Abundance Cannot Exist Where There is Drama and Complexity

Hey Everybody, Dan Holstein here with another Rev Up Your Business video and this week I’m going to talk to you about the concept of Abundance and where it can’t exist. Here’s the whole thing Abundance cannot exist where there’s Drama or Complexity. A special shout out to Bruce Wilson for teaching me this concept. Let’s define what Abundance is. First of all, Abundance is that which you want. An excess or a plentiful amount of that which you want and that could be in terms of money or time or relationships or business results, whatever it is that you want. Now Drama and Complexity Drama is the story we make up about why things might not go well. It’s the dramatization of what might be that we get inside our head and ruminate on. Complexity is where we make things really complicated and difficult. Both of these concepts serve to keep us stuck and not taking the action that we could take to achieve the Abundance that we want to have. Let’s say for example you’ve got, as a business owner, you’ve got a challenging client to deal with or a complaint. Let’s take Complexity first. If we’re going to have to handle a complaint we can get stuck in having to know every little last little thing about what’s going on, have an answer to every kind of question they might have maybe we have to come up with a rebuttal for everything and we get into this complicated nature of “What’s going to happen if they say this and say that?” and “How should I respond?” and “What’s the outcome going to be of that?” and we can get to the point where we get razzled up and we’re not even going to be willing to make the call or deal with them or we procrastinate on it and the challenge gets worse because we’re not dealing with it. That’s Complexity, just like my little chart here my flow chart, things just getting really difficult and hard. Now Drama. This is the dramatization, right? It’s what might be. It’s not what will be,
it’s what might be and generally we’re referencing what might be on what has been. We have our history to concern ourselves with “What happened last time?” and then “What’s going to happen if I do this?” and “What’s the customer going to think?” In this complaint example “What are they going to think about my company and my reputation and then their words are going to spread and pretty soon no one’s going to want deal with us because we don’t look after people” and we can get all fearful and tell ourselves a big story and have all kinds of unknowns about what might happen if and if, and if. If we have a scenario where we’re getting into Drama or if we’re getting into Complexity we can’t have Abundance. We’re going to have challenges in moving forward and getting the result that we want. Here’s another philosophy that we can put into place to get rid of the Drama and Complexity. It’s called “Let’s just start and see what happens” It’s about the energy we bring, and sincerity, and authenticity we bring to a situation that’s the most important part. When I was newly in business I wrote up this wonderful script of what I was going to do in sales when I was going to call someone It had all kinds of Drama in it and Complexity. My coach at the time said “Yeah, yeah, looks good,
don’t worry about all that stuff just bring a great energy to your call.
Be there to help somebody” If we can just cut things down to the core of what’s really important What’s the first action we need to take? What’s the next one after that maybe but that’s it, just get started and see what happens. So I hope this week you can uncover where you might be going to Drama and/or Complexity It’s a great one-two punch of keeping you stuck! Find some points where you are going into Drama and Complexity and find a way just to relax about it and just understand “What’s the next step I need to make so I can move forward” so you can have the Abundance that you want to have in your life and in your situation. That’s it for this week. We’ll see you next time!

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