Alex Kingston on the future of River Song.

When I was first asked whether I would
like to bring River Song to an audio audience, I was very keen to join that
community and I can’t believe how many I’ve done. I mean I can’t believe, when
I’m told that I’ve done five box sets and, you know, 20 plus whatever
episodes, that to me is extraordinary, because it feels like the journey’s only
just begun. And for the listeners, let’s say I wish that they
would have an opportunity to see us working in the studio because we have so
much fun. And I find the writing really good, and
we have an extraordinary… we’re really privileged actually, to have
such an extraordinary array of actors and really wonderful talent coming
through and giving their alien performance or whatever it is. I
mean it is just so much fun so I’m thrilled to do it. I’m thrilled that
River is a character that actually can transition on to audio so
seamlessly in a way and I really hope that we have a lot more adventures


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