Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Drama CD Turnabout From Space! Part 5 (Subbed)

Ace Attorney Investigations 2
Turnabout From Space?! Part 5 I-is everyone all right? Somehow… It looks like everyone’s alive… For the time being What was that fire all about? That was for the fireworks I prepared… Fireworks? That’s… Fireworks? They’re so pretty! Fireworks are pretty nice,
even in the middle of winter! But why are they coming from the stall? S-stop it! Please stop right there! It’s not what you think! Larry, why are you getting so flustered? Huh? That kind of looks like letters… I… Love… Miha… It says: “I love Miharu” What the hell is that? Oh, this one looks like letters, too! Um… M… AR… K… Market? No M… A… RR… Y… It says: “MARRY ME” That second “R” kinda looks like a “K” Quit it already! Is this… A proposal? I wanted to propose to Miharu during the event! That’s what I was preparing for! So this is what you were hiding, pal! But you got dumped before you could propose… Poor guy… Woe is me… Do you have any idea how much trouble you’ve caused?! Even if you say that… Seems he’s taken serious emotional damage… Isn’t a bit harsh to whip him on top of that…? Yeah! I’ve lost my love… I’ve lost my stall… Just what should I do from now on? You haven’t lost your stall Where is it? Detective Gumshoe There should still be a crane
somewhere around the lake Could you look for it? Why a crane? Was I right all along?! The stall transformed into a crane! No I was wrong? Where is it, then? It’s at the bottom… Of this lake Ah! It’s the stall! It really was there! So the jewels really were at the bottom of the lake So this is the thieves’ stall That’s right Realizing that Interpol were coming… They must have hurriedly submerged
the stall in the lake So it didn’t fly up into the sky? But I really did see it… Flying up into the sky Indeed It was raised up for a brief moment In order for it to be submerged into the lake What do you mean, sir? I see… The crane… Exactly The stolen jewels were hidden in the lake… Right from the start For their deal,
they would have had to lift them out again And for that… They had a crane prepared You mean the crane I saw? So the gas cylinder for diving, and the wetsuit… Were also part of their plan? In order to attach the jewels at the bottom
of the lake to the crane’s rope… Someone would have had to dive down there So the alien I saw was… The diver, who had just come out of the lake His slimy, shiny blackish skin
was actually the wetsuit… And his big eyes were actually goggles? And, having used the breathing gas… His voice became higher due to the helium How could you mistake a diver for an alien? You troublesome man! Well, that’s what he looked like! Likely because he was backlit by the bright, full moon Furthermore One of the thieves hit Larry That’s why he passed out I… I was hit and passed out? Try touching the back of your head My head… There’s a bump! I can’t believe this guy… You only just realized now? Well, I do remember my head hurting… But Mr. Edgeworth… How did you know Larry got hit? Everybody noticed… That the back of his head was swollen That’s right, we were shouting about
getting the chip out of his head… That’s right Because you were all clamoring
about a chip in his head… We lost sight of the reality As long as aliens don’t exist… There is no way he would have had a chip in his head In which case… It’s obvious that it’s only a bump It’s quite simple, really I see… Moreover No matter how shocked you were
at having “met an alien”… It’s unnatural that you fainted Larry is not delicate enough for that Hey! What are you sayin’? I’m a pretty sensitive guy, y’know?! Well, I’d say his way of proposing
was pretty sensitive Aw, c’mon, forget about that already! Considering that you fainted
and there is a bump on your head… We can easily conclude that you received a blow
to your head which knocked you out Furthermore You said that, just before you passed out,
you saw a fleet of UFOs Ah, yeah! That’s what I saw! That’s why I thought the diver was an alien! It’s the other way around Because you thought you saw an alien… You mistakenly thought that the lights
in your vision were from spaceships The lights in your vision… What’s that all about? I’m talking about the “stars” that
one sees when they are hit When you knocked me down
and I hit my head on the stone… I saw them, too C’mon, don’t be like that! I said I was sorry! Are you serious? You really thought something like that was a UFO? That’s our Larry! Ahaha, you think so? It wasn’t a compliment Say, you think I could have that stall? Then I could still have one for the event What are you saying? It was originally yours Huh? Mine? It’s the stall that got
stolen from you at the start There really aren’t that many stalls which sell Steel Samurai buns Ah! So it’s mine! Isn’t that great, Larry? All right! My motivation’s returned! I’m gonna sell those buns with all I got! Then, I’ll find a new love! Don’t get too ahead of yourself Well Shall we go home soon? It’s gotten completely dark Your precious day off is already over Well, a new truth was brought to light So it’s fine Because… That’s my job

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