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Jin,are you okay? I’m fine. There’s nothing to do with this little injury. We have to get to the State of Wei as soon as possible. Otherwise a bumpy road will aggravate his injury. Everybody speed up. Look out. Xing Yun. Look out,Xing Yun. Xing Yun. Xing Yun. Grab me. Xiang. Xing Yun. -Help me. Help me. Hold me tightly. Xing Yun. Grab it. Jin. Did you know you were in danger of saving me? I’m glad you are fine. Are you all okay? It’s all right. It’s okay. I don’t know how the others are. Watch it. Where are Xiang and Qian? I’m gonna go find them. You’re like this. How do you find him? So let’s divide the army into two teams. The first team will follow me to look for the lost man. The second team will go to look for our horses and luggage. Yes,sir. Yes,sir. Jin, you’re hurt. Let Miss Wu take care of you. You first find a place to camp. OK. If you have any news of Xiang, let me know in time. You guys, go that way. -Xiang! Qian. -Take care of them. Yes sir. -Xiang! Princess, are you cold? I’m fine. What about you? I’m fine. I’m a man. I’m strong. It’s just that I don’t know what happened to Xing Yun and others. Don’t worry too much about them. Pan will take care of them well. Pan? Pan can’t even take care of himself. How can he take care of them? We wasted a lot of time. Yes. I hope God bless them. Xiang,take a break earlier. We have to find them tomorrow. OK. Princess, you can sleep. I ‘ m watching the fire here . Don’t let the fire go out. Xiang,Xiang. Qian. Xiang. -Xiang Shaolong. -Qian. Xiang. -Qian. Qian. -Xiang Shaolong. Xiang. -Qian. Go and see. It’s strange. There was a sound here. Pan,look. A cave. Master. Qian. Xing Yun. Princess. Xing Yun. Pan. Are you okay? I’m fine. Looks like you’re okay, too. Of course. You and Qian… What are you thinking? Can’t you see that… Qian. -Xing Yun. Put it on. Don’t catch cold. Xiang, put on your clothes, too. Don’t get a cold. I’m fine. I’m not cold. Put it on. You’ve been getting cold for one night. Well, now that you’re here. You’re fine. Let’s just get going. It’s just a swordplay contest. Why was the hanger-on ofLord Xinling so cruel? Since this is a competition, he must go all out. Please don’t blame him. A sword has no eye. How would I blame him? Wuji,the swordsmanship of your hanger-on was very good. Such talent is also the blessing of the State of Wei. The bridal procession of the State of Zhao is about to arrive at Daliang. At that time, our Prince and Princess Zhao will be married. The good marriage between the two states is the blessing of the State of Zhao. I don’t understand Lord Xinling is so dedicated to the marriage between the State of Wei and Zhao. What is your purpose? I’m all about doing things for Your Majesty. Lord Long Yang ,it’s not good for you to behave like that. Your Majesty,I want to polish your eyes for you. To avoid being blinded by a base person. The marriage of the State of Wei and Zhao is more than a simple marriage. It represents the beginning of once again the unity of the land of the Three Jin Dynasties. If the Three Jin Dynasties came together, wouldn’t it be an excuse for the State of Qin to attack us? Lord Long Yang,you don’t talk nonsense. If we do not unite with the State of Zhao, how to resist Qin. Qin is so powerful. At present, our troops are weak and need to recuperate and accumulate strength. Besides, our state is so close to the the State of Qin. We should express kindness to it. How can we deliberately provoke it? If the State of Wei and Zhao unite by marriage,Qin will regard us as an enemy. Lord Xinling,you’re so dedicated to the marriage between the State of Wei and Zhao. What is your purpose? The state of Qin is growing stronger and stronger. If we continues to recuperate, we will be invaded sooner or later. Lord Long Yang,You should think about it in the long run. Er… Well. The marriage of the State of Wei and Zhao was my permission. Lord Long Yang,don’t say any more. Your Majesty,I got a message. The bridal procession of the State of Zhao has reached the boundary of the State of Wei. You are in charge of welcoming the bridal procession. Yes,Your Majesty. Sir. Shaoyuan Jun of the State of Zhao has been waiting for a long time. Uncle, help me avenge. How do you look like this? It’s so bad. Uncle. I was the supervisor ofthe bridal procession, escorting the princess to come here. But that general Xiang Shaolong and Zhao Pan bullied me together. And they hurt my finger. I hope you can avenge for me. Are you saying General Zhao Guomai hurt you? Yes. I hope you can avenge for me. Uncle. The marriage between the State ofWei and Zhao is a national event. Don’t dispute your unworthy personal grudge. You’re my uncle. Someone hurt my finger. How can you be indifferent? The country is the most important. Your matter is so unimportant. This marriage can’t be ruined because of your business. Uncle. Shut up. Stay in the house. If you make troubles again and ruin this marriage, I can’t help you even if I’m your uncle. My lord. Have a bath and deal with the wound. Uncle. Go. Shaoyuan Jun., this way, please. The bridal procession of the State of Zhao is fifty miles from the Daliang. According to the sources, it is estimated that it will reach Daliang tomorrow. You arrange the welcome. Yes,sir. His Majesty is good but he is a coward. He was an obedient to the state of Qin. In this way, the State of Wei will be destroyed by the State of Qin within a few years. The State of Wei,Zhao and Han must unite. You are so worried about the country and the people. I admire you very much. Julu Prince of the State of Zhao supports my idea,too. Success or failure hinges on this one action. I won. Your Highness, I won. Your Highness. I won. Reward him with gold. Take it. Thank you, Your Highness. Thank you, Your Highness.. Take these four beauties to my bedroom. Go! go! Let me go. Go. Your Highness,you have to avenge me. Who are you? It’s me,Shaoyuan Jun.. How do you look like this? Go to have a bath. Take him to take a bath and come to me. Yes,Your Highness. Please. Your Highness. He was stinking. Did he fall into the cesspit? Your Highness. Your Highness. Your Highness. Look at my finger. My finger was cut off because of you. What was going on? Zhao Qian, the princess of the State of Zhao, came to marry you seemingly. In fact, she had already had an affair with the general Xiang Shaolong. I cannot bear the sight of them so I said something to them. They cut off my finger. Your Highness, you’re not married yet. Your wife was derailed. Bitch. Your Highness, if it’s true, she can’tmarry you. If her future child is not yours, then the State of Wei will become someone else’s. It’s right. Lord Long Yang,You are in charge of this. You have to find out the evidence. Yes,Your Highness. I’m doing my best. Stand up. Thanks,Your Highness. Well. Because your message was meritorious,I award you two maidservants. Thanks,Your Highness. There are soldiers ahead. I saw it. Everyone should be vigilant. I followed the order of My Majesty to welcome you here. Please go to the barracks for rest. You can go to the Palace to see My Majesty tomorrow. OK. I think you’re the general who protect the princess. Xiang Shaolong? I see you today, and you really have an extraordinary appearance. Thanks. Cut the cackle!Let’s go into the barracks. Protect the princess. Let’s go. I always felt something was wrong. Let’s be careful. We are the procession of the Zhao. What kind of tricks do they dare to play? Anyway, be careful. Take away all their weapons. When we first came to Wei, you would disarm our weapons. Is this the etiquette of the State of Wei? I’m just listening to My Majesty’s order. I hope you can understand. You come to meet me. If the king of Wei didn’t come, we can understand. But the prince did not come,too. We’re not going in a barracks like this. Come on. Catch them. Protect the princess. Take the Xing Yun out of here now. What about you? You’re special. You can meet the King Wei right away to save us. Go. Xing Yun,let’s go. I’ll come back to save you as soon as possible. Let’s go. We surrender. All men put down your weapons I heard there were aces in your procession. But now I think it’s nothing more than this. Take them back . Get in there! I can go into myself. Don’t push me. Why are you pushing me? Stop talking rubbish! I can go myself. Do you know human rights? Don’t be so rude. Sit down. You… I am the princess of the State of Zhao. What reason do you have the reason for imprisoned me? Princess, calm down. I dare not put the princess in prison. I just want to invite the princess to stay for a few days to investigate some things. Let’s go. Princess, please. Fortunately, my lord escaped. Xiang,this is their barracks. We can’t break out. Do you have any other ways? He’s like this. What else idea can I have? The State of the Wei is really bold. It dares to put us in prison. Maybe neither the king nor the prince knew about it. Think about it. If they want to catch us, shouldn’t we be in the palace jail right now? Is it that Lord Long Yang pretended the king’s order? Why would he do that? Then I don’t know. We just have to wait and see how it going. Fortunately, Xing Yun and Pan have escaped. Let ‘ s wait for their news. Jin. Drink some water. There is no water in the cell. Do you want us to die of thirst? Jin. Have you ever practiced any Kung Fu like heaven and hell’s moving? Or suck star over china? It is the kind of Kung Fu that can transfer your hurt to others. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Have you ever seen a swordsman novel? You said something I can’t understand. Your Majesty. I have caught the procession of the State of Zhao. And Zhao Qian has been held alone. I will find evidence of Zhao Qian’s affair with Xiang Shaolong. For the prince to refuse to marriage. Well. Lord Long Yang,so I leave this to you. Xiang Shaolong and the Zhao pan now in the army camp? Zhao Pan and a girl named Xing Yun are missing. What? Why can’t you catch Zhao Pan?

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What are you still standing here? Go to catch them. Who are you? You dare to shout at me. Your Highness,I’m going. Your Highness. That Xiang Shaolong is Zhao Qian’s lover. Zhao Pan is his apprentice. They are banded together as traitors. We can’t let them go. Of course. He should have dared to fall in love with my future wife. He can’t escape out the State of Wei. Except that Zhao pan, who else escaped? Xing Yun. The granddaughter of the master of Mohist,Yuan Zong. She is as beautiful as a princess. I’d like to see her. Your Highness. You can give me a team of soldiers to catch them. I must catch her to you. Pour the wine. What are you looking at? Well, Xing Yun, don’t worry. I don’t know what happened to Xiang. Don’t worry. After all, master is still the general of the State of Zhao. If Wei didn’t want to go to war with Zhao, they wouldn’t dare to do anything to them. Yeah. Now Wei doesn’t want to go to war with Zhao. It’s so far from Daliang. And they came out to meet us. I don’t think they want to make things known to the people in the palace. The king and the prince of Wei must not know about it yet. Let’s get going now. We meet the king of Wei at once. We tell him about it. How do we get there now? It’s midnight now. And we’re just guessing. Think about it. If they’re really hiding it from the King of Wei. Then the city must be covered with informants by now. They wait to catch us. We can have a rest today. Tomorrow morning we can disguise ourselves and explore the situation. Well. I didn’t find any signs of arresting. Then let’s get to the palace to come to the King of Wei and the Prince. OK. Who are you? You dare to break in the palace. I am the royal person of Zhao. I escort the princess to marry your prince. I want to meet your king. The State of Zhao. Don’t talk nonsense. Notified your king. You said you was the royal person of Zhao. Do you have a token or an edict? Show to me. I forgot to bring my jade plate. If you don’t have,just go away. Out of the way. Get out of the way. Shaoyuan Jun. Shaoyuan Jun. What the hell he did. I should have killed him. Let’s hide. Come on. Get out of the way Shaoyuan Jun. You guys, go this way. You guys,go over there. If you see a man and a woman of Zhao,kill them. Yes,sir. Princess, have a seat. The princess came so far to Daliang. We should entertain you well. That’s right. The prison cell in the military camp is the best way to treat the guests in the state of Wei. The journey is far and hard. I heard that Xiang Shaolong has been protecting you all the way. Of course. The General of the State of Zhao is devoted and courteous. But it’s no better than Wei’s hospitality. So General Xiang is very fond of the princess. It’s his duty to protect me. And Lord Long Yang, what do you mean? And why did you arrest us? Someone came to report that you and general Xiang were entangled. I wonder if this is true. How dare you say like that? I came to marry your prince. How dare you insult me like that? I will tell the king of Zhao about it when I get to the court. I don’t dare to. I think you’re tired. Go back and rest earlier. Come on. -Yes,sir. Send the princess back to camp. Yes,sir. Princess, please. Zhang Mi. Bring me Xiang Shaolong. Yes,sir. And I don’t know what happened to Xing Yun and Zhao Pan. They’re easy to move. They will find ways to convey information to King Wei. Open the door. Yes,sir. Xiang Shaolong. Come with me. Xiang. I’m OK. Go. My lord,Xiang Shaolong is here. OK. So many instruments of torture. The police interrogate prisoner? Xiang Shaolong. I… -I know you’re Lord Long Yang. I represent to the State of Zhao to send the princess to marry your prince. You concealed the king putting us in prison. You’re not gonna die? I never offended you. Neither the princess nor I know you. You detained us in private. Someone must have been saying something bad to you. Am I right? Let me guess who this guy is. Prince? I don’t think so. The prince has never seen a princess. Why did he want to detain us in private? Shaoyuan Jun. I heard that there was a person named Xiang Shaolong coming to the State of Zhao. He is not only intelligent, but also remarkable in appearance. And you’re really like that. Today I saw you I think you’re like what others say,too. No wonder you said something like that. But I want to emphasize that I am a man who does not betray myself. Xiang Shaolong,if you had an affair with Princess Zhao Qian? Then I’ll ask you if you know why Shaoyuan Jun is missing a finger. I think he must know your secret with that Zhao Qian. And he got revenge. No. No. No. That’s mean you’re wrong. If I had affairs with Princess Zhao Qian, I would have killed him on the spot. Why did I just cut one of his fingers? Lord Long Yang. You’re smart, too. I remind you not to be used by others. If the king knows that you have arrested us privately, you will be left in the cold palace. You were alone all night with Zhao Qian in the cave. The next morning, your clothes were disheveled. I have the responsibility to find out. Even if the king knew it, I had reason to argue. Xiang Shaolong. I advise you to be smart to avoid the suffering. Lord Long Yang. There are some things that can’t be joked. I now tell you seriously that I have nothing to do with Zhao Qian. Then I can’t help you. Come on. Torture him until he told the truth. Xiang. Are you all right? How can you torture him? The smell of blood stinks. Don’t mess it up here. Bitch. Master. Are you all right? Drink some water. I’m OK. I’m fine. I’m fine. Why are you crying? I’m fine. I’m still alive. Shaoyuan Jun said I have affairs with the princess. So he torture me like this. Are we in danger? It’s OK. Don’t worry. I’m not dead. Why are you crying? You’re not like the lady in Wujiabao at all. Listen to me. The prince and Shaoyuan Jun are on one side. Lord Long Yang must have been instructed by the prince. He dared to make me like this. So what we have to do now is let King Wei know that we’re locked up here. Then we can be safe. Tingfang. Keep my clothes tight. Please enjoy it. Come on. What do we have to do? We have no token or an edict. The soldiers outside are searching for us again. What do we have to do? Did you know that? Yesterday,a man shot a perfect arrow in the prince’s house. He took away a few thousand gold. He also became a small leader. Yeah, but those who lost were miserable. Excuse me. Is it true that you just said? Of course it is. Almost everyone knows that. The prince recruits marksmen. As long as you have the ability, you can get gold. You can see the noble prince,too. But, uh, I advise you not to take this shortcut. If you win, that’s good. If you lose,you lose your wife, children,and sisters. Your wife is so good-looking. At last you may suffer losses. I’m not his wife. Well. Thanks. I’ll pay for you this time. Thanks. Thanks. -Nothing. Excuse me. Sir. I… -Sir. What can I do for you? I pay for two bills. Thanks. Let’s go. Let go of my hand. My beautiful wife. Go away. Do you feel shy? You… But now’s a good opportunity. We approach the prince and tell him about the princess. It’s not hard for me to shoot an arrow. But I found out that the prince didn’t seem to be really looking for a marksman. It’s just a chance for him to be lustful. He really deserves to be the cousin of Shaoyuan Jun. What do you say? He is the cousin of Shaoyuan Jun? Yeah. Shaoyuan Jun’s mother is the princess of the State of Wei. The king of Wei and Lord Xinling are both his uncles. So he was so arrogant as soon as he arrived in the State of Wei. So we should go to come to prince. Shaoyuan Jun hunted us everywhere. But he never thought that we were in prince’s house. We can approach prince for information about Xiang. But this prince is dissolute. I think you… Don’t worry. I will protect myself. I can be your sister and go to seduce him. Why not be my wife? OK. Sister is OK. Why are you crying? It’s not that there are too few contestants, and I won’t let you come. It’s a bow and arrow race. You can get gold if you win. If you lose, we will let your sister and wife come to our prince’s house for a few days. This is your blessing. Aren’t you willing to? Come on. Come on. My cousin is so great. Shaoyuan Jun,please. Go. What are you two doing? Sir,we’d like to have a change of casual clothes. Please. All right,come back quickly. Thanks. Go. Excuse me. I want this one. -OK. Xing Yun, I heard that Shaoyuan Jun often visited prince’s office recently. It was when Lord Long Yang was tricking us to go to the barracks. So we have to be careful when we get to prince’s House. I’ll protect you. I think this is good. Excuse me,I take this one. OK. Sir, we haven’t found any trace of procession of Zhao. What’s wrong? According to their schedule, they were supposed to be here yesterday. I have sent people to the surrounding area to find out the information. It is expected that there will be news in three days Maser,I’ve already contacted our brothers. Or we’re gonna rob the barracks tonight, grab the weapons and break out. No. There will be too many deaths and injuries. Besides, I already have an idea. What are you doing,Xiang ? You ill know later. Jin Jun. Call everybody over. We’ll play a game later. OK. Come on. Come on. Guys, this game is called American football. American football? Is it fun? Of course. The rules of the game are… What does Xiang Shaolong want to do? I go to catch him. Let’s see what they’re up to. Do you understand? Yes. OK. Lord Long Yang,why are you coming here? Do you want to play game with us? This is a real man’s game. Can you? I can. Jin,you’re almost healed. Why don’t we play together? OK. Lord Long Yang, get your men together. We play a game seriously. OK.


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