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If you lose, you lose. Why do you have so many excuses? Yes sir. Sir, our bet is done. I grabbed Zhao Pan three times, then is it time for you to live up to your bet? Xiao Ya,what do you think? Should we let Lord Fort go? I’m a woman,I don’t know, but Pan can have this master today,I agree. Mom,wait a minute. What? you want to go back your words? Am I the kind of person who doesn’t promise? All right,call me master. Don’t forget it’s not noon yet. Jing Jun. Did the thing of me hiding in the palace get out? It’s not out yet. Okay. Xiang Shaolong, if you do me a favor, I’ll admit you are my master. Why do you have so many problems? Shao Yuan, I heard this first inning lost, well, who’s gonna win this game? Then who? Of course it’s Zhao Pan who lost. I’ve heard of a secret. What? I heard that Zhao Panna hid in the palace. Xiang Shaolong must lose. No matter how good he is, he can’t go to the palace to catch him. He… To do what you want. Come on,to bet. Go home. All,right. What’s up, did that kid get hooked? It’s already on the hook. Um… My lord said you did a good job, he will keep it in mind. And this…. Drink tea,please. Thank you. All right,you’ve gonna go. Hurry up,hurry up. A big box! Lord. This is all you have, are you sure you want to bet it all? What are you hesitating about? come on. Why don’t you bet? I’m so worried. I think it ‘ s too much to know the strength of your lord, you don’t have the confidence to win? What are you talking about? It’s a nice day. Be careful with the sun. Right? Shut up,bro, what if he doesn’t bet? He will be hesitant to bet all of them. Look, I tell you what is called master, who’s master? Isn’t this Xiang Shaolong? Shao Yuan. You’re not going to catch Zhao Pan. What are you doing here Don’t mention it. This guy’s hiding in the palace. This time, I’m in trouble, I have to run. Run? It means running away. I don’t want to recognize him as a master. I’m gonna lose. No,no,no. There ‘ s no remedy available? There’s another way. Can I run away? Oh shit. Lord. To bet,Zhao pan will win. Zhao Pan,Zhao Pan,really? Me too,Zhao Pan. Yeah,Zhao Pan. Okay. Leave your hands and not regret. Come on,you go over there. I’ll go this way. It’s almost time.Why is there no any information? Who won? Boss. I got the news that Xiang Shaolong had run away, time is up,Zhao Pan won. All this money is mine. Split the money. Wait a minute. Everyone,everyone, I have something to say. Xiang caught me three times, I lost completely. According to the bet, today, I should worship him as a master on the spot. Now,ready for it. Master. Can it be serious? The master was worshiped by the disciples Put it away. What’s wrong? No,what’s up? Come on, cover the box. This is all my money. My money. This is all my money. Take it away,take it away.No,no,no. You can’t,my money. Why are you running? Hurry up,hurry up. Zhao Pan.You can’t give up, this is all my money. Don’t touch me. Shao Yuan,don’t you dare to play with me? I just give you a lesson this time, no more chances. Get out of here. Go. Go,my money,my money. don’t be angry, don’t be angry, don’t be angry. Long live my emperor. Shit. What incantation did you say in front of me? m I wrong? I ask you what incantation you had just read? I mean in my hometown, long live is to pray for your boundless life. Boundless life. Okay,stand up please. Thank you,Your Majesty. Julu prince,I didn’t think Xiang Shaolong really won the game. Why don’t we just hear what he’s saying? Of course the winner has the right to speak. Why don’t you listen to him? Shaolong. How dare you rumour in the state of Zhao that Qin will unify the six kingdoms,what do you want? Your Majesty,I mean, not only Zhao, but the next door, Qi, Chu, Yan, Wei, Han, are very dangerous. I’m sure Qin will destroy them one by one in less than fifty years. Talk nonsense. Is Xiang Shaolong crazy? What’s crazy to say here? Shit. Xiang Shaolong,don’t think you won the Pan and you can talk wild. Sir. Your Majesty,then I ask you, Who is more powerful between Qin and Zhao in national strength? Zhao is not as good as Qin. Then what happened after the Wu Ling King of the State of Zhao rode in his uniform? Wuling is a rare talent in Zhao. Ever since he rigged down,even though we don’t dare to say that the state of Zhao is the first in the world, it is not under the kingdom of Qin. That’s right,now the King of Qin is learning from wuling. I believe that if the six countries do not make any changes now, Qin will surely destroy them all. That’s what you say. You have a plan? Julu prince, hear me out. Your Majesty,I heard that the six countries have been sending land to bribe the Qin state in order not to let the Qin levy the felling. If it goes on like this, the fight won’t have to be fought. All the land will be sent. Is there any other way to stop Qin from attacking without bribing Qin? Of course. The land can be sealed off to the meritorious servants, to keep everyone loyal to you. In this case,Qin’s in trouble. To keep everyone loyal to me! Yeah,that’s great. You’re so smart, it’s a wonder that you’re a genius. Fortunately, I memorized a paragraph of the six Kingdoms Theory in advance. Thank you Su Xun. Your Majesty,so it seems that he’s warning other countries and Zhao, and his suggestion is useful, you should reward him for a job, to show the heart of your love to the world. Yeah,yeah. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Xiang Shaolong should have been rewarded for his contribution to the king, but he’s just cleared, the reward is out of order, why don’t I supervise him for a while? It is not too late to reward him for his meritorious service That’s right. Just do what he said. Your Majesty,I’m not a native, it’s not appropriate to be an official here. The Ubourg Lord of Wujiapo was trapped here because of me, I ask the king for mercy,let him go. Um… Xiang Shaolong, The King has always been a Mercy Corporal, the Lord Ubourg is visiting the Royal Palace, who says he’s in custody? Thank you,your Majesty. Thank you,Julu prince. Shaolong. Your highness,you’re looking for me? You can win Zhao Pan. You do have the skills. But this time you survive, you have to figure out who’s doing it. I’m so clear. Even if I convinced the king, you’re gonna kill me, I can’t leave the palace alive. You’re a smart man. Conduct yourself well Sir,sir,open the door,sir. Sir. Get out of here. Nothing at all,sir, isn’t it lost to Shaoxiang, it ended up winning a lot of money. I’d say you win. You’ve gonna die. Die? Don’t scare me,sir. You can’t hang yourself. You can’t slit your wrists. can’t put my head in the hut to die. Sir. Wear it. Are you tired of life? Mom. What’s up? Still thinking about losing to Xiang Shaolong? Mom. Don’t you think I am particularly useless? Stupid kid. You’re bleeding royal blood. That’s not what you’re comparing. What’s more important to you is to control the ability of talented people in the world to use for you. A talented man who controls the world. Cao Qiu-dao ‘s sword method has no equal in this world. Lou Wuxin’s scheme,wit and variety. And these people are for your godfather’s use. You have to remember that you’re not like those people. Mother,you and godfather… It’s okay. I get it, Mom. All right,have a early rest. Your highness, why did you promise to release Wu Ying Yuan? Even if I let him go, he won’t get away from me. Staying in the palace gets in the way. They are better off. As for the Xiang Shaolong, I’m getting more and more interested. I can’t find a few people who are like him in a desperate situation. It is a pity that such a man should be killed or let to others. But I don’t think Xiang Shaolong would be willing to use for you. Then kill him. To all of you, thank you for caring for me. Just come back. Now Tingfang can relax. Tingfang,thank Shaolong. Thank you so much,bro. No,no,Tingfang. Don’t say that, or I’d be more scared. You… Tingfang. Don’t be rude to Shaolong. No. All right, actually, I really shouldn’t be appreciated today. I eat and drink here, I should have done all this. Unfortunately,Yuanzong isn’t here, it would be even better if he were there. When I was arrested, Yingzheng came to the cell to save me. I said you don’t have to worry, everything is in my grasp. 所以钜子便去打探质子的情况了 And this time,Shaolong’s words shocked the world, you really didn’t see the wrong guy. It would be very kind of you to say that, Lord Fort. I know Brother Xiang would do what he said. You have to learn better later. You are right dad. Lord Fort, here’s to you. Congratulations on your safe return. Well, you guys drink first. I’ll go to the washroom. Okay. Xingyun. Brother Xiang,you… You’re not in there with Lord Umborough,why are you out? I think you’re worried about Mr. Yuan, so I’m out with you. Don’t worry. Mr. Yuan’s martial arts are so strong, it’s gonna be okay. Thank you, Brother Xiang. By the way,last time you were in the woods, you suddenly didn’t feel well.What’s wrong with you? I was probably too tired in the woods before, and then there’s more organs, I was scared. That’s all right. If there’s anything,tell me. I will. I got you something. How is it all wilting?Throw it away. No,pretty. I like it,don’t throw them away. It’s all wilting. Next time, I’ll give you a better one. Let’s go. Dad, stop drinking. Let me take you home. Don’t worry. Daughter,sit with Dad for a minute. Tingfang. I have something to talk with you. What? Dad got out safely this time, thanks to Shaolong. This is thanks to the resourcefulness of him, I’m impressed with him, too. Yuanzong and I talked about you and Shaolong when we were in Wujiabao. He and I? What can we do? You see, Dad thinks you’re not too young, It ‘ s also the age of marriage. Dad thinks Shaolong is a good boy. Dad. You asked me to marry him? I can’t be wrong. He is a man worthy of trust. If you agree, Dad’s gonna talk to this guy tomorrow. What’s up? You don’t want to? Marriage is up to Dad, I have to go ahead. Lord Fort. What are you looking at me for? I have acne on my face? Excuse me,Shaolong. I ask you,do you have a marriage in your hometown? Marriage. Just getting married. No, I don’t even have a girlfriend. See,you’re not too young. That makes sense.I’m not young. In ten years, I’ll be thirty. Here we have men who marry and have children at the age of sixteen or seven. Got married at the age of sixteen seven and had children? That’s too young,we go to high school at the age of sixteen or seven in my hometown. That’s puppy love. Puppy love? It means fall in love too early.It’s not good for health. Shaolong. My daughter, Tingfang, loves you. I want to give you my daughter. What do you think? I mean… You mean…let me marry Tingfang? Yeah,what do you think? No,NO. Lord Fort,listen to me, Ting Fang is beautiful and kind,and she’s still a pearl in the palm. What about me? nothing but handsome. I’m a vagrant here. I have no car, no room, no job.Married Tingfang, didn’t it ruin her happiness? You have to think about it carefully. You don’t have to worry about that. Money is something else. Besides, with the power of you,it’s easy to get rich. Although I dare not say that Wujiapo is rich:More Money Than God, but it’s not hard to keep you and my daughter’s life rich. Are you serious? No,I… I have to go home I can get my daughter to live in your hometown with you. No,no,Lord Fort, Tingfang can’t go to my hometown. Besides, I really can’t get married here. If I get married here,I’ll change here. Even if you agree, I won’t. I don’t really want your stuff. Tingfang. I go to see her. Sir,you won’t let us sleep,right? You are aware of it. You mean about Tingfang, right? There’s so much you don’t know. If you compare me to the sword,I can’t beat you. But if you are here for Tingfang, we’re better than anything else.I happen to be depressed. Go. You guys like to play swords. Is it interesting,I can also do that. Round a flower Do you know anything faster than your sword? Guns. Your sword wasn’t pulled out. I shot your head off. Swords and knives, they’re all cold weapons. And wine,just ten degrees. It also can’t. You know what we drink? Distilled wine Do you know what distilled wine is? I don’t know either. But it’s more powerful than this wine. Here, drink this bigger one. You know what’s most important to you? Why are you asking that? Of course I’m asking. Did she appreciate you doing this? I don’t need her to know. What do you mean you don’t need her to know? It’s the wrong way. Being a man, you can’t hide it, Otherwise, you like her for ten years,she doesn’t even know who you are. Next time, I’ll give you some of my experience. You know that is easy. Why are you three? Where’s your face? Where’s your face? I’m telling you, I really can’t get married here. If I get married here, I can’t…. You lost. Tomorrow,to apologize to Tingfang. Bro, be careful, be careful, I’m telling you, it’s too dangerous here. There’s a killer here,an arson here,they even forced marriage to a girl. Forced marriage? And the princess,and she looks like… Oh,stop it. I can’t stay here anymore. I’m gonna get out of here. I’m gonna get out of here. I’m gonna get out of here.Bro. Bro.I want to… I want to go back. I want to go back.I want to go back.I want to go back I want to go back Bro.Morning. Oh,you scared me,why are you coming? Come on. Sit down. Bro,how are you? Feel better? It’s okay,Just a little dizzy. I don’t know if it was real wine or adulterated wine. Shaolong. You lost,apologize to Tingfang. Let me tell you, Marriage is a matter of two people, not of one person, you can’t force me,right? the persons of my hometown don’t care about this anymore. Besides, you heard it, she’s not willing to do it, what are you worrying about? Just leave it alone. Then keep drinking. You drank so much last night,keep drinking? Bro,listen to me. I actually think you should apologize to sister Wu. You embarrassed her in the face of so many people yesterday, every girl would be unhappy. Then how can I apologize? I go like this,I’m gonna die with a whip. Or you’ll make her a present. Maybe she’ll be happy when she gets the present. Make a gift. You’re so careful. Bro,what are you doing? Facial mask suiting ointment. Facial mask suiting ointment? How do you do this? I want to do it, too. Okay, I got a task for you. Grind all the pearls into powder, The finer the better。 Tingfang’s not hurt. Why does she need it? Why are you so stupid? The point I’m talking about is facial masks,not living-life ointments. The girl in our place looks at the mask as life, If they don’t have a mask in three days, it’s like killing them. How do you eat this? You just know it,eat with your mouth. So stupid. Bro,I’m asking you, what would my face look like if I put this on my face? Do you know what a peeled egg looks like? When you put a mask on your face, your face becomes hydrated and gloss,can pinch out the water. Really? Yeah. Then you do it quickly. I’m gonna use it on my face, too. The finer the powder, the better. got it Come on,eat it. Don’t you want to eat? Here. I’ve never seen such a stupid person as you. Tingfang. Why are you coming? Give you this gift. It’s called a mask. Your skin is so rough. After you use this, your skin will be watery, lustrous and white. Um… The marriage, I…. 西Stop it. I don’t want your stuff. Get out. All right. You said she was still angry. Isn’t your apology not sincere enough? How can I be sincere enough? Do I have to kneel in front of her and say, Miss Wu, please forgive me? How can you do? She wouldn’t be mad at you if she used the mask you made. Yeah. But I need your help. Just say it. Xingyun,I finished it. I promised you I’d make you a new one. That’s beautiful. Come with me. Go. What are you looking at? How long will this mask last? Bro. I think it’s almost done. Then wash it? One,two,three.split it. How’s it? See, you used it one time, and your skin is as good as a little girl. If you use it a few more times. That would be perfect. Oh,stop it. That’s it. Bro,look, any changes in my skin? Let me see. Bro. Be shy? See, am I right? Your face is as lustrous and lubricating as goat fat jade, can pinch out the water,you see. There’s really water. Look. Bro. Can you make mask every day? I want to do it every day. No problem.As long as you require,I must complete the mission. That’s good. Let me see. Tingfang. I’m gonna go. It worked, right? Milk. Honey. It looks good. If external application plus internal use,it will be better. I’m gonna kill you. Are you serious? Why are you gonna kill me? Come here. You didn’t take your medicine, did you? What the hell are you doing? You… Don’t let me see you again. Is this guy sick? The mask will still make you suffer from diarrhea? You said the man was Yuanzong? Yeah. The house is heavily guarded, Yuan Zong came,no one else was aware of him except you. Yuan Zong is a master who is seldom seen in the world. No one in the house was aware of it. It was nothing to him. The object of him is Yingzheng. For once and for all, I want you to help me get rid of him. I’m about to learn his Mozi sword again. All right.Then it’s up to you. Wutingfang is a mother’s fork, it’s really scary to be crazy. Beat me and the chicken hair flying all over the sky. You are great, help me pack my things. Sister Wu, how could she eat a mask? Did you not tell her how to use it? You see, we’ve all shown her. She wants to eat it,it’s not my fault,right? Just say I’m not here. Grandfather. Grandfather. Xingyun. This guy bullied you? No,grandfather. Others bullied me,Xingyun came here to help me. Grandpa, where have you been this time? I’ve probed that Yingzheng is in In the house of Zhao Mu. Now there is little hope that the king will let him go. Even if the king is willing to let him go,Julu prince will not agree. Now,we’ll have to send him back in person. But the house of Julu is now heavily guarded. How can we get him out? If Cao Qiudao isn’t here, I can get him out. I didn’t expect Cao Qiudao to be a guest in his house. We have to find another way. Xingyun,we need Princess Qian’s help on this matter. You are familiar with her, 趟do me a favor tomorrow. Okay, tomorrow I’ll go to see Sister Qian and see if she can get him out. But Mr. Yuan,Zhao Mu is meticulous in his mind,you have to be careful this time. I know. Fortunately, I gave you the throne of the great son. If anything happens to me, Reinvigorate Mohmen,Zhao, Wei, Chu, three Kingdoms of Mohmen, the oneness of Mohmen fell on your shoulders. Really, Mr. Yuan? When you passed the order to me, you forced me.You forgot? The Giant son’s order is yours. You don’t,who’s doing it? Mr. Yuan. There are so many people in your Mohmen who are better than me. Why don’t you let me be a giant? I think you can take this giant back. 你Bro,you…. Give me. How respected is the position of it. I didn’t expect you to push it again and again. Do you have other plans? Tell you honestly,I really have a plan. Lord Fort is safe now. My task in Handan was completed. I really don’t want to get involved. And I’ve been away from home too long. I want to go back. I’ll go back to Ujiabao with the Lord Fort. This Mohmen and the world, I can’t do anything about it. Different people have different aspirations.I can’t force you. That’s all right.


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