Aladdin – Ep 374 – Full Episode – 21st January 2020

I know how to find Genie’s lamp. What! Tell me how, Aladdin. Tell me. I’ll tell you once
the others are back. You!
You just tell me your idea. And when everyone
arrives, then defeat. I’ll do exactly
what Zafar did to us. We’ll fill the
palace with fake lamps. He’ll see only
fake lamps everywhere. And we’ll hide Jhumru’s
magic tracker in his clothes so that we can
keep a track of his activities. He’ll be worried
about the real lamp after seeing
only the fake lamps. And when he goes
towards it, we’ll come to know. Oh, my God! Aladdin! What an idea you’ve got? I bow down after
listening to your idea, Aladdin. Wow! What an idea! Thank you. Aladdin.. Now that you have
such an awesome idea whom are we
waiting for now? For all the others,
Yasmine. Remember? Yes. I wonder why
they haven’t returned yet? They are never so late. I don’t know
what the problem is. I don’t know why.
But he’s trying to scare us. Is that so? Let
the thin eat less Let
the one I like, freeze. ‘Aladdin’s sister
knows magic?’ ‘This isn’t possible.’ Do not worry
about what he said. Tell me,
have you thought of an idea? I was thinking.
– Bring him back to normalcy. You will, right? – No, he talks
irrelevant things. And I need to know
the idea first. Yes, tell me now. So you won’t bring him back
to normalcy with your magic? No. They are hiding
something from us. And instead of
spoiling their plans brother has lost his
own focus on what he must do. So you won’t do it? No. Okay. Palm trees are tall. Turn me
in to a bouncy ball! ‘Not only is Chand Changezi’s
voice like a mature man’ ‘but he also knows magic.’ Stop it, uncle. Uncle? ‘Is it her uncle?’ What’s happening
over here in Baghdad? Something is wrong. Who are these people? What did you do,
Genie Meanie? ‘One can freeze people’ ‘while the other is
a shape shifter.’ ‘Humans can’t do
such dangerous magic.’ ‘Only Genies
can do such magic.’ ‘So are all
they all genie’s?’ How dare you? We’ll settle
our score later. But first bring
back Jhumru to normalcy. Okay. This is the limit. Knowing magic doesn’t mean using
it on anyone when you want. Wow! you were
glaring at me first and now you’re
teaching me my own magic. Wow!
– No.. Genie Meanie,
teaching was done in my days. But he was pointing
his eyes at me and scaring. ‘In my days?’ In my days?’ His talk and
actions are of an old man. Listen to me,
Jhumru. Me and uncle
don’t get sacred easily. But
first tell me.. Why were you interrupting
me and sir repeatedly? Sir? You won’t move Let me
talk to him first. Answer me now ‘That wasn’t
the voice of sir.’ ‘But still
a known voice.’ ‘I think something
very bad is about to happen.’ ‘I need to stop Genie
Meanie and uncle from talking.’ Tell me.
– Listen.. We need to head back
to the palace and think with.. Once again..
You interrupted me once again? My magical potion
will work for just 30 minutes. After that, brother will
return back to his own self. We don’t have much time. Mr. Ali what you did is not right. Now, these three will pay for my anger towards you. It’s high time, now. What do you mean it’s high time?
– Quiet! Zafar!
– Yes! First, you called me, minister! And then, a useless. And now, Zafar! Wow!
Wonderful! Brother.. All of you are quite mannerless
and uncultured! And I punish the uncivilized!’ Be ready for your punishment! ‘Master, where are you?’ Masked thief! You can’t bring
Genie Meanie, Chacha and Genie of the Ring back
by starving. Nor they’ll return if I eat
these fruits, right? Snob, they’re quite punctual. They never take so long.
I’m going to search them. Well, masked thief! Listen, they’re not children. They can take care
of themselves. You always say
that you’re like their brother and not the master.
Give them some freedom. They spend the entire day
with you. They heed all your words.
– Hang on! You think I’m too strict to my gang?
– No, masked thief. You worry for them,
unnecessarily. I wouldn’t have worried had I not sensed any danger
from Zafar. We broke his mirror.
We have grabbed his chance from reaching out
to the sorceress, Mallika. You think
he will sit back quietly? I’m sure he will create
some mess. We will deal with it
if he does so. ‘There’s a girl
and when she smiles’ ‘it starts to rain heavily.’ Which song is this?
– There isn’t any. But it will surely composed,
someday. Really, masked thief? Well, Snob, when you call me,
masked thief.. What? So, I get scared
if you’ll call me so before the minister,
I mean, before that useless. You, silly!
Fine. Hereafter, I won’t call you,
masked thief but I’ll call you, Ali.
– Make that Mr. Ali. Mr. Ali!
– Not that way. Mr. Ali.
– Mr. Ali. Fine. Hereafter, I’ll call you,
Mr. Ali. And you better stop calling me,
snob, hereafter. Fine then. I won’t call you,
snob, hereafter. But I’ll call you,
Queen Yasmeen.. – Hold on! You need not call out my name. Well, there’s just one queen
in Baghdad. No.
There are two. You know Mr. Razak?
His goat’s name is also queen. Mr. Ali, if feels good
to see you laugh. Fine.
Here you go, Queen! I won’t worry, hereafter. But it’s quite late
and we don’t have much time to find Genie’s lamp. So, I’m going in search
of my gang. Guys, I have a good news! Guys, I have a good news! Hey, my dear, hefty!
– What! – I mean why are you so excited?
– Hey! Actually, that useless minister
is not in his room. This is the right time
to find my lamp. But I’ll have to find
our gang, first. Don’t be silly.
He’s not a minister, anymore. He can leave the palace,
anytime. If he leaves the palace,
he will take the lamp with him. This is the right time.
We won’t get this change again. Come, let’s go.
– Right. Sheikh Ginu is right. But..
– Forget ifs and buts. Let’s just go.
We may find my lamp by today. Right! Perhaps, Sheikh Ginu
will be free from Zafar’s slavery right away.
– Yes. – And you never know we may find the lamp.
Once your gang is back they’ll be glad to see the lamp.
– But we.. – Forget all that. Come on.
– Go. The game is over now. Everything is over. Let
the thin eat less Let
the one I want, freeze. Very good, Genie Meanie.
– What do you mean? I’ve been telling you
since long something is wrong. I’ve been showing you
signs, signaling you.. But you are
incapable of understanding. You were right, Jhumru. But before
Zafar becomes all right We need to escape from
here and tell everything to sir. Come on soon.
– Yes. Name is poison
and the work is poisonous. You all wanted to escape from this place,
right? A few drops of this you can’t even stand,
forget about running. Such a huge betrayal! Brother. Shouting like this is
not good for your health now. Look at them. How my potion has rendered
them absolutely useless. I did tell you, brother. Defeating Zeher Is impossible. My magical powers
took over them that’s why you
escaped their magical powers. I want to know
about these three. Their name, strengths,
address and everything! Sir, think about it What if God gives us
the lamp today? It would be so much fun,
isn’t it? Where would
the gang be? Mr. Aladdin. My mom taught something,
remember? ‘Don’t do something
if you do it half-heartedly’. And if you’re not
interested in finding the lamp then go and search for
your gang. I will find
the lamp by myself. Only I am
worried about my lamp. No one else is. Oh, darn. Looks like
Genie felt really bad. I have to do
everything myself.. Listen to me.
– What is it? You do know that you’re
more precious than my own life? No, I do not know. You don’t know?
– No. Then here me out. So many Samosa’s in
the world and all have potatoes. So many jungles in
the world and all have bears. So many sweets in the
world, all so round and sweet. The raindrop
and the stars in the sky. I love you more
than all of that, Genie. You could have
told me earlier that you love me so much. Why did you
have to talk so much? You told me
you didn’t know. Forgive me.. I am scared,
Genie. – Of whom? Good days are upon us
after lots of difficulty. I hope evil eyes don’t
get cast upon the good time. What are you saying? Take this. No evil eye
will be casted now. Tell me where Zafar
keeps all his secret things? Maybe we’ll find
the lamp over there. Come on. Follow me. I swear.. Who turned this
living room into a washroom? Where do I throw this? Well.. I swear upon gold coins. This is a costly drink. I’ll drink it
instead of throwing it away. I feel dizzy. My head is spinning! Giddy.. High!
Oh, wow! After drinking this, I feel a
current passing through my body. I will clean this
entire chamber. Brother, your suspicion
turned out to be right. All three of them are genies. Now, I understand. Everything was happening
right under my nose and I did not
even realise it. Why? Because all of them
are not humans. All these are.. – I know,
Brother, they are genies. I understood. Come out of this shock and pay attention to
this important matter. Genies live in our
world just like us. But every genie has
a unique thing in which we can capture them. For instance,
that lamp of your genie. And those unique
things of these three genies are in this safe. If my guess is correct this safe definitely
might be in Ali’s chamber. What are you
going to do now? You already know what I will do. Lord Ali, even if I get one
evidence that you are a fraud I swear on god, I will bring
you to such a condition that even your angels will
not be able to save you. As of now, I will have
to search for that safe. In which are those things in
which those three genies live. I will find that safe and then, I will take away
everything you have, Ali. Lord Ali. It is the empress. Lord Ali. Seems like he
has not returned yet. Or may be, he came
and again went back. He cannot
stay in one place. Zafar’s shoes. ‘God! My friend and my shoes,
both have betrayed me.’


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