A welcome halt in Mantova (Mantua) Italy, Ducal Palace, Basilica di Sant’Andrea, Palazzo Te

Porsche 911 Here we go again… he’s back in town again. I’ll take him back again, one more time… Always crashing in the same car… Italian roadside assistance Always crashing in the same car… Mantua Cathedral, 1395-1401 Ducal Palace, 14th – 17th century Cloak hall, frescoes 1538-1539 Bridal Chamber with frescoes of Andrea Mantegna Self-portrait Ceiling painting by Mantegna, 1465-74 Palace of the Academy, 1773-75 – Paolo Pozzo Scientific Theatre, 1767-69 – Antonio Bibiena Basilica of Saint Andrew, 1462–1790 – Leon Battista Alberti Barrel vault Grotesque “Spatial Concepts” by Lucio Fontana (1899-1968) “Te “ Palace, c1499-1546 – Giulio Romano Hall of the Giants – Giulio Romano (c1499 – 1546) Hall of Amor and Psyche – Giulio Romano

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