Alex Unknown Plays Jedi Knight Level 8 – Palace Escape

Okay, Right this level just basically
starts you with the with a bunch of enemies just right next to you so… hello
this is my playthrough of Jedi Knight level 8 if by chance this is the first
of my videos that you are watching, there’s the thing. Now I’m going to be talking as if you’ve seen all of it. Right so this elevator it’s there’s a secret area right there but in
order to access it and get the shields which you need, I think. You have to wait
for it– it’s not really conceivable to get there and back at least not for me
anyway because I’ve tried this so many times. And those wires I cut up there, they help
out, in terms of getting out of here Right, when you get up here just for any– anyone that wants to play this game run because the palace that we’ve escaped from I mean like you should seen how hard it was in level 6 to get into it. It’s
now bit difficult to try and get out of it. Okay that’s all my fire power of
my favorite gun in the game wasted well one of them. Come on! get there and here is the second secret area I only know three this time
“There’s gotta be a better way to make a living!” Sorry for interrupting. I’m just glad that with the stronger
attack I can go through many, many enemies. Well not many just multiple at once,
way more than usual. Right this is the first bit of divergent paths that I know about. You can go up there and jump on that platform and continue on through the
level but– or you could go in here and face… well… this thing if you’ve seen my Rogue
one review and my level 1 thing I said that I played these games when I
was very, very young and that was how I got to Star Wars in general and this
thing terrified me as a kid. Whereas now I know the AI bug to exploit. I have two sets of bombs as well so… I think part of the reason is why this is–
this was scary as a kid was that it’s one of the toughest enemies in the game
and it also takes off way too much you health in one hit. I mean that and normal bullets just
bounce off it. So yeah that’s something.
So we’ll be facing two of them in level 19 though. I’m sorry getting out how this elevator
is actually pretty difficult. Right well I managed to do it then. Here is more tight platform walking
over instant death pits yeah this has a lot of elevator jumping. God! Sometimes you do that without
actually– Sometimes you do that without actually hurting yourself this time it
didn’t work like that. “You’ve got to be kidding” oh no no no no no no no no That’s not what I wanted, there’s a secret
area of right there! Oh thank you Jesus this poor guy goes through so much every day. That death scream is very undignified like, even for stormtroopers. Oh GOD that– (laughs) Okay I just kind of find that a bit funny. Right well I’m back this time not really doing the embarrassing death of
falling a bit too hard and there are health packs right there as well that kind
of makes it by far the most undignified death in this entire– of my entire playthrough so far. There doesn’t really seem to be much else to this level but yeah just it’s not– I hope
it’s not a running pattern that I beat the levels flawlessly and sometimes– well
not really flawlessly but still without dying once and then when I
actually get around to recording it I– something happens that’s a very
random element to it and I end up dying that’s not really gonna be a
running theme “Jan, how about a lift outta here?”
“On my way, that’s three you owe me but who’s counting?” Okay so that is level eight. Again
I really don’t want dying every level to be a running theme like, it’s two videos
in a row so far. “8t88 you rust-bucket!” “I wonder where he’s going” “That’s 88, he’s got the map to The Valley in his rusted head, we can’t let him get away.” Okay so– somehow the Secret Areas’ registered I was trying to avoid them in my second playthrough the one that actually registered but okay. Right now for the Force powers there is Force
Pull which is so much fun to play around with the and with. But yeah I hope
you enjoyed that I do –I hope to –if there’s any criticism
that you have then please tell me that is very much appreciated but otherwise
yeah if you did enjoy that then please like it, share it and subscribe. now onto the next cutscene. “I’m here for my well-deserved payment”

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