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You first. OK,let me ask. My lord asks. Then I’ll ask. Who’s your favorite girl? You’re crazy! I’m your master,but you ask such a question. It’s my privacy. Can I tell you so many people? That’s what you said. Any question can be asked. Yeah. OK. Then I’ll choose the dare. Why don’t you answer? That’s the rule of the game. I can choose whether I answer. Of course,I have also no problem choosing the dare. Since you don’t want to answer it. You don’t have to blame me. The dare,then I’ll ask you. Then do you agree that you carry Miss Wu 100 push-ups?

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One hundred? How’s it going? Carry her? Yes. Please, Miss Wu. I’m sure you can’t find a boyfriend because of your temper. Come on! It’s fate! What are you talking about? One,two. Xiang,come on! Three. You have no strength! Come on! Four,five. Xiang,come on. That’s slow. There’s more. Six,seven. Eleven. Let me count. Ten. Twelve,thirteen. Fourteen,fifteen,sixteen. You cheat. Seventeen,eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty. Ninety-seven,ninety-eight. Ninety-nine,hundred. They cheated. Xiang. Cheat. Xiang,get up quickly. Xiang. OK. He has no strength. Really! Are you all right? I’m fine. It’s okay? I should eat less. You should eat less! Xiang,I tell you. Let me punish that guy for you a little while. Let’s go. Xiang llieutenant. You’re not strong. Xing Yun,how about I carry you to play a new game in a few minutes?
Shao Yuan,you have crossed the line! Where’s the chain not tied? Let this guy out. You say it again! Leave him alone. Let’s keep playing games. You’re a weaker sex. Shao Yuan,Shao Yuanjun Come on! I’m always lucky. Try again. It’s him! It’s you! Wu. I come up with a question. Let you ask. Shao Yuanjun How old are you still peeing your pants? Wu Tingfang,don’t you fool me too much. Don’t you tell us? You choose the dare if you don’t say it. You,come over,come over,come over. Isn’t it just carrying one person? OK? Hold him. Mouth to mouth and kiss him. I’m not playing anymore! All of us are following the rules of the game. Why can you give up it following your mind? Princess,look at them. Shao Yuan,are you gonna break your word? Right,right. If you don’t promise, I’ll tell tell the men in your army. I want to see how you lead them in the future. Yes! Can’t you afford to play? You can’t afford to play! You can’t afford to play! Well,you guys gonna too far. How do I play? We’re all waiting for you. I’m gonna kiss him! Lord. Come here! Come over! You close your eyes. Come on! Quickly. Be quick. Come on! Lord. Scoundrel! If it is known by others, Where should my face put? Lord. Take it easy. Tomorrow we will arrive your fief. I don’t need you to tell me! Look at Zhao Pan. He almost died laughing. Wait! If you arrive my fief, I must punish you for this! Get out of here! I don’t want to see you. Get out of here. Okay,okay,okay. Okay. What did this bastard eat at night? What are all of you looking at? Look at what? Let gangster look at them. Quickly! Walk quickly! This is the result of escaping the corvee. Carry them! Quickly! Do all of you see that? This is what my father left me the Dongwu county. How about? Shao Yuanjun. Shao Yuanjun. You are coming. Why didn’t you tell slave? I was ordered by the king to go to the Da Liang I’m not going to stay here for several days. What are you doing here? These guys. Do not pay taxes and even escape corvee. I’ll act according to the law to punish them.

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Escape from corvee. That’s a big sin. Kill them! OK! Stop! Shao Yuanjun. These people just don’t pay taxes. They shouldn’t be killed. I take the trouble to kill them. It was their pleasure. Dongwu county was left by my father. I want to kill them in this place. Even when the king comes up,I don’t change my mind. Shao Yuanjun,please let them alone for the sake of the king’s face.

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Princess have been spoken for them. And for the sake of the King’s face. I wouldn’t say yes. You even don’t give the King’s face? King’s face is big or yours? It is my face in this place! These people just made small mistakes. You like killing people? It’s none of your business! You! But you can beg me. If you beg me a few more times,maybe I’ll let them go.

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They’re people,not livestock. In my eyes. What’s the difference between them and livestock? All right,all right,all right. I can let them go. But… What? Headed by the princess, All of you here must bow down and salute to me.

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And I’ll consider letting them go. Shao Yuanjin,you’re bold! Zhao Pan. You attend your words! You think it’s in Handan? If you say no,I’ll kill them all. Kill them! Stop! Shao Yuanjun. Please let them go. Cousin! Xiang Shaolong,what about you? Please Shao Yuanjun let them go. Please Shao Yuanjun let them go. What if someone doesn’t want to? Let me bow to Shao Yuanjun because of a few untouchables.

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Impossible! Pan,that’s a few lives. They’re not like us. Let’s go! Well. It doesn’t matter. I’m very magnanimous. Let them go! Shao Yuanjun,please. Xiang,what does he mean by that? Zhao Pan leaves now. He must deal with Zhao Pan. Tengyi,you go to get Zhao Pan back. Okay,rest assured. Come on. Everyone,come in,please. Shao Yuanjun,Please take a seat of honour. The princess is here. How can you put me on the seat of honour? I’m wrong. Princess,please. It doesn’t matter. Please. The people here seem to recognize only Shao Yuanjun. But they don’t even recognize King Zhao and the princess. Sit down. llieutenant Xiang. You are the positive deputy of the sending relatives team. It’s very hard on the way. These are the two young ladies who Dongwu county magistrate submitted to me.

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That’s it. You pick one. Let her stay with you tonight. Shao Yuanjun,Xiang doesn’t want it. He doesn’t. Go. How do you know if he wants it or not? You’re not a man. What a little girl knows? You! Shao Yuanjun,you asked me to pick one. It’s too hard to choose. If you have a good faith. Just give me both of them,okay? Xiang Shaolong! Long,do you know what you’re doing?

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Xiang,you’re a person of temperament. You give these two girls to me. And they’re going to do whatever I say,right? Of course! Well,come on. Now I ask you to… Go home. Not go home yet? Don’t you want to leave here? Thank you,Mr. Well. See? Xiang is not the same as you!

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Stubborn! Find two young ladies for me! Yes,sir. Shao Yuanjun. I’m not feeling well,I go first. Lian Jin,I can’t eat either. Go or not? Princess,it’s getting cold. Let’s go back to the house and rest. I want to be alone. You step down first. Princess. Go back to the house. I’m not going out. What’s to worry about? Step down. OK. Xiang. What’s going on? What are you thinking? You must be homesick. I’m like you and I’m homesick,too. You have a family but you cannot go back to now. And I can’t go back to my home. It won’t be like that any more in the future. I went out and played with you while I was in Handan.

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On the way here. Every time I passed those villages and towns, I want to go shopping with Xing Yun and Tingfang.

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Mrs.Fang won’t let me do that. It’s even more impossible when we get to Da Liang. If you don’t want to marry,I’ll help you. And you want to go out and play. That’s easier. As for my grandmother’s disposition,I know better than you.

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She won’t let me leave her half a step. Then you’re wrong. You underestimated me too much. Don’t talk about a Mrs.Fang. Ten more of Mrs.Fang,and I can handle it. She’s not here. Let me ask you something. You say,Shao Yuanjun did evil here. Your father doesn’t handle it? This is the courteous reception of my father to the Ping Yuanjun. Many people said in front of my father that Shao Yunjun had done evil in Dong Wu.

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But my father thought Ping Yuanjun had great merit. So he has been letting him go. A tiger father will not beget a dog son! Qian,Qian. Xing Yun,Tingfang. We both want to go out and play. You accompany with us. No,princess’s status is honor. How can she get out easily? Mrs,just go out for a minute,okay? No! I was ordered by the king to accompany the princess. And I never leave the princess half a step. Then you go with me. No. It’s a mess out there. It’s very dangerous. What if the princess does something wrong? I cannot bear the responsibility. Xing Yun,Tingfang. Then you go. You’re unreasonable. You just said. It’s dangerous outside. It’s not dangerous here? Year! Of course. This is the place where Dong Wu arranged in person for us. Who dares to harass?

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Princess zhao,take your life. Princess. Help! Come on. Help! help! Help! Help! No! You’re amazing. I’ll be back again. Where do you run away? Don’t run. Don’t chase. Don’t chase. Protect the princess! OK,OK,OK. Princess. You wait. Spare my life. Spare my life. Spare my life. What happened? Xiang,Xiang llieutenant. You’re finally here. There was an assassin just about to kill the princess. Yeah! Assassin? Yes! Bold Assassin! How does the county magistrate of Dong Wu to arrange the defend? You have to cure him if go back. Crime. lieutenant Xiang. You move troops to protect the princess. Mrs,don’t worry! The assassin’s gone. And he’s not coming back any more. He said he’d be back. Come back again? Yes! Look,it’s not safe here. How do we? lieutenant Xiang. Mrs. Let me think about this. I have a plan now. Just let the princess get closer to me. It will guarantee the princess safe. Yes. Yes. Princess. Please lieutenant Xiang take well care of princess. Princess. If princess doesn’t oppose, Just rest in my big tent. So you can be safe. Thank you,lieutenant Xiang. Mrs,don’t worry! Go! Protect princess. Qian. Please. Xiang,you didn’t look like an really assassin just now. right? You see Lian Jin,he couldn’t even say what he said. I’m glad he didn’t pretend to be an assassin. I have done my best. You still say that. Your sword was away from two or three meters. Yes! I know you’re afraid of being found out. I was worried about your hand shaking. I’m not guilty. That’s my acting. Acting? What’s the acting? You always say something that people don’t understand. This is Shao Yuanjun’s fief? A Dongwu county. It’s even less that the most remote street in Handan.

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Shao Yuanjun. Bullying men and looting women. Doing the wrong things. I think,Dongwu county is moved the root. There’s no way to get back to former life without throughout ten or eight years.

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Pity for his father,Ping Yuanjun was in good reputation. But he had such a disobedient son. He lost the whole business. Just like him. And he wanted you to bow. He’s not deserved it. Lord,you are the flying dragon in the sky. What is he? But more unfortunately. I had not expected that Shao Yuanjun should offend princess. When I come back to the state of Zhao,I’ll tell the king about it. Ask the King to take back his fiefdoms. It’s time to see how arrogant he is. Yes! Take back my fief? That’s what my father earned with his meritorious service.

00:19:48,920 –>00:19:50,439
I see who dares to take it back! Go! What do you want to do? What do I want to do? Your master did not dare to say a word in front of me.

00:20:00,439 –>00:20:01,560
Who are you? The young lady,how old are you? Why don’t you go to my house and have a few drinks? What do you think? Shao Yuanjun. I advise you to stay away from her. Pan. Powerful. Hero save beauty? And you don’t see whose territory this is. Take them down. Lord,lord. Go,go,lord. Lord,let’s go,quickly. Get up! get up quickly! Dead or Alive. Arrest them all up. Quickly! Wait,wait,wait. Turn over. Let’s hide out there. Zhao Pan,Zhao Pan. What are you doing here? The master asked me to save you. Come with me. Zhao Pan,you guys get down from here. Are you kidding me? Who’s kidding you? Come on,slow down. You guys go over there. Yes,sir. You guys. Search there. Yes,sir. Slow down. Take care. Sir,nobody. Sir,nobody. Nobody. Go out and look for it. Lord. Please leave our children off. Get out! My children. Lord,please leave our children off. Lord,please leave our children off. Brother,what’s going on here? This is Shao Yuanjun’s old rule. What rules? Shao Yuanjun comes to Dongwu County once a year. As long as he comes here,Dongwu county magistrate will offer him some unmarried women.

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What? Isn’t that like sacrifice? It’s said to be a rule laid down by Shao Yuanjun. He also said that enjoying these girls’ first night could prolong his life. Where did this all come from? Shameless! Dongwu county magistrate. It’s the princess. What do you want? You let them go. Well. Please forgive me to not do the order. Why? This is the rule laid down by Shao Yuanjun. I dare not disobey! You dare not to disobey Shao Yuanjun,and you dare to disobey me?

00:23:37,680 –>00:23:39,079
Go. Walk fast. Go,go,go. Princess,help my daughter. My daughter. Go. Daughter. Xiang,is there any way to save these three girls?

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Where is Xing Yun? Xing Yun. Please let me go. Go. I want to go home. Walk fast. I want to go home. Walk fast. Go,go. Leave me go. Walk fast,walk fast. Shao Yuanjun,bad guys! What can I do? It’s on fire. Quickly! It’s on fire. Put out the fire! Put out the fire! Quickly. Put out the fire! Put out the fire! Quickly,quickly,quickly. Get the water. Come on,get the water. Come on. Quickly,quickly,quickly. Hurry up! Water’s coming,water’s coming. Come on,come with me. Miss Xing Yun,you’re so brave! Start hitting her! Yes,sir! Let go. Wait a minute. You let go. Get out of the way. Xiang. Shao Yuanjun. What’s going on here? This girl burned my house. And she tried to rob those girls. Dongwu county magistrate. Yes,sir. Unauthorized arson. According to the laws and regulations of Da Zhao. What am I supposed to do with her? Shao Yuanjun,lead her through the streets to show her up before the public. And hit her thirty boards. You saw it,too. I’m not abusing lynchings. Shao Yuanjun. Xing Yun is too young,and she doesn’t know anything. Please let her go. Let her go? It’s not that easy to let her go! I lead this matter. You can punish me. Xiang,I’m not… That’s OK. That’s what you said yourself. slaves. Yes,sir! Starting hit him. Yes,sir. Stop! Xiang Shaolong is a general who is in charge of protecting my marriage. To keep my safe. If there’s anything wrong with him,I won’t let you go. Shao Yuanjun,if you really want to do it, Lian Jin will fight you. Shao Yuanjun,what the hell do you want to do? I don’t want to do anything. That being the case,this punishment is relieved. But this can’t just be done. Slaves! Parade Xing Yun through the streets. Shao Yuanjun. I’m not afraid of parade me through the street. Xing Yun. Zhao Pan. What are you doing here? Go. Did you kill someone or set fire? I set fire. Why don’t you bring me together? Next time. OK! Stop! And you try to escape. Xing Yun. Xiang. How did you get out? Zhao Pan saved me out. She’s going to be killed. Why do you come till now? Who said she was going to be killed? Zhao Pan,don’t worry. I just paraded the streets. I wouldn’t be killed. Parade the streets? I said I didn’t kill people. I just set fire. Naughty! Shao Yuanjun. Xing Yun finished parading the streets. Should you let her go? What are you looking at? your eyes are big? Shao Yuanjun,you had released your angry. Let Xing Yun go. The security in Dongwu county is so chaotic. Step up martial law all over the city! If there are another accidents, you will not be a county magistrate. Yes,yes,sir! Did you feel ashamed? What are you afraid of? I ask for you,which is your pleasure.

00:28:23,400 –>00:28:24,839
The auspicious hour has arrived. I’m coming! Lord. Lord. You bastard. You can’t see I’m busy? Something…something happened! The rebels came in. What? Something happened! The rebels came in. It looks like they want to deal with you. Let’s go. Come on,run fast. Come on. Go,go,go. Come on,come on. Go. Quickly,quickly,quickly. Where are the rebels? Over there. Go,go,go. Master. You take Shao Yuanjun with you. What did you call me? That’s it. Come on. Stop it. OK,OK,OK. Protect Shao Yuanjun. Protect princess. Protect the people of Dongwu county. Let me protect Shao Yuanjun. I’ll beat back the rebels. Let’s go! Stop it. It is most important to protect Shao Yuanjun. Yes,sir. Where are the rebels? Of course my master drove them away. I have been wiped out all rebels. You guys ate honey today? Your mouth is so sweet. I’m not used to it. Not used to it? If you’re not used to it. I call you Xiang. Now that you called it,I can accept it. Call me master in the future. What do you say? Where are the rebels? I made the rebels. Lord,lord. Terribly! Those three girls are gone. What? Why didn’t I think of that? It turns out that the rebels went to save the three girls. I always thought they were coming to kill you. It’s a fuss. It’s a fuss. Go,go,go. Let’s go. Stop! What tricks the hell are you playing? What? We came to protect you as soon as we heard that the rebels had come. But you still question us now.

00:30:18,599 –>00:30:20,479
Yeah. You don’t know how to appreciate favors! Master,let’s go. Go,apprentice. You! Lord. Did those rebels really save the three girls? Okay,Xiang Shao long,you dare play tricks with me! I,I sent them out. There’s really no laws here. Who is willing to go with me? Enforce justice on behalf of Heaven. Count me in. Count me in. And me. Me too. Let’s go! Wait a minute. Xiang. I want to kill Shao Yuanjun,too. It’s just that his father is,after all,Ping Yuanjun. If we kill him in his fief, Even though we have a thousand reasons, It is difficult to convince the officials. I’m afraid there will be unnecessary trouble. Do we just watch him do what he wishes without restraint here?

00:31:35,079 –>00:31:37,239
Master, it’s my fault. I should have sent them out of town yesterday. It’s not your fault. I didn’t think it over. I always thought killing paid for it. But now the law doesn’t treat these people like people at all.

00:31:51,439 –>00:31:53,199
Some people are born noble. However,some people are born slaves. This is normal. But it’s because it’s different birth. So life is different,right? If the prince was no different from the commoners,it would be a mess.

00:32:03,280 –>00:32:06,599
If you’re not strong enough in this tumultuous time, you’ll be killed.

00:32:07,000 –>00:32:12,040
As long as we can make sure we’re strong,and we can’t kill at random or false kill,we’re good.

00:32:12,839 –>00:32:16,000
Did you ever hesitate when you killed someone?

00:32:16,199 –>00:32:18,079
A man like Sukuhara just kill him. What are you hesitating about? You can’t protect the people you love unless you kill him. I’ll write to my father at once. Petition for him to dismiss the county magistrate. And open a warehouse and release the grain and give the people a way to live. As for Ping Yuanjun. I’ll petition my father to annul his monarch. And take back his fief. It’s just taking back his fief? Year! It’s too kind to him. Once his monarch is dismissed, His father,Ping Yuanjun’s reputation will be ruined by him.

00:32:49,640 –>00:32:52,640
At then he will be the same as the dead. Shao Yuanjun. Xiang Shaolong treated me this way. I will never spare them. Lord,since you hate Xiang Shaolong so much.

00:33:13,680 –>00:33:16,000
Why don’t you send an assassin to kill him? I’m thinking about it. It’s not just Xiang Shaolong. And Zhao Pan,Xing Yun,and Wu Tingfang. They all need to die. Lord,revenge needs to be early. Otherwise,when they out of Dongwu county,we’ll have difficulty killing them.

00:33:31,280 –>00:33:32,439
I know. It’s just that princess is making me very difficult. Kill them. You escort the princess to the Da Liang. Wouldn’t that be better? Yeah,well done! It’s just a pity. She’s a princess,after all. I do not dare to move her. Otherwise,Zhaoqian is beauty with fine skin. What do you think? Lord. Lord. Xiang Shaolong,Xiang Shaolong dares to hurt me. Lord,how do we? What? Gather the army and kill them all! Yes,sir! Princess pays attention to the interests of the whole. Xiang. You got that? Xiang. What’s up,Tingfang? What’s up?Tingfang. Xiang. I just shot a arrow to Shao Yuanjun. They must be coming. What? Pan,call all the people back to the barracks. And put the troops in a state of readiness. Yes,sir! Come on! Master,they’re all here. We have to save Princess and Xing Yun. Rush out. Don’t let one go! Leave these women to lord. Kill them! Don’t let them get away. What are you doing? Mrs. Mrs. Go. Don’t hurt princess. Go. Qian. Xing Yun. Mrs. Catch them! Quickly! Go,go,go. Come on,come on. Catch them! Hurry up! Come on! Lord. Catch them,catch them. Are you all right? It’s okay. What are you doing here? We’re here to save you. Are you all right? It’s okay. It’s just a little injury. Tingfang,you bring Jin to heal. We’re going to save princess and Xing Yun. Okay,look out. Hurry up! Go,go. Quickly! Put them both in bed. A shameless person! Shao Yuanjun,I am the third Princess of the state of Zhao. You dare to do this to me! Aren’t you afraid of my father to kill your nine ethnic groups? To kill my nine ethnic groups? Zhao Qian,you listen to me. If I die,I’ll have to take you with me.

00:36:21,600 –>00:36:22,800
What are you guys waiting for? Hurry to catch Xiang Shaolong and Zhao Pan.

00:36:25,520 –>00:36:26,919
I’ll enjoy them. You guys gonna watch here? Get out! Yes,sir! Shao Yuanjun,You bastard. You,don’t come here. Bold. What do you want to do? Princess,what’s your hurry? After I have finished enjoying Xing Yun, Of course I won’t be bad for you. Don’t come here. Xing Yun. Xing Yun. Let go. Come on! Stop! stop! Come on. Come on. Let Xing Yun go. Let me go! I advise you to let me go. Let go. Xiang. Xiang? He can’t protect himself now. You just be obedient to me! Xiang. Let go. Let her go. Let me go! Let go. Let Xing Yun go. Xiang. Let her go. Let me go. You bastard. Are you crazy? Qian. Zhao Qian,I’m telling you. I won’t absolutely let you go. Shao Yuanjun. You let go. Xing Yun is young. You can’t do this to her. Let me go! You do this to me,to me. Let me go! To me! To you? Did you hear that? Princess throw herself to me. If I don’t promise,do I underestimate her?

00:37:45,399 –>00:37:46,280
bastard! If you dare to treat princess like this,I will report it to the king.

00:37:49,679 –>00:37:51,520
You’re not afraid to be killed? How fine skin! Xing Yun,Xing Yun. Help! Help! Let go! I just want to enjoy you one by one. You’re in such a hurry! Help! Help! Xiang. Princess,put the clothes on. Xiang,I’m glad you’re here. Xing Yun,are you all right? I’m fine. Shao Yuanjun. Zhao Pan,if you dare to touch me. You can try! I’m not just touching you. I’m gonna kill you today! Pan. Private killing is against the law. Xiang. We’d better just lock him up first. You’re going to send him back to Handan tomorrow. Let my father deal with him. Now we kill him. We’re all connected. Zhao Pan. What are you doing?Let me go! Zhao Pan,what are you doing? Zhao Pan. I’ll spare you life first today. When you arrive the state of Zhao, The king must cut you to pieces. Zhao Pan. Throw him into the sheep’s circle. Strict supervision. Go. It’s fine that you’re all right. What are you looking at?Just let me go. Let you go? Doesn’t it mean that my lord dangerous? What do you want to do? This is called Crane Top Red. They call it arsenic. Two days ago I heard that Xiang called it. It seems to be called. Arsenic acid anhydride. What do you want to do? In conclusion. You just breathe in a little, you’ll die of poison. I tell you. I’m the son of the Ping Yuanjun. I don’t know Ping Yuanjun. All I know is my lord. You hate my lord so much. Will I leave you in the world to do him harm? So. Let me kill you! Chenyin. Zhao Pan. She’s gonna kill me,do you know? She’s gonna kill me. I’m telling you. You let me go now. Otherwise,when you arrive the state of Wei. My uncle,Xin Lingjun will not let you go. Who told you to deal with him privately? I have my own arrangements. Well,you go back to the state of Zhao now. Tell my adoptive father everything here. Yes,sir! Lord,be careful! Go,go. Shao Yuanjun. Zhao Pan,you just let me go. Did you hear that? Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. I’m not gonna kill you now. I want to make your death known to the world. I’m going to bury you with your father’s name. Xing Yun belongs to me. You dare to touch my woman. Bring it in. Zhao Pan,what is this? What are you doing? I get a little gift for you. What are you doing? You take it all. You deserve it!


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