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Master. Xing Yun. What are you doing here? Maybe it’s fate. My name is Qin Qing. Qin Qing? You saved me last time in Jiuyi. I’ve been looking for you. Brother,brother. You got the wrong guy,right? She’s a famous doctor Qin. Let’s go inside and talk. Don’t be outside. Let’s go inside and talk. OK! Lord,it doesn’t make any difference to named Qin Qing and Xing Yun. Just find her.

00:02:42,119 –>00:02:43,240
What are you doing here? You’re not afraid of the plague? I. Lord,my body is great,and I think everything tastes good. And I can run five thousand meter sin one breath. If plague sees me,it will walk around. Is he okay? He was infected with an infectious disease. Good tea. Wujiabao is really good. Ting Fang,you and Pan are good friends. I brought you the rouge named Yipinxiang this time.

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It’s perfect for you. Thank you,Mrs.Ya. Tingfang doesn’t use these things very much. Just say something stupid. There’s no girls who never use rouge powder. You look so beautiful. With rouge powder,I’m sure youre more beautiful.

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That’s what I brought specially for you here. You want me to take it back? Thank you,Mrs.Ya. Dad. Prince,Mrs.Ya. You are the distinguished guests from far away. I have lost a long way to welcome. The master of Wujiabao should be busy. You guys go first. Prince,down down,please. I’d like to discuss the military affairs with the master of Wujiabao this time.

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Is there going to be a war? Both the sate of Qin and the state of Zhaos Border are ready to start warring. In order to prevent Qin soldiers,the King also asked you to provide more war horses and military work.

00:04:38,000 –>00:04:41,720
Of course, when the war is over,you will be rewarded.

00:04:42,399 –>00:04:43,799
Thank you for your appreciate,prince. Wujiabao is remote. The annual tribute of war horses and military industry has exceeded its limits.

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It’s hard to add. Why should you be too modest? The actual strength of Wujiabao is one of the best in the state of Zhao.

00:05:01,000 –>00:05:04,320
In fact,I have one more doubt. Prince,please. Compared with the Central Plains War Horse,the Wujiabaos is a lot taller and bigger.

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I don’t know the place where you choose the horse. On a par with the troops and horses of the State of Qin. The horses I used are from the Central Plains. In which to select the tall horses. After three generations of lucky breeding. So you are the Heavenly Wizards. I think you established the Wujiabao,which went through all the difficulties.

00:05:37,640 –>00:05:38,959
You should have spent a lot,right? I’m lucky to have some loyal servants to help. The Wu family had little savings before it was built up. Tao Fang,prepare a banquet for the prince and Mrs.Ya to welcome them.

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Yes,sir. Well,I’ll do it. Prince,Mrs.Ya. You do it for yourself,and I’ll back at once. This old fox is really prudent.

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A great power is like cooking a little fresh,which can not be hurry. I’ll see if it’s a chance. A day without seeing her like three seasons. Prince. This is the five sword spectrum of Cao Qiu Dao. Practice well. When you become a swordsman,I’m sure Miss Wu will never miss others again.

00:06:57,600 –>00:07:01,519
Otherwise, you’ll have to watch the girl you love marry someone else.

00:07:04,559 –>00:07:07,720
Prince do this,and I don’t know what you want.

00:07:09,200 –>00:07:12,200
I just want you. Mr.Hong Ying. Isn’t prince always optimistic about Xiang Shaolong? I do like him. No one can imitate his intelligent. Watch him carefully. I can stop arresting his assassination.

00:07:30,399 –>00:07:32,760
And you think you’re worse than him? You and him have yours own strengths. He’s the new saint. He’s always amazing, but it’s also God’s blessing.

00:07:42,600 –>00:07:47,440
And you use your own sword to spell out the name of first swordsman of the state of Zhao.

00:07:47,959 –>00:07:54,239
Compared to that Xiang Shaolong,I appreciate people like you who earn respect for yourself compared.

00:07:57,200 –>00:07:58,640
Thanks for your praised. But now Lianjin only wants to guard Wu Jia Bao and Tingfang.

00:08:05,200 –>00:08:09,760
Even I believe you,but how long can you lie to yourself?

00:08:10,880 –>00:08:14,760
If there were no Xiang Shaolong,Miss Wu could really look at you more.

00:08:15,480 –>00:08:17,440
But what if one day he comes back? I’m looking forward to that youre not only being a swordsman,but also being able to be above all the others in one person.

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Does this really work? Master,you said that virus was so powerful? Look what they became. You said it is powerful? Don’t let me see this virus again. What if you do seeing this? If I see this,I pinched them all. Xiang,Xiang Shaolong. I brought you what you wanted. It looks like you’re infected,too. I. You too. Master. What’s this lime powder for? You’ll know in a minute. Go into operation. Come. This thing is so heavy. Lord. These guys are acting weird. Maybe they will cure the plague actually. Leave it alone. In a word,they absolutely can’t be put. A living patient is out of the village. Allow come in but not go out. Stare the village. Yes,sir. Go. I want to help,too. Okay,good boy. Come on! Sprinkle all these lime in the river.

00:09:50,799 –>00:09:53,520
Brother,what’s the use of what you’re throwing?

00:09:55,919 –>00:09:57,760
This is called lime powder. Your toilets and the stinking ditches are all the germs here.

00:10:03,400 –>00:10:05,760
You can kill them all with lime powder.

00:10:05,840 –>00:10:06,640
You got that? Brother,you are really something. I’m going to be a highly skilled doctor like you.

00:10:14,400 –>00:10:16,400
It’s hard to be a doctor. Youll need to see all kinds of patients every day. You already have thought it well? No,I want to become better. I’m going to make a red medicine. Let people eat it without getting sick. And people can live forever. So my mom can live forever. Good boy. Youre really filial piety. Come on,over there. Watch out. Come on. Xing Yun,am I dying? Don’t talk nonsense. Don’t talk nonsense. Xing Yun. Qin Qing must make an antidote for you. Get some rest. Zhao Pan,dont worry. I will certainly try more prescriptions according to master Yu Yazi’s medical books.

00:11:42,679 –>00:11:43,880
I’ll try to cure him. Thank you! You’ve really changed a lot. Dont you still admit you’re Xing Yun? If you have anything to hide,you can tell me. I will help you. If I can’t solve it,master can do it. He certainly finish it well. You just don’t say nothing. In this way, I’m so worried about you. Don’t be angry. I’ll be there for you,whatever. Thank you. Hold it well. I’m telling you. I don’t want it. You goes to the State of Qin where its all the epidemic, it will protect you from any danger with it.

00:12:36,440 –>00:12:37,799
This is the prescription medicine by Chen Yin. It’s nothing with prince. Is this the cure for the epidemic? What did you say? Nothing! I’ll take a look. Jing Jun. Jing Jun can no longer serve you. Jing Jun serve you so many years. Whether it was cold or hot,I worried you.

00:13:05,880 –>00:13:08,320
Not only can I pour water for you,but I can also kill your enemies on the battlefield. I made great contributions. What did you do? Lord,I’m dying. You’re still scolding me. All right,all right,all right. Come on. Take medicine;take pills. Open your mouth. Swallow it down. It choked me. Lord,what drugs? Don’t worry about it. Hows your feeling? Ache. Whats the matter with you? Whats up? Are you OK? Jing Jun. What did you feed him? Zhao Pan. I fed him this. What kind of medicine is this? Wake up. Jing Jun. Jing Jun. The medicine is nontoxic. You stand up. Hold it. His pulse was weak but much more stable.

00:14:16,520 –>00:14:18,760
The drug is ferocious and direct to the lesion. That’s why Jing Jun is in pain. What the hell did you feed him? Qin Qing,I found something. I made a big discovery. You take care of Jing Jun firstly. Its the area that none of the villagers were infected with the plague. Xiang. You don’t have to eat anything you see. What if it’s poison? This is similar to Zhao Pan’s medicine. Zhao Pan’s medicine? Who are you two? What are you doing in my yard? Excuse me. We’re the doctor to heal the plague here. When we passed by your door,we found a lot of these plants.

00:15:22,440 –>00:15:23,640
Excuse me,what is this? This is Artemisia annua. My wife often cuts it to make pancakes. You’re the nobility. I’m sure you didnt eat it before. Or I let my wife make few pancakes for you? Have a taste. No,thanks. You just said the Artemisia annua. Yes. Artemisia apiacea. Why does it so familiar? Artemisia apiacea It used in the treatment of malaria,cold, hot,bone steaming,exhaustion and other symptoms.

00:15:59,239 –>00:16:00,159
I remember it. Arteannuin. Arteannuin? Yes. Say something stupid. Which girl does not use rouge powder? You look so beautiful. With rouge powder,I’m sure youre more beautiful

00:16:34,679 –>00:16:35,479
Who? Tingfang,its me. Mrs.Ya. That’s not how the water powder is used. Come on. I’ll show you how to use it. How can that be? This is water powder. Take a clap of this brush. Why didn’t you stay with Xiang Shaolong? Are you relieved? He’s him. Im me. Mrs.Ya. You taught me. If you can’t own a person,just destroy him. Well,I want to ask you,Mrs.Ya. If there is one waiting for you around you,should you turn back or stick to your mind?

00:17:49,920 –>00:17:51,359
Foolish girl. If happiness comes,it is of course to catch tightly.

00:17:57,560 –>00:17:58,520
Like me. Zhao Kuo died when he was defeated in the war. If it hadn’t been for Pan,I’d have died with him.

00:18:06,479 –>00:18:09,160
It’s been so long. Let’s stop talking it. You have to remember. You should cherish the people around you. Cherish the people around me? Tingfang,you must cherish the people around you.

00:18:37,599 –>00:18:39,719
The lord of Wujiabao,see you later. We shall meet again some day. We shall meet again some day. All right,there is one more thing. As far as I know,Xiang Shaolong and Wu Jiabao are very close.

00:18:55,400 –>00:18:57,000
On the face of the lord of Wujiabao. I’ve convinced the King to drop his wanted for Xiang Shaolong.

00:19:01,599 –>00:19:02,680
Thank you,prince. Its unnecessary to say thank you. The War between the state of Qin and the state of Zhao is approaching,we’ll have to rely on the lord of Wujiabao in the future.

00:19:09,959 –>00:19:11,920
Whatever you want,prince. Im leaving. Lord,what does the mean of Julv prince? I think he’s trying to woo us and show good will to us.

00:19:37,880 –>00:19:39,680
I hope so. You really don’t know what my adoptive father plans are? The medicine given by Chen Yin can cure the plague. They must have something to do with it. Lord,why do you think so much? Its all right that people is fine. But what do they want to do? Now even Xing Yun is involved. Lord. I don’t know what prince wants to do. I don’t have a idea that is much deeper than yours. But I know one thing. The prince won’t hurt you. Doctor Qin,please go and see my mother. She’s dying. Go,let me see her. Go. What happened? Xiao Fus mother is seriously ill. It can’t be dragged again. Actually,Qin Qing has already made the medicine. But. Just to make it work,I added some medicine to the drug.

00:20:56,400 –>00:20:58,239
But these herbs are poisonous. So what do we do now? There’s only one way. Living body experiment. Find someone to try this medicine on. Drink it. Try the poison in this medicine to what harm to people.

00:21:10,359 –>00:21:11,599
Let me do it. I’ve been sick. No way. I believe in Qin Qing. I do. Zhao Pan. We can’t drink this bowl of medicine. That’s what I think. We find a rabbit and we get a rabbit. Then we let it… Xiao Fu. Spit it out. Quickly. Spit it out. I am all scared of you. I’m not afraid. I’m gonna save my mother. My mother’s saved! My mother’s saved! Fortunately,the decoction of medicinal ingredients didn’t do much harm to Xiao Fu.

00:21:40,239 –>00:21:42,599
Just dink more decoction for clearing heat and detoxifying. I didn’t think a kid could be so brave.

00:21:46,199 –>00:21:47,400
You don’t know that. The heart of a child is much simpler than that of an adult.

00:21:52,560 –>00:21:53,760
His hand is fast enough. I didn’t react,but he drank it all. Never have a table with him for dinner after that. Thank you! Come on. All right. Thank you! Are there a group of soldiers at the door? Come and help me. Come on. Come on. Hold it. Hurry up. Hold it. How do you feel? Don’t worry. I’m much better. Do you remember? You still owe me one. If you don’t want to cheat,tell me the truth what happened to you.

00:22:38,199 –>00:22:40,199
Maybe I can live to be twenty years old at most. Now I am following master in practicing the five virtues. It seems that I can only smooth heart.

00:22:47,199 –>00:22:49,719
Is there no more medicine in this world that can save you?

00:22:51,959 –>00:22:53,199
Even if there is,so what? If there is,your illness will be cured. Tell me what medicine exactly is it. If you don’t tell me,I’ll ask Mr.Zou. He must know. Zhao Pan. It’s the broken intestines. Legend is a particularly precious medicine. Its only in the royal palace of Zhao. I know. I’m going back to the state of Zhao tomorrow. Four distinguished guests. This plague can be cured,which is all your credit. There is nothing valuable in our village. These are worthless gifts. Please don’t dislike it. You’re welcome. We don’t dislike it,dont dislike it. It is the doctor’s bounden duty to save the dead and help the wounded. You’re welcome. Doctor Qin,I can’t repay you for saving my life. This is my little present for you. You must accept it. No. We accept,accept. You accept. A little present. Take it. Actually,thanks to Xiao Fu this time, It is impossible to determine the efficacy of the drug without him.

00:24:07,199 –>00:24:14,280
Doctor Qin,I, Xu Fu, will definitely make an elixir that can live forever without getting sick later. I’m sure you can. Really? He turned out to be Xu Fu who made elixir for Qin Shi Huang.

00:24:23,199 –>00:24:26,239
Xiao Fu,I wait for you to make the elixir.

00:24:26,400 –>00:24:27,920
Immortality depends on you. Give them all to me. Give them all to me. Take it. No need. Take it. You’re welcome. Come on,youre welcome. No need. Thank you! Thank you! This is the recipe for plague treatment written by Qin Qing.

00:24:44,880 –>00:24:48,560
And you take it to the border and find General Li Mu,and give him this. The plague is serious right now there. Master,I don’t know if you meant it or didn’t.

00:24:56,239 –>00:24:57,160
You guess. You’re just leaving. Why don’t you tell me? Do you want to make me feel guilty? I’m not gone yet. Thank you for your antidote. IWang Jian remember your salvation. I will repay this favor another day. The centurion,Wang Jian listen to the order. Centurion Wang Jian day exchange of rooms by a fixed date. And lead troops to evacuate epidemic villages. Returning to Xianyang to report.There are other appointments. How? Friend. Am I right? I said that your future is limitless. This young lady has cured the epidemic this time. A piece of great merit. Prime minister must reward you heavily. No need. Listen to me. As long as prime minister prepare more herbs,which is to give us our biggest thank-you. Prime minister. Xing Yun. You’re back. You’ve been working hard this time. Guanzhong Ye,prepare a banquet to treat Miss to a dinner on arriving. Yes,sir. Prime minister,don’t bother. We’re leaving. The plague spread widely. There are still many patients waiting for Qin Qing’s treatment. Wait a moment. I have a news for you. It’s not too late for you to leave after you hear it. Do you know? The monarch is infected with the plague,too. If you leave now,the ministers in the palace must impeach me,Lv Buwei.

00:26:46,520 –>00:26:51,599
They will say that my daughter is willing to cure the common people,but not to cure the monarch.

00:26:51,599 –>00:26:56,719
By that time,I’m afraid all of my family can’t escape the death. Monarch,Lv Buwei was totally useless in his control of the plague.

00:27:13,199 –>00:27:18,640
As a prime minister,he only knew that fishing for fame,ganging up for selfish and being useless.

00:27:19,040 –>00:27:22,920
Monarch,if you dont dismiss him,there will be no end of trouble for the future. Who said that? To see the monarch. You have the face to come here! There are crafty and fawning officials as subjects to the king,so I have to come here.

00:27:40,000 –>00:27:45,680
A moment ago,Yangquan Jun said that fishing for fame,ganging up for selfish and being useless. I dont know why you said that. What’s the crime of slandering the prime minister? The compilation of Lu’s Spring and Autumn period is known as a thousand gold. To fish for fame. Developing three thousand followers to the palace. To form a party for personal gain. As a Prime minister,you cannot calm the war outside and cannot stop the dispute internal.

00:28:09,439 –>00:28:11,760
You can’t even cure a little plague. It’s for nothing. Lu’s Spring and Autumn integration of Confucianism and Taoism

00:28:22,319 –>00:28:26,520
The words of a hundred schools of thought, such as peasants, soldiers, yin and yang. To respond to the lord,check the peoples situation at the right time and observe and geographical location.

00:28:32,719 –>00:28:35,959
How can you say this about fishing for fame? Im looking for talented people to investigate and recommend the country’s monarch.

00:28:42,239 –>00:28:43,920
With good intentions! How can you say that form a party for personal gain? As for its for nothing,which is a nonsense. Now my country is far more powerful than six countries.

00:28:57,839 –>00:29:02,839
If it weren’t for some treacherous villain who would have been dragging their feet for personal gain.

00:29:03,079 –>00:29:07,319
The state of Qin has long since joined hands to unify the six countries.

00:29:08,680 –>00:29:10,680
I’m a treacherous villain? The plague spread out widely. Everyone knows that someone did it on purpose.

00:29:18,800 –>00:29:23,239
Who else would there be in the country other than you, Lv Buwei?

00:29:23,680 –>00:29:28,160
Yangquan Jun,you don’t make an unfounded attack upon me.

00:29:29,079 –>00:29:32,119
When the plague spread,you hid and unreported it. And you transferred all the famous doctors in Xianyang. To my opinions,you’re the one behind back. Scoundrel! You,you all shut up! Ive still not dead yet. You’re right here… Monarch! Monarch! You’ll be fine. With Lv Buweiy’s ability,If he can’t cure your illness,he must have a selfish heart.

00:30:01,800 –>00:30:06,160
Yangquan Jun,what a venomous calculation!

00:30:08,000 –>00:30:08,800
Forget it. Yangquan Jun,do you know that my daughter has developed a cure?

00:30:16,880 –>00:30:19,439
The plague has been under control. My daughter can now treat monarch. Sent for her. Quickly! Yes,sir! You go get me Qin Qing and Xiang Shao long. I’m looking for them. Yes,sir! Prime minister. Who are you? I am the follower of your family,Li Si. How come I haven’t seen you? What do you want me to do? Prime minister has three thousand followers,so its normal to not remember me. It was Lu’s spring and autumn that I came here for it.

00:31:03,920 –>00:31:07,520
There are a few small questions that I would like to consult with you.

00:31:08,239 –>00:31:12,199
When I first proposed a single word is worth a thousand pieces of gold.,why don’t you say it?

00:31:12,760 –>00:31:14,400
I didn’t think about it clearly. Now I think about a few other questions that I’d consult to you.

00:31:18,239 –>00:31:19,040
I have no spare time. The book has been finished. I have had both the reputation and the profit. Why change it?

00:31:26,040 –>00:31:26,959
Prime minister! Prime minister. Stand up after kowtowing.
00:31:43,439 –>00:31:44,680
Thank you,prime minister. Minister,I hear you are at war with Yangquan Jun in the palace today. You won a great victory.

00:31:54,400 –>00:31:58,079
Just because of him,Yangquan Jun daring to fight me. Prime minister,for now,Qin Qing has worked out a cure for the plague.

00:32:02,800 –>00:32:07,359
As long as prime minister can heal him,he must be his savior. Naturally…

00:32:07,439 –>00:32:08,319
Prime minister. Prime minister,there are something happen. Miss and Xiang,they… They have left. What’s going on here? The servant girl said that they left the message. They’ve come here to see you,which have done everything possible. What else? Miss Xing Yun said… Miss Xing Yun said its not hard for prime minister to keep the family of Lv.

00:32:28,160 –>00:32:29,079
Scoundrel! Go and find them back for me. If you can’t find them back,I’m punish you. Lord. You guys go to the East Gate to find them. You guys go to the West Gate. And you. Go around the city. Lord. Report immediately if you have any condition. Lord. Listen up! Its a big deal. If you can’t find them,you don’t have to come back.

00:32:58,239 –>00:32:59,040
Yes,sir! Lord. What can I do for you? Prime minister,what can I do for you?

00:33:12,000 –>00:33:13,319
Why you again? Prime minister,I… There’s nothing good about meeting you. You’re such a bad follower. Prime minister! Why? What did I do wrong? You’re really not gonna stay with your dad for a while?

00:33:40,319 –>00:33:44,280
The affection of father and daughter is nothing for him more than a bargaining chip to take advantage of.

00:33:44,640 –>00:33:46,520
Moreover,the plague is over now. Why am I staying? It’s rare that we have spare time today,let’s just hang out here. I still have some medicine materials to buy. Dont buy medicine materials at this time. I’ll buy you some pears. Do you want to buy pears? Sir. The big pear is sweet or small? The small. How much is the small one? Two Wen. Two Wen. All right. Thank you,sir. No clean,no disease. I’ll try it for you first. There is a worm! You smiling. I haven’t seen you smile for a long time. I thought I’d never see your smile again.

00:34:33,399 –>00:34:34,239
What’s up? Are you okay? Well,lets find a place to rest. I… General,they are brought in. Wake them up. Who are you? Let go. Let go. Are you okay? I am the general of the state of Zhao,ordered to arrest you. What kind of law have we violated? You grab us at will. Full beard,we are dignitaries of the prime minister. You’re not afraid to be cut your head arresting us? You. Good point. Yangquan Jun. Thanks to General Bi for helping me catch these two men.

00:35:39,600 –>00:35:44,760
After the monarch is cured,there must reward general Bi.

00:35:45,000 –>00:35:47,479
Its necessary to serve lord. What are the two of you? You haven’t said it yet. You just know that there is a prime minister in the state of Qin. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Yangquan Jun.

00:36:04,439 –>00:36:05,560
Yangquan Jun? You are Yangquan Jun? Now that you know my title, Then you should know the grudges between me and Lv Buwei.

00:36:18,000 –>00:36:20,239
We’re just doctors who treat people. And we have nothing to do with Lv Buwei. Between you and hims grudges have nothing to do with us.

00:36:27,000 –>00:36:28,120
Really? There’s something so simple? Now that you’ve helped Lv Buwei,then as well help me again.

00:36:39,040 –>00:36:40,719
We both just said that. We’re just doctors who knows a little. How can we help you? Since the doctors duty is treating the disease and saving the patient, Then my illness must be treated by both of you.

00:36:53,520 –>00:36:54,520
You’re sick? Why didnt you say that early? What’s wrong with you? My illness is this prime minister’s house. I’m going to have to get rid of it quickly. Be very ill. General Li Mu is too stingy! We walk without halting to rest. Even a horse, it’s exhausted. And we cant benefit from it at all. Its all right that he wouldn’t entertain us. He wouldn’t even give us a horse.

00:37:22,840 –>00:37:24,679
When can we walk to Handan?

00:37:24,919 –>00:37:27,919
I should blackmail him when I gave him the antidote.

00:37:29,239 –>00:37:30,280
You know what? Now the military situation between the two countries is tense. The plague we saw in the state of Qin was probably an excuse for a war between the two countries.

00:37:38,000 –>00:37:39,600
It doesn’t matter that we don’t ride horses back. But have you ever thought about? This army horse can save the lives of countless frontier soldiers.

00:37:44,120 –>00:37:44,959
Do you understand? Lord,you’ve changed. You’ve really changed a lot. Lord,lord! What’s wrong with you? What? Im fine. Lord,if you are not able to lie,dont lie.

00:38:16,120 –>00:38:17,080
I grew up with you. You can’t fool me. What’s up? Are you hungry? Do you want to eat meat? You said eat meat,and I think it up. Do you remember when I wandered from place to place?

00:38:29,239 –>00:38:31,040
What’s the broken soul? Lord,look at you,look at you. Why do you remember it? Lord,master once said. Don’t mention the past. Life is full of difficulties and pains. Look at you,why do you always remember it?

00:38:48,120 –>00:38:51,840
I think you’re a rusty anvil.

00:38:52,439 –>00:38:53,560
You want to get hit? Lord. I hit you! Lord. Let you hurt me! I dare no! Let you sell the medicine! Sell! Sell! I hit you! See if you dare or not next time. Lord,spare my life! Dare you? Dare you? Ill spare you this time. Lord,where are we going? Back to Handan. Lord Lv,where’s your daughter now? Don’t you say she’s going to cure monarch for sure hell get rid of it totally?

00:39:24,239 –>00:39:25,320
Now where is she? Just give me ten days. I must bring my daughter to the palace to give monarch treatment.

00:39:35,080 –>00:39:36,280
Ten days? The monarch is in danger. How can you delay it?

00:39:40,040 –>00:39:41,159
Tomorrow at the latest. If you can’t bring your daughter here,ready your head to see monarch.

00:39:46,239 –>00:39:47,360
Yangquan Jun. I warn you not to bully me too much! All right,all right. Stop arguing! Lv Buwei,I order you to hand over your daughter in three days.

00:40:06,439 –>00:40:09,000
And hand over the medicine for treatment. Otherwise,you are going to be judged a crime of deceit the monarch. Do you,do you have any objections? I accept. You. Go! Lord,finally back to Handan! We are going to go home. Stop! Where did the beggars come from? Go away,go away,go away. The Handan city wont recently collect the refugees. Bold! Do you know who my lord is? Go,call the city guard out. Do you two want to go die? Who’s causing trouble? You’re the city guard? Listen,my lord is the famous Mr.Pan.

00:40:52,760 –>00:40:55,000
The son of Julv prince! The son of Mrs.Ya! Let us come in quickly! You are really the foster son of a Julv prince? Can it be a fake? What is your official post? No! No one official post, And dressed in rags. You say you’re the foster son of the Julv prince. I’m still the real son of the Julv prince. Scoundrel! Talk rubbish! Watch your worthless life! I’m killing you now! City guard. You just got here and you probably don’t know it. He’s really Mr.Pan. The son of Julv prince. Scoundrel! Why don’t you say it early? I just recognized him just now. See Mr.Pan. Im ignorance and Im impolite to Mr.Pan. Please forgive me. Blinding eye! You guys! Lord,after we get back to your house,we are going to find the prince. You just know to find my adoptive father! In addition to I’m the status of the foster of the Julv prince. What else?

00:42:02,520 –>00:42:06,040
Lord,you’re still Mafu Jun,Zhao Shes grandchild.

00:42:07,199 –>00:42:08,320
You’re the grandson!


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