Ahista Ahista (2006) (HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Abhay Deol | Soha Ali Khan | Shayan Munshi

Flowers! Uncle, take these
flowers for aunty! Only for 25 rupees!
Only for 25 rupees! Sir! Sir!
– No! No! No, let it be! Sir, only one photo!
– Let it be! Sir, what is this? Marriage doesn’t
happen with a piece of paper. Yes, it does, pundit-ji. Let it be!
– No! Congratulations!
Do you want some music? Yes, sure. How much?
– 100 rupees. Then start!
– Hey! Start! 1, 2, 3. Hello, brother.
– Hello. Hello, sister. Today is your marriage?
– Yes. Congratulations! Congratulations! Do you see that? I got them married.
– Okay. I work as a witness. Do you have any witness?
– No. For registered marriage,
you need 4 witnesses. 2 from the guy’s side and
2 from the girl’s side. If you want, I can sign.
The price is 200 rupees. It is standard rate.
You can ask anybody. The person who is inside, tell
him my name. Ankush Ramdev. Your work will be done in a jiffy. Come closer.
Yes. Put your hands. Put your hands. Yes. Now look into the camera. That’s good! Now smile! Broader! Broader! Sir, get them married.
What’s the problem? Somebody has raised an objection.
So they can’t get married. Sir, if you want then
everything can be fine. Look, they are like your children. They have come here with high hopes. Please do something. I told you! I am going to
marry within 2 months! What! You can’t believe it? No, I am calling from the
registration office. Thank you. Goa. For 2 weeks. No, Bablu had received
an off of one week. But I want to fully enjoy here. What are you thinking so much? I can pull the strings inside.
Just wait and watch. Tiwari-ji.
– Yes. I wanted a marriage form. You will get it. Congratulations. To you too,
bhabhi-ji. My 200 rupees? Thanks. Thanks. Congratulations, bhabhi-ji.
What a nice couple! Don’t you want music
on your wedding? Hang on. Listen. Smile please. Chhotu.
– Yes. Get a tea. Give this tea to him. Thank you. Chhotu. Keep this. Ankush.
– I will meet you later. Hello, sister. Today is your wedding?
Congratulations. Do you have witnesses? Look, you need 4 witnesses
for the register marriage. 2 from the guy’s side and
2 from the girl’s side. If you want, I can sign.
The price is 200 rupees. It is standard rate.
You can ask anybody. He has still not come?
Must have got stuck somewhere. He will come soon.
The office has just opened. It is open till 5 o’clock. Do you see that tea stall?
You will find me there. Call me. Okay. Thank you. Keep it carefully for
the next hearing. Dheeraj Rasaria, Megha Joshi. Yes.
– Come. He has still not come. Your appointment was for
11 o’clock, wasn’t it? Manish Bhatt, Indrani Singh. He has still not come. You have received the number.
But no news of the guy. Please. Wait for a while. He didn’t come in the whole day.
Do you think he will come now? He will come! Kishore!
– Yes. Get this signed.
– No, the time is up. Kishore-ji, there is still time. Sister.. Are you still here?
Has he not come? He will come. Don’t worry. But do call me as the witness
for the marriage. It is night. Go home. Are you still here? Didn’t he come? Look, I think the matter is serious.
Go home. I have come from Nainital. Nainital? And that guy? He too.
– He too. Look, there is still time.
Take the train and go home. I have left a letter at home.
– Letter? I see! Letters like in movies. Do one thing. Call him. I have been trying his
cell since afternoon. It’s not reachable. And when I call home, somebody
else answers the call. They recognize your voice,
don’t they? Ankush.
– Yes. Is everything fine?
– Yes. Did you have dinner? Yes. I don’t think he will come soon.
– Coming! Can you please call on my behalf?
– Me? Please. Fine. I will say that I am his friend.
What’s his name? – Dheeraj. Dheeraj. And yours?
– Megha. Megha. Come. Hello. Greetings. Can
I speak to Dheeraj? Ankush. His friend from Delhi. Lucknow? For what? Okay. Fine. What happened? I will tell you. Is everything fine? Write it in the account.
– Fine. Come. I wish madam’s work is done. Then my work too will be done. How is this guy? Are you sure he loves you? Was he just flirting with you? Look, he has gone to Lucknow to
see the girl. For marriage. He won’t do this. He will come. Fine. Okay. Do you have any relatives
in this city? Do you have money? No. Then where will you stay? Will…? Will you help me? Please. Fine. Let me think for a while. The setting is perfect. Zulfi,
do one thing. – Tell me. Convey my thanks to Rajjo.
– Okay. And thanks to you too. Now you are talking like strangers. This is what I don’t like about you! Saying thanks to your friend! No! You say thanks to your friend! This is nothing.
I can do anything for you. Say it without hesitation! I can
even sacrifice my life for you! You are my best buddy. Fine. Lower your voice.
We are standing below your house. Go away from here! Fool!
People bring you here! Get lost! What do you
think of my house! Mother! Mother! What are you doing? Why are you saying mother?
– Leave her! Carefully! What are you doing? You! You were an orphan from birth. Now you have started
this business too! You elope with girls and
thrust them in my house! Lower your voice, aunty!
– Fool! What do you think my house is! Do you think it is a place
for you to have fun! Aunty, don’t create a scene!
– And you! I will thrash you! I had forbidden you! I had
forbidden you from meeting him! No, mother! No.
– Yes! He had threatened me! If I didn’t give shelter to that
girl, then he will thrash me! And he slapped me, mother! Slapped you, fool! Zulfi, don’t lie! Keep quiet! You fool!
– What’s the matter? Somebody call the police! Ankush is doing this business here! He is threatening my son too! You fatso! Keep quiet! I am quiet, that’s why you are
saying whatever you want! If you uttered another word,
then I swear on my mother.. ..I will give you a tight slap. And you! Mother’s dear son! Meet me in the lane!
Just meet me once! Rajjo, give me the suitcase. Come. This fatso has no brains! I spoke to you like a gentleman
initially, didn’t I? This doesn’t mean that you
will say whatever you want! What are you doing? Hey! Catch her! Don’t leave her! I won’t spare him!
– Come! She thinks that she
is my girlfriend. Can a girl like her
be my girlfriend? Blind fatso! Get your
eyesight checked! Stop! Where are you running away? These lower class people! I was mad that I brought you here. Forgive me. Will you climb the pipe? Girls are not allowed in my house. But if you climbed the
pipe for 3 floors.. ..then everything will be fine. I will push you from below. What is the day today? Thursday.
– Friday night. Come. “Come, meet me. Come, meet me.
Come, meet me. Come, meet me.” “Come, meet me. Come, meet me.” “Come, meet me.” “Come, meet me. Come, meet me.” “Come, meet me. Come, meet me.” “Come, meet me.” “Come, meet me. Come, meet me.
Come, meet me. Come, meet me.” “Come, meet me.” “The eyes that come.
The eyes that go.” “These eyes are waiting
for you, beloved.” “The eyes that come.
The eyes that go.” “These eyes are waiting
for you, beloved.” “Come, meet me. Come, meet me.” “Come, meet me. Come, meet me.” “Come, meet me.” “Come, meet me. Come, meet me.” “Come, meet me. Come, meet me.” “Come, meet me.” “The eyes that come.
The eyes that go.” “These eyes are waiting
for you, beloved.” “Since the time I fell in
love with my beloved.” “I have lost my sleep.” “Since the time I fell in
love with my beloved.” “I have lost my sleep.” “I search for my beloved.
I love my beloved.” “I wait to unite with my beloved.” “I search for my beloved.
I love my beloved.” “I wait to unite with my beloved.” “I wait for him.” “I wait for him.” “The eyes that are lonely.
The eyes that are crying.” “These eyes bear the
pain of separation.” Don’t worry. I have prayed for you. Now everything will be fine. “The eyes that come.
The eyes that go.” “These eyes are waiting
for you, beloved.” 2 buses have drowned. 100 people are feared
to have drowned. Good! If this continues then the
population too will reduce. You don’t worry. It is the matter
of just a few hours. Your Dheeraj will come back.
Okay? “Beloved calls me mad.” “Since the time I left my emotions. “Beloved calls me mad.” “Since the time I left my emotions. “I left with the desire
to meet my beloved.” “My youth melted like a candle.” “I left with the desire
to meet my beloved.” “My youth melted like a candle.” “It melted.” “It melted.” “The eyes that are awake.
The eyes that are sleeping.” “These eyes cry in your memories.” “The eyes that come.
The eyes that go.” “These eyes are waiting
for you, beloved.” “The eyes that come.
The eyes that go.” “These eyes are waiting
for you, beloved.” Fine. Okay. As soon as Dheeraj returns.. ..tell him to call on 23241625. 625. Yes. Will you remember the name?
Ankush. Thank you. I think he will surely come today. Your Dheeraj. Don’t worry. I have to go for work. You.. come here. Bhavana aunty.
– Yes. She is with me.
– Okay. Can she sit here? Ankush, what are you saying?
It’s your own shop. Come, dear. Come. Sit. Did you have fun at night? You too! You just talk rubbish! Is that so? Then why
didn’t you come home? You won’t understand.
– Yes, I understand everything. She is good! The girl is good! Kumar sir. How are you?
– Hello. I have found 2 more witnesses. Sharma-ji.
– Tell me. – The form. Everybody told me. Everybody. Don’t trust him. Don’t trust him. He will leave you on the street. That is exactly what he has done! Everybody said this Stay away from Dheeraj. Stay away. And I.. I am such a fool! Fine, Megha. I don’t know!
– Megha, people are staring. Look.. we will go away from here. Look, crying is futile. He must have got stuck somewhere. Maybe he will come tomorrow. He won’t come. What’s the matter?
Doesn’t seem to be a love affair. You are lucky. You will have great fun. This is not so. We just
have to spend the night. And I don’t have money. You have fun. That is my payment. And if there is any other
payment.. after you. Buddy.. this is not so. What are you saying? It is not necessary. Thank you. Come. Thank you, buddy. The bed is old. But it is strong. Bye. There is no need to worry. Ankush.. you are doing so much for me. Its nothing. Don’t think.. that
I don’t trust you. Maybe.. maybe.. ..maybe
I am too scared. And.. Say it clearly. What’s the matter? Look, I.. I don’t even know you. I don’t know whether you.. I mean.. I am a girl.
– And I am a guy. So? You are right. If a guy had been in your place.. ..then maybe I wouldn’t
have helped him. Not maybe. I wouldn’t
have helped him. Actually I haven’t stayed
in girls’ company for long. And.. I have no chance
with a girl like you. You are a traditional girl. So I like your company. And I feel proud that
I am helping you. That’s the only thing. Understood? I don’t love you. And.. there is no
question about sex. Already you are so tense.
Don’t be more tense. Have you gone mad? Thank you, Ankush. If you hadn’t been there..
I don’t know where.. ..I would have been, what
I would have done. Fine. Really Ankush, I want to thank
you from the depth of my heart. Fine. I will arrange for something to eat. Close the door.
I will be back in a jiffy. 2 plate of ‘Bhurji’. Ankush! Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Open the door! – Why are you shouting? Open the door! Who is it? Sekri! Sekri! What is going on?
– He.. Where is Megha? Where is she? A client had come. Why should I spoil my
business for your girl? You are such a scoundrel!
Couldn’t you have waited! Where is she? If she is not here,
then look upstairs. You came on the terrace? Did anybody say something?
Did somebody tease you? That Sekri too is a scoundrel. What happened? She told me to sit on the veranda. I felt scared there. Everybody was staring at me. He will do anything for money! I apologize for what happened. You just don’t cry. I threw the food too. You must be hungry. Come. Will you come home tonight?
– I don’t know. It has been 2 nights. Her boyfriend
has still not come. Why doesn’t she go back?
– She says she can’t go back. So you have taken
her responsibility? She is an alone girl.
It is Delhi. Where will she go? I am worried about this. Tea. Chhotu, listen. Do one thing. That girl over there.. give
this to her. There. Go. There. Tea. Ankush brother has sent it. What’s your name?
– Chhotu. What’s your name? Megha. Why don’t you take her
to some old age home? Have you gone mad?
Will I keep this girl there? This is not what I meant. The ‘Navjeevan’ old age
home in the vicinity.. ..there people are needed
to serve aged people. Especially girls. Will she stay there?
– Is there any other option? Fine. What will I have to do? Won’t you have some tea or coffee? No, thank you. I am glad that young
people like you.. ..are so compassionate
about senior citizens. I am glad that you are joining us. Thank you.
– Welcome. Why does he need money? Security deposit for the hostel. This is the limit!
Pay money for social service too! How much is he asking? 10,000 rupees. Deposit for 1 month. 10,000 rupees. It is possible. It is not possible. Come. I will get it.
– No, Ankush. Let’s go. I can get 10,000 rupees.
I will get it by evening. You will be in the hostel
room in the night. I can’t take so much money as loan. You are not taking loan.
I am the one who is taking loan. Look, I can’t put you in this mess. There is no other option. Even if you work somewhere, you
will get the money after a month. What will you do till then? Listen to me. Go and tell them that you will
deposit the money till evening. Fine? From where will you get the money? Zulfi! Stop! Listen to me! Stop! Oh Allah! Hey! Stop! Listen to me! You make me run early
in the morning. Look, what happened that night..
– Forget that! I have some work from you.
– What? I need money. On loan. How much? I have thought of an idea.
Money will double in a month. Only 10,000 rupees. Do you think.. I have so much money? You don’t have it. But your mother. She has so much money. Fine. So I will tell mother
that Ankush needs money. Fool! Think of some other pretext! I will return your money
within a month. On top of that, I will give
you 2000 rupees extra. So that you can have fun. No. What if you lose your money? It will be my loss.
But there won’t be any loss. It is a sure shot game. And as it is, no matter what, you
will surely benefit from it. Hey! Don’t talk rubbish! There is no deal in friendship! And what happened that night.. ..you thought that your friend
has turned back on his words. You know how I am
in front of mother. And can your friend ever betray you? Ours is a different case. Tell me. When do you want the money? Right now. It is cold outside. And you catch cold quickly. Father Pinto was saying so. This is not so. I got sick twice. You want to go for
a walk, don’t you? Wow! You look very handsome! Take this. Come. Come. Look, isn’t it cold? Hello, mister. Who are you? Ankush. Well, Ankush. You will have to leave. Megha or any other attendant’s
visitors are not allowed here. Do you understand? Megha? Who is Megha? The one whom you waved just now. I waved uncle. I have come to
meet him. Is that allowed? Is Mr. Gokhale your uncle?
– Yes. What work do you have from him? I don’t have any work. Whenever I get the time,
I come to chat with him. I don’t have parents. It feels good. That’s good! That’s very good! Bless you, my son. Thank you. Hello, uncle. How are you? Look, I have come again. So how are you? Fine. So you have settled here properly. Yes. As far as we could. Missing your family?
– Yes. Do you miss your family? No. – You don’t want
to go home now too? It is better to drown myself
rather than go back. Am I right? You tell me. Went away with my money! Move! Bansi! Bansi!
– Aunty! Where is that Ankush? Why don’t you say something?
– There! Where did he go? I won’t spare him!
– He is gone for lunch. Mother.. mother.. try to understand! He won’t be there, mother! There he is! There he is!
– Mother! Mother! Come!
– Mother! Aunty? You and here? The moon has come
out during daytime! Hang on! So.. Fool! You threatened my
son and took the money! Give me the money! Give it to me! Aunty, not now.
The clients are with me. Let them also know what
a scoundrel you are! With my money you are having
fun with your girlfriend. She is not my girlfriend. I had
explained to you last night! I see! So you have started a new
business of selling girls! Look! Look! He has started a new
business of selling girls! Don’t listen to her.
– Look! You see, since the time
her husband died.. ..she has received a big shock. You call me mad! You call me mad! Who dares to call you mad!
You are hale and hearty! All the doctors are lying. I like you. Everybody likes you. Fool! Deceiver! Leave him! I am not
going to spare you! What will you do?
How will you hit me? Show me. Mad woman! This woman is mad!
This is everyday drama! Don’t listen to her. She is mad. I will throw the money on her face!
What does she think? Your mother is crazy for money! I am scared. She might reach the
girl’s hostel for the money. Then you stop her.
– Okay. She will immediately
stop if I stop her! Witch! What will happen by abusing
or being tense? Do something. For 10,000 rupees
aunty will not wait for a month. 10,000 rupees is a hefty sum.
It is an unprofitable deal. Who asked for your opinion? I am saying that it is
an unprofitable deal. You can do anything with
this 10,000 rupees. I will make you a eunuch.
Then talk about loss. Ankush! Ankush, leave him! You are explaining to me! He will think only about sex
whenever he sees any girl. Scoundrel! – Bansi! Don’t you have
any mother or sister? I have. But I can’t look at
them with lustful eyes. Even about his family. Hello, sir. Hi. How are you? I am fine.
– Account. Meet him.
– Hi. Hello. Sir, I am from HDFC bank. Our bank is offering a good deal. If you open the account, then
you can get all kind of prizes. Would you like to open
the account, sir? Tell him about aunty’s address. Aunty? Okay, boss. He is my friend, Ankush. He wants 10,000 rupees.
Will he get it? You will get it, sir.
You will surely get it. By opening an account
with our bank.. ..you will get all kind of loans. I think you should try it out, sir. What do you get?
– What? What do you get for this work? 500 rupees commission for
all accounts. – 500 rupees! Come here.
– What? What do we have to do to
be an agent in the bank? What happened? Your work is done? I have joined the bank.
It is much better than the old job. And today.. you both are lucky. I have myself come to open
your accounts. – Account. Bansi, what do you have to say? Shall I come later? Nobody
is there in my shop. I will meet you later. Miser! Sharma-ji, why don’t
you open the account? There is no need for me
to open an account, dear. I need 20 people. Only then
will I get 10,000 rupees. That job of witness is better. There is less money. But
at least I do get money. Give me the diary. Do you know what is so special
about this dairy, Sharma-ji? Those people whom he
has got married.. ..their names, addresses and
phone numbers are in this. He is telling you
to open an account. Won’t it be better if he tells them? What do you say? Yes. They can’t forget me.
After all it’s about marriage. And my sign is on their
marriage certificate. Greetings, bhabhi-ji.
– Greetings. Did you recognize me?
– No. I had got you married a year ago. Your parents had a fight.
– Yes, yes. I took 200 rupees. Ankush Ramdev.
– Oh yes! Remembered?
– Yes. Where is your husband? He is not at home right now. I work in a bank. And you will
have to open an account. This is.. I want to open your account.
I have become an agent. I already have an account. You will get more benefits in this bank.
You know me, don’t you? Look at this. Oh Allah! Mother, today make
‘Paya’ soup for me. ‘Paya’ soup? You will
drink ‘Paya’ soup? Insolent! Fool! Shameless! I should make ‘Paya’ soup for you? Will you drink tea the whole day
or will you do some work too? Why are you staring at me? Why are you staring at my face? What? Why are you laughing? You!
Wait! Fatso! Fatso! He called me a fatso! Shameless! What are you doing? Go and nab him! I will slip! Go and nab him! Why are you going on staring at me? Fool! Allah! Go and nab him! Why are you staring at my face? Fine! Now calm down! Take this. Your money. And here is your interest.
Now count the whole day. And you meet me in the lane. Uncle, where is Megha? In the common room. Father Pinto.
– I saw Father going in just now. Come.
– There is good news. What? – I have repaid the loan.
I got 10,000 rupees. So soon! Your idea! Of that diary! I am
on the 3rd page of the diary. And I have made 10,000 rupees. You are such a fool, Ankush.
– Why? Don’t you think that only a
fool can do all this for me? Don’t your friends tease you?
That this girl is fooling you? I see! So you are fooling me! Then what! Do you know? Today I was passing
the marriage registrar. And I thought that I was
leading a dog’s life. Witness. No respect. No guarantee. I was finished. Then I found a new job. Of a bank agent.
It has respect and money too. And how did this happen?
Because of whom? Is that so? What is this? Please don’t open it now.
– But what is it? Don’t mind. But I am seeing you only.. ..in 3 dresses since so many days. Black, white and yellow. So..
– Ankush. Can you come out with me? We will go to watch a movie.
We will have dinner. We will party for repaying the loan. Yes, I can come. I will make some excuse. Thank you. Bye. “Beloved..” Take this.
– Why are you spending so much? Those days are gone. I am earning
nicely. You just eat. Do know what my bank manager told me?
– What? He said Ankush Ramdev, your
record is the best. You should try for the
area supervisor. Then what will you do? What will I do? I am not that
kind of a person. – What? Like a supervisor. You look like a high-class
man in pant and shirt. What harm is there in asking? You are calling me high-class.
You are mad. Why didn’t the bank manager give
this offer to anybody else? There are many like you,
aren’t there? There are. But..
– Because you deserve this. He knows that you are not amongst
those who will stop. Agent.. area supervisor.. boss. You can be anybody! What are you saying? My friends will laugh
if they hear this. Ankush you can be anybody! I don’t need to ask anybody
else about you. It is so cold. It feels good. In Nainital too the atmosphere
is like this. Is that so? Thank you, Ankush.
I will never forget this evening. There is still another thing. What? You mean to say there
is another surprise? Something like that. I want to make a call.
– Where? Your home. In Nainital. Megha. Ankush.. how can you
even think of this? You know the situation.
– Yes. What yes? What will I tell them? No, this is not possible.
I will not do it. Megha, you will do it.
You will do it right now. Ankush, they won’t even talk to me. They must be mad with rage.
No, I won’t do it. Megha, they are your parents. Have you ever thought what they
must have gone through? You are missing since
the past 2 months. They must be worried, not angry. And I am not saying that you
call them and tell them.. ..where you are and
what you are doing. I am just saying that they will
feel better after hearing your voice. Tell them that you are fine.
You are alive. How can I.. Megha, what I am saying..
that is right. Okay? Thank you, Ankush!
Thank you so much. Ankush, you have done
so much for me. But.. this is your greatest
favour on me. I will always remain indebted
to you for this. Let’s go. “I met you.” “Desires aroused.” “Many dreams.. were weaved.” “I don’t know where
my heart got lost.” “Gradually..” “Gradually..” “I met you.” “Desires aroused.” “Many dreams.. were weaved.” “I don’t know where
my heart got lost.” “Gradually..” “Gradually..” “Gradually..” “Gradually..” “I wish I cold stop these
passing moments.” “Forgetting the whole world,
I love only you.” “I love only you.” “For the rest of my life.” “I will live here.” “I don’t want to go away from you.” “I don’t know where
my heart got lost.” “Gradually..” “Gradually..” “Gradually..” “Gradually..” We will meet tomorrow. Tomorrow? Bye. I am sorry. Don’t mind. Very good! Excellent! Come here! Pack your luggage and go
away from here. Come on! Father!
– Don’t say anything! You have said enough! I want to serve the residents
because they have no one else. You have taken advantage of the
resident and the institute! For yourself! For this loafer! Well, this institute is
not a pick up point. Just get your luggage and get out! Sir!
– Get off the premises right now! We are not Father like you.
We are ordinary people. We do make mistakes. I don’t want to talk to you!
Get out of here! I only had brought
Megha to stay here. I had lied that I don’t know her. Then we would meet under the
pretext of uncle and aunty! Why I did all this?
What is my relation with Megha? I can’t answer these questions.
Because I myself don’t know. But I know that nothing is
wrong in this relation. I don’t think that I have
committed a crime. That’s why I am standing
in front of you. I can look into your eyes and talk. This girl has faced many
hardships, Father. I don’t want her to face
any more hardships. Yes, I love her. That’s why I request you..
don’t banish her from here. Give me 2 months. After 2 months I myself will
come and take her from here. Respectfully. I have got a good job offer, Father. As an area supervisor in the bank. Within 2 months, I will earn
enough to buy a house. Even I will work. Even I will earn. It will be done, Father.
Everything will be fine. Life will be set. Just 2 months, Father. Please. If henceforth you came
after 10 o’clock.. ..then you will have to stay out for
the rest of the night. Understood! Come inside. And you! Visiting hours are over. If you want to meet her, then
you will have to come tomorrow. Thank you, Father! Thank you. Thank you, Father! Hey! Aunty! Aunty! Switch on the light and come out! Have you gone deaf! Aunty! Hey, tell your fatso
mother to come out. Go away! Don’t raise chaos!
Mother will wake up! Go away! He doesn’t let me sleep! Scoundrel! Aunty! Aunty, you are great! That girl.. Megha, you had
said she is my girlfriend. Yes, she is my girlfriend!
You are great, aunty! I am coming to kiss you! Wait!
I am coming upstairs! Fool! You have become so shameless! Hey! What’s going on? Call the police! Not the police! Why are you shouting? You fool! You have made this a habit! You don’t even allow
us to sleep! Fool! You have harassed us so much! Dealer, what are you doing here? Just like that. I was waiting for you.
Where were you? Why? What work do you have with me? Bansi has brought somebody.
– So? He is waiting outside. He has come to meet me?
– Yes. Yes. Ankush?
– Yes. He is Dheeraj sir. From Nainital. He came to my shop asking
the whereabouts. Did you call me in Nainital? You had left a number. Of this
STD booth. Did you call me? Tell me what the matter is.
– That is what I want to know. Maybe there was something.
That’s why you did all this. You had called a few months ago. My mother had answered the call. You asked for me. Did you remember something? When I don’t know you, then
why will I call you? I didn’t call you. You had left your name. Bansi.
– Yes. How many people call from
your STD booth everyday? Thousands. Nowadays my shop is
running smoothly. Some other Ankush must
have called you. I am not the only Ankush in Delhi. Go and shout on the street. Ankush.
3-4 will come running! You had said that you
know who had called. Yes. That’s why. That’s
why I brought you here. I thought it must be him. You thought so? So Ankush, you didn’t call me?
– No. Actually the thing is that I am
searching for a girl. – Okay. Her name is Megha. She was in Delhi when you.. I mean
when that person had called. Do you know any girl
whose name is Megha? I don’t know any Megha.
– At least try. Megha Joshi from Nainital. Look at this snap. You might
remember something. 5 1/2 feet height, fair complexion,
long hair. I meet so many people everyday. I won’t remember a single
person’s face. I understand your problem.
But I don’t know this girl. Fine. Bansi, do you know that I have.. ..two orders for today night? Is your shop closed today? Should I not drink the tea? So drink your tea! Let it at least come, or do you want
me to put my mouth in the fire? If he keeps on glaring like
this then one day.. ..we will see him sitting
at the florist. What do you say, guru?
– Leave me alone! Where is Ankush? Don’t know; since morning he
has vanished from the house. He must have gone there!
To his Meera’s house. He must be enjoying there. Here he is. Hey you just keep quiet! But why are you getting angry? Ankush, what is all this
that I am hearing? Is it the truth? Now don’t give me a lecture. Whatever has happened has happened!
Leave it! – Is it? If you can say it; then
why don’t you say it? You have gone and handed over
the boyfriend to that girl. Do you have the guts? No! Drink your tea. What if he comes? Who? Dheeraj. Did you have a talk with
the bank manager? About being the area supervisor. Megha, you have not
answered my question. I have a lot of work here to do. I don’t have the time
for foolish talk. Even then, if he comes and
stands in front of you. Then what will you do? He has not come for so many days,
what will he come now? You used to love him, isn’t it?
– Yes. And now? Now that person, that
time, that place.. ..everything is over for me. Ankush, that was another world.. ..which I do not want to remember. Ask me! Whatever you want to know about my
past life you can ask me today. Because after today, we will
never talk about it. Ask me! Okay! ‘You have been highly recommended
by our boss.’ – ‘Thank you sir!’ So you want to become
the area supervisor? Sir, I have many ideas with me. Good! You are capable,
and hard working, but.. Mr. Ramdev, there is a problem! You do not know English. Sir, I am from Delhi! And there
people talk only in Hindi. There no one talks in English. If I have brought so many accounts.. ..it is not because of English. It is because I am also one of them. We know that Mr. Ramdev! But the agents who will
work under you.. ..they know English and they
speak English, that is why.. Sir, you are concerned only
about the accounts. Isn’t it? I want to go ahead in life.
I will learn English too. I will work very hard.
Sir, you will see! You just
give me one month, please! This job is very important to me. Only this will change my life. This opportunity will
not come again. I just want you to have
some faith in me. I want to be like you all! A person with dignity. Okay! I will take this chance! After ten minutes collect
your appointment letter.. ..from the reception counter. Congratulations! Thank you sir!
– You are welcome! Thank you sir! “Love you unconditionally,
oh my beloved.” “Be only mine” “Be only mine, and do
not go away from me.” “Do not go away from me.” “I am the same, you are the same.” “Everything here is the same.” “But I do not why something
is looking different here.” “This atmosphere, this
world has changed.” “Our eyes have said such
things to each other.” “Love you unconditionally,
oh my beloved.” “Love you unconditionally,
oh my beloved.” “Be only mine, and do
not go away from me.” “Do not go away from me.” “Do not go away from me.” Hello! Please give the
phone to Megha, Ankush. Hello! Hello! Ankush!
– Hello! Megha! Hello! Brother, please give me
hundred rupees change. Ankush!
– Hey Dheeraj! You are still here! Sir, I do not have. Are you doing business, or are
you just passing your time? Look again! Do you think that you will find her? My brother, this is Delhi!
And here people vanish in minutes. And you are looking for that girl
who vanished two months back. She had come here!
We were supposed to meet here. Where else can she go? Are you going to search
your entire life? As it is I am giving you change,
and you are warning me. Yes, you are giving me change. You listen to me! You go back! What happened? Ankush, what happened? We will find another way. But what did they say to you? Why are you frightening me? My heart stopped beating
looking at your face. Are you acting smart with me? Mr. area supervisor? Now you will just have to learn
English. I will teach you. Megha.. ..shall we both get married? We have told everything
to Father Pinto. Now my job is also finalised. In a month’s time I will
take you away from here. We will have a house of our own. You will stay with me, won’t you? Can I give my answer
after a few days? Greetings, Aunt! Oh my God! You scared me!
– How are you? You will keep quiet after a
good beating from the police. What are you talking
about the police.. ..you can call the military too. You were the first person
to know about Megha and me. You saw everything before,
aunt you are great! Aunt, what will she say?
– Who? Megha! The thing is that I
asked her for marriage. She said that she would
tell me later. What should I do? At the moment, you go
away from here. Stupid! My dear, are you jealous that I
am going away with someone else? You stupid, you fool!
What rubbish are you talking? Aunt, you know that
I roam with loafers. Nobody understands
me better than you. You know me! You understand me! There is uneasiness inside me. What will she say? She will say yes. And if she doesn’t then slap her. You have done so much for her. She has to say yes, other wise
what else will she say? Otherwise too she does not have
anyone here besides you. So I will go to the marriage office
and give the notice. Then what! A job worth
20,000, a house.. A job worth 20,000! Aunt, I take your oath!
This tie, this shirt, this pant.. ..all this is because of the job. She will change me for the better. If she would not have been there.. ..then I would have married you. You stupid! You idiot!
You started once again. You come to my house and
misbehave with me. Nobody has ever taught you manners? You are shameless!
Get out of my house. What are you doing? Where is everybody? Just see
what this boy is doing? Rajjo! Rajjo!
– Good-bye! Fatso! He is going there.
Someone stop him. Rajjo! Let that fatso shout! When her anger cools down,
then give her the ladder. Rajjo! Rajjo! ‘What is this?’ ‘Megha, now we will meet
in Delhi on the 25th. The marriage registration
office address.. ..is on the backside
of this bus ticket. It will be better that
we go separately. You will meet me there, isn’t it? Yes, I will be there before you. Chhotu, give me a cup of tea. Ankush brother, the
police have come. To catch you! They are inquiring
about Megha sister. Yes, the police are
inquiring about her. Ankush, the police are inquiring
a lot about your girl. I denied everything. Have you seen her? This one! She had come here two months back. Sir, this girl.. if this girl would
have come in front of me.. ..then, I would have recognised her. It is very suffocating! No peace.. Why does this happen, my friend? Didn’t he get any other
time to come here? Where was he, when she was
standing on the road? He has come here after two months. And I should sit idle?
Does he think it to be a joke? My dear, get married.
The matter will end there. As it is one month will
pass like this. I have to even give a notice
to the marriage office. And if this man sticks
here for a month.. ..then it is definite
that they will meet. So let them meet!
– What are you blabbering? Why?
– Anything can happen. He may influence her in any way. Ankush, he has deceived that girl. Do you think that she will
come under his influence? No!
– Then why are you scared? And suppose she goes away with him.. ..then you must realise
that she was never yours. I am not some film hero, that
I will give the girl away.. ..and then sing some song. I am not so large hearted. Oh my God! We will have to do something. Dheeraj will have to be
taken away from Delhi.. ..and that too very soon. Hey! Why are you worried?
I will do your work. I will do it! Dheeraj!
– Yes! Rajesh! Tell me; what do you
know about Megha? Friend, she has gone!
– What? Yes. Yes. Actually… I had seen her at the railway station.
– When? About 40 days back.
I had gone to leave my aunt. Which station? Old Delhi! You go straight from
here, to the right side. It is a straight road. What was Megha doing at
the railway station? She was not alone.
There was a man with her. Man?
– Yes! See this! Look at this carefully!
Was this the girl? Yes, this one.. this is the same girl! And that day there was a lot
of light in the train. My eyes can never betray me. She was sitting in front
of me for ten minutes. This is the same girl. Tell me one thing!
– Yes? Where was the train heading?
– Mumbai Which one?
– Rajdhani! Rajdhani from Old Delhi? But Rajdhani leaves from New Delhi. Yes.. that.. that day one must
have gone from Old Delhi. You know how the trains are. Hey, Rajesh!
– Yes! Who are you? Actually… What is the matter? Tell me!
– No! What do you know about, Megha?
– I… Hey.. Run! Run fast! What happened? He sensed.. he sensed something! You had boasted!
– So what could I do? He started interrogating
like a policeman. You are a fool! We will send Pipney. Do you have any brains? He is already suspicious. We will have to find some other way. You? Here?
– Can I come in? Come. Are you alone? What is the matter? I am coming from the
municipal office. I always have some work there. I just casually asked there! The police also had come there. Due to some peon’s carelessness.. ..the matter was not known to them. What is it?
– That.. Megha Joshi. What is this?
– Read it! You will understand. Dheeraj, this is Megha Joshi’s
death certificate. Her name is written in this. They found her dead body
on the 29th of October. On the railway tracks. 5 1/2 feet. Everything is written in this. These are official papers. They cannot be wrong. Sorry! I thought it would be
better to inform you. The job is done? Yes! Well done, guru! You are great! What has he done? Our Ankush has fooled
him in such a way.. ..that he will never know about it. That fool! He was trying to act
very smart in front of me. Enough, Zulfu! At least tell me; what has he done? Leave that! Just salute our friend.
I will salute him. That fool! God knows
from where he came? Now just see! The whole of his life.. ..he will keep searching for her,
but he will never find out. Keep quiet now! It is enough! It is okay! As if he
is going to know.. ..that my friend is
benefiting from this. I have been telling you since
a long time to be quiet. But you keep blabbering. You slapped me in front of everyone? My friend, I have helped you. What filthy things are you saying? Don’t you understand? What wrong have I done? I was just praising you. Okay sorry. Zulfu! Dheeraj! Sir, I am knocking on the
door since a long time. He is not opening the door. He must be sleeping. Yes, but even then.. That man has not gone anywhere. Then please come with me. Sir, what is this? Sir, only two minutes, please! Okay! Come! Thank you. Dheeraj! Dheeraj! Dheeraj! Go away from here! Listen!
– Yes! This is his residential
number. From Nanital. Call them and inform them that
Dheeraj is here in your lodge. Tell them that he is not
well, so someone.. ..please come here
and take him away. I will call them right away.
– Yes please! And yes, do one thing! Make
some arrangements.. ..for his food. Okay?
– Okay. But what is wrong with him? He is.. just take care of him. Till someone does not come for him. And don’t forget to call
his home. Okay? – Yes. Ankush! See I have brought
all this for you. And in one month you are going
to talk like an Area Supervisor. Let’s begin! What happened? Nothing! You are wondering what is
my answer to your question. My answer is yes! Megha that..
– And if you do not learn English.. ..how will you understand? Ankush do not worry. Some days back, you had asked
me a question, isn’t it? My answer is, yes! I will never betray you! I will never leave you alone. Tomorrow we will go to
the marriage office. We will have to register. Yes. Megha, I hope you are happy! Yes. “In your love.. in love.” “In your love.. in love.” “In your love.. in love.” “In your love.. in love.” “In your love.. in love.” “Has made me.. has
made me ignorant.” “In your love.. in love.” “Has made me.. has
made me ignorant.” “Restless day and night.” “Restless day and night.” “I just keep thinking
of you day and night.” “I just keep thinking
of you day and night.” “In your love.. in love.” “In your love.. in love.” “Slowly, slowly, my friend.” “You have cast a spell on me.” “Slowly, slowly, my friend.” “You have cast a spell on me.” “The saga of my youth is
immersed in your love.” “You become.. you become mine.” “I am waiting for you.” “I am immersed in your love.” “No one will ever love anybody,
the way I love you.” “No one will ever love anybody,
the way I love you.” “I do not know what I have
become in your love.” “I have forgotten the whole world.” “And I am immersed in your dreams.” “I have lost the peace of my mind.” “In your love.. in love.” “In your love.. in love.” “Has made me.. has
made me ignorant.” “Restless day and night.” “Restless day and night.” “I just keep thinking
of you day and night.” “I just keep thinking
of you day and night.” “In your love.. in love.” “In your love.. in love.” “In your love.. in love.” “In your love.. in love.” Megha Joshi is here! Good morning, sister!
– Good morning! Where is Megha? She is in her room. Someone has
come to meet her. From Nanital! I do not want to listen to anything! Two months, Dheeraj! Now why have you come here? Are you not happy with
your girl from Lucknow? So what do you think that
I have got married? Megha in the last five years,
you have understood me only so much? Dheeraj, you go away from here! Megha, do you think that
I have betrayed you? I left you in the lurch? I have to go! I am marrying
someone else. With Ankush? Will you marry that scoundrel? He is liar. You’ve any idea about his deeds. I’ve been meeting him.. Says he does not know a Megha Joshi. And this is what he’s done now.. See this! I saw this certificate, and I died! Megha, I can’t live without you! Just once I catch hold of him! I will kill him!
– Enough! Do not say anything
else about Ankush. I know why he has done all this. Today that I am standing
in front of you.. ..is all because of him. If he would not have been there.. ..maybe I would have
committed suicide. Where would I have gone? Megha, you are just thinking
about yourself. What spell has he cast on you? He can stoop very low.
– You do not know him! Now I feel as if I do not know you. Okay Megha! You do what you think is right. But only once.. just once..
for old time’s sake. Do you not want to listen
to what happened with me? ‘Megha I was coming here, to Delhi. But just see my fate! Just move this bag!
– There was a bag in the passage. So that it should not
come in the way.. ..I moved it under my seat. God knows whose bag was it. Come! – What happened?
– You are carrying a bomb with you? I will teach you a lesson!
– But what happened? I was in jail for a month. Sir, I am not involved in this! I was just travelling
from Nainital to Delhi. Sir, we were going to
elope and get married. I do not know what state
she must be in? Sir, she does not know
anyone in Delhi. So for whose wedding procession.. ..were you carrying that RDX? Sir that bag was not mine. Then whose bag was it? When I regained consciousness.. ..I was in hospital. And Megha, every minute I was
just thinking about you. As to in which state you would be. How you would be? This worry was eating
me up from within. And as soon as I was discharged
from hospital.. ..I came to Delhi, in search of you. Since the past ten days,
I am searching for you. Do you still think that
I have betrayed you? Ankush.. Ankush had come! Megha! Megha! I made a mistake, Megha! I did not think about
what I was doing. I lied to Dheeraj. I made your death certificate and.. Ankush, I know why you did this? You do not have to explain
anything to me. I can understand! Ankush, you have done
a lot for me. A lot! You supported me! You showed me a new way of life. You were the only one with
me for the last two months. In every step! In every difficulty! If you would not have been there.. Today we are at the same place
where we met for the first time. Now the difference is we.. Now Dheeraj has come.. ..and I do not know what to do? What happened with him was very bad! And I.. I never thought about him. And he kept on thinking
of me all the time. Ankush, what am I supposed to do? You are great! You ask questions and
you answer them too. I have reached an unknown
destination. I was so different two months back. Just an ordinary witness. And now.. ..you have changed me a lot. I have learnt a lot from you. Are you scared that I
will be disheartened? That I will become a Devdas? But this will never happen! And I do not want your favours. That is why you had
said yes, isn’t it? Whatever I did; I did not do any favour on you. It was my mistake! I mistook your friendship for love. Friend! You just take
me to be your friend. You know what you have to do. Ankush! Do you love me! If you love me; then say so. Thanks. Hey! My hero! Get me tea. Go my prince! My friend; this has become crooked. Even I had misbehaved. Hey Pipney! Forgive me! Thank you! Where are their witnesses? Call them. Congratulations! Happy married life. Ankush! Thank you! You have returned
my life back to me. Thank you very much! 200 rupees! Thank you! “Till such time there are witnesses..” “..it will be my name on your heart.” “God willing.” “God willing.” “God willing.” “God…” “Your youth and your
tale have some path.” “I’m your destination,
your way of life.” “I’m the path to your destination.” “You are under my influence.” “You are the love of my life.” “Till such time there are witnesses..” “..it will be my name on your heart.” “God willing.” “God willing.” “God willing.”


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