? if only for defence, let LianJin teach you a little is okay, why do you have to learn my Mohist swordsle? Lian Jin is not as best as you. What’s more, Mohist swordsle is the best. If I learned the Mohist sword method, I would open a training class in my hometown, so that all of us could join the mohmen. If like that, and I consider that is a drumbeating for you. hey hey, and your Mohist swordsle is so cool, if it did not go on, it would be a shame for ancestors to create Mohist sword. What you said is right. But if you want to learn my Mohist sword, you must join us first. Join you. Of course to join you. I’ve already studied it, your Mohist has a lot of branches. There is someone will responsible for my eating and drinking if one day I go out for tour, right? What? So, I say, when are we going to start? Once the Qin State redeemed the proton, there was no scruple about Zhao. At that time, Yuan Zong could say that he was wrong in believing in the king of Qin. But how about you guys? You will be the chief culprit for the release of protons! To be more, you Zhao Mo led to the war. I don’t know how your Mohist which always non attack to build. I’m very confident of the JuZi ‘s decision. He must be trying to avoid war, not as you say. Oh, why do you not understand it up to now? Yan Ping thought this point, so he was determined to steal away the He Shi Bi. But he didn’t even think about Yuan Zong did’t give him the opportunity to explain, then killed him. Think carefully about what your JuZi has done, and let’s look at the Qin people. It’s just the war of Changping, how many men of Zhao have been killed. Well. Now when the He Shi Bi go back to Zhao, and Protons return to the Qin, I’m afraid that is the time that Qin attacked Zhao. There’s a rest here tonight. Remember to put the Realgar powder in the area after stabilizing the tent. This is wilderness and filed, the snake mouse ants have to take precautions. Okay, Master, is there anything else? Oh, right, you heat up a pot of wine later and send it to my father and the Ju Zi. They should not only guard against Julu Hou surprise day and night, but also consider how to persuade the emperor give proton return to Qin, too tired.
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好的!Okay! All right, last time, in the Handan chamber of Commerce, we have successfully sent thousands of good Coles I consulted with general Li to the barracks. 据下人回馈,李将军对那批战马十分满意,还是大小姐有眼光啊。According to people’s feedback, General Lee was very pleased with the horses, and it’s Master has good taste. Of course! Those are the best horse of my Wu Jia Bao. But the horse of Xiang Shaolong last time is…. He as a man, he doesn’t try the violent-tempered horse, how can he know the the sense of achievement of tame a horse? What Master said is right. I go to see how about Lian Jin, you just come to find me and if there something happened. Okay. Ah, Wu, you see Xiang. Mo-tse’s sword? Right, my grandpa teached him. Lian is so good! Xiang, you are more good, so good. Your sword level is as same as when I was six years old. You’re too disdainful to talk like this, you’d better teach me a little. Ah, ah, it’s you want to compare the sword, you have to be responsible for me. You should practice more. Why don’t they continue? Ah, Lian, you’ve practiced sword with me for such a long time, or I’ll treat you to a meal, okay? Ah, wait us, Xiang. Go, have a meal together. Xing Yun, the blue one. Oh, blue one. The green one. So delicious! The white one! Ah, when can we eat? Xiang. Right away, oh, finished. Just eat this? What? you have a taboo? Don’t eat fish? I just think the grilled fish is tasteless. I think how great of you, just so so. The fish today is different from before. I have the cosmological curry powder today. you haven’t eaten it yet! Come, Xing Yun. Xiang, I want. Everyone all have, Jin. Wow, so delicious. Ting Fang. Xiang, so great of your hometown, even have this great spice. What is it called? KaLa? Curry powder! Curry powder! If you like it, I’ll give whole bottle to you. Well. Taste so good! Jin, how about it? If you really think it’s good, you practice with me later, you can’t eat other’s thing for free. Ting Fang, you eat a little. Come on, taste it. Just try. Have a smell. Ting Fang, you will miss this one if you let it off. I will give it to Xing Yun if you don’t eat. Xing Yun, come, come, come. Ah… Ah, ah, ah,I , I , I taste it. Hey,I know you will eat it. How about it, taste good? Is it taste good? Well. What’s matter? What’s matter with you? What’s matter? Ah, Wu, what’s matter with you? Are you okay? Vinegar! Vinegar, take the vinegar quickly, vinegar. Vinegar, why we should take vinegar? Ah. I am going to take it. Ting Fang, quickly, open your mouth. Ting Fang, are you okay? Are you okay? Come on, sit down first. Xiang, what this use for? Vinegar! What is it use for? Vinegar, the food is too salty, aren’t you thirsty? Ah? It’s less than two hundred miles from Handan, Ju Zi don’t need worried. I will not to be relieved before semd the He Shi Bi safetly. Yu, Ju Zi, Teng Yi have seen you. The best horse is all in Wu, this is the Owner of Wu Jia Bao,Wu Yingyuan, he is also the man who do for all the world. This is leader of Zhao Mo Hang Hui, Teng Yi. I’ve heard from Ju Zi about The name of the chivalrous man, I am lucky to meet you today, very pleased to meet you. Nice to see you. Owner, I am only the younger generation, how can I be able to be praise by you. I am relieved when I see you. If this , we have a few more points to win. You come here quickly, look. Wow…. Wow, Xing Yun, you are so cool, even this can be made by you? But I don’t know how to do after that, and I also don’t know if it can really fly?
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It’s Xiang, and let me do the rest of it. The two of you are going to cut wood, Xing Yun, come here and help me. Well. Xiang, what are you think about? You miss your hometown again? It doen’t matter, after send the He Shi Bi to Han Dan this time, you can go back at ease. Wu, what do you want to do after send the He Shi Bi? I dan’t want to do what, I just want to protect the Wu Jia Bao and my dad. Well, Lian, what do you want to do? I want to protect the Wu Jia Bao, and.. And, he wants to be the first swordsman in the world! Is this need to ask? Xing Yun, what do you want to do? I… I just want to stay with my grandfather and find a place to live in seclusion. And then I will raise many small animals, and, I want to grow a piece of flower sea, there are flowers throughout the year. Wow, you love flowers? Yean! So do you know, the flowers has flowers means. Can flowers speak? It’s not means that flowers can speak, it’s, show you. Wow… Look, the first one is Peach blossom, are the represents the prisoner of Love. Prisoner of Love? It sounds sweet and sad. And it’s our flower means here is more better. You have flower means here? We also have flower means here? Well, like Peach blossom, its edible value can beautifying and beautifying the face, and then medicinal value can cure insanity. And,treat constipation. Then I know, this can be used for Lian Jin. What’s wrong with me? You are constipation! Constipation! Xiang, what is that flower? That one, the name of the flower is called Lilan, it’s gentle and beautiful, just like you. How about me? You, you suit, Mandala. Mandala? Well. Enchanting and beautiful, exactly. Xiang Shaolong , you really think I am suit this flower? There will be no more than second people in the world to suit this flower. Xiang, why? Because it’s poisonous. You! Hey! You come here! Ah, be careful! Don’t run, come back! How long has Lian Jin been going? About one hour. The fork is estimated to be ten li. The person who went to check it should have been back long ago. Is there an ambush? You go and ask Ting Fang what happened on earth. Yes. Ah, come back, you let Xiang Shaolong go with her together, they can help each other. I got it. We will start off if you are full.
Morning! Hey, the horse of your is too thin, or do you want to change one with me and have a try. I still feel killing even you are so far away from me. None of your business. The girl should be more happy, laught more, don’t always keep a straight face, what a pity with such a beautiful face. You! Deng Tuzi Fond of Beauty! Deng Tuzi Fond of Beauty! Deng Tuzi Fond of Beauty! Xiang, Master. The Owner asked you to go and explore, Even the Lian Jin had been away for more than a hour, and he had not come back yet. Okay. Okay, we will go now! We don’t know how about the situation? He is the first swordsman of Zhao, and nobody can hurt him. Hya, hya. Hya. Ting fang, are you okay? I am okay! You are so fat, and you’ve overwhelmed the horses! You, I’ll find you trouble later. It’s strange, it has not been a long walk. It is obvious that youe horse is ill, or lleave it alone and find Jin first. Okay! Lian Jin. Lian Jin. Lian Jin. Ting Fang. stop shouting. Lian jin is not here, or you go on my horse first, anyway I just regard you as my brother. Who is your brother! Well, not the brother, I regard you as my sister, okay? Lian Jin! Hey, hey, Yu! Are you okay? Let me see? It doesn’t matter with you. Then I don’t care of you. Ah! You are so obstinate, here, let me see. Does it hurt here? It even swollen like this , why are you so careless? Stay here and don’t move, don’t move. No, no. Hold on for a while, it will be finished right away. Although there will be a little pain, but stick to it! Okay. Ah, what are you doing? It’s not a famous brand, I will buy you one next time, let’s go. Come, go. Get on the horse! I don’t go on your horse. Really, you don’t go on my horse, it’s not good let me always support you with my hans. Be good, come, come, come, be good, be good, be good. …Give me the reins, hya, go, hya,hya. Lian Jin, here. What’s wrong with your foot? Oh, my foot just sprained. Ah, where is your horse? On the way back, the horse suddenly died. Your horse is dead, too? Well. It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. We have to go back and see it quickly. Oh, my god, there is something happen to the horse, Owner, over there. What is going on? What happened? My Owner, I don’t know why, when I was feeding the horses, I found that the horses had fallen to the ground. How can we do now? King of Zhao asked me to arrive within five days, without horse, the time is not enough. Owner, the horse may be ate something bad. Ju Zi, I know one way can save some time, but… Just speak out what is in your mind. But we must pass the Broken soul stream. Time pressing, we only can do this. Owner, inform everyone, prepare dry food and water, and bring nothing else, we go into the battle with a light. Okay, okay, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly. Quickly, quickly, quickly. Come, quickly. It’s Zhao Pan. Xiang Shaolong, I have said, I can’t get you into Handan, and you won’t be able to enter the city. How about that? Do you still want to fight stubbonly with me back to the wall? Give the He Shi Bi to me voluntarily, I can forgive you don’t have to die. Forgive you don’t have to die. This. Ju Zi, Ju Zi, Ju Zi. Ju Zi. Mr. Yuan. Uncle Yuan. Grandpa, how about you? They were in a mess, Master. Why? 元宗,你勾结秦国,试图灭我赵国,我墨门不认你这个钜子! Stop! Teng Yi, if you kill me today, let Zhao Pan take the He Shi Bi away. And the Qin lost proton and did not see the He Shi Bi, just afraid of sending troops to the Zhao immediately. Have you ever thought about it? As long as the proton is still in, the Qin dared not. You go. Don’t you really not kill me? You are always the disciples of the Mo men. Now, what you do is still for Zhao. I want to you know, the Mohist school is for the life of the world, and you are still the tenet of my Mohist. Lian, let him go! Okay, Yuan Zong, and I will wait for you in Handan City. Zhao Mo Teng Yi, go first, go. If you want to leave, go now! Or, be buried with the dead with them together. Dad! What should I do? The king ordered you to reach the city of Handan in five days. If you can’t get there, I will tell the king and latten your Wu Jiabao all. Grandpa, are you okay. Nothing! Owner! Yuan Zong! Don’t worry! Yuan Zong, the suspension bridge has been destroyed, and there’s Zhao Pan guard on the opposite side. It seems that we can’t get to Handan in time. How can we do? If it is unguarded on the opposite side, we can climb over the rope and connect the suspension bridge. Xiang, can we fily? Master, see! See! You see this. Birdy, you really want to show me fly. Birdy, can this really fly? This is just a simple sport in our hometown. Hey, don’t break it, there should be no problem! Okay, okay, okay. Let me assign a task to everyone now! Jin, you and me on the both side, Ting Fang and Xing Yun in the middle. You protect the Ting Fang, I protect Xing Yun. Now everything is okay only lack of the east wind. Wind, no wind. Yuan Zong, fly? Xiang, how can we if there no wind all the time? Here! My bracelet has a fan function without a leaf. It has always been the most useless design I think, but I can’t imagine it can help us today.
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Well, you mustn’t have no electricity. Then we’ll take leave first! Okay, careful more! Okay, okay, okay. Go! Can they? Afraid what? Go! Master, Noctule. The He Shi Bi is with them, discharge arrow! Discharge arrow! Ah, discharge arrow, discharge arrow. Be careful, Xing Yun. Shoot again! Shoot! You can’t reach us. Bye-bye. Chase! Jin, are you afraid of heights? What is the threat of heights? Be dizzy, leg soft and urgency of urine, which one do you have? I think he has all. Lian, your face become black. Stick to it! It’s fun! Everyone looks up. What’s on it? You will know later. I say three, two, one, everyone make faces. All the cities were destroyed, and the city was broken, though the mountains and rivers remained, but the trees were everywhere. Great, good poetry! Lian, don’t you want to vomit now? You mustn’t spit. It will blew all on us if windy. Do you have human nature? Be careful, we landed safely! Are you okay? Xiang, it’s a lot of fun. I want to play later. Can you do it for me again? Okay, what do you want to play and I will do what for you. Well. But you see him. Hey, a warrior of you is afraid of heights, don’t you lose any shame? Don’t go quickly, Birdy,the Pursuit of troops is coming. Don’t worry! We attract Zhao pan’s attention, Wu should have no hindrance. Don’t worry, there’s the last step. Everyone back! Let’s go. Xiang! Go. Let’s go. Xing jun, you take a couple of people chase over there! Yes! Go! Hya! Others, go with me! Yes! Second stops for tourism, Handan, the capital of Zhao. Xiang Shaolong, do you know that Wu Jiabao is the largest horse ranch in Zhao. I know. You still riding the cattle in the case you know, the face of Wu Jiabao is all lose by you. How about the cattle? The cattle docile and safe. You say it this way, it will be unhappy. At this moment I want to sing a poem, 春风得意牛蹄疾,一日看尽邯郸花。 Xiang, wat poetry are you reading? I wrote it myself, original. Leave him alone, let’s go! Go! Go! Ah, Ting Fang, where are you going? Master, Wu Yingyuan has already in the Palace with the He Shi Bi. Do they think everything is okay just to get into the Palace? Go, go to the Palace with me! Go! Okay! Grandpa! Grandpa! You are coming! Uncle Yuan, where is my dad? Wu go to the imperial palace to offer The He Shi Bi, the people of the Wu JiaBao and Mohist disciples all settled down. How about you on the road? We were on the road very well, that’s all thanks to Xiang. Ah, you really don’t need thank me. Xing Yun, she is almost catch up your Gong Shu Classs. Get out of the way! Grandpa. Hya! Hya! Yu! Marquis! Julu Hou What, what monkey?


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