Akin Akinozu ❖ Award ❖ Best Male Actor in a Drama ❖ Closed Captions 2019

Translated by Sena Halit Ergenc had received the same award last year (??) He is an idol for me. That’s why it was a different type of excitement for me. I’m so grateful that we are an amazing team, and I’m representing them. The kissing scene was talked about a lot. Would you like to say something? Recently Kerem Bursin had some news about kissing. Do you have a similar point of view? Or something to say? There can’t be a point of view about that matter. We tried to do our best as the storyline demanded. I hope it was a good scene. I hope the viewers enjoyed it. Thank you so much! Our job is a team job. That’s why I take this award on behalf of our channel ATV,
our producer and our director, on behalf of the whole Hercai family. Thank you so much!

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