Adam Ruins Everything – Talent Doesn’t Win Oscars. Money Does.

Live from the most cost effective theatre in North Hollywood,
the Awardie Awards. Please welcome minor
TV personality Adam Conover! (single person clapping) And the nominees
for best picture are… “The Sad British Man.” (applause) “Room 2: Back in the Room.” (applause) “That Tom Hanks Movie
Your Dad Liked.” (applause) And
“The Rosa Parks Story.” (cheering and applause) And the best movie of the year
is… (drum rolling) Not determined by this award.
Sorry. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Yes, it is. Award shoes
are how tastemakers honor important art, like “Crash” and…
better movies. Yes, we’d all love
to believe that these awards
are determined by objective voters
weighing the artistic merits
of each work. But the fact is, these might
as well be the nominees. Money can’t act! No, but it can make voters
act differently. And to influence them, studios and networks
throw boatloads of money into what
the industry calls For Your Consideration
campaigns. Oh, I’ve heard of those, and I know exactly
what they are, so you don’t
have to explain them. But go ahead,
have your fun. For Your Consideration
campaigns are a very specific form
of marketing that’s aimed solely
at awards voters. They’re not quite bribery,
but they’re close. We don’t have to pay
to see movies. The studio
sent them to us for free. Oh, this one comes
with an iPad. Or they throw
lavish parties for voters
to meet celebrities. I met Shailene Woodley, and now we eat clay
together. Not to mentions the ads the studios plaster
all over L.A. ♪♪ You know what?
I think he does. ♪ Vote for Leo! ♪ The worst offenders
are the Golden Globes. Only the 87 members of
the Hollywood Foreign Press get to vote, and since
everyone in Hollywood knows who they are, they get
campaigned to personally. One year,
Sharon Stone’s people sent us all
gold Coach watches. Wha… So, uh, yeah,
she got the nom. Holy crow! This process is such
an open secret, Denzel Washington
joked about it on-air during an acceptance
speech. Some of you may know
Freddy Fields. He invited me
to the first, uh, Hollywood Foreign Press
luncheon. He said, they’re gonna watch
the movie, we’re gonna feed ’em,
they’re gonna come over, you’re gonna take pictures
with everybody, you’re gonna hold the magazines,
take the pictures, and you’re gonna win
the award. (laughter) I won that year. (laughter) And all that advertising
costs money. To win an Oscar, studios may have to spend
up to $10 million. 10 million– That’s Kardashian
wedding money. I mean,
these things are nice, but not $10 million
nice. So, what’s the point? You gotta spend money
to make money. Ahh!
Oh, Mark, this is Pete Hammond, awards columnist
at Deadline Hollywood. Hi, Pete. Hey, be careful, Adam,
I’m in deep cover. Oh, shh.
Sorry. Look, it’s all about
the bottom line. There are studies
that show a nomination itself can mean $20 million more
at the box office, and with a win,
it can be 35 million and up. Actually,
even a flop movie can make money with
a nomination. Getting nominated
is just good for business. And winning
a major award conveys something
even more important– prestige and power. No one was taking Netflix
seriously as a TV network. So we resolved…
to win us an Emmy. We went to the neighborhoods
of Emmy voters and we gave
their neighbors $50 each to put up Netflix
lawn signs. We sent out food trucks will free lunch
all around Los Angeles. We painted the town
with money. And that year, we won not only one Emmy,
we won three. So, I took the other two
and I melted them down and made them
into rings. Now, Netflix…
(knocking on counter) is a TV network. (Mark) No! Awards matter.
Leo ate raw meat. He deserves to win! Well, quality can matter,
but really, you’ve got to campaign. Studios do all sorts
of things now to get attention from voters. They have concerts,
trips to Vegas. Nominees will even
come to your house now. Look, spending money doesn’t
guarantee you’re gonna win, but if you want to have
a chance, you’d better campaign. That’s so disappointing. Sorry.
It’s true. Oh, my gosh. Adam, please hide me. Here comes Anne Hathaway.
She’s relentless. Sure.
Sorry. Come on, let’s go,
let’s go! Look, I want my show
to win an award, too, so I gotta play the game
like everybody else. That’s why this year,
I’m giving every voter a tub of my custom hair gel
and a book of my favorite graphs,
called “Graphs”! You’ll have fun with that. So what’s the point? All the movies and TV shows that
I love are secretly horrible? Oh, no, the ones
that get nominated are still pretty good,
but when it comes to who wins,
money talks. I’d like to thank the Academy
for accepting me


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