Aangan Episode 1 – 11th November 2017 – ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Auntie! Mother says the guests are waiting Yes, I am coming in a moment Ugh, is this the time to write your diary? you can finish your fiction later 120? What is that? Do you know.. In 23 years, 120 people have come to see me 23 years? By the way, auntie has skipped at least a whole year or two Anyway, this much works in this age when every man is about himself all of you live together seeing this has brought me great happiness yes, all of my kids live together all of them, live together, in the same house, lovingly I believe this is why we are so blesses, in fact, you people are the reasons, elders are the reason behind blessings in a house indeed, indeed by the way are all of your daughter-in-laws from the family? this Hajra.. is my brother-in-law’s son and Rubina is my own sister’s daughter alright, alright this means, one from your side of the family, one from your in-laws and one from outside? yes, yes her, and the other one my youngest son lives in Germany with his wife and son he has been gone for a long time if he had been here, the house would have been lit up yes, yes you are absolutely correct we miss him a lot this is Zoya May God bless you may God bless you too she’s so beautiful, as God willed when I got married, came to this house, she was this young alright, how old is your daughter? Zoya, pass on the kebabs she cooks everything herself, she has a great taste who has she learned from? her sister-in-laws! these daughter-in-laws of mine don’t let me work at all shut up, what noise you make! Maham! you devil! put this away! is auntie saw this.. go, play with them will I get food in this house or not? you will have to wait a little, mama is busy with the guests you give me the food I have been asked to hide I have been prohibited to leave the room if I went to the kitchen and somebody sees me, auntie not being able to be married away will be on me first of all I don’t understand why I am not allowed to step outside when such guests arrive! you just want to make excuses so you don’t have to work I will get it myself you ruined auntie’s fiction (story) why cant you guys sit calmly? is it necessary to make noise all the time? sit here properly your daughter is very beautiful, I like her she is shying away go, Zoya, go sit in your room your daughter is the youngest in the house, but she will be the elder one in our family you should come to our home at once and see our son yes, yes obviously, why not just let me discuss it with my sons, then I will let you know if I share what is in my heart, I really liked your household by the will of God, all daughter-in-laws live together and Zoya would have also seen this, learned this I also want this that my home’s eldest daughter-in-law should be someone who keeps everyone together exactly take some, have kebab no no no *children’s rhyme* tell me auntie, how were they?
*children’s rhyme* *children’s rhyme* you guys stop your nonsense go, look the guests are gone sister, there are two more girls. Should we see them as well?? I liked this girl and this household did you see? How lovingly a mother has kept the daughter-in-laws together you are right, and anyway your son is the eldest and you want a daughter-in-law who can keep the whole family together absolutely
you are right, and anyway your son is the eldest and you want a daughter-in-law who can keep the whole family together absolutely how a mother has kept all the daughter-in-laws in a string this house’s daughter will be so well-mannered and humble, right? stop it what are you doing? ask mama, she will give serve it to you don’t be manner less
ask mama, she will give serve it to you don’t be manner less eat properly Hajra, why are you scolding the kids? eat, my child fill your stomachs, eat whatever you want to! by the way, mother, bhabi is correct. Is this how you eat, like animals?
fill your stomachs, eat whatever you want to! by the way, mother, bhabi is correct. Is this how you eat, like animals? these are innocent children, how did you call them animals? these are children, but shouldn’t the elders tell them what manners are? You can’t teach by the way, Laila, you shouldn’t even talk about manners did you not see how she was sitting with a frown in front of the guests? yes, what else? she always does this starts rolling her eyes even before the guests arrive she was upset because she was asked to make kebabs. But at least she could have been nicer to the guests. yes, but why did you ask her? the kebabs she made, my God! whoever tried it, put it back I don’t understand, no matter what is going on why does it always end up being about me? you guys are never a team to make this about me, you guys become a team! this was from my dowry, my mother’s! crap! stupid, children! I always have to listen to things because of you! what has happened? Don’t raise your hand! let her beat them a little, chachi jee. What happened? you have spoiled them. the time to teach them has already passed, this is the only option left now you shut up Rubina my kids, I am the mother, what is it to you? the kids are yours but the loss is mine for God’s sake, in 25 years I have had so many losses. You lost only a plate and started crying over it it was my mother’s! your parents wedded you with four bowls only Hajra, don’t take her. Neither in work nor with her things it has been 12 years but the dowry taunt hasn’t stopped no matter what i do, I am the bad one among them! ugh! cold halva! and what are these women up to? ahh. they start ranting every single morning they have brought such long tongues from their homes and I keep quiet respect is in our own hands that is why I got up and came here I will ask them! they will get back their senses! nooo. You don’t say anything. You stay quiet. You say one thing, they will add 10 to it and tell their husbands about it their men can go to hell! I will feed them things! they are stretching like leather boots they can neither take care of the house, nor the women of the house! one hit I will.. dear husband, why are you getting yourself sick? Let them be! auntie mom is asking you to come see the kitchen but you will see, she just said that in formality. She actually meant to ask you to come take care of the kitchen because both the aunties are back to their borders after the ceasefire I mean they have gone to their rooms I am coming you don’t want to, right? Should I tell mom you have a headache? but bhabi will say I have to use my hands to work no with the head then I will say your hands are hurting? then bhabi will have to take care of the kitchen’s work all alone forget it, I will be right back why are you shedding tears? so much insult, so much! whoever feels like says whatever the hell they want to me everything is a sign of the coming of Judgment Day no! this is all because you roam around doing nothing! if you earn 4 cents a day, I won’t have to listen to these cheap talks! do you see Laila, how proud she is about her husband’s income. Fasim, such bad manners! i can’t tolerate the children of our house being so uneducated. I am telling you I am not going to take it anymore! don’t take tension, love. I am with you, right? I will come and talk to mom haha, talking to mom. What will happen with that? Mom is the one who spoiled her because she is her beloved niece. and the other one, the elder one, is the queen of this house because she is dad’s niece! I am the only one from outside, which is why no one loves me even after so many years of marriage why do you care so much? how can I not care? Should I be insensitive and stubborn like you? are you not ashamed of calling your husband stubborn? are you not even afraid of God’s torment? uneducated woman! yes, that’s all! You can only threaten me with torment and the day of Judgment and sit at a side! I am left alone to suffer the torment of the world! Okay, don’t worry. I will do something. seriously? what will you do? by Allah’s will, I will recite the four qul at the corners of the house we will get rid of evil and satanic behaviors at the same time, recite the Fatiha, for me! first I would take care of my kids, then my sister-in-laws kids bhabi, give it to me. What will we cook today? by the way, Zoya, tell me something what will happen of this house? That Rubina with her sharp tongue and Laila, the cunning one, huh? she goes to her room after ticking Rubina off and Rubina goes off like a top in the house by the way, Zoya, I liked these people. They are decent. I think the guy’s mother also liked you. May God fix everything now the guys today have a hundred wants, weird desires bhabi, will we cook rice today? make rice and lentils and yes, make soup for dad with very little salt. He has blood pressure and God knows what. and my love, mix some gram flour batter, we will eat pakore today the weather is good! Ali brother is beating me fighting all the time! The whole army takes after the mother! Grandma, ask her to return my toy! Okay she will. Go and ask your auntie to make tea for granddad, its almost evening and nobody cares! Go! Oh my God, scared me with such a loud bell! Go and see who is ringing the bell. Dado, dado, its your phone that’s ringing, not the doorbell.
Oh my God, scared me with such a loud bell! Go and see who is ringing the bell. Dado, dado, its your phone that’s ringing, not the doorbell. Hello, yes God bless you as well. Who, Ruquiya? Yes, tell me? Okay then I will ask everybody and let you know. Sajjad, Hajra, they liked our Zoya! listen! Do I have another option but to listen to you? Why do you always have to swallow coals? You can talk nicely after a good news. We have waited so long for this day, when have Zoya gotten this far? Its not done yet. You can at least talk about good things then. I am right, they came over to see Zoya, we haven’t been there to see the guy yet yes and we will go and see tomorrow, whats to worry about? and please, don’t start pointing things out Fear God, how long will you keep her in this house, her age is [passing. you please put an elastic in this trouser, then we will also put the wedding days! put an elastic in the trouser! auntie, mom has asked me to keep you company in the kitchen she has sent me help you in the kitchen, but when have you ever needed any help? You are master chef, I thought I should give you company. okay take this and put it in the fridge Kheer! Sweet! Because you are getting married, right? Neither am i getting married, nor is there any good news. Oho, you and daddy are exactly alike. And making you two happy is the most difficult thing in the world. Now life is changing, its happening after your wedding, so what is wrong with that? What kind of change? Changing houses don’t mean the routines will change. There are this many people there as well, everybody will be waiting for me to take care of their responsibilities. you mean, the same there? then say no at once! How do I say no, am I allowed to? If I were in your place, I would have said no at once! What is the point of getting out of one mess and entering into another one. have I not seen you and mama? I have gathered you here so we discuss Zoya’s hand in marriage we have to talk about tomorrow. And you guys have started your own issues! We have to find a solution for that as well where three women gather up, issues will rise! Should we hold meeting over our wives complains? who are the three women, huh? tell me why are you counting me in when they two fought? I get taught up in trying to end their argument! What kind of trying to end the argument? You take Laila’s side in every argument. I am the one who is left alone. Seriously? You are the one who is left alone? I am the one who is alone from day 1. Nobody has accepted me to date. Everybody stands against me. by the way, bhabi, you are enough for all of them. Are you listening? Are you listening? That’s how he talks to me. Zahid, she is your elder sister-in-law. If she is older, she should act like it! I am acting like one, otherwise I too have a tongue. But I don’t have the stamina, nor the education to fight this illiteracy. Did you listen, bhabi? She called each one of us illiterate! You take her side! have some control over your wives! Is this how it should be? Creating problems over every thing! It would be better if you make Zahid understand this. Yes, he doesn’t need it. He has to go and apologize to his wife, anyway. I am getting up to stop this argument and you want to drag this! Sit down, nobody will go from here. Sit down, man. We have to talk about your sister’s wedding! something else has started here! Hajra, you shouldn’t have talked about it at this time! What? You also put this on me. You never see your beloved niece’s fault. I am going to your father, he will talk to all of you! I will tell dear husband. Now abba jee will come and start his complains from 1976! Which will end at the coming generation! I don’t understand what has happened to all of us? We are all about arguing with each other, that’s all! Everything is because we are away from religion! How will the house of people who don’t pray be blessed? See, what the opposition has created! See what you are kids are creating outside! I think somebody will grab the mic from its collar! Your sons are grabbing each others’ collars because of their women outside! Yes, I should listen to you! So when I sit with my friend and discuss politics, my mind has what you are saying! Dear husband, fix the world later. See what is going on outside as well! Get away all of you! All of them are crazy about their wives! I will rest. At my age, I should rest not bicker with those insincere ones! Take this! say what you want to now! Every young and old person in this house is away from religion! Music is heard from every corner of the house, women leave the house without a hijab! and nobody cares even as they hear the adhan! What do you mean? I am into dirty money? Sold my soul? I haven’t pointed anyone out. You were looking at me while talking! Oh, don’t listen! Bhaijan, did I say his name? First, tell me. What poverty are you crying about?
Oh, don’t listen! Bhaijan, did I say his name? First, tell me. What poverty are you crying about? Where have we lacked, Asim and I, when it comes to your kids. We feed them the same we feed our kids! And you are ungrateful! Stop it! Stop it! I have stopped your father with great difficulty! I was wrong to tell him, he lost his temper! When is he ever in his temper? You are saved today! Or you would have remembered childhood spanks! I stopped with by calming him down! that they are adults now, with kids! just understand this, I had to beg him, touch his feet. He doesn’t ignore what I say, but today he almost lost it. I will wake the kids up, get them ready for school actually your bhabi left for her home last night is she goes to her house after an argument, she should take the kids with her as well, right? they miss school, that is why Oh? And when she leaves after arguing every other day, nobody misses anything? Stand straight Ali, finish your milk quickly. Where is Maham? She went to sleep. Oh, its 8 o’clock. I take my medicine at 7:30, nobody bothered to get me breakfast. I will get it ready right. Don’t increase your blood pressure by getting angry. Why did you get those donkeys married? When you had to make breakfast even at this age? Father, your breakfast. The time to take my medicine is 7:30 And you brought the breakfast now? Father, I was getting the kids ready. That is why I got late. Why? Where are their mother hurting now? Bhabi had left her home since last night. Why did you make oatmeal? You could have made sago palms? Your daughter-in-law is restless. I used to ask you not to bring your sister’s daughter! Sadqa is already not fair. She neither took care of her husband nor her in-laws! All of her qualities have passed down to her daughter! but you really wanted, really wanted, really wanted! Dear husband, have you seen your son’s behavior? Neither is he educated like the rest, nor is he good at business. would anyone give their daughter to him? It was Sadqa’s big heart that she gave us her daughter. Father, you eat this. Zahid bhai will bring her back in a day or so. go and make sago palms! Go. Good. If he is a man, let her stay there. She will know! What are you saying, dear husband? We have to go Zoya’s in0laws to be. If our daughter-in-law is sitting at her home, how would that impress her? She has to return today! Every month, the electricity bill rises than the previous one! It is summer, bhaijan. Four air conditioners are running! then when are the rest of the expenses cutting down? Don’t take tension, tension is not the solution to the problem. he keeps on worrying about the expenses. He has ruined his health (after it) if you worry so much about my health, limit down your expenses. That you can’t do! When do I spend it on myself? I am not the only one who lives in this house! Okay okay. Stop this argument. I am getting late for office. Tell me what time do we leave for the guys house so I can leave office early? Yes, mom. What’s the plan then? I think everybody shouldn’t go. Husband and I will go, and Sajjad and Hajra Eldest son and daughter-in-law and that’s it. That’s also right. Anyway, all of us shouldn’t go the first time. Should I pour you lassi, chachi jee? Yes, pour it Zahid, bring Rubina in a day or two. If it works out, they will come home. It will be a bad impression if a daughter-in-law is not at home. Will she come back? She is already upset that she has no value in this house. Plus, you guys are not taking her to fix the wedding, she will be even more upset! When does she not have a complain, by the way? Laila and I are not going either, we don’t have a problem? Forget about Laila bhabi. She likes to stay away from our all our matters! She would be happy that she doesn’t have to go. But Rubina thinks all of you as her own, that’s why! That is her own? Whenever we have a big event she sits at her home, stubborn! As her own! Have your breakfast! My breakfast is done! I know what will happen now. Mom will ask to bring her and take both of them with us! Yes, what else should I do then? If they come over and she is not here, we will be disrespected, right? We have to do the dirty for a daughter. Zahid, bring her. She will also go with us. If Laila doesn’t go, will she not mind? Do we not get in the counting? Alright! Get the whole FAMILY! I am saying take two three more with us1 They are going! Eat something! Left hungry! Anila, what are you talking about? You are the eldest daughter of the house, can we do anything without discussing with you? That is why I cam calling the two of you! When have we fixed it yet? You guys will come, we will discuss it, then only can it go any further! yes, Alauddin will also go! Alauddin is my son, not my son-in-law! Nothing can happen without discussing with him. OKay. come at 7:30, the two of you! Yes, we will have to leave then. Okay, go now! May God protect you. Get me (a glass of) water. She ate my brain out. What will water do, chachi jee, I will bring glucose! You still have Alauddin bhai to talk to. Alauddin uncle is also coming? Yes, your beloved auntie and uncle are about to arrive in a while. I am not going to empty my rooml. Dado, I am telling you. problems after problems! I am fighting everyone for you! You are still crying over your issues? I am telling, just come home. My shoe will come! Sinful, woman! Do you know the doors of hell are always open for wives who do not listen to their husbands! You grave! See, I am telling you. There is still time. Ask for forgiveness! You just got a call and got ready to leave quickly! and what about Alauddin, I will definitely bring her! Don’t let yourself get respected at your home, and my value at my in-laws at all! Aloo, how should my family respect you? Should they cut you and make a statue out of you? and sacrifice day and night there! With scented lights! I am the only son-in law of the house, only! If someone thinks about it. And my value is that they are calling at the time, to come and see the guy! Wow! Hey, you shouldn’t have called the two of them. You know about the two. They interfere in everything! and keep everything hanging! if we fix the sister’s wedding and not tell Anila, she would have never forgiven us! And you know Alauddin very well. He would have gotten us crazy by taunting us! May that stupid not be able to come! May he has a bad stomachache, his knee falls off! You have no idea how much my family loves you! A lot. You know father asked me not to come if I don’t bring Alauddin along! They are in-laws, we are suffering! We are suffering, and we will be suffering! this is not the way, by the way. If we talk about it honestly, this is not right. But we have to go, we will go. He is not a son-in-law, he is a stove! I will never forgive you, Zaitoon Bano. Where God where you have brought this strange son-in-law. and given me his responsibility. Zoya, is the lunch not ready yet? Bhabi, it’s almost ready. Oh my God, Anila and bhaijan are about to arrive. This is not the time for lunch, but you know them! Don’t worry, bhabi, I will get everything done. How should I not worry? Those husband and wife are not humans! They are two swords hanging on my head. How should we not worry, we have to worry or they create problems! You are here? Yes I am. What was the emergency that you asked me to come? Did we not have to there at 6? Your sister’s and her husband’s ride is about to arrive! and your father is sitting there loaded. I was sacred both sides do not start firing. You at least take care of things. Oh stop it, when is father not loaded? As long as I can remember, I have never seen him empty. Where is Zahid? Zahid went over to bring Rubina. He will talk to her and get her there directly! by the way, you weren’t right to take Zahid along with you. Do yo remember he didn’t get the previous wedding fixed? He asked the groom to recite 4 Qalma and he didn’t know the 4th one so he refused to get married! Do I have the value to decide who should go and who shouldn’t? I am only here to take care of people’s expenses! That’s it. Listen, go downstairs and see if your grandfather and mother are ready? I am going to get the kids ready, Rubina chachi ordered on the call. What do you mean? The whole army will go? Obviously, bhabi. Does she ever understand? Is this a new dress? Did Asim get it for you? it’s very pretty! God, I forgot to call Asim! Please have mercy today, God. People don’t take these many people even in weddings! Then who should we not take? Who should we take? Whoever we say no to will get upset. Everybody brings a ready-made upset face! Wow, grandpa, you look really handsome today! Oh stop it, pal! Your favorite one called! Yes, who? Anila auntie? yes, yes. Where are you guys? Dado, uncle got into an accident! Tell me which is the purest relation in the world? Is it something to even think about? Parents with the kids. I used to think so too! You bring the ambulance. I will do it, where is he? If something happens to Alauddin, I won’t forgive you! We have gone to the guy’s house without Anila and Alauddin. Why do you want to bring a storm in the house? When aapa will find out, what will she do? get away! Sajjad bhai, let’s do this wedding fixing thing quickly. Let’s go to the guy’s house today.


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