Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Drama CD Turnabout Animal Circus Part 4 (Subbed)

Objection. Isn’t it a little too early to be celebrating? T-That voice! Prosecutor Blackquill! So the official prosecutor for this trial was… …Prosecutor Blackquill! The police car I came in
broke down. That’s why I’m running late. I took responsibility
and brought him here via bus and train! It was a real struggle! You took a prisoner in handcuffs on public transport?! You really didn’t have to worry, Prosecutor Blackquill. I was just about to win. Are you just here to steal all the glory from me? T-The hawk’s attacking me! H-Hey! Gimme back my sunglasses! Taka hates worthless lies. Be grateful that
he didn’t pluck your eyeballs from their sockets. He’s just the same as ever, I see. He silenced the noisy gallery in an instant. He’s only been here less than a minute, but
he’s already dominating the entire courtroom. Prosecutor Blackquill. When you said it was too early to be celebrating… What did you mean? It should be bleedingly obvious. Although it may be true
that the witness was telling porkies… The situation hasn’t changed. The witness made the cat disappear, you say? Have you got the evidence to prove it? Well… You have no evidence
that the witness made the cat vanish. Which means… It’s much more logical to believe that the
defendant made the cat disappear with her magic. Furthermore… As long as the feline doesn’t reappear… We cannot cast out
our suspicions surrounding the defendant. Am I right? T-That’s right! Michelangelo never came back to me! You’re hiding him! There’s no doubt! No way! Does this mean we’re back to square one? As usual… Your argument falls apart at the last moment. A battle must always be fought… Until the very last blow is dealt. That’s what the bloke in the diagonal cell from mine said. Those are some scary words. Was that man a former assassin, perhaps? No. He was apparently
the world champion of an online game. I’m sorry to do this
when things are just about to heat up… However, this cross-examination
has gone on for quite a while. So let’s have a 30-minute recess. There’s no need… …For a recess. No, it is necessary. I’m sure everyone is tired. But I’ve only just got here! I’m sorry, but we are having a recess. Do what you want. I can’t believe that the prosecutor
for this case is Prosecutor Blackquill! We’re done for! Why are you giving up?! No matter who our opponent is,
we simply have to prove Trucy’s innocence! I wasn’t giving up! I’m still ready to put up a good fight! For now, let’s review what we know so far. We managed to prove the possibility
that Mr. Takasaka was involved in Trucy’s magic. And I’m sure that
that possibility is actually a certainty. I think so, too. But the problem is that Mr. Takasaka is lying
and saying he knows nothing. There must be a reason he’s willing to lie
to the extent that Trucy takes the blame. It’d be nice if we could prove that. Nice or not, we just have to do it! Auf geht’s! Huh? I must have the wrong room. Yay! A-A yeti?! Look! It’s a yeti! That yeti who was playing
a clown at the circus and can speak English? My name isn’t Yeti. It’s Yayti. Yay. Yayti… nice gag… You were a clown at the circus, right, Mr. Yayti? What are you doing here? I came to see the ringmaster’s trial. Yay! But when I tried to enter the courtroom,
I was stopped by a security officer. Yay! Right. We’re in a recess at the moment,
so nobody’s allowed to enter. I didn’t know that. Yay! I don’t think they’d let you in
even if there wasn’t a recess, looking like that. But it’s good you’re here. Could we talk with you for a bit? M-Mr. Wright, please… This man… I mean, yeti, works for the circus. It’s pretty cool that a yeti is
just walking around, but there’s no way he’d help us. Ask me whatever you like! Yay! R-Really? Wow! Can we really ask anything? I’ll tell you anything I’m allowed to. Yay! You’re just a man in a costume, right?! I’m pretty sure
he wouldn’t be allowed to answer that. Leaving that aside for now… Could you tell us about Michelangelo? Is he really a valuable male calico? That’s right. Yay! He’s properly registered and everything. The ringmaster’s shown me his certificate,
so there’s no doubt. He’s officially registered?! So he really is worth a million dollars! Like I keep telling you, that was only that one cat! Michelangelo is worth 4.5 million dollars! Yay! W-WHAAAT?! 4.5 million dollars?! How?! Pet insurance. Yay! Pet insurance? This is a secret, but Michelangelo has
a 4.5 million dollar insurance policy on him. Yay! If Michelangelo got stolen, then the ringmaster
would get a 4.5 million dollar payout. Yaaaay! Not just one million… but 4.5…? That’s insane… But he might be even more valuable than that! Yay! More valuable? What do you mean? Michelangelo might actually be a demon cat! Yay! Huh? A demon cat? What do you mean by that? It was a rumor
that was spreading among the circus workers. Yay! A rumor? We travel from town to town in our trailers,
which are also our homes. And about two weeks ago… We started hearing
this weird cry from the ringmaster’s trailer. Yay! A weird cry? At first, it sounded like a baby’s cry. But the ringmaster is single,
and is already at a certain age… So there’s no way he’d have a baby. Yay! Um… You can stop with the whole “yay” thing now… Some of the circus members said that
it’s wasn’t a baby, but a demon cat! YAAAY! He doubled down! So it sounded like both a baby’s cry,
and a demon cat’s cry… That’s very intriguing… Anyway, everyone was creeped out by it. Yay! It’s valuable enough as a calico tomcat,
but as a demon cat on top of that… How much would it be worth then? I can’t really imagine
how much a demon cat would be worth… Maybe 9 million dollars? N-NINE MILLION DOLLARS?! Assuming it really is a demon cat! And I’m sure it’s not. 9 million… 9 million dollars… for a cat… Like I said, only if it really was a demon cat. Hey, you listening? Apollo? Hello?! Got it. Athena? Could you check something for me? Sure thing. Mr. Wright, court will be starting again soon. Right. Shall we get going? You too, Apollo! You can’t space out forever! I-I know! Oops… Oh, excuse me… Huh? Prosecutor Gavin?! Long time no see, Herr Forehead. And he’s with Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth!

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