Adirvalai Bimbangal | Tamil Drama | Trailer

From a distance I gazed at her she was dancing in a temple oblivious to the world around her Fell in love instantly at the sight of his smile Will he answer my calls and come near? On one side of the battle field, thousands of lifeless human bodies were strewn around… On the other hordes of speared horses and elephants, oozing with blood It is in Vasanthapuri’s tradition to treat
guests well, not otherwise With its insignia as the sword our flag flies aloft Welcome! welcome to Vasanthapuri! Welcome! welcome to the royal court where good governance reigns. Come and revel in sight of our caparisoned horses & elephants. Treat yourself with the dazzling look of sharpened spears Alluding to Shantakumaran aren’t you? Pray sister, such teasing questions make me
feel hapless. She has been like this since witnessing the
dance… She looks as though she is possessed Let me warn you upfront if you scheme to trap her in the web of your charms With my arms that bend and break bars of steel
I will emerge like the Lord Narasimha and crush you Images in ripples have begun to emanate

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