Acting, theatre, & drama: Theatre at Fort Lewis College

>>LEAH: Everything we do here in the Theatre
Department is very hands-on. Even in my lecture-based classes, there’s days where she says, “Take
this script and tomorrow we’ll perform it.” And for example, I’m in Performance Art this
year. Every day we come in here into the Gallery and improvise and just do crazy things. We
roll around on the floor and run around and then create amazing performance art.>>MONIQUE: The Theatre major is friendly and
everyone is willing to help you and there’s great relationships made every day. Without
those relationships it would just be a regular Theatre Department. But it’s more than that,
it’s more of a family, people grouping each other together and understanding and helping
each other.>>AUSTIN: The faculty is amazing in this department!
Every single one of them. I’ve worked with all the professors here; I’ve had the chance
to have one-on-one conversations with them, I’ve even had dinner with them, which you
don’t get at a big university. Being able to be at a college like this, you get to have
that one-on-one time with each professor here. I’ve had the time to work with each one of
them and they are so good to us. They care so much. All they want to do is see you succeed
and do good and make you reach into yourself and pull — they know the talent that you
have that you don’t even know you have. They pull it out of you.>>DR. ELKINS: The Fort Lewis College Theatre
department offers five options: the Arts Administration, Design Tech, Performance and Directing, Secondary
Education, and Theatre Generalist. Because we’re slightly isolated in this beautiful
area of southwestern Colorado, we don’t get out to much theatre far away. So, we bring
theatre here. We bring a lot of guest artists here — we had eight last year. So we do,
from directing to acting to design, puppetry, anything and everything that we need, that
we can’t provide ourselves, we bring it in as a guest artist. And our students get exposure
to amazing artists from, honestly, around the world.


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