A&B《宮鎖心玉: Palace》05 (ENG SUB)

What was written in the history
books was the same as what I’d said.
The emperor probably just
wanted to tell Concubine Xi
that she should not interfere
with national politics.
Why does it have to be this troublesome?
And she wants me to memorize it.
I’m so sleepy.[Jin Pin Mei]* (*Golden Bottle Plum
is a famous adult novel. ) Madam Jin. Wake up! – What is wrong?
– You are asking what is wrong? How about the history book that
Her Highness asked you to memorize? I… I already started. Forget it, don’t memorize it.
Go and read out loud to Her Highness. Concubine Xi is waiting. Hurry up. She left. What are you laughing about? Your Highness, Qing Chuan is here. Read to me what is written in the book. Yes. Why aren’t you reading yet?
I’m waiting. Are there words that you can’t read?
Let me see. Why? There are words
that you don’t know either? Not that, Your Highness. What kind of history book is this? Is this
how old scholars wrote in the past? No, this is “Jin Pin Mei.” It’s a misunderstanding,
misunderstanding. This book is not mine.
Not mine… Are you trying to fool me? Guards! Take her to the
main hall to do the cleaning. And don’t give her dinner if she
does not finish the cleaning. – Yes.
– Your Highness, please forgive me. Your Highness, have mercy! Your Highness!
Your Highness, please have mercy! – Stop right there.
– Hey, let go, let me through! Hey… Let me in! Let me in! Yes. What? So you have
thought it through? You want to marry me? Marry you? Dream on.
I just want to tell you. Would you stop being so childish?
I know what “Jin Pin Mei” is even though it’s a banned book.
But it won’t scare me. I have seen something even worse.
You won’t scare me. What “Jin Pin Mei”?
What are you talking about? Stop pretending.
Besides you, who else would do such an evil thing to me? I don’t want to harm you anymore, I just want to marry you. And, I really want to know. What have you seen before
that’s worse than “Jin Pin Mei?” – I…
– Oh… I know. You peeked at a man
taking a bath at a bathhouse! When did I? I am naked right now,
and you are staring at me. Who cares? – Up there, up there.
– Clean it well. – And don’t miss any spots.
– Higher. – What are you doing?
– Qing Chuan, you are back. – Come, here, here. Have a seat.
– Tea, tea, have some tea. Qing Chuan!
I think you are too good a person. Not giving up,
even under pressure. Yes, yes, yes. We really have great respect for you. What happened in the past was our fault. From now on,
let’s be good sisters, okay? Yes.
Since we live together, we should help one another.
From now on, let’s be good sisters. Since we are good sisters, there is something good coming.
Don’t say I didn’t tell you. What’s the good thing? Tomorrow we have a day off, right? We can bring you along to make a fortune. – You can make a fortune in this palace?
– Yes. Tomorrow is a great day for it. Every year, around this time, Consort De would go to Ci Ning Palace
to clean and pray for good fortune. You know how few the number of servants
consorts and concubines have in the palace. Consort De is just a consort. There are not that many servants
under her command. So during this time, anyone in the palace who would pitch in
to help her would receive a big reward. – That’s right.
– Can I go too? Of course. However, your dress would not do. – Why not?
– Think about it… Praying for fortune is a celebration. You need to wear red.* (*fortunate,
happy color in Chinese custom.) But I don’t have any red clothing. Since we are good sisters,
we have prepared it for you. Do you think it’s pretty? It’s really pretty.
You are too good to me. Thank you. Of course, we are good sisters after all. We are good sisters too.[Ci Ning Palace]This maid, how dare you.
Aren’t you going to greet Her Highness? Greetings, Your Highness. Today is the memorial day for
Grand Empress Dowager. How could you wear all red? I… Your Highness… She is disrespecting
Grand Empress Dowager. She did it on purpose. Your Highness, you should have her
dragged outside and beaten to death.So it was you two
who are trying to ruin me again.
I won’t let you have your way.Your Highness. I did not have the slightest intention of
disrespecting Grand Empress Dowager. I just thought that… She… has passed away for quite some time. But this Ci Ning Palace
is rarely cleaned by anyone. So if her spirit is still around, I think she would like us to
be dressed up prettily, too. Do you not think so too? What you said does make sense. When Grand Empress Dowager was alive,
she did like bright colors. Fine, I am not going to punish you. Go clean up there with them. Thank you, Your Highness. Your Highness, it’s too dusty here.
You should not breathe in the dust. Let’s go sit outside. All right. All done, all done. Time to report
to Consort De that we are done. – This is done?
– No one lives in Ci Ning Palace. As long as it looks okay,
then it’s done. Unless… you want to work us to death? Let’s go. Leaving… Your Highness.
Your Highness. We finished our cleaning duty. You have done well. Huh? Where is that girl in the red dress? Why isn’t she out yet? She… She still has some more cleaning to do.
She will come out soon. What do you mean by a little bit? There are still many places inside
that haven’t been cleaned yet. Your Highness, please don’t listen to her.
That girl is the worst. We worked hard to finish cleaning just now. She made a mess again. You should punish her by having
her clean up the whole place by herself. That’s right, that’s right.
This person has really base morals. See for yourself. Today is the memorial day for
Grand Empress Dowager, and she wore a totally red dress.
She really deserves to die. That’s right, Your Highness.
She reads “Jin Pin Mei” every night. – She really is shameless.
– Yes. – Is this really the truth?
– It’s the truth! Yesterday, Concubine Xi
punished her for this. Your Highness can ask around to verify it.How do they know about the
matter regarding “Jin Pin Mei?”
Could it be 8th Prince didn’t do it,but these two?You, and you.
You two are really too spiteful. First of all, you changed
my book into “Jin Pin Mei.” Then you two tricked me into
wearing this red dress today. Are you two trying to get me killed? Your Highness, don’t listen to her.
That is unfounded. It is not unfounded.
You two told me that there is a reward for working here;
that is why I came. Otherwise, why would I come here? – You are blaming it on others!
– That’s enough, enough. Stop it. My servants will handle work here. You should all go back.
Don’t ever come again. Your Highness! Did you hear what Her Highness said?
Do you want to be beaten? Yes. They all left already.
What are you doing here? I don’t like to abandon it mid-task.
I will finish the interior soon. There is no reward even if you finish it. I’m not doing it for the reward.
I’m doing it for my peace of mind. And…
Your Highness’s throat is not well. She should not go to
dusty places often. If you really need to go inside, it would be better to
spray some water first. [Qian Qing Palace] Greetings, Your Majesty. – My beloved, you have come. Rise.
– Thank you, Your Majesty. Sit. My beloved, has everything
been taken cared of? Please rest assured, Your Majesty. The whole place has been cleaned
from top to bottom. My beloved has worked hard. I’m greatly indebted to Grandmother. Ever since she passed away, I never had the courage to go. I was afraid that if I ever go there,
facing the empty room, I would feel her absence more keenly. It’s better not to go there
than feel like that. This way, I can almost pretend
as if she’s still around. Deep inside I’m more comforted
this way, do you understand? Yes, I understand. And I’m sure that the late Grand Empress
Dowager in heaven understands as well. Your Majesty,
why do you sigh so heavily? Now that we’ve brought up
the late Grand Empress Dowager, I’m reminded of the court reports
all demanding that I choose my successor. But who should it be? Who can
honestly help me with my decision? I am at a loss as well. I regret that I cannot help
Your Majesty in this matter. Aside from caring for my husband
and raising children, I do not know much else. Honestly, it’s not as if I don’t know who
is right for the position and who isn’t. It’s just that I feel like
I’m not that old yet, why do I have to make my choice
so early and clearly? Every time I hear about this topic,
I am reminded about death, and departure, and it scares me. Worrying whether my successor
can adequately fill the position disturbs my sleep at night. Your Majesty. My beloved. Do you think that I am old too? In my heart, you are exactly
the same as when you were younger. It’s a pity not everyone
has the same opinion. Your Majesty, Minister Long Ke Duo is
requesting an audience with you It’s exactly this person
who’s looking for my successor. I’m going to see what exactly
he’s thinking. Bring him in. Yes, Your Majesty. With your permission,
I will take my leave. Your Majesty, Minister Long Ke Duo is here. I, Long Ke Duo, greets Your Majesty. May Your Majesty live a million years. Long Ke Duo, have you found a suitable successor
amongst my sons yet? I am still in the process of
observing the candidates. Do you think I am not aware that
you want to suggest 1st Prince? Because he is from your family,
with that sort of bond and connection, who else would you want
to recommend if not him? Your Majesty, I dare not have such thoughts. You really don’t? Your Majesty, I was about
to report to you that in my opinion, 1st Prince is a rash person,
and is not exceptional in his work. He does not have the bearings of a ruler, and is not capable of becoming
the next emperor. In my personal opinion, Your Majesty should consider
among the outstanding 4th Prince, 8th Prince, 13th Prince, and 14th Prince to be your successor. As to which prince to choose, the saying goes,
“A father knows his child best.” I am sure that Your Majesty will
select the best candidate. I dare not overstep my boundary. I do realize that you have always
been honest and straightforward. Choosing my successor is after all,
to better our country and society. All right. Let’s do it this way. Keep on observing the princes
and their actions, and report back to me. I will do my best to let you know
of my decision in the near future. Yes, Your Majesty. Why is the 4th prince in such a good mood as to invite me out for a drink? Uncle, that’s not the case. Since I was young,
I have been alongside Lady Tong. As you are her little brother, – we are practically family.
– Yes. It’s just that I have been
bogged down with obligations, and our interactions were reduced. Yet in my heart, I still think of you. It is rare to find a prince who’s as mindful
of his filial duties as 4th Prince. I can’t be more grateful. – Uncle, cheers.
– Cheers. – Uncle.
– Yes? I heard that Father has placed upon you
the burden of choosing his successor? Oh, it’s an honor to be trusted
by His Majesty on this. I am not sure whether you have
already decided on the person. Since the former crown prince… has already been put under house arrest, I assume the most likely candidate
would be eldest brother? However, eldest brother
is rash and inconsiderate. I heard that you once wanted to employ
a servant of his for your own household. Without even pausing
to consider, he refused. If this situation were to happen with me, not just a single servant, but all the possessions in my household,
I would have given them to you, without batting an eye. 4th Prince, for your kind
consideration towards me… I cannot thank you enough. However, the matter of choosing the successor is a matter of national secrecy and great importance concerning
our country and the future. I dare not overstep my boundaries,
lest I lose my head. I beg of you, 4th Prince, please do not put me in
a conflicting situation. Right, right. Uncle speaks wisely. Come, today we shall not talk about state matters. Let’s drink. Bad news… Minister Long, bad news. What news has made you so anxious? The daughter of the Fei Yang Gu family
hanged herself at the top of the hill. What did you just say? 4th Prince, my apologies,
I need to attend to family matters. I will excuse myself first. Farewell, Uncle. I will take the opportunity to treat
4th Prince to drinks another time. I must depart for now. Fei Yang Gu is Uncle’s subordinate. Why is he so anxious over
the daughter of a subordinate? Could it be that he wants
to take her as his wife? Wrong! The daughter of the Fei Yang Gu family
is Long Ke Duo’s illegitimate daughter. Master Long didn’t dare to raise her up,
so he entrusted his subordinate to do so. Ah, so that’s the case. As a servant, how do you know
so much about the situation? Because I am not a servant to begin with. I’m the daughter of that Fei Yang Gu
family you guys were talking about. Oh? Then just now… I was deliberately acting. Today is my birthday, and I had originally planned for him
to meet me at the mountain top, but he ended up taking tea here with you. If I don’t punish him by making him
run up and down the hill a few times, he wouldn’t even know how to
behave like a proper father. It seems my uncle dotes on you. Of course he does, otherwise
I’d pull out his beard. All right, I’ll talk to you later.
I’m off to see him run around now.It seems Uncle does have a soft spot.How do I use it to my advantage…?[Xi Rong Sheng Performance Troupe] [The Butterfly Lovers] [Xi Rong Sheng Performance Theatre] Aren’t they supposed to perform
‘The Butterfly Lovers’ today? Why isn’t anyone here? How disappointing… How about it?
You always come to view the opera, are you interested in performing with me? Aren’t you 4th Prince? How could you have the time and
leisure to come here to sing opera? So you are allowed to view the opera,
but I’m not allowed to sing in it? No, no. It’s just that so far, I haven’t
met anyone who shares my interest. You’ve met him now.
Care to sing a few phrases with me?His name is Zhu De Zheng.He lives in Beijing.He’s 20 years old…and is not betrothed…Why did you come here for?I’ve fallen for the daughter of a wine shop
so I came to the wine shop.
My brother is not home today.
Today, we will not be selling wine.It would be great to have some wine,
but you’re more intoxicating than any wine.
What a charming smile…
what beautiful eyes… What’s wrong? Why are you crying? It was here that my father
first met my mother. After meeting each other’s eyes,
they instantly fell in love. It was regrettable that my father
was in a higher social position, and his family opposed his decision. He wasn’t able to bring her into
his status, his family, to be close to him. As a result, right till my mother died, she still wasn’t able to enter his world. I come here every day
to watch the performances, because I keep on hoping to
find my own special person whom I will fall in love with
at first sight. Yet I am constantly scared I will suffer the same
fate as my late mother. It is regrettable that I don’t
enjoy such blessing. If I do, there is nothing I would want other than
to be with that person for all eternity. Do you speak the truth? Do I look like someone who would lie? Daughter! – My dear dear child, you…
– Don’t come any closer! All right all right!
Now, what’s wrong? Who has insulted you now? Nobody has insulted me. Father, I would like to ask you
for a personal favor. If you have a favor, just ask. Why come all the way here
and bring up dying? Father, in my whole lifetime,
I will ask you for only this one favor. If you can fulfill my desire,
I will forever be grateful to you. But if you won’t help me,
I’d rather just jump off here now, – and be alongside my late mother!
– Don’t! Don’t! Whatever you have in mind, my child, come over here
and we’ll discuss it. Promise me you’ll help first. All right, all right.
I promise, I promise. Go on, what is it? I want to marry 4th Prince. What did you say? Say it again. I want to marry the 4th prince! For you it shouldn’t be a hard request,
right? On the outside, I am Fei’s daughter,
a respectable lady’s daughter. Adding on your blessing, I won’t believe you
if you tell me it’s impossible. In this world, there are so many good guys. Why must you be dead-set
on marrying 4th Prince? You of all people should know that the princes are the most unfaithful. Never mind the number of concubines
he’ll take if he becomes emperor. Even as a prince, you won’t be the only one he’ll marry. – Are you saying you won’t help then?
– I… Then I will see you in my next life. Daughter! Okay, okay. Have you thought this through? No need to reach far for an example, just take your late mother
with me for instance. How in love we were! But up till she died, I couldn’t
even give her a status. We cannot even be sure about
how 4th Prince feels about you. How could you so rashly and
carelessly make a decision on the most important thing in your life? Even though mother passed away
without a status under her name, you have no idea what she told me
before she left us. She told me she had no regrets. If she had to do it all over again,
she would still choose you. For her, a comfortable, secure living
environment wasn’t possible, but that couldn’t compare to the importance
of being with the person she loved. Even if his heart wandered,
even if he stopped loving me, the little tidbits of love
that occurred between us will be enough to last me a lifetime. You’re right. You are certainly not a child anymore, and if you have your mind set on this, what else can I do but to help you? Father, I knew that you love me the most. I’m telling you, if his heart drifts away some day, it will not be his fault, it will be due to my incompetence. But do you really think your daughter
is an incompetent person? You… 4th Son, your writing and reading
skills have vastly improved. It seems I’ve underestimated you. Thank you, Your Majesty,
for your compliment. Your son will further push himself
to excel even more. I have already approved
your wedding papers, and will bestow upon you the mansion
west of the city, and title of Prince Yong. In the future, work even harder
in your new position, and help our family tree branch out.
Do you understand? I will obey, Your Majesty. Also, whenever you are free,
I want you to come into the palace, to help me with government
duties and obligations. Let’s see if you can put your competent
skills to better the lives of our people. I will use whatever skills I possess
to assist Your Majesty in any way I can. Good. You are excused. Go back and make preparations, and share your fortune and
happiness with the people in the palace. Yes, Your Majesty. I shall take my leave then. Your Majesty, from what I have seen, 4th Prince is good with his analysis
and is of good character. He is truly admirable. We shall see. Many things cannot be discerned
over a couple of days or essays. Regardless of his talents and capabilities,
for an emperor, an empathetic heart for the citizens
is the most important. Truly, Your Majesty speaks words of wisdom. Nevertheless, the most difficult to have
is someone with such great insight. It seems I have overlooked
the 4th prince’s potential before. [Liu Bei Pavilion] Why are you here?
Were you insulted again? No, I thought you said you wouldn’t
play again, that you wouldn’t come again. Last time I wasn’t in a good mood,
I wasn’t being serious. How can anyone live without the qin? How about it? Do you want
to hear me play another song? Sure. Very nice. What is this song? Just something I composed,
to play casually. But it sounds very beautiful. Shall I teach you? No, it’s fine. I’ve never touched the
qin before. I don’t know how to play it. Come here. Come… You just need to follow my movements. I was just saying, after catching
the 8th prince’s interest, why didn’t she reciprocate? It’s all because she has
an even higher target. But it’s such a pity that 4th Prince
will be getting married in a few days. No matter how much you think
about him, it will be useless. What are you talking about? Su Yan… Su Yan! – Su Yan!
– You, don’t move. What kind of a magician are you? First you ensnared 8th Prince, now
4th Prince is head over heels for you too. Are you a human or a witch? What human, what witch?
What 4th Prince? Just stop pretending! Su Yan just now saw you two
together playing the qin. Playing so romantically… Just now…So he is the future Yong Zheng?How could I not know even
after knowing him for so long?
It’s such a pity that he’ll
be getting married soon. He’ll marry the young lady
of the Fei Yang Gu family. He’s not someone whom a Bao Yi
like us can hook up with. Do you know what a “Bao Yi” is? A lowly servant… He’s getting married soon.Why does my heart ache so?I didn’t fall for him,
I only feel grateful towards him.
Yet my heart hurts after hearing about this.Why…”Why?Are you devastated? Hurt? Do you want to cry? Go ahead and weep.
We’d love to see you weep. What are you all doing? Greetings, 8th Prince. Are you bullying Qing Chuan again? I’m telling you. From this day forward, Qing Chuan is my woman. To insult her is to insult me. You should all know what the
consequences of insulting me are. Yes, Sir. Leave! Yes, Sir. What nonsense were you talking about?
Who’s your woman? I’ve thought it through. You are only reluctant to be my concubine. Therefore I shall go to his Majesty
and put forth my intentions to marry you, making you my authorized wife. How can someone be as dense as this? I’m telling you, I don’t like you,
and I won’t marry you. Even if the emperor forces me to be
your wife, you’ll never have my heart.How does one attain a woman’s heart?Come, come over here.Look, 8th Brother, this is just the place. – Hold it, hold it.
– Hold on a second. – Don’t come over.
– You, come over here. Meng Xian Court. Hey.
Why did you bring me to a brothel? Didn’t you say so yourself? You want to learn how to
capture a woman’s heart. Yeah, this is the best place to learn
about the mysterious ways of women. Yes, yes, of course. – Really?
– Of course. You’ll find the answer inside. Welcome, come in, come, come. Come. Don’t stand on ceremony. 8th Brother, please take a seat. Drink. Here, let me feed you. – Drink a little.
– No, no, no. Come, drink a little more, come on. Why is this place so chaotic? 8th Brother, please don’t tell me
you’ve never been here before. Of course I’ve never been here before. Are you really telling the truth? Oh, Sires, you are here again. How is it?
Are you enjoying our company? Satisfied… we are satisfied. The company is always very satisfactory. Oh look, a new sire is here to visit. Is your company not treating
you well enough? If you aren’t satisfied, how about
I switch another girl for you? There’s no need. Didn’t we come here to learn
how to capture a woman’s heart? Correct. Surrounded by these kinds of girls,
what do you expect to learn? Of course we have to ask the men. Then what? Where’s the money? Attention… your attention please. From now on, all of the ladies will
retire to their rooms and stay here. The men will stay and answer my questions. If I’m pleased with your answers,
I will distribute these bills amongst you. So many bills… thank you, thank you. Thank you.
Girls, why are you still here? Off with you, quickly now. Let’s go.
– Go! So, first question… How do you make a girl sincerely
and willingly follow you? – Let me answer!
– Me, me! – I have the answer!
– Let me! You, speak. Be good to her, buy pretty clothes
for her, shower her with gifts. – Wow, so much money…
– Look at that. Does that truly work?
If it doesn’t, I’ll beat you up. – Of course it will work!
– Of course! Change the way you talk. It can’t be
rough like this. Speak more gently. – True.
– Otherwise you’ll scare off the girl. – Right!
– Yes, yes, yes! Speak gently…
how exactly do you speak gently? This you don’t even know?
You need to speak softer, slower.– That’s correct!
– Yes, yes.
I… I should speak slower. If your techniques work,
these bills will be yours. If they don’t work, you’ll need to
watch out for your heads. – No, no.
– Of course they’re effective. Of course they’ll work. – Question number 3…
– Me, me! – Me
– Me! After receiving your message, I came immediately. What’s going on? You’re getting married. That’s correct.
Aren’t you happy for me? What is so good about her? Why are you asking such a question? What is so good about her? She can make the road ahead
much easier for me to walk. That is the only reason? That reason is enough. What if it was me? What if it was me who could make
the road ahead easier for you to walk? Then I would treat you even better. After all, we have known each other
for so long. Honestly, compared with her,
I am more comfortable around you. – Truly?
– Yes. So that’s why don’t let
your guard down at all. Even though there doesn’t
seem to be much to do, something that has to be done
may arise in the future. I understand. You… Are you just going to leave like this? Ah, right.
I forgot to tell you. Do not in the future so carelessly
send me messages again. There are many people
going about in the palace. The more times we meet, the more
at risk our relationship will be. Do you understand? I understand. I shall leave first. You must continue to work hard. I really hope that one day, the person standing beside me will be you. Get some rest. Su Yan, what’s wrong? Come here. Su Yan. What’s going on? Qing Chuan, have you ever been liked by someone? Why do you ask this all of a sudden? They said that 8th Prince
wants to marry you. Ah, don’t listen to them. It’s really not happening.
He’s a prince, I’m a servant. How can I be suitable? Even if my status were suitable, I still wouldn’t marry him. Then, have you ever liked anyone? What if the person you like
doesn’t reciprocate your feelings? What do you do then? If I like someone, and that person doesn’t like me, why should I keep on liking him? Why should I waste my emotions on
someone who doesn’t care for me? But I… I can’t go back anymore. There’s no way I can go back. Su Yan, what’s wrong? Did your loved one rebuke you? I wish he would rebuke me. That would actually mean
he loved me at some point. But this person has never cared for me. He never has. Su Yan, come out with me
for a minute. Come. Come, you try it. But… this hurts our feet. When your feet hurt, do you feel
that your heart hurts a little less? Yes. This is a trick someone taught me. He told me that when
your feet really, really hurt, your heart won’t hurt anymore. Try it.


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