Action Western movie THE LEGEND OF BEN HALL

Don’t underestimating
this man sergeant. Out here, this is his world. I want you to take out a patrol. See where this leads. This may be our last chance. [Ben] I’ve come to see my son. He doesn’t remember
who you are Benjamin. Come on Ben! Two years we’ve rode together. Two years and they couldn’t touch us. We ride again, we do so for one purpose. To get enough to skip
the country for good. Now I’m up for that. I suppose you’re Ben Hall. I’m that gentleman. My name is John Gilbert and with me are my mates Ben Hall and John Dunn. Despite what the papers encourage you to imagine. This life you want is not easy. We do this because have no recourse left. Do you know what their capture is worth? 2500 pounds. We’re worth more to our friends dead than we are alive. How long do you think
we are gonna last John? If by the set date, they’ve not surrendered, they would be declared outlaws. It means that anyone can kill you. Anyone. You’ve got to run. Get away from the country as fast as you can. For those who are brave to our lives, have the courage to step forward and take it now. Go now! You want a bloody fight, come on! You want the whole
country against us Jack, is that what you want?! It already is. We’re here to kill this man. So we get the chance, You shoot him. I was right to leave you. Look what you’ve become. Nobody makes a move on him. Fires a single shot, unless I do. If we can take him alive, we will. Stand! You know what you are
getting yourself into lad? I’m game.

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