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Marquis. Ju Lu Marquis. What Hou? Ju Lu Marquis is Zhao Mu.He is Zhao Pan’s adoptive father. Is heZhao Pan’s adoptive father? The jade of the He family. It’s really the most precious thing in the world. Wu Yingyuan. You did a great job for Zhao. You can directly say what you want. Your Majesty,you overrated. I don’t dare to ask the higher level to record my meritorious deeds. I justbeg you can give back Qin’s proton. To avoid the war between two countries. That would allow the people of both countries to rest and recuperate. You always consider for country and people. I also feel shame. Okay, I’ll do what you said. Wait a minute Your Majesty. Free ceremony. Ju Lu Marquis,What do you want to say? Your Majesty,You can’t trust him easily. I think all of this is plot of Qin. What are you talking about? Your Majesty, although our Zhao is blessed bythe gods. But in terms of overall strength, Qin is a little stronger than us. The price in hostage is the important way to prevent Qin encroaching us. If we release the price in hostage, Qin would encroach Zhao without hesitation.
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In addition… You can say what you are thinking. In the team of sending the jade, there is a person unknown. He once said Qin would unify sixstates. And he is good at black art. It can be seenhe is the spy of the state of Qin. Can not sendthe price in hostage back Qin. I want to invite juzi to Mohist Meeting of Zhao. Teng Yi, you don’t agree my practice. Why do you want me to Mohist Meeting ? Although I have disagreement with you. You are the juzi. Now that you have come Zhao State,mohist guild of Zhao should invite you to Mohist Meeting of Zhao . Everyone. Let juzi see our sincerity Respectfully invitejuzi to take part in Mohist Meeting of Zhao. Teng Yi, Do mohists of Zhao really oppose me? juzi. It seems like you betrayed first Mohist of Zhao. Let’s don’t care what you do now is right or wrong. Let mohists of Zhao comment on it What are you afraid of if you have a clear conscience? Ok, I’ll go with you. Grandfather Mr.Yuan. It looks like a Feast at Hong Gate. Are you really going? The Feast at Hong Gate means that all of them harbour evil designs. It’s right, Uncle Yuan. I think their aim is evil. I am the juzi of Moism. I should explain the aim of this activity. Teng Yi,show the way. Please, juzi. Grandfather,I will go with you. You stay here to wait for Fort master Wu . I can go to take care of you. Take care of yourself What? Wu Yingyuan, how dare you. Your Majesty, I accept your grace. How did I collude with spy of Qin? Your Majesty,Wu Family always offer battle steeds and military project for Zhao. The Loyalty can be learned Would I have wronged him? Your Majesty,it’s related toour military and country.We have to act cautiously. Just catch the spy of Qin,Xiang Shaolong. Everything will come out. What Ju Lu Marquis said is reasonable. I’ll leave the matter to you. Yes. Guards, come in.Put Wu Yingyuan in prison Dis patch my order,hand Xiang Shaolong over. OrWu Yingyuan will be die. I was wronged, Your Majesty. Our Wu Family is loyal to Zhao. No other mind. There must be a traitor in this matter. Xiang Shaolong really isn’t spy of Qin. Please you find out the truth. Your Majesty. Your Majesty, please find out the truth You invite juzi. You guys have a word. We think. juzi’s action of sending jade betrayed Moism in fact. It condemn Moism of Zhao to injustice. Please you hand over juzi Order. Our Zhao Mohists want to elect others to be juzi. You’re bullshit. My grandfather has always adhered to the Mohist Rules. Don’t dare toneglect at all How did he betray the Mohist. If the price in hostage stay in Zhao. Qin doesn’t have to violate. But now. You want to exchangethe price in hostage with the jade of the He family. Then Then there was no concern for the strong Qin at that time. The people of Zhao must be harmed. Qin is enemy for Zhao. If we leave the price in hostage in Zhao. Accumulation of hatred.Sooner or later, there will be a war. Exchange the price in hostage with the jade of the He family. Take this as an opportunity to turn war into silk In this way,the people of Qin and Zhao will not suffer from this war Yuan Zong,can you dare topledge? After we give back the price in hostage,will not the people of Qin infringe us? What now? See to say again. So Yuan Zong, you must hand in juzi Order. If you not, I will let you know about the power of Mohists. Calm down.Calm down. Put down the sword,calm down. I’m good for you. So many of you can beat Senior Yuan Zong? Besides,all of you are from a family. Talk andconsult peacefully. Boss Yuan. Just give them that piece of broken wood. They are idiotic. There’s no need to argue with them. Okay, my talent isconfining. I really should not tcontinue to be the juzi . Grandfather. How? Do you want to go back your ward? I can’t give you jizi Order. Jizi must can distinguishtruth and falsehood But you don’t know you have been exploited. Although I’m willing to step down. Don ‘ t forget it,jizi must be appointed by the antecedent jizi. Then who do you want to give? He. Me? Yuan Zong,are you old and confused? Unexpectedly, you want to give juzi Order this unknown guy? According to the rules of Moism. Jizi has three requirements. First,he must be a Mohist. Second,he must grasp theMohist Swordsmanship. Third,he must inherit Mozi’s Behest. Both love and not attack can help the world. Yes. Xiang Shaolong, tell them. Are you a Mohist? If you want to learn Mohist Swordmanship,you must firstly join in Mohist. Okay, I join in. I am,but… It’s right.I ask you another question. Do you graspMohist Swordsmanship? Yes, but that… Okay,about Mozi’sBehest. Did you point out the intendment of Mozi? Can’t just love and not attack. But unify the world. So it will eventually have long-term peace . Brother Xiang also said. We can’t inheritMozi’sBehest without a little change. We should keep pace with the time. He has said this words. Don’t know the intendment of Mozi? Now that he meets all three requirements. Who else disagrees? Me. How can he be given a heavy responsibility? Let me be this jizi. It’s right. Where are the people of Wu Family? Your Excellency, how about my father? Wu Yingyuan colluded with Qin’s spy Xiang Shaolong. He has been imprisoned by Your Majesty. If he won’t see Xiang Shaolong in three days, Wu Yingyuan will be decapitated. No way。 My father went to Place to present the jade. How could Xiang Shaolong be a spy of Qin? Your Excellency. Everyone knows. Ju Lu Marquis can decide all things of court. You can change it. As long as you get Xiang Shaolong as soon as possible, And prove that he was not in collusion. In this way, maybe you can exchange your father. What’s going on here? No, I need to explain it with Your Majesty. Tingfang. Don’t be impulsive. The situation is unknown. It is not appropriate to stay here for long We go to find Mr.Yuan and Xiang Shaolong. Go. Captain Wu must be fine. Who’s the guy under stage? Mr. Yuan, you are really an honourable man easily forget. You haven’t known me in a few days. I know you. But can you tell me when you join in Mohist? You should ask the Elder of Mohist. No one dare to say I am not Mohist. Zhao Pan, our Mohists know MohistSwordmanship, do you know? Xingyun, look carefully. Childe Get out of the way Who can dare to say I am not Mohist Teng Yi, you pass on Mohist swordsmanship to the outside. I am not. I also don’t know what happened. But not me. Who? Elder Zhao,is it you? Ju Lu Marhquis is the important vassal in the State of Zhao. Have outstanding achievements. Childe Pan is Ju Lu Marhquis’s foster son. Young and promising. We are willing to recommend Childe Pan to be our jizi.Please hand over jizi Order. Hand over jizi Order.Hand over jizi Order. Grandfather Grandfather. In my opinion. You’re still gonna hand over jizi Order. Let me be this jizi. Do you think you can keep me? Adoptive father. Marquis. Xiang Shaolong. How do you know me? I just came here for a tour. It feels like everyone in the world knows me. Who are you? Ju Lu Marquis Zhao Mu. You must have heard of it, too. You are Ju Lu Marquis? I’m here to tell you something. Wu Yingyuan has been imprison by Your Majesty. What, what’s going on Uncle Wu? Wu Family colluded with the spy of Qin to engage in illegal activities. And that spy is you,Xiang Shaolong. Am I the spy of Qin? Are you wrong? what did you say? That’s impossible. Yes,it’s impossible. I clearly saw him fall from the meteorite. Say these words to Your Majesty. Okay. I’m going to explain toYour Majesty right now. Shaolong. I pass the jizi Order to you today. Give you Mohist and Xingyun. You need get Mohist out of the difficult position. Must realize the Mohist ideal of world peace No.Mr.Yuan. Your Mohist is too trouble. I really can not manage Mohist. You take it. I can not accept it. Remember what you said. You are the Mohist. Your target is me. Don’t beat around the bush.I will go with you. Mr. Yuan. Okay, then please, sir, come to my house for a few days. Okay. Mr. Yuan. This is a good chance to go toZhao Mu’s house to probe the Qin’s price. Please take care of Xing Yun. Grandfather Ting Fang. Brother Xiang. Where is Captain Wu? My father wen to the palace to send jade and was caught by the king of Zhao What happened? And say you are the spy of Qin. They said Captain Wu colluded with you. The intention is unfavorable to Zhao. I don’t understand. I just came to send the jade. How have I become Qin’s spy. I’m not even here. Where is Uncle Yuan? He also was caught. The Mohists of Zhao forcedGrandpa to hand over Mohist Order. They want Zhao Pan to be jizi. Grandpa didn’t agree, so conflict appeared. At this time, Zhao Mu brought people to catch Brother Xiang. Grandpa stayed to cover us. And now Uncle Yuan has gone. What’s that supposed to be? Why don’t we do that? Anyway, Zhao Mu tried to catch me.

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You can take me to exchangeCaptain Wu and Mr. Yuan. We can’t do that Grandpa has passed jizi Order to you. You are the Mohist jizi. I won’t let you take that risk. You are the Mohist jizi. I’m just keeping it on my behalf. You. How about this? Let’s go to Wu Family’s fort and find the elders and ask them what’s going on. And then plan. Open the door. Mr. Yuan, you stay here for a while. If not necessary. I really don’t want to be your enemy. My purpose is different from yours. You want the whole world to be peaceful. And I just want to defend Zhao. Can the eggs remain unbrokenwhen the nest is totally ruined? Okay. Sir’s safety is up to you. Find someone else to accompany. If needed,keep reporting. Yes, your Marquis. I will send people to take turns on duty. To protect the safety of Mr. Yuan Beautiful Mother. Recklessly,just like a little boy. Give me the comb. You can go away. Yes. Mother. Let me comb your hair well today. Are you helping me comb hair? Are you able to comb? Pan. I heard you got Mohist jizi,Yuan Zong. Yes,It’s a pity I didn’t get the jizi Order. Why? There is a person named Xiang Shaolong. He’s messing with it. That means it. You still have a lot to learn. Isn’t your adoptive father going with you? Thanks to the adoptive father. Otherwise, it would reallycome without any reap. Mather,When am I gonna be as good as my godfather? When you stop pestering your mother. Your adoptive father said you’ve grown up. After a few days. Just give you more experience. It’s great. Mother,don’t worry. I won’t let you down. stop We want to find Your Excellency Qian. You wait here. I am notifying the Lord. Uncle Tao, you think Your Excellency Qian will help us or not? Don’t worry. Your Excellency Qian and Caption have been getting along well for many years. He must will do with great help. I hope my father has been established relationship many yearsare not in vain. Be it so! Your Excellency,Guests have come. Miss Wu, I wonder what you want t this time. Your Excellency. My father he… The Caption Wu has always been generous. And I have received a lot of grace from the Caption Wu. But this time, There’s nothing I can do. Your Excellency.A little gift, please accept. This… …Gold and silver are good. But I have to have the life to enjoy it. You mean is… This time, it is clear that Zhao Mu is in trouble with Wu Family. Please Your Excellency Qian give consideration to the past things. If you can help us. The whole Wu family will thanks for you. Remember your kindness. The past things is past things. No one in the world has put himself in for the past thing. At the end , you’re still afraid of the Ju Lu Marquis.. Everyone is afraid of him. If you are not afraid. You will get the same end as Your ExcellencyLiu. That will be too late. You… Wu families treat you well at ordinary time. But Wu family meets difficult now,you don’t do anything . Is there human nature? My ability is too shallow. Please findsomeone better than me. You… Everyone,I am giving you a cup of it. Come,I am drinking it first.
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Cheers, thank you, Wu Ying Yuan and Yuan Zong have been arrested. Congratulations, Marquis. Everything went well. That all because your effort. Thank You. It’s a pity there’s a fish out of the net. When Wu Yingyuan and Yuan Zong were not caught, they did not make big trouble.
00:24:32,359 –>00:24:35,079 We should not worry about those four. Pan. You have to remember that you can never take it lightly. It is right.Don’t underestimate these people. Especially the Xiang Shaolong. He is even more mysterious. It’s a dying game for the Duan Hun Gully drawbridge in fact. I never thought about it. I don’t know this Xiang Shaolong used what kind of magic. And then he flew over theDuan Hun Gully. Did he fly over theDuan Hun Gully? Yes,adoptive father.Four of them. Riding a birdlike thing over a cliff. But adoptive father, you don’t worry. As long as they’re still in Han Dan. They would never get out of the hands of me. So, This Xiang Shaolong is really a strange man. Pay more attention to this person. Okay,Your Marquis. Your Marquis. Pan,come with me Your Marquis. I heard a cough in there. I just want to go in and see.So… A mass of waste. Even a seriously injured person can’t keep him. Adoptive father, I take people and get them back. Okay,be careful Don’t worry.This I must come to see you with their heads Pan,you have to be careful yourself. Don’t worry,mother. You help him secretly. Yes,Your Marquis.Yes. Brother Wu. Brother yuan. Brother Wu.Follow me. I’m not going out. You need to get out of here. Why? Although Shaolong is of unknown origin But he’s not a man of evil intentions. Now, if I run away, Sending the jade will lose the meaning. But this is not a good place. Zhao Mu, he might have hidden the killer. Don’t worry,brother yuan. Wu Family can’t compared with Zhao Mu. But he can’t do anything about me. He just took this opportunity to warn someone. I just looks like in danger.In,fact,I am safety. Okay. You be careful.When I find the price,there will be room for manoeuvre. Brother Yuan,take care of yourself Brother Wu,take care of yourself Sister Wu and Brother Lian haven’t even come back yet. I don’t know if someone is willing to help them. At this time. Everyone must try to run away. I hope Uncle Wu is safe. It’s gonna be okay. I hope Grandpa is safe. Xing Yun,don’t worry. Your grandfather is also the jizi of Mohist. Even if Zhao Mu wants to do something. He needs to think about the Mohmen. So. He’ll be fine. Your grandfather’s thing is easy. But Captain Wu is in trouble. I don’t want to put Captain Wu in trouble for my reasons. So what do you want to do? I’m going to meet the king of Zhao tomorrow morning. To exchangeCaptain Wu out. What? Ting Fang. No. I have to get my dad out. Miss.Ting Fang What do you want to do? No one wants to help us. I’m on my own. Okay,Ting Fang.Miss. You calm down.Let me go. Miss. Sister Wu, what do you want to do? Ting Fang,stop it. Ting Fang,bring me to exchange Captain Wu. What did you say? Actually, it’s not complicated. Since everyone thinks I’m a spy of Qin, Then I just need to prove that I’m not a spy of Qin. It will be okay. How do you prove it? I will use my drool tospray him. Okay,As long as you can save my father, I’m gonna find a way to get you out of here. But… What if Brother Xiang dies? Xingyun, that’s a spell for me to die. Do you believe in Brother Xiang ? But… No but,you think that. Now all countries’ people are Mohists if they aren’tConfucians. The leader of half country is more powerful than the king of Zhao. I’ll be back. Childe Jin. While I’m away, Take good care of Xingyun for me Don’t let her run. When I come back, I’ll show you how to chase Wu Tingfang. How do you…? I also am a man.I know. One more pinch. Tingfang,let’s go. Okay. What are you looking at me for? Do you think I’m handsome? Are you really willing to use your life to save my father? Life and death by fate ,rich and noble in heaven. I also don’t have good method. But as soon as you go, You may be die. In my heart. The life of Captain Wu is more important than mine. No matter what way. I’m gonna get your dad out of there. But how if you don’t get out? If I can’t escape, I’ll live in your heart forever. You’re stupid.They just want me to exchange. Didn’t say they wouldkill me. Birdy. What do you want to do? Brother Lian,you stick out your tongue. You believe me.Really. Stick out your tongue. Do it. Stick out more. Don’t move. Turn your eyes around. Brother Lian,Brother Lian. No wonder your swordmanship wasn’timproved your lately. Look at you, your the white of the eyes is a little yellow. The coat of the tongue is white. Your yin and yang do not regulate and liver-fire is exuberant It is absolutely hard for you to get through the Ren and Du pulses. So? So As long as you take some of our ancestors ‘ good medicines . Make sure you get through Ren and Du pulses. In the future, you will get the result with half the effort when you practise martial arts. Why do I think the probability of poisoning is greater than that of opening Ren and Du veins? You don’t know that. When I was a child, I traveled all over the world with my grandfather. So I have learned a little bit of medicine. I gave it to you. You decide to eat it or not. It’s important to learn martial arts. Brother Lian,I’m sorry. You don’t worry. You are no danger to life. Xingyun. You,Xingyun. You… what’s up? Have some tea.Have a rest. Have tea. You still want to have tea at this time. Do you drink tea? You go. It is my carelessness that make you escape. Where go?I’m going to save your father. Before I change my mind. You gotta go. I can’t go. If I go, how wouldCaptain do? I’ll figure it out myself. You gotta go What method will you figure? You don’t know. How dangerous if you go to the palace. If the king really would think you were a spy, then no one can save you. That’s my fate. Are you going or not? I am going myself if you not. You come back.Are you not afraid to die? Sister Wu, where is Brother Xiang? This birdty. This fool. This big fool. Childe Jin,Why are you here? You gotta go.I’ll stop Tingfang. Birdty. Lian Jin,you get out of the way. Tingfang, I think this thing we can take our time to make careful deliberations. Get out of the way. Brother Xiang,you run I will stop them for you. No,you misunderstand. Are you all mistaken? The Captain Wu was imprisoned because of me. So, uh, I have to get him out of here. Or else I have a face to stay here. But it’s also an honor to make friends with you. Guards,catch him. Yes. I can meet you anywhere. Are you secretly in love with me? Cut the crap,,catch him. You can try. Dong Lvzi,beat him. Princess. You didn’t see the princesses having come.Put away swords. Xiaopan,you’re messing around again. Cousin,why you again? But this time you really misunderstand me. These people are important criminals. Xingyun.Sister Qian, long time no see . Long time no see. What’s going on here? ‘m telling you, Chao Pan, this bad guy, He said my friend was a spy. Xiaopan. I heard something about Captain Wu was caught when he was sending the jade of the He family Captain Wuhas always been of great righteousness. He made a difference for sending the jade of the He family. There must be something else about the spy. Cousin,you don’t understand. Okay,in your face, I’ll spare them. But it’s a matter of national luck. You’ll never get away with me. I’ll ask my father again about Captain Wu. Xiaopan,escort me back to the palace. Xingyun,I’m going back. Find me in the palace sometime. Okay,see you,Sister Qian. Lucky for you. He…Stop messing around, Who is this? That’s the princess of Zhao, Zhao Qian. The princess of Zhao You saw too carefully.How? Do you like the princess for her beauty. Yes,do you convinced. We don’t have a princess at my hometown. And I’ve never seen a princess. It’s an eye opener today She is different from someone else . If icousin doesn’t knowXingyun, I would win this time It’s right. Childe Pan. I bet you on the horse.I am willing to bet and lose These are your awards. Take it. Childe Pan,The only reason I lost that was because of your Fan Yunshou. It’s too fair. I am willing to buy it at a high price I don’t know what the childe thinks. You don’t deserve it. Get out of the way. The guy is so rude In your capacity. Why are you obsequious for her. If my father, Ping Yuan Excellency,is sill here, Zhao Mu would not have opportunity to promote. Now Zhao Mu is in great strength Zhao Pan depends on him.
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I can not afford him now. Just give him a few days.Find a chance. I will give back to him.Go. Sweet? Yes. Pan. Adoptive father,mother. How’s the arrest of Xiang Shaolong going? Icaught the guy in fact. But I didn’t think, Cousin actually knew Xingyun among those people. I can only let the him go when she pleaded Princess? The princess is not in the palace to learn the things of girl. How did she get into this mess Mother, rest assured. As long as they’re still in Handan. They can’t escape the hands of the me. But I’m afraid they’ll leave Handan. Combined hearsay. And what that person whose last name Xiang did. He doesn’t seem to ignore Wu Ying Yuan. And to run away. hen it’ll be easy for us to catch him. There’s a detail. I don’t know if you think of it. Please tell me, adoptive father. I heard that Wu Tingfang had asked many ministers to lobby Your Majesty. Try to save Wu Ying Yuan. But no one dares to speak before Your Majesty. It’s natural. It is the Wu Ying Yuan caught by the adoptive father. These ministers, who dare say no? If it were you, I put your mother in jail. And every way out has been shut off. What are you going to do? Do whatever it takes to save my mother. What means? Even I break into a jail and rescue my mother.Even Itie up… …Tie up adoptive father. I also force you to let me out. It is not so easy to tie me up I get it. But adoptive father ,I need to borrow someone from you.


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