Aashiqui 2 Best Scenes | Most Romantic Bollywood Movie

“Oh no!” “Sorry!” “Are you okay? – What okay?” “It’s a sunny day, right?” “So, you’re driving with your goggles.” “You made me drop all the vegetables.” “I just lost 86 rupees. – 86 rupees.” “It’s a lot of money. – What are you looking at?” “Pick up the remaining tomatoes.” “Come on. – Yes.” “Three were crushed under the car.” “I’ll send you the money. Give me your address.” “No. You should be taught a lesson.” “Bend down.” “Bend down! And pick them all up. – Sorry.” “They are spoilt now.” “Forget it.” “I am sorry Ms..” “That was two days ration.” “You ruined it.” “Aarohi!” “Aarohi!” “Aarohi!” “Aarohi!” “Hi. – Oh, God!” “I want to talk to you, come down.” “Come down.” “I can’t come. – Fine, I’m coming.” “No. no. no. – What?” “I’m coming. – Come down.” “What are you doing?” “What happened?” “Come on.” “What happened?” “Come here.” “What are you doing?” “I’m not allowed to meet anyone here.” “If the bar’s management sees me..” “..he’ll deduct a day’s salary. – Sorry.” “I had to come.” “We couldn’t complete our conversation at the bar..” “What?” “You want to be a singer? – Who said that?” “You did.” “You were looking at Lata’s picture.” “Just like a child looks at the moon.” “Wants to touch it.” “That look told me everything.” “Everyone looks at the moon.” “What good is that? – The beginning.” “Of every successful journey.” “You know, the best artists in the world..” “..are the ones who have their own style.” “A style, that doesn’t come from imitation.” “A style, that’s born with them.” “And, you’ve got that.” “That special thing.” “I wonder what’s that thing..” “..that you heard, but the others can’t.” “I tried really hard.” “But, no one gave me a chance.” “That’s why I am here.” “Because, I want to make you successful.” “I want to make you the greatest singer of this millennium.” “I don’t say these things to those girls.” “But, what to do?” “I think I am in love.” “I’ve gone crazy.” “Now, whether it’s the art or the artist, that’s yet to say.” “We’ll know.” “But, only after you’re sober.” “Listen. – What?” “You won’t work in that bar.” “You’ll leave that job.” “Because I say so.” “Do you believe me?” “Listen.” “What?” “Nothing.” “Just like that.” “Aarohi.” “Come out.” “Let’s go.” “I cannot sing.” “Aarohi, we all get nervous.” “I was too.” “I ran away from the studio.” “It’s okay.” “No.” “The bar was a different story.” “Making mistakes were okay.” “But, here.. amongst these big people..” “You’re not alone.” “I am with you.” “Please, come out.” “I cannot sing.” “Aarohi, I love you.” “I love you.” “I’ve waited too long for this day.” “More than you.” “Come out for me.” “Please.” “‘I’ve small dreams.'” “‘Dreams have songs.'” “‘Songs have life.'” “‘Love and affection.'” “‘I don’t dream any longer.'” “‘That’s without you.'” “‘I’m finally saying, what I didn’t so far.'” “‘The heart trusts you, more than me.'” “‘I weave dreams about us, in my empty moments.'” “‘You’re in love with me.'” “‘I’ll never ask you, whether I want to or not.'” “‘I want to live in your dreams, because I want to.’ – Fantastic.” “Really nice.” “Ladies and Gentlemen.” “Welcome to the Indian Music Awards.” “Finally! – Uncle.” “We’re waiting for you.” “Where’s Rahul?” “When you can’t find Rahul anywhere..” “..you must always check the bar.” “But, it’s such a big day of my life, he should be with me.” “I’ve been nominated.” “I understand..” “Mom and dad are here.” “I’ll just..” “Come. Please come.” “Come on, he’ll be here. Come on.” “Please.” “Aarohi! Aarohi!” “Come here.” “Looking for me?” “You scared me.” “Where were you? – Forget that.” “How do you feel?” “It’s useless.” “Wonder where you keep disappearing to?” “I was at the bar.” “If you drink so much, how will you recognize me in the crowd?” “I will.” “Amongst, thousands, million, billions.” “I can forget myself, but not you.” “When did you fall so deeply in love with me?” “Hi, ma’am!” “I’m from CNTV Live.” “Do you mind if I take a small interview?” “Please. Just for five minutes.” “No, right now I.. – Just a second.” “Never do that.” “Okay. Never do that.” “Go. Time to touch the moon.” “Go get them.” “Enough. Stop. What are you doing?” “Is there any work?” “What?” “I want to work.” “I am not alone.” “There is.” “There’s a small-time producer.” “They want to record a song.” “Will you sing for them? – So what?” “Music can’t be compared with money.” “This is just good.” “Let’s do this.” “Let’s just do this.” “You know what, you’re back.” “You’re back my friend.” “You’re back.” “‘It’s not easy to be in love.'” “‘To shed tears.'” “‘Lovers are always struck with grief.'” “‘Not everyone’s blessed with this boon.’ – Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!” “Sir, the pitch is going flat.” “Please up it a little.” “One more. – Yes.” “Come on.” “‘It’s not easy to be in love.'” “‘To shed tears.’ – Stop! Stop! Stop!” “Sir, again pitch problem, sir.” “One more. – Okay.” “Yeah. One more.” “‘It’s not easy..’ – Stop.” “Do you want me to down it a little? – No, no need.” “Let’s try again. – Yeah.” “My voice.. One more.” “Come on.” “What’s wrong?” “Think it’s funny?” “Can you sing this song?” “Can you?” “Then sing it. – Sir..” “Sing it.. – Sorry, sir. It.. Wasn’t for you..” “The tune’s so strange, and you..” “I need a break.” “Sorry.” “Rahul, I won’t spare them.” “I swear they won’t know what came their way.” “Who do they think they are?” “Let’s go inside.” “Come on, I’ll show them.” “Come on.” “I’ve lost my voice.” “I couldn’t sing.” “My vocal chords are fried.” “That’s not true.” “It’s okay.” “It happens.” “Let’s try again. – I am finished.” “Sorry.” “I tried, but I couldn’t come earlier.” “How was the recording?” “Nothing happened?” “So, what did you do today? – Nothing.” “I was listening to my songs.” “Trying to sing.” “You don’t get them these days.” “You will.” “I will pray for you.” “You can do that later.” “But first, did you eat or..” “..were you singing on an empty stomach?” “I am very hungry.” “Let’s go out.” “Let’s stay here. I’ve ordered food.” “It’ll be here soon.” “Aarohi, there were few calls for you.” “Sehgal uncle called.” “He spoke to someone for you.” “There was a call from a talent show.” “For a judging job, or something..” “And from a magazine as well.” “For an interview.” “I asked him to call tomorrow.” “Rahul. – Yes.” “Look at me.” “Has anything changed?” “Nothing’s changed?” “Come here.” “Food.” “How much? – How much? – 1560.” “I got it. I got it.” “How much? – 1560.” “1560.” “Keep the change. Thank you.” “Can I get an autograph? – Yes.” “Not yours, madam’s.” “I’ll call her.” “Aarohi, he wants your autograph.” “Now. I’ll give it later.” “These moments are priceless.” “They don’t come back.” “Go.” “I’ll do it, go.” “I’m a big fan, madam.” “I listen to all your songs, madam.” “All of them.” “Name? – Anil.” “Anil.” “I had a great desire to meet you.” “I’m really happy.” “Thank you, madam. Thank you.” “It’s all over.” “Rahul.” “It’s all over.” “What’s all this?” “Nothing to drink.” “It’s all over.” “It’s all over. – What are you doing?” “It’s all over.” “It’s all over.” “It’s all over.” “It’s all over.” “It’s all over. – Rahul.” “It’s all over. – Rahul.” “It’s all over.” “Rahul. – It’s all over.” “It’s all over. – What are you doing?” “Rahul. – It’s all over.” “It’s all over. – Rahul.” “Rahul. – It’s all over.” “What are you doing?” “What are you doing?” “Nothing’s over yet.” “Nothing’s over yet. – It’s all over.” “Nothing’s over yet.” “Nothing’s over yet.” “Everything’s okay.” “I’ll get water.” “Rahul, water.” “Sir bill.” “Hi, dad.” “How are you?” “What happened to your voice?” “It’s everything okay?” “Why are you sounding so low.” “What happened?” “Hey rahul!” “I really love her, dad.” “I really love her.” “Your love and good wishes.” “Now without wasting any more time.” “And now, I call upon the stage.” “Ms. Aarohi Shirke.” “Please get back. Please move back.” “Back, back please.” “And also are fourth coming film.” “Please stay back. – I am with her.” “Do you have a invitation card?” “What? Don’t touch me.” “Please move back. – Go out!” “Please behave. – Please, sir..” “I said she’s with me.” “Leave me.” “What do you think? -Don’t create a scene here.” “You get out of here.” “‘Go here, go there. Don’t sit here.'” “Rahul come on.” “Earned a lot for him.” “I sung one hit song after another.” “Relax – What relax?” “And, now they bloody treat me like this.” “I’ve been to many such parties in my life.” “I am Rahul Jayekar.” “I am a bloody! star.” “I am still sing better than everyone.” “I was, I am and always will be. – Rahul.” “Aarohi.” “Get up.” “Rahul. – No.” “Rahul, stop.” “No, let him go.” “Let him go.” “‘It’s just you.'” “‘It’s just you.'” “Sorry, sorry.” “Don’t do this.” “Stop it.” “You’re always hovering around me.” “What am I doing? Why am I doing it?” “What am I doing? Why am I doing it? – Am I asleep? Am I awake?” “I’m fed up of this.” “I was better-off before. – Rahul.” “I was happier alone. – Listen to me.” “I feel suffocated since you came here.” “What are you doing, Rahul?” “Get lost. – Rahul, listen to me.” “Just go away!” “Just go away!” “Rahul, open the door.” “Please.” “We all fall weak, Rahul.” “We’re scared.” “I was too.” “I thought that was my life.” “Then, you came in my life.” “And changed everything.” “You cannot leave me alone after giving me all this.” “I love you!” “I love you!” “This is what you’ve been waiting for.” “It’s here.” “I am what you wanted to make me.” “At least, open the door for my sake.” “Please.” “At least, open the door..” “When did you get up?” “You kept crying all night.” “My love’s made you sad.” “I was crying, because I was missing you.” “I am right here.” “Just like that.” “Come closer.” “I came here to tell you.” “You can cry all you want.” “Your days of crying are over.” “I’ll leave everything, Aarohi.” “I’ll turn over a new leaf for you.” “Everything will be fine.” “You and me.” “You’ll help me, won’t you?” “Have I ever said no? – No.” “The day I saw you first, I realized..” “..why you came in my life.” “You’ve loved me a lot.” “Given me a lot of things.” “I gave you what was easy for me.” “You endured my difficulties, my betrayal.” “Divided love.” “And I couldn’t give you your right place.” “But all that’s going to change now.” “Right now. From this moment.” “Because Aarohi, I am going to join a gym.” “That’s going to be my daily program.” “Gym in the morning, jogging in the evening.” “Proper diet. Aarohi.” “Really?” “Will you really.. – Yes.” “This time I am serious, Aarohi.” “Like I never was.” “I am going.” “Keep the food ready, and wait for me.” “Miss me.” “Rahul.” “I love you.” “Come on.” “I’ll change all this.” “Aarohi.” “What?” “Nothing.” “Just like that.”


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