ADDicted | 2017 Drama | Kathleen Quinlan | Luke Guldan | Gil Bellows

[film projector whirring over
rousing orchestral music] [thunder cracking over
rumbling ambiance] [dramatic, quiet tense
electronic music] [yearning guitar] [expressive, vaguely
ominous orchestral music] [pills rattling] [expressive electronic music] [book rustling] [expressive electronic music] [piercing high-pitched tone
over ominous electronic music] [rhythmic and
pleasant rock music] ♪ Don’t you forget
the consequences ♪ Put your faith in our hands ♪ How strong we are
with our convictions ♪ Don’t complete the plan – What’d you put in
it this time, Jeff? – Uh, let’s see, I
got uh, a little kale, uh, oranges, green
apple, ginger. Gotta have my ginger,
mm, and chia seeds. – Like the Chia Pet? – Yes, just like the Chia Pet. ♪ Have I had enough [knocking on door] – [Kyle] Hello, Drew, I
need you to move your car. ♪ Have I had enough [pounding on door] Get up, I gotta be on campus! – [Drew] [groans]
What time is it? – [Kyle] 8:15. – [Drew] Shit! – Huh, what happened, I
thought you had class. – Yeah, started 15 minutes ago. ♪ All you need is
only what you know ♪ Don’t take chances,
take your medicine [rhythmic rock music
with expressive strings] – See, lobbyists and special
interest corporations, they are saturating the
political landscape, but, uh, if we impose
these reforms on unions, we’ll essentially make
them effectively powerless. [door thudding] Oh, let’s see,
8:46, right on time. [scoffs] OK, so where was I? Oh, yeah, do we impose
rules and regulations on those who contribute to politicians and
political parties, or do we hold those politicians and political parties
to a higher standard? Transparency, people, that
is the word for today, and that word will get you
blacklisted on the Hill. OK, everyone, that’s it.
[students chuckling] I will see you on
Monday, good class. Good questions, I like the
fact that you all stayed awake. I’ll have your papers ready
to hand back on Monday. Mr. Dawson, a word, please. [students chattering] Be safe, everyone, have fun, not too much. – Sorry about that. – Well, I, I wish it was your
less-than-stellar attendance that had me pull you over,
but I’m afraid it isn’t. Let’s see here. Ah, remember this? I rarely give F’s, but I’m afraid an act of
plagiarism has been committed. – Plagiarism? – Yeah, plagiarism, may I?
[paper rustling] OK, page three. This entire paragraph
here is lifted directly from Really, politicsfordummies? And on page four,
[paper rustling] all of this about
Hoffa and his rise into leading the Teamsters,
all this comes from Wikipedia. I could go on and on here. Non-cited sources, not
even one original thought that I could think
of in this piece. – I swear I didn’t plagiarize, I thought what I was doing was– – Was what, you, you,
you’re telling me that you didn’t cite
other people’s work, and you use it as your own? – I don’t know, I, I thought
I cited them correctly. – Right, OK, well,
I’m sorry, Mr. Dawson, but I’m, I’m gonna have to
report you to your dean. – Sir, please,
don’t, I promise you, I didn’t do this on purpose, uh. I [groans], with, uh,
school and other classes, and football now,
and law school stuff, and some personal
matters [sighs], I’ve just been a
little overwhelmed. – Well, why didn’t you think
you could come to me before? – I don’t know, I figured
you get excuses all the time. – Yeah, you’re right, I do. [sighs heavily]
I’ll tell you what. This is what we’re gonna do. You’re gonna hand in
a new paper on Monday. One non-cited source, I’m gonna
report you for plagiarism, and if you come to my class
even one minute late again, I fail you, do you understand? – Yes, sir, I understand. – OK, good, I will see
you Monday on time. – [Drew] Thank you, sir. ♪ Go, show me ♪ Well, I’m back [coach and players counting
over rhythmic hip hop music] – [Coach] Spread ’em! To the middle! Ready, spread, one! [coach and players counting
over rhythmic hip hop music] [players clapping] ♪ Godzilla can hear
me around the corner ♪ I’m an animal,
vicious, you know I wanna ♪ So I don’t need
to act, sip a Corona ♪ Unleash elite trigger,
I fought in the middle – [Quarterback]
Pistol, double slot, power right, on one, on one! – [Coach] Go, go, go! – [Jeff] An act of plagiarism
has been committed. – [Guard] Raven, raven– – [Player] Man press, man press. – I got man, I got man! – Dawson, Radar, fix Dawson!
[player shouting] – [Coach] Dawson! – [Radar] Come on, man– – Come on, get your
head outta your ass! Get up there!
[Radar chattering] – We don’t got time
for this [whistles]! Dawson, here.
– Come on, let’s go! – Jake, fill in Dawson! Is there somethin’ that you’d
rather be doin’ right now? – No, sir. – Then you wanna tell me
why this is the fourth time you lost coverage today? I mean, you pull
this shit tomorrow, and I will beg Mizzou
to put your ass on the bus back with
them to Columbia! Somethin’ goin’ on
outside of football? – [Drew] No, sir. – Then where’s your head at? – It’s here, sir. – Prove it! You’re one of our
leaders, Dawson. Freshman can do this
shit, but not you. Come on, get your
ass back out there. Jake, out, second, Dawson! Let’s go, stay sharp!
[Stan clapping] Jesus! – [Radar] Yo, D, yo, what the fuck happened
to you today, kid? – I missed a few plays. – A few plays, are
you kidding me, man? Tomorrow’s a big day, yo, you
can’t be messin’ up like that! – Tomorrow’s game
day, today’s practice. – Come, oh, really, OK. Practice how you play. – Ha ha, you been
talkin’ to Coach, huh? What you gotta say now?
– Aw, man whatever, man. – Yo, come on,
just get your head in the game, baby, come on! – I’ll be good for tomorrow. – All right, whatchu doin’
right now, whatchu doin’? You wanna kick it before dinner? – I wish, I can’t. I gotta go to the student
center, write this paper. – You gonna do that now? – I have to, teacher’s
on me about it. – A’ight, yo, you think we
can get a few more addies? [distant whistle screeching] – I’m kinda runnin’ low. – Come on, man,
just a couple more. You saw the game
I had last week. – Uh, one time. – Really, you gonna do it or no? – Yeah, I’m gonna do it. – All right, thank you, man. [dramatic piano over
ominous orchestral music] – We gotta win tomorrow. [pills rattling] How many– – [Radar] Two, just
two, yeah, two’s good. All right, thanks a lot, bro. I appreciate this,
man, I really do. – Well, good. – You good, though,
man, you good? You wanna talk or anything?
– Nah, I just gotta get on this paper.
– A’ight, kid, yo, holler at me if you want a break, a’ight? – Ah, see ya at dinner. – I’ll bust that
ass at Call of Duty! [ominous piano] [Drew sighs] – OK, so they go back to
his place after dinner, and before you know it, they’re
making out on the couch. After a while, he gets
up to go to the bathroom, and she realizes, you know, if their make out sesh is gonna
continue onto the bedroom, then she needs to take her
extensions out, you know? So she unsnaps them
and she hides them under the couch cushions. So, you know, the next
morning, she gets up. She goes to class
and she’s like, “Oh my God, I forgot
my extensions!” And she tries to find, like,
any excuse to come over after class that
day, but he’s busy, so it’s not a go, so she figures no way anyone’s ever
gonna find them, right? Well, he invites her
over to drink with him and his roomies
last night [laughs], and what does his friend,
Joe, wearing on his head when she walks in, oh, yes, the extensions.
– Oh my God! – They all end up
getting drunk together, and they just, like, burn
them in the backyard. So bad, it’s like–
[Ashley groans] – Oh my God, is that Drew? – Um, yeah, OK. You should go talk to him. – OK. – You really should. You need to make it better! – Is this– – You look so good. – [sighs] I’m nervous. – Don’t be nervous, you’ve
been dating him for a year! You’re fine, good luck!
– I know. – I’ll see you
back at the house. – [Kristen] OK. – Hey. Kristen and I were coming
from class and I saw you. Thanks for blocking
me on Facebook. I really miss you, Drew. – If I do what you did, and
hooked up with my ex-girlfriend, you wouldn’t even
be talking to me. – Drew, please. I messed up, I know. Look, I’m not blaming
it on alcohol, but with all the older girls
in town for Homecoming, every time I turned around,
there was a shot waiting for me, and as soon as I sobered up, I got out of his
car hating myself. – Ashley, I don’t wanna, I
don’t wanna hear it anymore. All right? – [sighs] Doesn’t the last
year mean anything to you? – Does it to you? – Babe, I love you so much! You are my world, I
would do anything, anything to take back
what I did, but I can’t. – Can we not do this now? I really, I really gotta write this paper.
– Drew, please! – [Drew] Ashley, I’m. – [coughs] Speaking of papers, have you told your mom about us? I can’t really risk
her getting mad at me and then jeopardize the paper I’m writing on her
for class, you know. – Yeah, don’t worry,
I didn’t tell her. I gotta get back to this. [expressive guitar] – Is everything OK? I feel like there’s
something else bothering you. If it’s me, look,
I get it, I’ll go. [expressive guitar] – It’s nothing. – Drew, you can talk to me. It’s OK. – You can’t tell anyone. – [Ashley] OK.
– I mean it! – I don’t want you
runnin’ your mouth at the newspaper or
your sorority, OK? – I promise you, I won’t! – My teacher thinks I
plagiarized this paper. – Are you serious? – [Drew] Yeah. – [Ashley] Did you? – No, of course not,
I just forgot about it until a few days
before it was due, and I rushed it, so I
forgot a couple of sources. – So are you in trouble? – He’s giving me to
Monday to rewrite it, but he said if I’m
late one more time, he’ll report the
plagiarism and then I’m, I’m done with football. – Do you want some help? – [Drew] How? – I could rewrite it for you. – No, he already
thinks I cheated. Besides, what do you
know about the history of campaign finance reform? – By Monday, I’ll know plenty! Just give me your
notes and your book and anything you’ve written,
and I’ll go from there. You know how many
paper’s I’ve written for the girls in the house. – I’m just gonna do
some more research, be more careful, and
get it done, but thanks. – OK. I mean, if you think
you can do that, plus your game and practice, and everything else you’ve
gotta do, then by all means! – Hey, if I agree to this, by no means does it
mean we’re back together or that I forgive you. All right, here,
this is my book. It’s the first couple
of chapters, and I have some notes in here
and I’ll email you the rest. – Um, just one more thing. If I have any chance in
hell at finishing this paper as well as my sociology
paper and the newspaper and social chair stuff, I’m
gonna need a little bit of help. – How many? – Eight, 10. – 10?
[pills rattling] – Well, I mean, do
you want it done? I should be asking
for the whole bottle! [pills rattling
over ominous piano] [distant thwack] [pills rattling over
muffled student chatter] – Oh, shit! – Pss, gimme those, too! – Look, Monday, 7:50
a.m. at A&S building, not a minute late. – OK, I got this. Good luck tomorrow. [rhythmic hard rock music] [group shouting and chattering] – Awesome win,
fellas, awesome win! – [Onlooker] Thanks. – AJ, can I get a
round of Fireballs? – Yo, y’all are crazy, man. Hey, bring it in,
though, man, I love it! [group chattering] On the real, though,
hey, we did it, baby! We did it, we fucked them up! That’s all that matters to me, we own this state, not Mizzou! Hey, right here! To us, to everyone. MAMU! – [Group] MAMU! [glasses clanking over
rhythmic hard rock music] – We were front row when
you scored that touchdown. – Oh, fumble recovery,
you like that? – I did. – Come drinking. – [Woman At Bar] Yeah. – Looks like it’s time to
get this party started! After hours tonight,
our place, have some fun AJ, they’re drinkin’
on me tonight. It’s Fireball Saturday! – You wanna drink? – Yeah, gimme a beer, I’m
gonna make a call real quick. – [Kyle] All right. [throbbing bass] ♪ What’s up, ya’ll, ♪ It’s your boy LD, a.k.a.
the Original Pancake ♪ I’m goin’ the fuck out tonight ♪ Off work, gotta get trashed ♪ Me and my crew all
up, out to get ass ♪ Sam comin’ through
with a bottle of the Cap [melody jingling from phone
over throbbing hip hop music] ♪ Cleaned up my room, we
just ’bout to peep that – Hey. Oh, not much, I heard
you guys won, congrats. – Thanks, so, how’s
that paper goin’? – Ah, workin’ on it right now
as well as my sociology paper and my article for Tuesday. Fun, fun, fun! Did you know that Hoffa’s
middle name was Riddle? Ironic, right, you know, because his death
was a riddle, get it? – Yeah, I get it. Hey, listen, uh, you didn’t
have to do this, you know? – No, honestly,
it’s no big deal, nothing I can’t
handle, you know? Besides your little
gift of pharmaceuticals is helping me out tons
with all my other stuff. – Cool, well, if you
need anything else, just let me know and
I’ll see ya on Monday. – Got it. ♪ Is a pregame, it’s a pregame [knocking on door] – Hey. – Aw, hey, yeah, close the door. [Ashley sniffling
over door rattling] – Oh my God, you think
I could have one? – [Ashley] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – How are you? – There you go, I’m good,
I’m good [sniffles]. Just, just got a
lot to do, you know? – [coughs] Yeah, so, um,
are you coming out tonight? – I can’t, you know, I don’t
wanna fuck this up with Drew. – What? – I feel like I’m this close
to getting him back, you know? – [sighs] Yeah, I
guess you have to. All right, well, I’m
gonna go over to Harpo’s. Jarrett’s there
with everybody else, so we’re just gonna hang out, but he’s having after-hours, OK? So just text me if
you finish your stuff. – OK, I will. – [Kristen] All right, see ya. – Hey, tell Drew I said hi, OK? – Oh, I will, trust me. I’m gonna be talking
you so much up that by literally
the time I’m done, he’s gonna be coming
over to propose. – [Ashley] Oh, Lord!
[Kristen chuckles] – [Kristen] I’ll see ya. – Have fun, be safe. – Actually, do you think I
could just have one more. – [Ashley] Yeah,
yeah, yeah, here. I have it for ya right here. – OK. [quietly tense guitar] [pulsing and tense
electronic music] [footsteps clacking] – I have three minutes. – Well, I’m here, so,
finished at four this morning. – All right, thank
you, I gotta run. – [Ashley] Wait, w-w-wait,
I think that one’s mine. – Ashley, I have two minutes.
-I must’ve left it at the house. – Are you fuckin’ kidding me?
– I’ll run back home and get it.
– He won’t take it! – Drew, I had like four
papers I was writing! – It can’t be a minute late! – Just, well, go
talk to him at least! [tense guitar over
pulsing electronic music] – OK, before we
start this class, I need to get a couple of
things off my chest, all right? These are serious things,
they have nothing to do with the class, but
they’re important to me. – Can I speak to
you for a minute. – Sure. Uh, I’m just gonna
be a sec, you guys, but this is important. It has to do with all
you Cards fans out there. [tense guitar over
pulsing electronic music] Drew. – I know you’re not
gonna believe me, but I swear I had
this paper on me when I left my
house this morning, and I didn’t realize until
I got here that I don’t. I can go home and get it and
be back in, like, 10 minutes. – What did I tell you last week? – [Drew] To have
it in by eight a.m. – And if you didn’t? – And then if I
didn’t, you’d fail me. – Well, there you go. I-I-I’m sorry, I gave
you a second chance, which is more than most of
my colleagues woulda done. – I know, sir, but
I had [sighs]– – Drew, I-I’m sorry.
– Please! – I have a class to teach.
– Sir, sir! – I have a class to teach. – Can’t you just
give me [sighs], I can go home and get the paper. – Are you listening? I need you to step aside. – Please, sir! – I need you to step aside. [tense electronic music] Step aside. – I, I have the paper! – I’m sure you do. I need you to hear
me right now, OK? This is on you. – Sir!
[door rattling] [Drew sighs] [tense and ominous
electronic music] [students chattering] I’m terrible at speeches,
so bear with me. If you haven’t heard already, I’m suspended for the
rest of the season. The dean of my school
accused me of plagiarism, and so now I’m out. I made some stupid
decisions and was, was careless, and now, my
actions aren’t just affecting me, but I hurt the entire
team, and I’m sorry. I can’t play or practice, but
I’ll be supportin’ you guys from the sidelines, and
I promise I’m gonna do everything in my ability
to be back on the field for the bowl game, it’s
my number one priority. Most of you know my
dad never got a chance to play in a bowl
game while he was here and how much that means to me. I don’t wanna bring you guys
down off the Mizzou win, so just keep that
momentum goin’. I just wish I coulda been
out there with you guys. Sorry, MAMU. – MAMU! – [All] MAMU, MAMU! [group clapping] – Locker room, c’mon! [birds chirping over
expressive rock music] [distant traffic humming] [patrons chattering over
pleasant easy listening music] – Well, this is the first
time I’m hearing of this. – And that concerns me. You have to have a
newspaper tell you what’s going on in
your son’s life? – [Waiter] Your coffee, ma’am. – [Kate] Thank you. – [Waiter] Your Merlot, sir. Can I interest you guys in
any of our specials today? – Eh, give us a minute, please. – [Waiter] Yes, sir. [pleasant easy listening music] – You understand
the ramifications when it comes to
race time, right? You realize this will be a
huge target on your back. You’re like a second
daughter to me, but I don’t want
to, and I will not, waste any more of my money if you don’t stand a
chance in the primaries. – Believe me, Elliot, I’m
gonna take care of this. – Anything and everything
is ammunition, Kate. You need to, to explain
this to him clearly! Unfortunately, we’re a
nation of headline readers, and the public will believe
anything they’re told. – Well, if it gets
dirty, we’ll fight back. – Do you know how much
more that will cost? Preventing things like
this is the answer. Look, your father
was a great attorney and one of the hardest workers I have ever had the privilege
of doing business with, but you and I both know what
he had in ambition and acumen, he lacked in responsibility
as a father and a husband. His career completely
consumed him. You cannot be like that
with Drew, not now. – Trust me, nothing like
this will ever occur again, but I need to know
you’re still with me. – [sighs] You have my word, but if this happens again– – It won’t, it will not. [birds chirping] Plagiarism, are you kidding me? – [Drew] Mom, I promise,
I didn’t mean to– – Do you have any idea what
this little act almost cost me? My entire campaign could’ve
been derailed because of this! I’m in the national
public eye now. Your screw-ups are my screw-ups, what the hell were
you thinking about? – I’m sorry, Mom, I just, this semester, it’s
been killing me. I, I was falling
a little behind, and I, I, I guess I
got a little sloppy. – Plagiarism? – Mom, I didn’t
commit plagiarism. – It’s a little bit more than getting a little
sloppy, Andrew! Jeez! Are you taking your medication? – [Drew] Of course. – Well, if you’re
falling behind, then maybe you ought to
talk to Dr. Stephens. I suggest maybe, maybe upping your dosage. Honey, you’re severely
hurting your own career here! Do you understand, I
mean, I have a lotta pull at certain law schools, but
it’s not gonna do much good if you can’t meet me halfway. – I’m gonna retake the class, and they’ll average
both the grades, and besides, I
already have a 3.4. – Above average. That’s what you wanna
settle for, above average? [scoffs] Mediocrity, Andrew,
is for middle management. Does this family look like
middle management to you? [paper thwacking on counter] [sighs] I want you filling
out these applications before you go, and I registered
you for those LSAT classes. They start in January. – [Drew] Mom! – What, you wouldn’t
do it, so I had to! Andrew, maybe it’s a good thing you got suspended from football! So you can start focusing
on what really matters. Let’s be honest, you don’t
have a future in football, you have a guaranteed
career in a firm that your grandfather was
a founding partner of! I mean, most people, they would
just kill for that chance! [dramatic piano over vaguely
ominous electronic music] – I’m trying. – Try harder. I want you studying immediately, and that is all you’re
doing this weekend. [footsteps clacking] [Drew sighs] – I don’t know, it has
a numbing feeling to it. Like getting punched
in the stomach and you’re gasping for
air, but you can’t breathe. It’s suffocating. One time against
Temple last season, it was third quarter, they
had the ball on their own 42. It was 2nd and seven,
they run the play-action. QB ends up dumpin’
it to their fullback. He’s comin’ around,
everybody else is tied up. I see him, I start
haulin’ towards him. It was 15 yards out, 10, five, their tight end
comes out of nowhere. Hits me, everything goes white. Next thing I remember is sittin’ on the sidelines
and it’s blurry, but slowly starting to
come back into focus. – Sorry, this is the concussion
you’re talking about? – Yeah, but it’s
that feeling after, of being confused,
of not having a clue about what’s goin’ on
or how you got there or where you’re going. That’s what this feels like,
but in a much bigger sense. – Well, we all do things
in life that we regret, the question is how do you
rebound from this, you know? I mean, we helped you
when your father died. Now, we’re gonna help you again
now that this has happened. – Yeah, but it’s
embarrassing, Dr. Stephens. I mean, I have to walk around
campus and everybody knows that I let down
the whole school. – Right, well, that’s why
we’re gonna nip it in the bud. How’s your prescription going? – [Drew] It’s good,
I take it like usual. – [Patrick] Mm. – I talked with my
mom and she thinks, and I do, too, that maybe a– – Yeah, right, maybe,
uh, dosage increase. – Yeah. – She, um, well, you know, you
both may be right, because the body can get
used to a certain dosage after time, and that’s
probably the case here. – Whatever helps me to
get back on the team. – I agree. So, we’re gonna increase
you 15 milligrams a day for 60 days, see
how you’re feeling. Then you call me, and we’ll
go from there, all right? You know, you’re
at the age, Drew, where life has handing
you new responsibilities. I’m just here to help. [bird cawing] – [Sportscaster] Greetings
from Foreman Field. It’s a beautiful day here
in Norfolk, Virginia, as the Old Dominion
Monarchs get set to host the number
17, Missouri A&M– – [Kate] Oh, what
did Dr. Stephens say? – Upped the dosage,
agreed it would help. – [Kate] Uh-huh, see, I told
you he’d know what to do. – [Sportscaster]
With the leadership of second-year coach
Stan Thompson– – [Kate] What are you doing? – Watching the game. – No, you’re not,
you’re studying. – Mom, I, I’ll do it afterwards. – Excuse me? – Can I at least have
it on while I study? – You know what, you
did this, not me! [footsteps crunching] – What, oh, come on! Damn! – [Kate] What’s wrong? – Uh, just studying. – [Kate] What are you studying? – European political systems. – How’s that going? – Uh, it’s going all right,
I’m just a little confused between the Bundestag
and the Bundesrat. – Mm, Germany’s legislature. The Bundestag and the Bundesrat. [grunts] Did you finished
filling out these school apps? – Yep, I was up til
three in the morning. – Well, good for you. You cannot escape the
responsibility of tomorrow by evading it
today, Mr. Lincoln. – [Drew] Sounded a lot
like Grandpa used to. – Hmm, well you know what, because of your
ADD, we need to, uh, apply for extra testing
time for your LSATs. – Mom, I’m not disabled.
– Honey, if you have an advantage, you
might as well use it. I also wanted to talk to
you about Thanksgiving. I know we usually
do something here, but this year,
Elliot’s gonna fly me to his golf retreat
in Hilton Head to rub elbows with some
of his powerful friends. – OK. – I’m sorry about that, but I’m sure Ashley’s family
would love to have you. You know, I read her article
about me, I was very impressed. Did you know that she’s
not only gonna publish it in the school newspaper,
but she’s gonna reach out to other Missouri
outlets as well? I’m really looking forward to
seeing her at the fundraiser. It starts at seven, so make
sure you’re there on time. Hello? [dramatic guitar] Honey? – We broke up, Mom. – What? Why, when? – [Drew] A few weeks
ago, I don’t know. – Well, why didn’t
I know about this? – I just, I don’t know, I
don’t know, just, I don’t know. – [Kate] Well, why
did you break up? – Look, ask her about it, I
just don’t want her there. – Honey, I mean [sighs], I’m really sorry
this happened, I am, but what do you expect me to do? I can’t just now dis-invite her. No, her entire grade
depends on this project, and we agreed to this
before the semester began. Besides, I hate to say it, but it’s free publicity
for my campaign. Do you have any idea how
much publicity costs? – Does she really
have to be there? I mean, can’t you just give her a Cliff Notes version
of the evening? – Are you, oh my God [sighs]. It’s a little selfish,
but sure, just come alone. – Thank you.
[Kate sighs heavily] [footsteps crunching
over expressive guitar] [pleasant electro rock music] [Drew sighs] [pleasant electro rock music] – I hope you all
enjoyed your weekend. Did anybody else have a heart
attack watching that game? [students clapping] Well, a win is a win. Just a reminder that your
test is this Wednesday, and before I forget, I have an extra credit
opportunity for you. Tonight at Ellis Auditorium,
New York Times journalist Marla Scott is
speaking at eight p.m. I’m offering extra credit
to anyone who attends and writes a one-page summary. Now, continuing on
with today’s lecture. France and Germany’s
governments. [students chattering] – [Student] I know,
I’m so excited. [students chattering] – [Classmate] I have
no idea what happens– – [clears throat] Ladies,
if you could just calm down a little bit, thank you. We’re gonna go ahead and
start the executive meeting. OK, first up, we have
our social chair, Ashley. How’s the winter
formal coming along? – Formal is coming along
nicely. Uh, it’s gonna be at the Jefferson City
Country Club again. Just booked the DJ,
the shuttles will leave out of our parking lot at
six, dinner starts at seven, and there will be
a cash bar as well. [fingers snapping] – That’s great, but I
have some amazing news. I got an email from Jennifer
Finch, class of ’78, billionaire daughter
of Henry Finch, and she let me know that
she would be in town the weekend of the formal. Yes, so I’ve invited
her and her husband as our Guests of Honor,
and I let her know that this formal will
be the best one ever. Uh,
[fingers snapping] so, whatever we did last year, we have to bring
to the next level. [fingers snapping] – OK, uh, well, what
we have now is great, and almost all of
the semester funds have been spent already, so depending on how much more
extravagant you want this, we don’t really have the money. – Hmm, well, I was
thinking, if we would allow, some more funding for
the set-up of the formal. I mean, does anybody have
any objections to that? Great. – OK, so, what else do you want? – Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps, um, ice sculptures, or we could get a sled
and put Santa on it and have everyone take
pictures with him, or, um, oh, oh!
[fingers snapping] [clears throat] How ’bout
a reindeer, you know? [fingers snapping] – Uh, a reindeer? I mean, you’re,
you’re joking, right? – I’m not. Yeah, no, um, the more
we wow Jennifer Finch, the more money she’s gonna give to the house and your sisters. [pleasant guitar] OK, Ashley? – OK, Lauren. [Ashley sighs] – [Kristen] Well, good
luck with that reindeer. – Right. – [Kristen] Is she serious? – I think so. – [sighs] I know you’re
stressed, I’m sorry. – Probably not gonna
get any sleep this week, but, you know, it’s fine. – Hey, hey, I’m
going to help you! – You know what
would really help me? – [Kristen] What? – Can you get me some
Adderall from Jarrett? – Aw, you’re having withdraws
from Drew and Drew’s Adderall! – Stop! – It’s a joke,
actually, I can’t. He’s all out til
after Thanksgiving. – [Ashley] Are you serious? – Yeah, he sells out, like,
as soon as he gets it. – [Ashley] God! – Why don’t you
just fake symptoms, go get your own prescription. How do you think he gets his? [pleasant piano over vaguely
uneasy electronic music] – Thank you for hosting
me this evening. It’s great to be back in
my home state of Missouri. I’m a Mizzou grad, so
don’t hate me too much, but at least we can all
agree on our absolute disdain for the Kansas Jayhawks.
[scattered laughter] Although I don’t have
a degree in journalism and didn’t set out to be a
journalist or a reporter, my law degree took me down
several twisting career paths that ultimately brought me to
where most of you wanna be, Congressional Reporter
for the New York Times. – David, life is
full of surprises, including seeing you here,
but you’re not getting any extra credit, OK,
I’ll see you in class. – Thanks, Professor Mueller. – You got it. [Jeff sighs] [students chattering] Drew, hey, I am so sorry about
your football suspension. That was never my intention. – I didn’t plagiarize
that paper. – Well, put yourself in
my position, all right? I-I treat all of my
students equally. It wouldn’t have been
fair to any of them if I let you hand in
that paper a third time! – I get that. – I’m not here to
ruin kids’ lives. You need to be responsible, you need to be accountable
for your actions. – I am taking responsibility
for my actions. That’s why I’m here. I need to come to things like
this for extra credit now, so I can get back on the team. – Good, good to
hear, keep it up. – Well, listen,
sorry, I’ve gotta run. I’ve got a study for a European
political systems test. – Professor Grove? – [Drew] Yeah. – That’s a tough class. – [Drew] Yep. – [Jeff] When’s the test? – Wednesday. – [Jeff] Hmm, are
those your notes? – [Drew] Mm-hmm. – OK, step into my office. Come on, let’s see what we got. Come on, I don’t bite.
[pleasant piano] Take a load off. May I? OK, so consider
the U.S. Congress with the House and Senate when you’re comparing
Germany’s legislature of the Bundestag
and the Bundesrat, but the Bundestag is more
powerful because it’s the one that comes up with the
ideas for the bills and laws and just needs an overall
OK from the Bundesrat, and if there’s a disagreement,
a conciliation committee is set up to iron out
their differences. – That actually sounds a bit
more efficient than Congress. – [laughs] You got
five or six hours for me to air out my grievances? – Think I have a
lot still to do, but, uh, it’s definitely a
start, so, thank you, sir. – Uh, OK, you gotta can the
sir right now, all right? My name is Jeff. – [Drew] All right,
uh, thanks again, uh– – [Jeff] Jeff. – Jeff. – My, my pleasure. Listen, while I got you, uh, do not be afraid to ask
your teachers for help, OK? It’s why we’re here. We like to do it, that’s
why we took this job. It’s why we’re
around, all right? – All right, will do. – [Jeff] OK. – Thanks, Jeff. [hopeful piano] [traffic humming] – Seriously, just
look at up close. – Dude, I’m not lookin’
at any man closely, bro. – See, Aaron Rodgers
is the love child between Jake Gyllenhaal
and Jon Hamm. ♪ I see you lookin’
at me cynical – You are so fuckin’ real with
this love child shit, dude! – Drew? – Yeah, maybe. – Thank you. – He said maybe. – I’ll take it.
– Dude, ever since that girl last year on spring break
thought you were Jake Gyllenhaal, you been on this
shit! That’s some Brokeback-type
shit right there. That’s what that is. – I don’t think I can quit you! – [Drew] All right,
enjoy practice, guys. – You should come
say, “What up!” – Eh, I don’t wanna
piss Coach off. – Whatta you mean? With you bein’ up in
class and everything, it’d be good for
the younger guys. What you talkin’ about? – Yeah, we just won, might
as well take advantage of him being in a good mood. – All right.
– Yeah. – Come on. – So with, uh,
Jezelowski’s hammy, I’m not really sure exactly
what we’re gonna do. – Yeah, we’ll see with the– – [Drew] Hey, Coach. – Hey, hey, Dawson,
how’s it goin’? – I was just droppin’
Radar and Kyle off, thought I’d stop by, but, uh, if you don’t want me here. – Eh, man, stop it. It’s great to see you. – Uh, congratulations
on the win. – Congrats, hey, look, Drew,
you might be suspended, but you are still an
important part of this team. It’s just as much your
win as it is mine, OK? But hey, we missed your
leadership out there. We weren’t mentally prepared
after the Mizzou win. How are classes coming? – Studying like crazy. I’ll be back for the bowl game. – That’s what I wanna hear. – Oh, you mind if I
say hi to the team? – No, no, go for it! – [Drew] Thanks. – Hey, Drew, if you’re not
doin’ anything on Thanksgiving, um, you wanna roll down
with us to Hattiesburg? I ran it by the AD just in case. – Yeah, yeah, of course! – Great, bus leaves from here eight a.m. Thanksgiving morning. Uh, we’re gonna do a team
Thanksgiving at the hotel, and I let the guys go on Friday so they can be home
for the weekend. – That’s great, I’ll be there. – [Stan] Great, keep
up the hard work, Drew. [players shouting] [quietly tense electronic music] – Hello, Ashley, I’m Dr. Adams. What brings you in today? Ashley, Ashley? – What? – [Dr. Adams] What
brings you in today? – Oh, I think I had ADD. – Oh, tell me about
your symptoms. – Uh, it’s hard for
me to concentrate. I get distracted easily [sighs]. You know, I’ve, I’ve, I’m
forgetting stuff all the time. I’m, I’m all over the place. – How long has
this been going on? – Years. – What made you decide to
come in and see me today? – [Ashley] I, I didn’t
think I had a disorder until I started
researching it online. – Oh, well, let’s not get
too ahead of ourselves. Why don’t you tell me a
little bit about yourself, about your jobs, classes. – I take 18 hours of classes, I write for the
school newspaper. Uh, sorority stuff,
[sighs] internships. – How are your stress levels? [piercing electronic tone] Ashley, how are
your stress levels? – Off the charts. – [Dr. Adams] Hmm. – And I have trouble sleeping. You know, I feel like I’m
always playing catch up. – You know, I have a lot
of people that come in here and think they have ADD, but like you, they
just need to practice a little more time management and healthier lifestyle choices. – No, I-I-I know I have ADD. I did the research, even
my friends think I have it. – Changing your
lifestyle is the answer, not medication. – [scoffs] So you want me
to put that on a resume? Instead of being social
chair of my sorority, I chose to relax? – [Dr. Adams] Ashley.
– Are you gonna get me a job – at the St. Louis
Post-Dispatch? [expressive electronic tone] [gunfire rattling
from video game] [controller clacking] [gunfire rattling
from video game] – Hey, man, you wanna play? [gunfire rattling
from video game] – [Drew] Uh, I gotta
write this thing. It’s due tomorrow. – Man, you always
have something due. I’m tellin’ ya, make the
jump to general studies, we never have anything due. Or to do, really. [pills rattling over rattling
gunfire from video game] [rattling gunfire from
video game] – [Drew] Hey, I’m
gonna get outta here. – [Kyle] All right. [knocking on door] – It’s open. Hey, Drew, what’s goin’ on? How’d the test go? – Uh, good, I think. Your notes helped, uh,
but my brain was fried. I, I didn’t get much sleep, so. – Uh-huh, so, what can
I do for you today? – Uh, I’ve got this
paper comin’ up, and I tried talking
to my teacher, and that didn’t really
work out so well. You mentioned
reaching out for help if you ever needed
anything, so, you know, your notes were really
great the other day, and I thought maybe– – This is you asking
me for some help? OK, I see.
– Yeah. – [Jeff] So what class is it? – 19th century European history. – Ah, yes, the start
of mass politics, big business, railroads,
spying politicians. So glad to see that
things haven’t changed. So tell me, is it
the class itself or structuring the
paper, what is it? – Phew, a little bit
of both, actually. – Gotcha, OK, hang on. Let me see something here. All right, um,
I’ll tell you what. I got about an hour, so why
don’t we get outta here. I’m starving, are you hungry? – I haven’t eaten today. – OK, I’ll take that as a yes. You like Shakespeare’s Pizza? – [Drew] Yeah, who doesn’t? – All right, I’m buying.
[Jeff claps] OK, let’s go. Come on, after you. [rhythmic country rock
music with twangy guitar] [patrons chattering] – [Drew] Oh, present
my thesis and intro. Organize the body into
three different sections, and tie it all up at the end. – Boom, there you go. That’s exactly how you
write a good paper. Hey, don’t forget the citations. – Yeah. – Give, give me your pen, here. This is my private email. Email me that paper and I’ll
make sure it’s formatted right. – Appreciate it. – You got it, can’t believe I’m
actually doing this, though. – What, eat with
a failed student? – Mm-mm, eating with
a Cardinals fan. – Ho-ho, must be a Cubs fan. What’s it been, 105 years? – [Jeff] 108, man, get
your facts straight. – What do they say
Cubs stands for, uh, completely
useless by September? – [Jeff] [scoffs] Come on,
you’re gonna give me that, now? We just won the World Series! OK, now, granted, we may not
have as many titles as you. – Well, if you wanna borrow one of our 11 World
Series trophies– – You can keep ’em, and
your St. Louis style pizza. – [Drew] Imo’s?
– Sucks. – [Drew] Come on, it’s the best! – It’s the worst, the worst! Provel cheese, oh my God! This, this is good pizza, and that’s comin’
from a Chicagoan. – I never saw you
as the pizza type, always eatin’ that
green stuff in class. – Mm, you should try
some of that green stuff. It’s good for ya. You ever had chia seeds? – Uh, like the Chia Pet, no. – Yeah, like the Chia Pet. Long before chia seeds were
sprinkled on plastic figurines and sold at Walgreen’s as pets, the Aztecs, the Mayans,
they ate it as proteins. Endurance runners,
they use it, too. – [Drew] Are you a runner? – Yeah, I’ve run a few
marathons in my day. Not tomorrow [chuckles]!
[Drew laughs] – You should after this
whole pie of pizza. Nah, that’s pretty cool. I’ll have to eat some
of those seeds then, uh, before our game one time. – Yeah, you should. And speaking of eating,
am I gonna have to inhale this whole pizza myself,
you haven’t touched a thing! – I guess I’m not that hungry. – You said you
hadn’t eaten today. – I, um, probably
my dosage increase. – [Jeff] What do you
mean, dosage increase? – For my ADD. – You have ADD? – Since I was 10. – So, why are you
increasing your dosage? – Uh, my doctor said my
body probably got used to the previous dosage so
upped me a little bit. Uh, said it could help
with everything goin’ on. – Well, you should
eat something, OK? You need to have
something in your system. So, you always wanted
to play football at A&M? – Yep, my dad used
to play here, too. My parents met here and,
uh, then went up East so my mom could
go to law school. – She still practice law? – She’s, uh, circuit attorney
for St. Louis County, and planning to run for, uh, a seat in the U.S.
House next year. – No shit, what’s her name? – Kate Dawson. – [Jeff] So how’s
that goin’ for you? – It’s all right,
I’m used to it. – What about your
dad, what does he do? – Eh, he passed away. – [Jeff] Mm, I’m sorry. – No, it’s all right, it
happened a long time ago. Car accident. – [Jeff] Sorry. So what’s your major? – Poli sci. – What do you
wanna do with that? – Oh, law school. – Law school, really? – Yeah, law is in the
family just like football. – Mm, you know, uh, I was supposed to
go to law school. And, uh, when I told my folks
I wanted to be a teacher, they acted like the
sky was falling. My, I got two older brothers, and they’re both doctors,
so you can imagine the standards that I
was supposed to follow. I mean, hell, my sister’s
considered a bigger success than I am and she’s just
married a rich guy [chuckles]. See the point, no, I’m serious.
[Drew chuckling] [laughs] She gets so much
credit for that, it’s crazy! Here, Drew, you
gotta do you, OK? That’s the whole
secret, all right? You’re gonna be
miserable in your life if you choose a career
that you don’t love, OK? – The only thing I
love is football. Suspension or not, that’s gonna
be over with soon, anyway. – [Jeff] It doesn’t have to. – I’m not goin’ pro. – No, but you could be a coach or a trainer or an analyst. Figure out what you
would do as a career if you were paid nothing, OK? And then figure out a way
to make a living doing it. If you’re passionate
and give it 110 percent, the universe will
have your back. That’s a promise. Come on, eat up. ♪ Something in you
feels like home [pleasant big band music] – But, Kate, I am
so proud of you. You’ve done such great
things for this city, and you are gonna do
great things in Washington representing this district. – Aw, thank you so
much, that’s sweet. – And Drew, I understand
that you’re gonna be headin’ off to law school soon. – Um, yes, I am. – Great, where ya headed? – Illinois, maybe Michigan. – Or Stanford or Northwestern. – Northwestern, nice, what
do you plan to specialize in? – Corporate. – Yeah, we feel he’s best
suited for corporate. – If you have half the drive
of your mom, you’ll do great. [Kate chuckles] Kate, I know you need to mingle, it’s been great seeing you. You guys have a
great Thanksgiving. Let me know what I can
do for your campaign, be happy to help. – Absolutely, thanks so much.
– All right, great seeing ya. – Drew, nice to see you,
good luck in law school. [crowd chattering over
pleasant big band music] – Try to be a little bit more
assertive when you speak. [crowd chattering over
pleasant big band music] – What the hell
is she doing here? I told you we broke up! – I’ll be right over. Hi, you look beautiful!
– Good, thank you! – Sorry if I’m late, I had to stop by my
parents’ house first. – Oh, that’s fine,
now come this way. There’s someone I’d
like you to meet. Elliot, Elliot, Ashley Ross, this is Mr. and Mrs. Handle. Mr. and Mrs. Handle are the
hosts for this evening’s gala, as well as very generous
contributors to my campaign. – Elliot Handle,
and my wife Elona, pleasure to meet you, welcome! – Ashley Ross, you have
a beautiful estate. Thank you for having me. – Ashley is writing a piece
for her journalism class on making the leap from
local to national politics, and she is also a reporter
for the school newspaper, and she plans on publishing
the piece after the semester. – Wonderful, how do you
two know each other? – Ashley and Drew, they go
to school with each other. – You’ve surrounded yourself with an amazing
group of women, Drew. Don’t we all wish we
could be that lucky, hmm? [all chuckling] So Ashley, what are your
journalistic aspirations? – Uh, last summer, I interned at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, so I’m hoping after I graduate I can, uh, make my home there. [crowd chattering over
pleasant big band music] – [groans] Can I get another? – [Bartender] Sure,
what are ya havin’? – Uh, whiskey and ginger. Hit a shot.
[glass clanking] [crowd chattering over
pleasant big band music] – So are you just
ignore me all night? – Seriously, just
don’t even talk to me. – I’m doing this for class. What do you want me to do? Jeopardize my grade just
because we broke up? – Well, you jeopardized other
people’s grades before, so– – Oh, that’s rich! Maybe if you had taken
some responsibility in the first place, you wouldn’t
have been in that position! Sorry for being selfless. – Selfless, like when
you had your tongue down your ex-boyfriend’s
fuckin’ throat? I’m surprised he’s
not here as your date. – Would you grow up! You miss us, I know you do. There’s got to be some reason that you didn’t tell your
mom that we broke up. – Actually, I did tell her,
but she didn’t give a shit. As usual, she chose
her career first. You know, you guys are actually cut from the same
cloth, aren’t you? – Fuck you! – Wow. You know, for such a
talented, creative writer, I would’ve expected
a little more eloquence. [crowd chattering over
pleasant big band music] [glass rattling] You’re not even worth my time. [crowd chattering over
pleasant big band music] [door rattling] [door slams shut] [door rattling] – Andrew, honey, I
need you back inside. [door slams] – I need to get outta here. – What, no, you’re
not leaving here! You’re not gonna embarrass me
in front of all these people! – Oh, but it’s OK for
you to embarrass me? – And, don’t, [sighs]
would you just please act like an adult for
once in your life? [Drew scoffs] – Hey, we’re ready for you. – All right. Please– – [Drew] Go, go! – Please get back inside!
– I’m leaving! – I’m going back to Jeff City, I’m flying down with
the team tomorrow. – You cannot drive, you’ve
been drinking too much. – I don’t care. – Andrew! [tense guitar over
ominous electronic music] [phone clacking over tense
guitar and electronic music] [car horn honking] [tires screeching] [engine rumbles to a stop] [tense guitar over
ominous electronic music] – ‘scuse me! Asshole. – Fuck you. – [Uncle Jack] What? – [Nephew] Uncle Jack, come on! – [Uncle Jack]
You got a problem? – [Nephew] We got
places to be, man, let’s not mess with this. – Nice parkin’ job, by the way. – Thanks, I’d park it
on your mother’s face. – We got places to be. – Drinking, gonna
get in the car. – [Drew] Back off! – No, I don’t think so!
– Come on, man, come on! – [Drew] Listen to your
buddy or you get fucked up. – Prove it, why don’t
you come get some? [tense and menacing
electronic music] Punk-ass, stupid college kid! [punch thudding over
tense electronic swell] [footsteps crunching] – [Stan] There’s the guard. – [Player] Beautiful day, Coach. – OK, you, too, man,
all right, Willis. All right, all right,
lookin’ good, lookin’ good. Hey, where’s your roommate? – I don’t know, Coach, he didn’t sleep at
our place last night, and his phone goes
straight to voicemail. I know he was in St. Louis for somethin’ with
his mom last night, probably just stayed out
there and didn’t tell anybody. [expressive, quietly
uneasy electronic music] [muffled chatter over
uneasy electronic music] [muffled chatter over expressive
piano and electronic music] [door rattling] [muffled shouting over
expressive electronic music] [drawer rattling] – [Officer] Happy Thanksgiving. [drawer rattling] [expressive piano over
uneasy electronic music] [door rattling] [expressive piano over
uneasy electronic music] [purposeful but pleasant rock
music with expressive strings] [expressive piano and guitar
over pleasant electronic music] – [Radar] Yo-yo! – Hey, there he is! Coach can finally call
off his search party! – [Radar] Division Champs, son! Oh, shit, what the
fuck happened to you? – Bro, I don’t even know. I went to my mom’s
fundraiser, Ashley showed up, I had a little too much to drink and ended up in a drunk tank. – [Radar] Get the fuck
outta here, you serious? – [Kyle] Nice shiner!
– Yeah, thanks. – Yeah, you better hope
Coach doesn’t find out. You should probably call him. – Yeah, about that, um. – [Kyle] You’re a mess! – [Radar] Goddamn!
– Yeah. – Well, at least you guys
look good from the couch. – Shit, talk about
lookin’ good, dude. Those Hattiesburg
honies, brother, talkin’ ’bout Southern
Hospitality, what! Ba-bah, yeah, you missed
out, brother, you missed out. – I got a mud puppy
barkin’ outta my butt I gotta take for a walk. Why don’t you tell
him the news, Radar? – What’s up? – Oh [scoffs], over
Thanksgiving, I told the boys after this season,
I’m goin’ pro. – Are you serious, shoo! – [Radar] Yeah, man. – Congratulations,
Radar, that’s awesome! – [Radar] Thank you,
man, yeah, I figure I might as well strike while
the iron’s hot, you know? – Yeah, so what’s Coach say? – Oh, he’s cool, man. I talked to him a
couple weeks ago. He reached out to some scouts
for the Rams and Chiefs, and said I can probably go
second, third round pick. – Get out, sha, that’s great!
[Radar laughs] – [Radar] Yeah, I
appreciate that, brother. – Yep. – Hey, before I
leave, do you think I can get a few more
of those addies? – Yeah, but I mean– – Well, did you see the
game I had last night? – Yeah, but goin’ pro, don’t you think
it’s a little risky? – [Radar] I was all
over that field, I ain’t riskin’ nothin’! – It’s, uh, dosage increase.
[pills rattling] So just be careful.
– [claps] Dang. – Increased dosage,
increased focus, right? That’s what I’m talkin’
’bout, thanks a lot, man. Appreciate it. So what’s up wit’ chu, kid? Comin’ back, what’s
up, talk to me! – Yeah, man, the only
way I’m not gonna be back on the field is if I freakin’
miss one of these finals. – Ah, gotchu, baby!
[fists thumping together] Tellin ya, since
I’m goin’ pro now, we need one last hurrah, man. That’s the bowl game, brother. We need you out there,
I need you out there. – I’ll be there. – [Radar] Arright. Get psyched for it, baby,
that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout! [door rattling] – Great work on the paper. Like I said in the notes, the other TA’s and
myself agree, dude. It’s one of the
best in the class. It’s really
well-written, I mean, you were one of the few who
mentioned how the Bon Marche was not only the first and
biggest department store, but how they were
also the pioneers of the modern day corporate
structure of a business. – And the final will
cover everything from the whole semester? – Yeah, it’ll be cumulative. You’ll pick two
out of six topics, you’ll write about ’em in class. You do what you did on
that paper, you’ll be fine. – Overall, good job on the test. The TA’s are passing
them back now. Take a second to look them over. If you have any questions, feel free to ask either myself,
or the Teaching Assistants. Momentarily, we’ll begin
prep for your final. [pleasant and hopeful piano
over rhythmic percussion] – [Drew] Hey. – [Sara] Hey yourself. – Where’s Brad? – [Sara] Uh, he just texted me. He said that he’ll be
here in 30 minutes. – But how does that
tie into, like, the Industrial Revolution? She didn’t even describe that. – She did, it’s,
I wrote it down. – Yeah, but this doesn’t
make sense what you wrote, because if it’s the great
age of railroad building– – Yeah, but you gotta
read the whole thing. – What does it have
to do with mining? I mean, obviously, it
has to do with mining, but, like, I don’t understand– – Kristen, just, can you read? It’s just, it’s right there. – Are you serious? Are you OK?
[Ashley sighs] What’s the matter? – [Ashley] Just I
don’t feel that great. I’m gonna, I’m gonna go
get a drink of water, OK? – OK.
– I’ll be back. [metal rattling] [Ashley sighing] – So we come back to our
place, and the dude is drunk! And he’s passed out
naked on the couch. I’m tellin’ you, no
joke, completely naked. Has a piece of pizza
coverin’ his junk. We [laughs], we
still have the stains on our couch, I can prove it! – That’s ridiculous! I see football players
in a whole new light now. – Yeah [laughs]. – Do you wanna go downstairs
and grab some coffee? My treat. – Sure. [rhythmic quietly
tense electronic music] – I need to see these stains. [Drew chuckles] [dramatic instrumental rock
music with expressive piano] – [Ashley] Sara Kaufman. [dramatic orchestral music] [phone beeps] Gotcha. [dramatic orchestral music] [rhythmic and quietly
tense electronic music] [pills rattling] [rhythmic and quietly
tense electronic music] [ominous electronic accent] [birds chirping] [backpack rustling] [zipper rattling] [dramatic and ominous
electronic music] [Drew sighs] [traffic humming] – [Drew] Excuse me. – Yes, may I help you? – Yeah, hi, I lost my
prescription to Adderall, and I need to get a refill. – [Clerk] Do you have a
prescription with you? – No, I just lost it, and
I need to get another one. – Uh, without a written
prescription from your doctor, there’s nothing I can give you. – And you’re not
gonna look me up? – [Clerk] It, it’s
academic with a written– – I, I need, oh. [hand thwacking on counter] Thank you. [Patrick whistling] [knocking on door] – Busy. What did I just say? – You have a phone call. – Who is it? – Drew Dawson. – Aw, Jesus, what the
hell does he want? – [Secretary] I don’t
know, it sounds urgent. – Christ, all right [grunts]. Hey, Drew, how’s it goin’? – Uh, not so good, I just
lost my bottle of Adderall, and I need to get a new one. I’m at the pharmacy right now, and they won’t fill it for me. – Unfortunately, Drew, I
can’t write ya a new script. You just filled your
last prescription. – It’s finals week coming up, what the hell am
I supposed to do? – Let’s just, let’s think
about this clearly, OK? – I am thinking clearly. I’ve got finals coming up
and I need to ace them all without the medicine that helps
me accomplish those things. So, how am I supposed to
do that, Dr. Stephens? How am I supposed
to ace the exams and get back on
the football team without a prescription that
I’ve had for the last 10 years? – Look, Drew, I’m sorry. My hands are tied. You’re just gonna have to
study as hard as ya can, you’re gonna have to go through
everything really thoroughly and prepare the best you can. Drew, listen to me, you may have some withdraw symptoms
from the Adderall. Uh, you probably will, in fact. If they get to be too much,
you call me, all right, and we’ll, and we’ll go
from there, OK, Drew? Drew [sighs], oh, Jesus! [rhythmic hip hop music] – This is that sour diesel
shit right here, but for real. My uncle works for the
RIAA, and he literally has to go through every
word of every song on every album, rate
it and submit it. – That sounds
boring as hell, man. – No, he really digs it. He’s a hippie and
shit, all spiritual. [traffic humming] [knocking on door] [door rattling] Drew, what up, dawg? – Hey. – Come on in. [speaking foreign language] You getting pumped
for Louisiana Tech? – Yeah, yeah, definitely. – [Jarrett] All right! – [Chris] What’s up, dude? – [Jarrett] So, what
can I do you for? – Um, I’m in a little
bit of a bind, actually. I, my Adderall’s
nowhere to be found, and my doctor won’t
give me a refill. Ashley said before that
you might have some. – Yeah, she was supposed to
come by earlier this week when I got my refill, but she’s buggin’ out about
gettin’ some of it I think. – Really? – Problem is, I’m all out. Sold out yesterday. – [Drew] Damn, you
gotta be kiddin’ me. – No. – [Drew] You know anybody else? – Not off the top of my head. Everybody always comes
through me to get it. – [Drew] Yeah, me, too. – If it means anything,
in my psych class today, we watched this
video about the dude who discovered ADD, and
he said on his deathbed it was a fictitious disease. What was, what was his name? – [Chris] Heisenberg. – Oh, no, that’s Breaking Bad. Ei, Eisenberg, Eisenberg,
Leon Eisenberg. – That’s great, how
does that help me? – I don’t know, just sayin’. Maybe you could try
your finals without it. – Yeah, I’ll think about that. Uh, if you get
anything or whatever, just let me know,
all right, thanks. – For sure. You don’t gotta go! Dude, we’re gonna order pizza! [traffic humming] – [Kristen] Crazy! – [Chloe] Ooh, no,
take another one! – Seriously, guys. – [Kristen] [giggles]
That’s so funny! – Come on! – [Chloe] Gotta send that one– – [Kristen] I love it! – [Chloe] OK, I think you
have to take it apart. – [Kristen] Yeah. – OK, let’s just,
let’s just take, just take these down there, and then, we’ll just
fuck with the tree later. – [Kristen] Can we
just do it tomorrow? – No, we can’t do it tomorrow, we have to do it tonight! – It’s like 12! – I have a test! – [Ashley] Please, just
please help me do this, and then you can go. [footsteps thunking] [Ashley sighs] – [Kristen] Mm, I
guess I should, OK. – Where do you want these? – [Ashley] You’re, just, you’re
not even carrying anything. – I’m carrying shit! – [sighs] That’s
like three things! They’re all in one box, why didn’t you just
carry the box down? – [Kristen] Are you kidding me? – It’s getting really late. – I have, like, two
finals tomorrow. – [Ashley] OK,
you know, just go. I can do it by myself better
than with you guys here, because you’re just
slowing the process down, so just go, go, go. – Fine. [Ashley sighing] – [Ashley] I have to
always do everything by my fucking self! Can we do it tomorrow [sighing]? [pills rattling over quietly
ominous electronic music] [Ashley sighing] [Drew sighing over muffled
sportscaster dialog] – [Sportscaster] He’s
hit in the backfield by not one, but two defenders. He jukes past a third
and gets a 15 yard gain. All season long,
Manlieu has found ways to keep the clock running and
dominate time of possession. First down, McNulty snaps it, throws it to Kyle Pherrell
for about a five yard gain. Good play calling
there on first down. If I was Missouri
A&M, I’m not satisfied if we don’t get at least
three points before the half, as Tech will be receiving the
kickoff in the second half. Manlieu lines up,
hands it off to Lewis. [Drew coughing] [Drew groans] [dramatic instrumental
rock music] [Drew groans] [Drew sighs] [toilet flushing] [Drew groans] [Drew sighing over dramatic
instrumental rock music] [dramatic, increasingly tense
instrumental rock music] [piercing high tone over
dramatic electronic music] [paper rustling] [insects chirping] – Mm, I will always hate papers. – I will never
understand why they put the formal the
weekend before finals. – I know, it’s so stupid. [door creaking] Hey, where the
hell have you been? – [sighs] I had a ass
kicker of a morning. Studied until six, napped
for an hour at the library, and took two finals. – You didn’t even
show up to formal. – I didn’t have a date. – Oh my God, gimme
a break, Ashley! You set that whole
thing up, you texted me that you would be there, and
you just blew us all off. – Oh, God, Kristen, relax. – You haven’t even slept in
your bed for the last week! – [Ashley] I don’t even
know what sleep is. – Yeah, yeah, well it shows, ’cause you look like shit. – Thanks! – [Kristen] Why are
you doing this– – What is your problem,
why are you on my ass? – [Kristen] I’m
worried about you! – Why, I’m fine! – [Kristen] I’m
trying to be a friend. – I’m fucking busy, Kristen,
I’ve got shit I have to do! – So do I, and I don’t go MIA! – I gotta go blow off
some steam at the gym. [Kristen scoffs] – [Kristen] Ashley,
what is wrong with you? – God, nothing is wrong,
please, just leave me alone. – [Kristen] You think
you’re acting normal? – No, uh, yes, I do. – Going to the gym, why are
you going to the gym right now? – I can’t do this
with you right now. – You need to sleep! – I don’t need to sleep,
I took a nap already. I just told you that. – Why are you being
such a bitch to me? – I’m being a bitch? – I’m trying to, to talk to you! I care about you, and you
just keep blowing me off! – I just, I, I don’t,
look, I have one Mom. I don’t need another one, OK? – I’m not trying to be your mom, I’m trying to be your best– What are you doing?
[Ashley shouting] – Start doing what I’m asking
for, and give me space! – [Kristen] You’re acting
insane, this is not normal! – I’m not acting insane– – [Kristen] Yes, you are! – I’m acting like
a normal person who needs space to
get my shit done, OK? Get out, go! – [Kristen] That’s
how you really feel? – That’s how I really feel. – [Kristen] Well,
good luck with that. – Thank you. [door slamming] [quietly tense electronic music] [pills rattling] [dramatic, quietly
tense electronic music] [shoes squeaking on floor] [dramatic, quietly
tense electronic music] – So remember all the
things we talked about after your earlier speeches, just enlighten us,
inspire us, engage us, and all that anyone can ask
is that you do your best, OK? We should have just enough time
to get all of the groups in. I’m gonna start from left
to right, across the room, so Brad, Drew, Sara,
you’ll be first, and then the next
three and so on, OK? All right. [dramatic, quietly
tense electronic music] [Ashley sighs] [pills rattling] [dramatic, quietly
tense electronic music] [door slams shut] [dramatic electronic music] – So our speech today
is on the implications of the Free Flow of Information
Act trying to be passed. At the turn of the 20th
century, when Ida Tarbell was investigating
John D. Rockefeller, and Joseph Pulitzer was
establishing newspapers across the country, the age of yellow journalism
had officially arrived. [treadmill whirring over
dramatic electronic music] – So what does it mean
to be a journalist? Is it salary, is it
the amount of viewers or subscribers you have
to any specific source? By allowing the
American government to dictate for themselves
who is a journalist, doesn’t that violate
the first amendment? [treadmill whirring over
dramatic electronic music] – As they were saying, uh, the Free Flow of Information
Act in the 20th century media– [treadmill whirring loudly
over dramatic electronic music] It’s, uh, new media. [treadmill whirring loudly
over dramatic electronic music] – Drew, do you
wanna take a second? – No. [treadmill whirring loudly
over dramatic electronic music] [Drew sighing] [treadmill whirring loudly] [Drew sighs] [treadmill whirring loudly] I, I can’t, I can’t do
this, guys, I’m sorry. [expressive guitar over
dramatic electronic music] [treadmill whirring loudly
over dramatic electronic music] [console thwacking] [dramatic electronic music
with buzzing accents] [football thwacking] [doorbell ringing] – Evening, I’m looking
for Andrew Dawson. – I’m Drew, how can I help you?
– You currently have a prescription for
Adderall, correct? – Yes, I do, why? – [Officer] A bottle of Adderall with your name on
it was found today. – I lost that bottle
almost a week ago. Where’d you guys find it? – In the possession
of another person. Now, in this state, that’s a
minimum Class A misdemeanor, potentially a felony. – Wait, wha, another person? So are you suggesting
that I sold them? – I’m not suggesting anything, just trying to get to
the bottom of this. Do you know an Ashley Ross? [piercing high-pitched tone] – [Drew] Sorry for
dragging you out like this. – [Jeff] Adderall, huh? – Well, it’s everywhere. – Well, at least Ashley’s
gonna be all right. – She almost fuckin’ died. I don’t know what I woulda done, being responsible for two
people’s death in my lifetime. – What do you mean,
two people’s deaths? – I was 10 and I was in recess at school, so, uh, we just finished,
uh, and I was wired. Amped, runnin’ around,
excited, I couldn’t sit still. My teacher, she
had a short fuse, and she, uh, gave me a
detention after school, so, uh, when my dad was
on his way to pick me up, he got T-boned by another car in the intersection
at a red light. I remember sittin’ in that
room, just watchin’ the clock. 3:30, 4:30, five, finally my mom came
to pick me up and, when she was done yellin’ my
ear off, she got the call. I’ll never forget her scream. – Drew, you know you’re not
to blame for that, right? – No detention, no
car crash, right? [muffled chatter] – [Jeff] So, what
are you gonna do now? – I don’t know what to do,
that’s why I called you. – Well [sighs], I think you need to go see your mom, you know? Talk about all of this. – Talk to my mom? – [Jeff] Yeah. – [sighs] You don’t
know her wrath. – You asked me for my
advice, that’s my advice. You go tell her what’s
goin’ on and face the music. You’ll get through this. [piercing high-pitched tone] [Kate scoffs] [papers rustling] [mug clanking on counter] – I got this. [doorbell ringing] [Kate sighs over tense
electronic music] [door rattling] Patrick, what are
you doing here? – May I come in, it’s urgent. [birds chirping over
tense electronic music] [door rattling] – So, what’s going on? – I got a call from
Drew last week. He said he lost his
prescription, and he needed a refill. However, if I didn’t
want red flags to pop up, I couldn’t do it. – Wait, you neglected
to tell me this? Do you mean he’s taking his
finals without his meds? Get him a refill! – Hold on, on top of that, I just got a call from the
Missouri A&M police department. A girl, Ashley Ross, collapsed
in the gym yesterday. She had his pills. I believe that’s his girlfriend. – His ex-girlfriend,
please tell me she’s OK. – She’s alive, she’s
in the hospital. – Oh, shit! This could be the
end of my campaign! – If I get taken to
court, I risk my license. You know my history,
and you’re right. The fallout for you, it
could end your career. – Goddammit, I’m
already up to here trying to clean up
his mess and now this! [engine rumbling] [tense and ominous
electronic music] – This better not
ruin my career, Kate. I told you that he
did not have ADD when you first came to see me. That this was just
a temporary fix. And this last time, calling
in a dosage increase for his prescription,
when does it end? – [Kate] Oh, really, you’re
gonna get on your high horse? I believe plenty of
times was your response when I originally asked you if
you’ve ever done this before. – [Patrick] But
for how long, Kate? First it was his grades, then it was what high
school he was going to. Then his SAT scores. You’re more addicted to
his success than he is! [floorboards creaking] – Oh my God! [tense and ominous
electronic music] What are you doing here? Honey, Dr. Stephens got
a call from the police asking why Ashley had
your prescription bottle. Would you like to
explain yourself? – I, I want you to repeat
exactly what you said right before I walked in here. – Uh, [chuckles] I said
a lotta things, Drew. I don’t know, I don’t know
what you want me to say. – You said I never had ADD. – No, Andrew, honey,
honey, no, honey, don’t– – Don’t fucking touch me! [Kate sighs] [paper thwacking] I never had ADD, huh?
[papers rustling] Dad dies and your response is to put me on fucking pills!
[papers slamming on counter] Ashley almost died. Mom, Ashley, the same girl
you paraded around that fundraiser like the
daughter you never had, is in the hospital,
hooked up to a machine all because you
wanted me on pills! Why, why would you do
that to your own son? – Honey, you were
acting out in school. Your teachers told me
you were shutting down. I couldn’t– – I was grieving Dad’s death. [screeching high-pitched tone] Maybe I was acting up in
school for some attention because I never
got any from you! So, so, so then you take
me from psychiatrist to psychiatrist
until you find one who will diagnose me with ADD? – Sweetheart, sweetheart, you
were falling behind in school. Your teachers said your
work wasn’t up to par, what, honey, what
was I supposed to do? – [Drew] Be a fucking mom! – Oh, really? – [Drew] Yes! – Well, you know
what, you have no idea what is was like for me
when your father died! I couldn’t quit my job, I
had a roof over our heads to pay for and two
mouths to feed! I worked my ass off
to get where I am, and look how far we’ve
come, Andrew, look! You going to law school,
your grandfather’s firm, and me, I’m running for a
seat in the U.S. Congress! – So we are all clear, I will
not be going to law school, nor will I be working
at Grandpa’s firm, nor anything because
I’ll most likely be expelled next semester,
so that doesn’t bode well for law school
applications, now does it? – Why, why are you
throwing all of this away? – Do you really need
an answer for that? – Anyone with an
ounce of intelligence would realize the opportunities
that I’ve given you! – Keep telling yourself that. [Drew sighs] – You are such a disappointment. [Drew sighs] – Drew, come on, come on. We’re just, we’re
tryin’ to help you, we’re all tryin’ to help you. – Help me, help me? You don’t give a shit about me! You’re just a drug dealer with a fuckin’ license. [door slams shut] [piercing high-pitched tone
over ominous electronic music] [swell of tense and
ominous electronic music] [dramatic and expressive
electronic music] [pleasant flowing guitar] ♪ Are you lonesome,
how’ve you been ♪ Lay your head beside
me, take your rest ♪ Have I left you
short of breath ♪ That I let you – [Ashley] Hi, you’ve
reached Ashley Ross. I can’t get to the
phone right now, but if you leave me a message, I’ll give you a call
back as soon as I can. Thanks so much. [pleasant, flowing guitar over
dramatic electronic music] ♪ Well, let’s go ♪ Beside the ocean ♪ Bring you home ♪ Another version of me [pleasant, flowing guitar] [pleasant vocals over
hopeful acoustic rock music] [Ashley sobbing] [pleasant, flowing guitar] [Ashley sobs over
beeping monitors] – I’m so sorry [sobs]. – Hey, I’m just
happy you’re alive. [Ashley sobbing] How did you get the pills? [Ashley sighs] [Ashley snivels] – I saw you with some
girl at the library, and I got jealous [sighs]. When I went over to the table, I saw the bottle and I, I just took it. – Sara, we had a group
exercise for class, which I ended up walking
out of ’cause I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. – [Ashley] Oh my God, Drew! – [Drew] [sighs] I
should’ve never given you any pills in the first place. – Stop it. I did this to myself [sighs]. I made my own bed and now, [monitors beeping] [scoffs] now I have to
sleep in it [snivels]. [Ashley scoffs] [Ashley sighs] [monitors beeping] [Drew sighs] – [Drew] Well, you’ll never
guess what I found out. – What? – I drove home to
St. Louis today, and when I pulled
up to the driveway, my doctor’s car was there,
which is kinda weird ’cause I didn’t know my
mom even spoke with him. [Ashley snivels] So I went into the house, and
I overheard them talking and [monitors beeping] he said that I never had ADD, and that it was my mom who put me on pills
in the first place. She claims that she did it so that I wouldn’t
fall behind in classes while I was grieving
my dad’s death. – [sighs] C’mere. [both sighing over
beeping monitors] It’s OK. – My whole life, I was told that something
was wrong with me. – [Woman On PA]
Paging Dr. Stavis– – I don’t even know
who I am anymore. [Ashley snivels] – Amazing, that’s what you are.
[dramatic electronic music] [Drew snivels] [Drew groans] – You get some rest, uh, I’m not goin’ back
to St. Louis now. I can stop by
tomorrow if you want, so you don’t get
too bored in here. I could come back and
bring some Scattergories. – I thought you said you’d
never play with me again after my farting fairies answer. [Drew laughs] It so counts, it’s
a double letter. – That was disgusting.
[Ashley scoffs] Only if you promise
not to do that again. – [Ashley] Maybe. – [scoffs] Farting fairies. [hopeful guitar] [rhythmic and hopeful rock
music with pleasant vocals] [crowd whistling over
hopeful rock music] How many times did
he have to say, “And don’t forget your
times and experiences here “at Missouri A&M?” – Aw, no, no, no, see, it’s
important he does that. It’s part of the whole
conspiracy thing, see, because when, uh, when
you get that phone call every week from the
A&M Alumni Association asking you for donations
now that you’re a graduate, you’ll have that whole
thing rollin’ in your head. – Yeah, along with
six years of memories. – Six years, but you did
it on your own, you know? Bachelor’s in athletic
training has a nice ring to it. – Well, it definitely beats
the idea of law school. [both laughing] – You in law school [laughs]? Aw, you know Einstein, he
said that we all have genius, but if you judge a fish
by how it climbs a tree, it’ll spend its whole
life thinkin’ it’s stupid. – Smart guy. – Yeah, I always
preferred that quote to that whole E equals MC
squared mass equivalence thing that everybody talks about. OK. You ready? – You really think
this is a good idea? – I think we’re civilized
enough to do this. Uh-oh, look out! [zipper buzzing] Oh, my goodness, he came
prepared, look at you! – The game starts in 10
minutes, I had to come ready. – You know, the entire city
of Chicago and my family would disown me if they knew I was watchin’
the game with you. – Well, it was your idea. – Yeah, I’m havin’ a little
bit of buyer’s remorse. – Look, after we win, I promise you I won’t
give you too much crap. – After you lose, you’re
gonna pay the bill. [laughs] Harpo’s? – Let’s do it. – Let’s do it! [hopeful and
pleasant rock music] [door rattling] – And so remember, we have
to go through H.R.344, H.R.457, and H.R.882 all
before five o’clock deadline. The executive director
of the St. Louis Zoo will be here at 10 to
discuss tourism funding, and at noon, you’re
meeting with the mayor for lunch at Tony’s. [door rattling] – What time is our
flight to D.C. tomorrow? – [Aide] Uh, we have to be
at the airport at eight a.m. – Just give me a minute. [Kate sighs] [Kate sighing heavily] [phone rings] [panting] Yes? Jesus Christ, Ken,
schedule it for next week! I don’t have another minute
to fit it in this week! [phone slams down] [Kate sighing] [pounding on door] What? – House Veterans Affairs
wants to schedule a sit-down. [door rattling] [Kate panting over
rattling pills] [Kate sighs] [dramatic piano] ♪ Let me in and let me touch you ♪ I can be what
you’re addicted to ♪ Oh, whoa, oh ♪ Let me and let me break you ♪ I’ll be your heroine,
I’ll bring you down ♪ I’ll be a bad
trip comin’ around ♪ Drink me in, take me inside ♪ Let me control you
when I blow your mind ♪ I got what you
need, gimme a try ♪ Let me be your ride tonight ♪ I’ll be your high ♪ Whoa ♪ Let me in and let me hold you ♪ I can love you like
you’ve never known [expressive vocal
over moody piano] ♪ Let me in, I’ll
drive you crazy ♪ I can be the
raindrops in your veins ♪ I’ll hit you like cocaine ♪ Drink me in, take me inside ♪ Let me control you
when I blow your mind ♪ I got what you
need, gimme a try ♪ Let me your ride tonight ♪ I’ll be your high ♪ I’ll be your high [expressive vocal over
dramatic, moody piano] ♪ Once I’m inside ♪ It’s impossible to fight ♪ There’s nowhere you can hide ♪ So don’t even try ♪ ‘Cause when I leave ♪ You’ll be begging
to drink me in ♪ Take me inside ♪ Let me control you
when I blow your mind ♪ I got what you
need, gimme a try ♪ Let me be your ride tonight ♪ I’ll be your high ♪ I’ll be your high [dramatic piano over
expressive strings] ♪ Let me in and let me touch you ♪ I can be what
you’re addicted to [expressive vocal
over moody piano]


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