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To have a Daily Routine for Actors is very difficult. Because Actor’s job is done in unpredictable hours You dont have any control on your working hours This is really important that you should take care of your health and fitness Now-a-days I see that every Actor wants to be a Body Builder They dont understand that having huge body is also a limitation like being very weak is. After ‘JALWA’ If I had continued my Body Building and become a Bulky Wrestler So all the roles that I have done yet . In Wednesday or Mahatma Virudh Gandhi or Dear Liar in which I played as BERNARD SHAW Or Galeeb. How could I have done it? Galib cant enter with all the muscles So the moment Jalwa ended , I I totally stopped lifting Irons And took care of my fitness. This is the Actor’s Reponsibility. You cant keep explaining Audience that you were not well that day You have to keep your health good. It is your Responsibility. Keeping your health well is your responsibility Making your body that capable is your responsibility that audience look at you. The actor’s body must be capable of more than the body of the other man or audience, then only he will see you, otherwise why will he look at you. And if you think sincerely that what kind of acting you like the most in your life, if you make a list, then all the roles would be those you think you might cannot do. I at least like this acting, when I see such performance like My Left Foot or Lincoln , which was recently released or The Masters, I feel that I was unable to do this film. When I watch Atul Kulkarni’s movie Natrang then I feel that I was not able to do this. So that so that, what you feel like not able to do, trying to move forward is your responsibility. There is nothing like perfect actor, there is nothing like perfect acting. There can be a perfect painting, perfect music can happen, perfect dance can happen, perfect sculpture is also possible, there is nothing known as perfect acting. Because if you do perfect acting, after that you should die Only one perfect actor in world has been born and his name is Charles Chaplin. And I believe that Charles Chaplin was send by God to show all actors that what can be done. And what you cannot do ever. And last, advice is if you want to become an actor then ask this question yourself that If it is told to me that you will not do acting whole life than will you like to live? If the answer of this question is no than only you think of becoming an actor, otherwise, do not think about it. Our film industry place the actors in a slot and I didnt wanted to sit in that slot because I knew what kind of slot would be, the role of a big brother, boring lawyer or boring police officer and those I was not interested in doing and I always say no to these roles. And I absolutely not understand that I only want to work in art movies, I want to work in commercial movies, I want to become a hero , this is straight point. Who does not want to become? That dream of mine also comes true. And I understand that these kinds of movies do indigestion. Zinda Jala Dunga and Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachao, etc, etc. these are not according to my nature and thanks God, now I do not have to do these films. Public like Tridev very much.. I thank God that Tridev movie came for me, because it was my first movie that was successful, and before Tridev I done many commercial movies, which did not went well nobody has an objection that time. When Tridev run all have objections suddenly that he got sold and this…commercial Yes because with you a big rumor was that how can someone like Nasir Ji can do this? No, the painful thing for them was how he succeeded. (laughs) Yes, why doing these, no, I was doing these kind of movies earlier, nobody complaints until Tridev was successful. Suddenly I was a traitor after doing tridev. so, when these kinds of issues rise, how you control yourself? In which direction… I know what I have to do, I know that I do not have to live my life in the limits of commercial film industry. To become a star of Hindi films is a dream that can be fulfilled by walking on my career path. That was not my ambition in my life. My ambition was many more times bigger than that, that I want to do something that keep remembering. Something I want to left behind in my will, not only my work but the characteristics for the young actors, show them right path, become a guide for them, it is badly needed as I did not have for me. I did what my heart told me that do this. I have left movies of Yash Chopra and Sir Ramesh Sippy or I refused because my heart was not agree to do. And, I do not say that I always made a right decision, I had made many mistakes, but a man learns from mistakes, so I do not regret a little for anything and I believe myself very lucky that the opportunities I got very little persons get. when you did TV at that time people cannot even think filmy actors doing TV, but you did Mirza Ghalib, and it was a huge success. Yes, Mirza Ghalib was not successful that time, that time its TRP was 0.0 or 0.5 something like that I do not know about TRP, no, I know, that why I am saying I was a small boy , we use to wait for that serial, at that time TVs were black and white Only selected audience use to see that, now it is almost 26 years it is been made, so everyone has seen it on video. Because it need little patience, it is movie of 6 hours, wherever I go, people bless me and treat me with love because of that. I was very lucky that Brother Gulzar selected me for that role. And now Is it lottery? It is not lottery. Whatever happens you have to cope with it. Dice sometimes goes wrong, sometimes right. I had not thought about the film like Wednesday, I did not know about Neeraj Pandey, I never heard his name, only my heart wants to do that film, I did. Just like my heart wanted to do Chalis Chaurasi movie, that also I did. And now also I dont see myself as Great Theatre Volunteer I am a Theatre Volunteer I had never contributed anything towards Theatre. I do Theatre because I feel fun in doing theatre. Whatever work I do I find enjoyment in it.


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