“Afromental – Więcej niż jedno zwierzę” – film dokumentalny (cały film + ENGsub) [FullHD 1080p]

Good morning Actually I’d like to introduce us, because me and my friend, my friend is a bit shy… But when he puts his sunglasses on it will be better… And I’d like to intruduce us, because we sit here since probably 10 p.m and it’s 3 a.m…. Yep! We are here with a purpose of recording on a medium, a VHS tape, recording a particular number… A particular performance with a particular arrangement [YEAH!] They’ve found their way over ten years ago and they follow it ever since… Despite a difficult begining and patches that were being sticked to them, they’ve accomplished a success, staying true to themselves… and consequently making their musical dreams come true Personality, talent, energy, sense of humor and perspective… This is what describes this band in a few, simple words… This is AFROMENTAL MORE THAN ONE ANIMAL. The third edition of “IDOL” show is ancient times… The year 2003 If Wojtek didn’t tell me he took part in it, I wouldn’t have remembered him. In the queue, where we registered I had an occasion to high five Tomek, I guess Because they were, as it turns out, together with Tomson, already in the theatre stage, it means they were good! It was the third, fourth or whatever stage… In the theatre we had to wait from 8 a.m. to 1 or 3 a.m…. Small groups popped up and we landed in one of them with Tomson We sang together with different other young performers… With Monika Brodka, I was the first one At that point we didn’t know, that me and Tomek both lived in Olsztyn After initial meeting on the third edition of IDOL, it happened that we were on the same bus… Me with a guitar, Tomasz with a guitar… We stepped out on this bus terminal 15, as I called it… Hello, hi, where are the buses? There are no buses… But they were here? Yes, they were… Well… We looked at each other, said: man, bro… I know you, what are you doing here? I study here… Me too! Come on, let’s grab a beer! Sure! I studied Marketing & Management and I studied Law! And it happened, that we both didn’t graduate… On the level of these trees, behind that trash… Pink… orange, there… Were legendary spots with cheese sandwiches Turbo-legendary! What was the name of this place? Baron Place! BARON! A coincidence? I don’t think so! My first so called juournalist’s experience… UWM FM Students’ radio And I had a gossip programme here… Ladies and gentlemen… we are approaching the hangover – roundabout! We’ve spent a lot of time here on these park benches, which looked quite different… The remains of the hangover – roundabout are still the same… A classic miss to the blanket Look, how far is that? Two meters from the blanket Man, it wasn’t here… What is this? It grew up here, nothing said! The graduates’ promenade! Wow, we went close! This way maybe, wait! Let’s go this way… I’ll make some space, as we didn’t finish… We don’t deserve it! We played once and a hobo came… and started crying? What are you saying? We played “Perfekt” and he started singing along… and started crying… “Eva don’t cry” song or something… We like being sentimental sometimes My pressure to form a band started to show up… I started to think how to start such band… I remember I made a so called “casting” to the band… The casting provided a bassist and a guitarist, but it still wasn’t enough to form a band… Tomson and Łozo came back to playing together with a guitar in local pubs and clubs for some time… But their dream to perform in front of a bigger audience remained unforgett able… And one day I remember watching, it was on Polsat station… An advertisement of Gamma Festival But the problem was… submissions should’ve been sent until a certain day and the moment I watched it it turned out we had only two days for it… Wojtek called me, that we should only record ourselves singing we could’ve done it in whatver way… Record it on a camera and send to the main promoter, Mrs Jolanta Głogowska And the same day I left my stuff at Łozo’s place… And we began thinking what to sing… There was freshly released “Sutra” song We were absolutely astonished by this band… Sistars were a total phenomenon to us… We printed the lyrics on two sheets We turned on a camera I had from my father… [I am writing songs about love…] [Love should sing in me by itself…] And generally it wasn’t the most professional submission to the festival ever… But as it turned out, it rescued us… And it was our ticket to take part in this festival… [I change with time…] [Even memory won’t stop me…] We got an e-mail, a whole elaborate on how miserable this submission was… and how other submissions are professional… But the whole thing was ended with a sentence that something tells me if I don’t have you on my festival, I will lose a lot. I would like to warmly invite you, you are in… Welcome and please come over… [Just a sad world…] We had our style which we wanted to continue and the energy we wanted to bring… and there were no Polish songs that had anything in common whit what we wanted to express We looked, searched and this “Bananowy” poped out like a dream for us! “Bananowy Song” by Afromental is the best proof that music wonderfully joins generations A great situation, that someone wants to enlenghten the glory of this hit song! […my lazy train of thoughts…] Guys, in my opinion, have done this number in an exellent way And it’s good they learn from good examples! After we got to GAMA Festival I came up with an idea, I was thinking, okay… we are a weird crew… a more open one We had a little stress, joked a lot… We were loud, expressive And we liked, we enjoyed black music Especially live music We tried something with “afro”, because it’s mixed up And I thought, maybe afro – mental? Because mental is about something psychic and with weird people so a bit of afroamerican mentality You called and said – I have an idea You threw the name It was perfect we high fived and it lasts for ten years like this… The club in which we got our first reward after walking out of this door holding a statue and an invitation to a big students’ song festival We came to think that our soundsystem crew so me, Łozo and DJ Baby, brother of Lajan was not enough So a concept was born which earlier was a dream already, I think to play in a full, big band And then the story began, with Rakor with putting the band together seriously and also with with Wierni band and DJ Fauda Boomtown, a legendary club And there, I remember, was a party called “Free Mic” And it was sweet… We went there Presented oureslves…and it was a huge change again Once a month we did open mic and we wanted to give a chance to everyone and one day these two youngsters showed up… out of the blue wtf? you know… and they started singing, yeah? And people on the dancefloor had a problem to define when it was the real R-Kelly and when Łozo? Or when Jay Z was rapping and when Tomson? They were the first to start singing there and it was something awesome and fresh for sure Yeah, it was the first contact and I knew that something will be wrong with them, listen man they will end up in a big tub, right? We also had a chance, as Wierni band, to cooperate with Lajan, the bassist It started to grow, you know One called the other, hey, Śniady come on, guys are here, let’s do something And Śniady called Torres and it went on pretty fast… I was just after first year of studies I came for holidays to Olsztyn… and Lajan told me – I have two buddies who sing something, rap, go crazy… We had to get to know each other, you know The idea was – so what? Should we meet? Maybe we’ll do something together All the equipment I had at home so when they came we had turntables my mother’s piano a bass guitar, you know So we basically sat and tried what actually turns on this guy, me… is there anything in common a so called language for that And it turned out there was… You can feel that this is your buddy Love for the first, you know Sight This wave was created Which at first took Śniady Because Lajan said he had a pianist from Wrocław and in a natural way… of this wave was telling guys that he studied with a cool drummer, maybe he would be useful Our first meeting with the guys, When Wojtek with Tomson and Lajan came to Wrocław… And I remember arriving at Rura club in Wrocław by car, with Jay Z playing loud unplugged album With The Roots I arrived, guys where already there and it took about… 2 seconds that we high fived and I knew that there was a total understanding Some integration, party and a rehersal and, you know, love started A formed band went to the finals of a student festival in Cracow Boys definitely stood out with their music looks and expression in front of other contestants The next important step was wining the Olsztyńska Gazeta young bands overview Money won this way was used to make a professional studio recording in Olsztyn For us it was clear, that if it was supposed to be a good studio and high level recording… only Kiełbasa… They had their vision I didn’t create a lot Afromental already was …on a high level that I didn’t feel to interrupt At first it was our man, who really led us in a good way, recorded our two numbers The breakthrough “Bananowy song” it was cool… With this cool… It sounded so good, that we signed a contract for five albums For sure Afromental was one of these bands to which I proposed to stay here Instantly you could feel something is going to come out of it Kortowiada! Are you there? You don’t watch Afromental concerts! You take part in them! Are you there?? Afromental started giving concerts firing up parties in the clubs all around Poland We had to start from covers, you know we don’t have our own numbers, let’s start with something But there were also more official occasions For the first time I saw Afromental on the 60th anniversary of a music school which I graduated from I performed there as one of the laureates And my first thought was either they are f***ed up or genius And somewhere during the rehersals Grzechu heard us and got a bit interested in it we started talking and in the meantime it came up he also played there and it turned out he had no musicians so maybe we could play with him… We exchanged contact details… And I called Wojtek with a simple question what are you up to? what stage are you on? And he said, we play in exchange for a beer A few gigs This demo record Wojtek sent me Worked in a second I heated up the situation in EMI Music Robert Jagodziński, who was responsible for A&R so the artistic / repertuar part of our business was in Olsztyn in a studio and met Kiełbasa there, who played two numbers to him Which included Bananowy Song, performed by the boys There was a meeting and we thought we should definitely sign a contract with the band And that’s how it started Cooperation with Afromental I got the guys a contract in EMI Music On conditions we could have, at that time, arranged to a band without any history I said I saw them during a concert They are great and throw everyone on their knees who are on the market That this is a stage band A band that’s open, talks, discusses with the audience Which sucks in which is simply very good is a western band in Poland There was a concert in Blonde club and we went there and they were great A few people from the company went there to see that I remember going backstage after the concert and talked seriously about the contract and signing it So it was a… an important thing in their career A short time before releasing their first record a street video was made to the song “I’ve got what you need” Which was submitted to the Top Trendy 2007 Festival Getting ready to this performance, the boys for the first time saw the backstage and felt the vibe of the big tv transmitted events And we all got excited we’ll have stylists… And the stylists came… looked at us And said – oh God… Take off these clothes First of all what do you like wearing? This, this and that… This is not it, it doesn’t fit you To you also… You will wear this And then, I felt… I was ready for a big change, but… I felt so tired… I thought – so am I wearing everything in a wrong way? We had everything prepared, including dance moves… With Tomson We had a chance to work during their first Top Trendy We got the crew together Wojti danced a little but everything was “boys next door” All in all, after the Top Trendy festival that a few important people in our career saw us there for the first time Like Adam Szarmach, our manager Łukasz Targosz, with whom we have worked many times a series, a movie… Edyta Górniak took a look at us I think… It means they made an impression on me… musically… and… it’s cool Finally, it was time to record a debut album We have been recording an album We’ve recorded it in two… maximum three months It was a good time Marek Piotrowski produced the album which did not satisfy me that much… to be honest Radio stations didn’t want to play it… First album is always to make way… We did the hardest part When I heard about the band Afromantal… It didn’t all quite fit together I didn’t know their music… It looked pretty average But when I went to the studio and actually heard it That it is cool, it is… Interesting, right I don’t play my part in everything Moreover, they weren’t at all recognizable back then I wouldn’t have any “fame” out of it like e.g now they would invite me I would look at it from a different angle And then it was on a friendly level Would you take part in a number? Sure I would! There were great expectations towards this record because we thought we were doing a revolution There was a contract already! Yeah, something really interesting Success, success for sure! Grzechu tried to cool us down, guys, it might not be… Nooo, it will be great, awesome… So we got a slap from life, reality…. We sobered up a little We saw how it looked like That it isn’t that… if you sign a contract with a big publisher suddenly you are well known and the first day you release an album it is available everywhere, big billboards with your face in every town And the single is played on the tube It’s not like this…. This is the lady I will buy my first record from [Kiss kiss] Afromental, remember it! We wanted to sell at least gold… so 15 thousands Unfortunately we didn’t sell gold… in that time… We were a little disappointed but we didn’t give up I don’t want to judge if… it was a commercial succes or if it wasn’t the history shows, that the path was right In the story of Afromental a problem with the former guitarist appeared they had a disonance among them I said, listen… do what you think is right, but I know a guitarist it is Baron I saw Alek on one of festivals in Wrocław, where I was on the jury I was stubborn that there is a guy plays the guitar, has dreadlocks and I could hear he had great jazz scales he can improvise, but has this… awesome stage potential he was the only one visible to be honest and then… far far away… nothing I don’t have the 10th anniversary with boys, I have 8ht A total row of coincidences, I am from Wrocław and I started a cooperation with Blog 27 I picked a phone call from Śniady whom I have never seen before also from Wrocław That a former guitarist can’t join and if I wanted to give it a shot Before I got to Blog 27, I had to resign from another project I was taking part in in Wrocław And my mother said – Aleksander, you know… Work, playing in the theatre every week… you are going for one job to Warsaw and what’s next? And I decided on my own to go for this one job And there were more with Blog, so I met Łozo And thanks to that I am a part of Afromental When you are a frontman, like Tomson and Łozo and you need this energy in the middle of the show orto rest a bit, you need someone to just… take this whole energy and focus the attention of the audience on themself that is… that is exactly Alek Funny thing is I learned to play many instruments professionally and on the guitar I’ve learnt to play by myself …and and what… I love it! Mom I’m on Heineken How beautiful is it here… And I play this blues and the wind is so cool the wind is so cool I remember it was year 2006 At that time I was starting my job in MTV as a presenter and a producer and together with Wujek Samo Zło we got the kid a young presenter to teach him It was Wojtek Łozowski Girls, tell me how it really is… when you put on a… short skirt, bare belly put on push up, boobies out so how do the teachers react? Okay! When you have a bare belly, put on a mini skirt It’s time for a shocking subject the subject of toilets, loo, WC! Thereis Mr Paweł, come ooon! Working in MTV which was great fun, but also a beautiful lesson of life for me in many matters and Afro which was evolving… And so paralelly my career, and Afro career went up… He came, full of energy, enthusiasm but also very musical guy who freestyled, jammed with us sang along… And he quickly showed me his first records which made a huge impression on me My bosses allowed me to be a little more relaxed Łozo was coming and talking what he wanted totally abstract things, but at the end of every show he always said goodbye, said Thanks a lot, itwas Wojtek Łozo Łozowski all the best rememeber: Afromental – don’t forget it! The best band in the world, blaaaau! We are a weird creature, which knocks on the door from the different side thanks to MTv, thanks to Dancing With Stars thanks to Must Be The Music thanks to the Voice Of Poland We are going through the bushes It appears that behind thee bushes is a pot of gold and we follow to another bushes There is no path, album, contract, radio, success We’ve been trough everything in the studio all the tricks food, drink and funny… making up silly songs and stupid jokes Beans, peppers? I see a facey! And I don’t see one! And I don’t see, and I see! In the rainbow? Give me roll to the heather! He likes to chill out… Not to feel stressed he takes off all his clothes and records naked He likes it Meee…. It’s true… From the first record There is a ritual That on every album I have to record something naked Look! This is where we all meet! A shot from the ass Always in good price Baron is a terrible peasant Śniady is always pissed off What is that? Mortadela! Baron is always late… An hour ago I was supposed to play a concert Tomson is absent… We make jokes all the time this is the basic of Afro a big perspective and we plug little needles all the time Ha! Welcome in the studio! Afromental session, next album! Do you know where I’ve been? In the garden at home… and I thought, oh, the shop… It gives a bigger k….. Look, what a pretty sandwich Three cheeses with an onion Flying, you should add… First of all a lot of ease… and that sense of humour they have… It was always visible in the interviews that thay didn’t take questions seriously First question: where did Afromental name come from? From the a**! We have to organize our conversation somehow So ok, a lesson of style… First of all: wellingtons, as you can see Good wellingtons, with felt Long pants …a hoodie And bare head, bare… Always! Because you never know what falls and it’s a pitty to lose a hat Stimulated by the squirrels, surrounding us Always! I’ll tell you… censorship! And… who won in the golf game last time? And on another subject: why doesn’t Baron sing? The answer is: Baron won the golf game and his reward is ban on singing… Exactly! Most people didn’t hear the live material, so wee keep playing it and we play it best in the World and we love playing it We also love licking mics… They are sitting here… Afromental…. I will regocnize this neck everywhere A man half a man, half a mug But… Ladies and gentleman, this is the suck A basic suck What is the formula of a good suction? mc square, minus the pink shade of the mug We’d like to ask for wishes for people from Ostrołęka 100 years, 100 years, long live! Ostrołęczyns! Ostrołęczans! Ostrołęczans! I don’t have any better people who I like to have fun with and party… than Afromental But it’s not easy working together We will f**k some rock’n roll! And mental house! Oh, five zlotys! I got it! I got it! Found! Wodecki! F**k, WODECKI!!! I want to be on tv too… No no no, you won’t, no way… No no no, don’t show him It’s an interview without Śniady! Cut him out! The longer you stay with us, the worse things you’ll see Further concerts on bigger and bigger events confirmed the huge stage potential, which slowly became band’s showcase In 2007, thanks to Baron winning the contest for music producers Afromental played on Coke Live Festival The show made such an impression on the promoters that they decided to renew the invitation next year Further concerts allowed boys to meet their music idols Performing on one stage with N.E.R.D. Supporting Jill Scott, The Roots… Were a dream come true for the band… When Pharrell points at me… During Rockstar… And he shows something like: c’mon! C’mon! And I think: what the f**k?! What does he want? C’mon! C’mon! And suddenly his huge bodyguard comes… A bodyguard from the stage, who says c’mon! C’mon! And he gives us a hand and we all start climbing up the stage… Until now people come up to us and say I’ve been on the Coke Live concert, it was great… And we are talking talking, and she comes up and she – like she was a little girl… Says to us: Hi, I’m Jill… And we were all like…. [in shock] She said we shouldn’t focus on a quick success just to consequently do our job and the fanbase will grow… And not to get too chocked up on some shots… which can bring you off your track… Which we contrarily didn’t listen to and published Radio Song soon afterwards… Yes! Of course!!! I don’t want to flatter them, but it’s a solid band I saw them… a couple of years ago When they started performing Who didn’t have a chance to see them live won’t ever get to know how they smash with energy …and power and their skills It’s cool that such band is on the market I like it every time, I know some songs and each time I see them live, there is power… And that’s how it should be… Great thing is that they have a constant turbo-passion They walk their way, playing hard, guitar tunes With the power of true rockstars from the US As you can see on stage, it fits also visually Musically, vocally, visually – everything fits People who stopped at Pray 4 Love or Radio Song Who came and saw the present form of Afromental were shocked… That – wow, I didn’t know it’s such band… I knew how they were playing… and I said: do you know how many people have no idea? That this band looks like this… Seven guys… Each with a strong personality I had a chance to hear how good they are, because I dropped to their rehearsal to shout… Before I said hi I took the mic and joined the music because it inspired me And we played a set for circa 20 minutes and it was very cool I was on one of their first concerts They invited me and I went… And to pull me out of home for a concert in my age is very hard… And they have this power in them It’s not very important, you know… Pharaoh’s revenge… Pharaoh in Sudan, right? Whatever… it’s here I think they are all media animals And each is in his own world Special… And that’s why I’m pissed they are not known worldwide Good morning, gents, good morning… Get up and go on tour! What is this? Very funny… So you don’t know that in Sudan you shouldn’t eat in roadside burnt buses food like susages or tripe? Only in good restaurants? I think not only tripe and sausages… Just the bacterias are different… They ate shi**y food and now suffer I don’t suffer, cause I’m black. Traitor! And I actually became friends with Mitja and he said I was his first mate in Poland Because he is obviously from Slovenia So I invited him to my house, introduced guys to him He listened to our music and said Damn! Why such good music shouldn’t be in the series if I was the one to say there should be a music theme I said let’s do Afromental! He said: we have to do it, play a concert I will invite the producers and directors I went to the producer, said: listen, I have a band for the next season I think we went to a concert together it was Justyna Pawlak She also said it was a blast and… …and so they took part in the second season A propos 39,5 series… Right!!! Where did the seveth puzzle come from! It was earlier… it was earlier The most important day in the series was the same day as the most important concert on my Dad’s tour And the lady producer said ok, you can have a replacement, but if it will be once, it has to be all the time Because it was about the face… And since then… when I joined the crew in the series it turned out it would be good for me to stay Two drum sets was something we thought of as an idea for the forthcoming concerts So we discussed it… We proposed Dziamas to stay with us And so we joined these forces together and we became 7 out of 6… 39,5… The main composer, man responsible for the music was Łukasz Targosz And it happened in general that Łukasz Targosz worked with them in the studio they loved each other, because it was a great cooperation And he invited them to “Love & Dance” then… WTF? We are starting the recording another fun with “Love & Dance” movie… Łukasz got an offer to produce sound in the first movie based on the strong, western productions Iw was supposed to be a dance movie First in Poland And wonderfully thinking decision-makers wanted to give Łukasz pop-rock artists So the ones who are on top not the ones who could handle it musically Hello, do I have contact with the base? He offered us, unknown boys… Who play music which was ok for the choreography and he won but it’s a different case, because here he considered mainly vocalists these were Łukasz Targosz’s productions These are not Afromental productions Łozina, come on over here! Thanks to “39,5” and “Love & Dance” The band started to be recognised differently We did a special edition album, added these songs to sell more of the first album And I think it became a success that year Thanks to the two productions, the series and the movie It was a big step in Afromental’s career We called this albym “Playing with pop” So basically… having fun with popculture and the whole world of it… And such album was released And a discussion started about the single and when we are talking about singles… You have a little gift here a nice one… Present perfect! The record company thought of releasing Pray 4 Love as a single They did research in the radio stations stations were all thrilled that it’s gonna be a hit …that it’s perfect for the radio And after many internal discussions… with the label, with people who… are important and experienced personas on the market We decided to agree for this song to be the single During shooting the video for Pray 4 Love the plan was to make it low budget and funny That it should be a pastiche and a farce We did the slo mo shots, blurry… It was all great and we had a great time on set We made jokes we were laughing… And we thought it’s gonna be so funny… It couldn’t have been different if all of a sudden an unknown band showes up and all the seven faces are shown And nothing of this pastiche can be seen on the screen There is a serious Baron, folding hands… I pray for love! We thought people will see the pastiche in it And that there will be no stress that we are soft guys But with a lot of ease, with a wink as we treated everything back then and we still do Even when we saw this edited video we didn’t protest We were more excited with what was happening That an unnkown band, TVN is making a clip for us… To a movie, which will have budget of milions… That it’s going to be a hit! The bad side of it was that after such video a boysband’s label was sticked to us… Little boys chosen in a casting… All pretty, in colorful clothes… Who wave they hands nobody knows why… Because they can play, but have no instruments It’s hard to say who is the singer… because there is so many of them… And each of us sang, because we wanted to… They did this Pray 4 Love song, caught all the girls when they were young and now they rape them with an awesome, hardcore music Which they couldn’t have done if there wasn’t Pray 4 Love That’s why they have to respect the song And Pray 4 Love was this blast Even if they are now a bit ashamed of it… which is pointless… It’s like if Rolling Stones were ashamed of Angie Every label would love another 70 songs like this Don’t sing out of tune! F**k! When we released “Playing with pop” and had many offers of cooperation from very commercial stations… both radio and tv Then we had a bit of… decision… Like LeBron a bit… what to do? Should we stay being faithful to our ideals and tries to throw stones from under the wall and shoot arrows to conquer the castle… Or maybe with a Trojan Horse trick With a slight wink of an eye to those who knew release the singles as we did… Which we now call a pulp And then, when they will throw us in one place with big players From the sweet fishes… will grow piranhas, sharks and other underwater stuff Trojan horse was a plan set a long time ago We always knew we will hit strong, with strong medium But at the begining we had to fight for the audience And this Trojan horse, a bit painful And the audience is curious what’s next… We wanted the second song promoting the album to be totally ours The band wanted to head towards rock music And we knew that if they wanted their songs to be played Especially in mainstream radios They should head towards pop music We went to the record label so proud That we did it, we have new great songs There is rock’n roll, hip hop, a bit of funk… They said: cool cool, but not for the single maybe you could use a producer from the outside Sometimes artists come and bring us a song and we say ok, but it needs to be slightly changed so that the radio would broadcats it If you don’t want it to be played in the radio we can leave it as it is… And some artists decide to make some changes It hurt my ego so much, that I went home took an acoustic guitar and I recorded a so called “stupid song” The refrain was made in 30 minutes on a knee So what… let’s apologize for such song… Ok, so… I’m sorry that I… Like… the whole situation is about men and women but really these women are an expression of the music which we made so far and a new, elegant lady from showbusiness who offers a lot to us and tempts us with her tinsel… Everyone thinks it’s a ballad That they sing about women, girls, love… And for real they sing that they don’t want to write such songs It’s a “f**k off” for real… all in all… So we took this song to the record company and they said: yes, that’s what it was about! Exactly… It’s a hit! This is a proper song So, we can make a hit song, let us write our own now So you have a single! We weren’t forced to release this single It was our decision We will be remembered better and we will have a bigger chance to come out with our material later… The decision was awful… I remember we were sitting in the record company …and I cried like a child I cried, tears were running down my cheeks sitting at the bosses’ office in the company and I bit my teeth – okay, let’s release this song I totally didn’t want us to do it, but I understood the arguments given by the people who know this market Nobody betrays no one here… Just… for the comercial reasons and for the song to be played in the radio sometimes we have to compromise… And we came to the record company and… and… and they said no, it’s not a radio material That they have to do something for the radio a radio song, right? And guys wrote a f****ing radio song And I just copied what was happening on that meeting with the record company And made a scenario of a video out of it That we came there with “we want it” and they said we have to do something that will sell so… a radio song No! No. Gentlemen, it was… shit. Shit. Exactly. It won’t sell Shit. What is it about? Well, you don’t know what is it about and this is the problem. Because it’s about nothing. It’s a song about nothing. And we need a song about? Something. Exactly. Love. Hugging… Feeling. Passion… Forrest. Night… A car. Radio… A man. A woman… And? A child… No. No…? Money. aaaa… money… Yes, exactly. Okay! Write something for… For the radio… Yes! Radio song! Exactly… For the radio… Yes, it was a hit song… and the rewards came… and the band was noticed And the success last until today. It was fun later in the record company when we showed this video, and they were so thrilled that it is a real life, see how the women from the company were right! See? They said you should do a radio song! And see how famous they are now! And they have girls and even cocaine! They’ve got everything, look how cool they are! When it comes in the middle… You turn around in the middle and… wtf is this… Working with Afromental on set is a massacre… Everyone does his own things You know, it is funny, but… nerve wrecking, you can go crazy… But it’s always worth it in the end, because they are worth it, cause they are cool… You know, different things appear And later they split into… who doubt a bit… and those who want more f***ing hardcore And me in the middle, for f***k sake, you know… And this is Afromental… but in the end it’s worth it, because it’s fun! A bit of sun… I try really hard For so long now… After a huge commercial success of both singles from “Playing with pop” nominations to many awards showered And it was just a matter of time when the statues started getting to boys’ hands… Afromental! [Band of the year] Afromental! [Band of the year] Afromental! [Image of the year] Afromental! [Video of the year] Our artistic conscience is clear because if it was a purpose itself to just get into showbusiness and do poplin… Speaking widely… It would have been shallow and unambitious… The problem is in the system of reaching a person Because people know things for which they don’t have to reach out …what hits you in the face So a video, even from five years ago… If our songs are not on the radio, for three years people have a blank spot what are we playing? They don’t know… Just now… They get to know, through our hard work during concerts And we’ve learnt that a single musn’t be the easiest singing number on the record, but a showcase of the record… And a showcase of the artist… It was considered totally differently in the past And it was a basic mistake, that a single is a song which not actually yours, but it’s for the radio and the album is for you. So the album will be listened by 10 to 12 thousands from 40 milions of people? And milions of people will hear seven times a day this one song which tells nothing about you… And the effect of it is what happened to us… we landed in a place which we didn’t fit to… which was not for us… We were thrown and threw ourselves there somehow And who wins “video of the year” category? As for those times, when Pray 4 Love was released we, in the radio stations or on the music market competed with Krzysztof Krawczyk, with Feel, with Maryla Rodowicz… And so called old dinosaurs, excuse me, who we totally respect of course, but there were no young bands on the mainstream pop scene at all… The success itself opened a box: hello, It’s time to play with young people, for young people In Poland, in the mainstream… Hello, Katowice! Make noise!!!! And another ball landed in our hands… With the awards it’s cool, you know, we got – and it’s not boasting about, it’s a cool story We have so many awards, that, you know, Well, twenty! First one of us took it and we agreed on a queue and when another one comes up who will get it And for today each of us has two Because we got 7 MTV statues… 7 pieces Helloooo, MTV Cribs, welcome Afromental welcomes in a house of creative work! And now our narcisstic corner… So an array of awards we got during the last few years This first award is very characteristic, MTV EMA Exclusive Massage of Angelica It’s a personal award This is an award for Exclusive Massage of Anna another award, Exclusive Masage of Agnieszka This is for Exclusive Massage of… what was her name? Andrzej! …Andrzej! Exactly… What else… It’s a prestigeous national award a lying old lady Here’s the face Incognito… Good team – we play bowling with it… The second “good team” Golden record – of course American, so not 15 or 7 thousands but a real milion and without digital copies a really significant stuff we sold a lot, a lot is being sold, and we will sell it all the time… Awards… here we have some cosmic awards from institutions ESKA so… exclusive sex contra… Abortion! …thank you A poem, I can read it together with my friend Wojtek Roses above, violets below… and Afromental… yeah, they like daisies… I think our power, that we are still sitting here apart from liking each other personally and loving Is that we have an audience to play for, and those are not random people, because they started coming to our concerts being 15 today they are 25, so they are slightly younger than us Aware of music, studying or working… and still attending our concerts Words like Afrofamily started to appear… Afrogang… So everything connected with Afro… and… the band and our technicians, Afro crew and those people Afromental rallies is an amazing thing, because it’s a really big event… And it’s not organised by us… These are people who really take us in 100% And thanks to this we have a freedom of doing whatever we want with our songs… …and, and we like surprising them Since the first rally… we are pempered by our fans, because we get tons of presents This is one of my favourite gifts, because it’s me as a lord… Welcome to Muzoliada In front of you… the REDS… Young lady, young lad… I got “Rock&rollin’ love” and I said it is a… …what is the name of this style, for f**k sake… Rock&roll! And that rock&roll was very… rebel… rebelious… during the time it arised… And I said we have to move it to the 60s, 70s… It’s not important, in this video 60s to 80-s mix… so everything is mixed! At last we played the instruments, right? It was our first video with instruments! We all had wigs, Torres had an afro… we all had mustache… Costumes… boots… It was all inspired by Trubadurzy or Czerwono-Czarni And in this convention it was a lot of fun! Invite all the audience… For our song… “I pray for love” I hereby invite you, to listen to the song “I pray for love” My Kasia called me and said look what a video I found The Reds! Really, I thought… until today I often watch it It is a proof of big sense of humour and very rock&roll condition of the boys… We recorded this song at my place, me and Baron at 1:40 a.m., wearing underpants and t-shirts… And it was on the shooting day At 1:40 a.m., when we didn’t yet have a song… Ok, let’s do something… So I took my acoustic guitar, he grabbed the mic The worst sounds, polka jazz… And to laugh at ourselves even more and not to work too hard we thought we won’t write lyrics, just translate… our Pray 4 Love hit song… And the whole philosophy came to it, that The Reds actually existed and they wrote this song And that Pray 4 Love was our tribute to them… Abd that we translated to English what they once did… And that The Reds “Praying for love” was first… What I remember from this video of course there is again Afromental band… where you keep telling them for 5, 10 minutes… It’s an attempt, guys… we can destroy all this stuff only once… so now we just try and see where the camera should be Just a try… And of course we say, attempt one, action… And that Afromental… no, Baron… starts smashing everything what there is… and we were all like: Nooooo! You see, because he doesn’t listen… And well, that’s how they are… Funny, you know… And he only saw, huh, a guitar, I’ll smash it! So much fun! He doesn’t listen at all… …but that’s why they are cool, yeah You cant’s change them, you have to use them And take the good stuff out of them. I hope we will go to Venezuela one day It’s our biggest dream… The Caribbean… I’d love to see such sand… Such colour of the water… Beautiful ladies on the beach… A big part of every band’s life is touring… Afromental performed in a few countries… And one of the most exotic journeys was South America It’s a bit hot here, right? A bit… If we crashed and this camera would remain… We love you! But most of the time they tour by bus around Poland Howdy! It’s Sunday Weekend is gone! And we are starting tour! We have a system of penalties Every 15 minutes of late arrival… …so, the 16th minute… 100 zlotys But it was last year It didn’t work, 15 minutes was too much No we have 10 minutes, 11th is 100 zlotys, 21st minute is 200 zlotys Half an hour and a minute is 300… It’s not much! To be honest, you know… But if you are half an hour late three times… And you have a grand less, you think…damn… I could have gotten up earlier… Let’s go! I have the best one! I have the best one! I have the best one! Dear ladies! If all seven of us get on the same stage in the same town… it can be considered a success I am Luba I take care of all the bands technical stuff I generally throw towels and serve them drinking water Good morning, my name is Rafał Smoleń And I manage front-of-house of Afromeeeee Tomson! We have fun like this! As if the World would end tomorrow! We are having fun in this lovely crew… It’s beautiful, no one will pop off… And today we will sit until dawn… It’s gonna be beautiful and tomorrow… Tomato soup with sour cream… And sour cre-aaam… Heading for concerts you always hope for a safe return home… Unfortunately, one of the mornings in 2011 turned out to be very dramatic… Because touring also has it’s dark sides… It’s shitty that we have to travel on our shitty roads and sometimes it happens… that it won’t be nice and cool… Be we don’t want it to sound very sad… because there is no use to be sad anymore… the guy you see over there now… Played with us for the last couple of years Our friend, our buddy, our musketeer… A man thanks to whom always, everything was working on the stage… The technical boss of our stage He was 23 years old and he was an awesome guy Always smiling, full of passion to what he did Unfortunately six months ago we had to… well he left us We had a car crash, unfortunately It’s a part of this job, this risk we have to take Nonetheless we would like to… When I say Mati, you say Bajzel… Mati! Bajzel! Mati! When I say Mati, you say Bajzel… Mati! Bajzel! When I say Mati, you say Bajzel… Mati! Bajzel! Mati! We were recording “The bomb” album… In Soho Factory… And it was a few days into Bajzel’s fight, it was better, sometimes worse… there was hope, he was in the best hands, also the care was great… And I remember, that with our manager Adam we planned, in the studio where we recorded to go and see him I don’t drink, smoke and… umm… fornicate And adam receives a phone call During the talk, that tomorrow we are seeing Bajzel he receives a phone call he steps back for a while… we are looking at him… and Adam turns white… You know, I… ummm… I can’t forget that And he said: we are not paying visit to Bajzel… no more For an hour it was so… I remember this moment, when… everyone of us went crying to the other part of this parking lot… After an hour we came back together, hugged strongly We are not a band that is meeting like people, who… like each other more or less, or at all but have a business and act to go through it We are a really close-knit team And we, as we are here, drink vodka together and play PlayStation And also we are friend with those, who are not seen, and Bajzel… Absolutely deserved our friendship and we deserved his… because he was an amazing, ultra-talented person… Afromental band, dedicated the song “Rolling with you” to Bajzel As they did the whole, third album – “The bomb” Album “The bomb” is a bit of a summary it was at that time a summary of Afro, which from the begining to the end through the years wanted to gain style So there was a bit of R’N’B and a bit of rock’n’roll a bit of soul Again our own mixture… A cocktail, but… but it was more in our style already I think we constantly grew up On that album there are strong numbers as The War What is it called? “Rise of the rage” – excuese me… Like “Rise of the rage” Or “Naughty by danger” Where we show the claws… These are the most pushy numbers on this album And the singles where also a resultant of, despite all, turning on the overdrive, but still making music, which… will be not uncompromising, but assimilable I was invited to feature in a verse of the third single of Afromental album “The bomb” Everything was in English, so it was natural for me, that I also feature in English Especially that I did it before in my projects and I didn’t have a problem with it We met three years ago with the guys they were kind enough to visit my school in Łódź on the other side, I had the plaesure of taking part in the video for “It’s my life” And for me it was also a big experience because it was my debut in such projects… The next album they’ve released, “The bomb” Wasn’t played in the radio stations too much, especially the mainstream ones… On the other hand, their popularity has overgrown the album because despite of all we sold a gold album And no one was expecting it, and everyone said it was a bad idea Sometimes if someone is as stubborn as Afromental it’s worth to follow this path because you can also succeed During recording of the third album Tomson, Baron and Łozo were invited to sit in juries of two – competitive – music talent shows It started with my “Must” [Must Be The Music] it lasted a while… the guys went to “Bitwa na głosy” then they got a proposal from “Voice” and something incredible happened from one band, in one time… in two most competitive tv stations commercial, top stations… in this country sit, as a part of the jury… in a very similar programs… Guys from one band sit as a jury and it’s a weekend with Afromental It makes hard to do the rehearsals, it has to be adjusted but we made it well, it wasn’t that it took so much time… Because in this band… we talk about everything we always play open cards I think that is why we still function talk we always talk through everything They are great, rock’n’roll boys I remember at one of the shows Baron said… We, tykes, and I said: Baron, I love you! I am a tyke too, I am a rock’n’roller too, right? You have to admit that Tomson and Baron are totally… First of all great buddies… Secondly… They always have positive energy Third thig is, it is great to work and sing with them… They know how to work their magic on the Internet they know how to drag young audience to the concerts And these are the questions they can respond to those who they train, and these are significant answers Tomson is very intelligent, I love his sense of humor Ok, it’s time to choose, sorry I’m turned with my back but if you gained weight, lose it now! Very brilliant, and the responds he gives… and I stood up from my chair to kiss him not once… About Wojtek, I can actually only speak in superlatives not because we are shooting a documentary here because I don’t care We had a great, friendly relationship similar musical feeling in many cases Wojtek is: super kind, knowing all the modern rythms, bands, trends and so on which you can’t say about me He put the youth he’d put wise, good look at rap, for example which we didn’t have The great bang has to come, you know… and it came some time ago, when we decided we wanted to do such an album The biggest pleasure for us is… kicking ass Live in concerts I, myself, standing in front of the stage and there is no kicking ass, I stand there and I could watch a theatre play We come up with the ideas for songs… we are recording another album… and I think it is finally most honest… It is a puzzle of the seven of us, to be honest… Of course we have a common ground… because we wouldn’t be able to play together, otherwise It was always my dream to just hit a hardcore note, truly without compromise, but with a resonance I play and the energy comes back Album’s sale, people, concerts… And… And I realised I was thirty years old… I have these seven-string guitars that guys had… and I play the same rough riffs as they do I am happy as hell, together with Tores, when we play eye contact and – yeeeeaaaah! GO!!!! Who came to our concert knows how it really looks And we decided to record an album, which we won’t need to rearrange during concerts which we will play from a to z on the concert and it will be exactly what we did in the studio… The methods of work are totally different… There is no production recording, adding parts… There is just live 100% live, all the crew takes the energy in the same time, we are recording it… It’s the first time we are so well prepared for the studio that we know what and how to record… Well, two days and we have seven recorded numbers During writing lyrics for the recent album it was different… we met together sometimes, but mostly… in the studio or someone brought a verse and we did the work together in the studio Now we’ve focused on meeting and creating everything together I write, we are all in a symbiosis We have learnt the SP, so you “slow the project” we can quickly kick our ass, bring on And we don’t argue, it works towards that… the album is getting better “Mental house” Is our first single from the new, fourth album… I think we’re at the point where we can tell each other that… that we do the music we want to do… the last album, bomb, was less for the radio, we didn’t care if abyone likes it is it a hit or not So we came to a conclusion, that who will forbid us? This album didn’t… how to say it? It takes no prisoners! Adaś Szarmach and Maciej Woś, they are… an engine of our band, of our Afrocar My adventure with this band lasts seven years now I don’t know how many kilometers we rode together… we’ve spent a lot of time in the Afrobus and not only there I’ve learnt a loooot from them of optimism and positive way of looking at life because they just emanate it I got to know Afromantal in 2009 and like the others, I think i got enchanted by the energy and what kind of people they are a social relation bonded us… which in time evaluated into a business one… this cooperation lasts until now I hope the next seven, ten years will be at the same speed and we will spend the same amount of time together Both guys have the same much on their heads, truly Because apart from picking the phones organising the concerts they also have to deal with our time I love these two suckers I think they are the seventh and eight members of this band Afromental for me… is a band of a worldwide format, which the World didn’t discover For me Afromental is the most energetic band now, among the young bands which perform in Poland, absolutely They are just like that… Afromental for me means crazy! Yeah, I love them I am their fan, admirer I don’t remember, but I will never forget Afromental for me is a great, Polish, youth band which is one of a kind Afromentall for me are great buddies who do great music, that’s it Afromental for me is a fresh blow, energy seven personalities rare distance to themselves rare in the Polish showbusiness Afromental for me are mates, you know? They are friends… They are a band you can be friends with Afromental brings to my mind… youth strenght and the slogan Wojtek kept repeating when he wished someone well at this stage “Must Be the Music” to kick everyones asses today We have recently talked to other musicians… and I respect this approach that they would like to have a commercial success but they would like to remain themselves and keep their own something… and Afromental has it probably… Afromental for me is an open case, I think Seven men, everyone with his ego… They can compromise and they last together… Important is that I listen to them and I don’t think of the mistakes I just listen to them and it is a whole… recipe for buying me or not Afromental, seven crazy guys seven really professional musicians positive mates smiling, with a sense of humour that they are tykes is nothing but I like them a lot Afromental for me is youth and freshness I love Afromental, I wish them all the best and I hope we will meet on the stage and do WOOOOOOW! We are called Afromental and this year it’s eight years since we exist We were began here, in Olsztyn Here, in Kortowo It is a pleasure, after eight years, to come back and record a DVD with you lots of peace, lots of love! Believe your dreams and never think it can’t be done even if it’s the hardest make some noise!!!!! Afromental keeps moving forward what awaits in the future? Ambitions of Łozo, Tomson, Baron, Torresa, Śniadego, Lajana & Dziamasa always reached beyond thePolish border… We can be sure, that they will make it This stage animal is always hungry… Well, it’s… MORE THAN ONE ANIMAL We gave a lot, not all, but a lot as for… if we qualify for the concert, we guarantee a lot… whooo, in Olsztyn it happened not only once We hope that, that… That you liked us… 4 a.m. Tomson, let’s go to sleep… Ok, it’s time to introduce ourselves! Wojciech Łozowski Tomasz Lach Thank you very much! See you soon, we hope… a moment for the paparazzis!


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