Ace Your Theatre Audition

[MUSIC PLAYING] I think the first thing– know that you have
a passion for this. Know that with that
passion, you must prepare before you even get here. So be training. It’s like anything else. You take the voice lessons,
take dance classes. The biggest thing
is to be moving. The same with acting lessons,
monologues– be trained. Find somebody in
your community who really is trained, who
has a background, who is an educator that
can help you with this. Find the right material
that suits you. The day does start very early– 7:30. We greet and meet the
parents and your family, whoever brings you. And you will warm up with
upper-class students. And they’re all here to
answer questions for you. Sometimes you get your
best conversations from the other students. Dance– that’ll be the
first thing of the day, physically moving. And physically be willing
to, I don’t have that yet, but I’m going to show
you I can do this, and smiling through it. It’s not like we’re
watching your feet. We’re watching the total person. So your personality
comes through in that. Your singing is another facet. Do you sell the lyric? Everybody’s got a nice
voice or a different voice. Did I believe you? Did I understand what you
were just saying in your song? Be ready for me
to ask a question or someone to say, now,
could you try it another way? You’ll have two monologues. And again, make sure they’re
from published plays. And make sure you’ve
done the material, you’ve done the research. Make sure, if it’s from a play,
even the music that you sing, what’s it from? Research it. Know the play, know the
musical so that you’re not taking just that
singular moment, but you’ve done the homework. Just be relaxed. Mistakes are OK. There’s no perfection
in the business. And I think the biggest thing
is prepare, be yourself. Know that this is something
you want to delve into, know that you’re going to work. There is work to this on top
of the liberal-arts courses as well. And I just got throw
in the last one– be realistic, and know
that education is first. You’re here for that first. And then I would say
you spend the rest of this day asking faculty,
students, checking out the campus. It’s going to be your
home away from home. Could I live here? Would I live here? Do I want to? What’s the atmosphere like? And I think that’s the biggest
love I have for Nazareth. It is a family, and I think
people are here for you, and people want to
see you succeed. So ask the questions,
and we’ll do our best to give you the answers. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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