After Edward: Guardian Angels with Annette Badland

Ooh, in my hour of need? Umm… Uuumm… Ooh… ( Playful pizzicato strings play ) Like Gertrude Stein I’d like to be with Picasso. The vivacity! And the spirit! And the endeavour, I love of him. And he was quite sexy, so that’s no bad thing being with someone like that! That would be quite an inspiration if you were stuck somewhere to have someone that can pull you out of your- you know, would take you away from the fear and might illuminate things for you which is what happens in the play too. I admire Virginia Woolf as a writer and love her writing so, I would look to her for inspiration And I mean having committed suicide she certainly had her own trauma so you could discuss and exchange and share together the trauma there. I would love to meet Gertrude Stein! I just have fallen in love! And she was complex and magnetic, and sensitive, and had a laugh like a beefsteak apparently so! ( laughs ) that’s a wonderful thing to have. I would have my best girlfriends with me too They set me up and they tease me and I think that’s quite healthy, and I think Gertrude would be like that too. I think it’s a very healthy thing to be able to laugh at yourself or have your flaws in a kindly way pointed out and laughed at, and shared! I would try and choose people that could develop me take me out of myself… shine a light on me too because I’m worth sending up I think… ( laughter ) ( playful music draws to a close )

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