Adithya Varma | Official Trailer HD | Dhruv Vikram | Gireesaaya | E4 Entertainment

He has a drinking problem In fact the nurses in the hospital
have served him liquor out of sheer fear We found drugs in
the surgeons’ dressing room He behaves rudely with everyone Now tell me, Dr Adithya Were you intoxicated on that day
before the surgery? Had you consumed alcohol? Or any other form of
substance abuse? If a doctor who cannot control anger …handles a surgical blade
it is equal to murder! What did you say your name was? Meera What do you like about me? I like the way you breathe I love that girl, da If anything happens to her I will be
the most affected, do you understand? MEERA! Appa! Useless fellow! Yes, I’ve completely fucking
lost it, look at me Baby, please Don’t do this, Adi Your dad is looking at us disapprovingly I don’t care “From my eyes’ alcove
with tears trickling now” “I am drifting apart
from the atrium of your heart” This kind of free spirited nature
won’t work in our democracy Meera is married to someone else
That chapter is over, da ’80 days since he left home, pa’ Even if it is 800 days
I don’t care! “In the waterfall of my tears in sadness
I cascaded daily in helplessness” ‘Suffering is verrry personal, Siddharth’ Let him suffer MEERA! MEERA Hey!! MEERA! “You scorched love to embers
my beautiful princess” subtitled by rekhs


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