Alexander Holloway, Carmel McGlone and Jatinder Singh discuss the unique Pop-up Globe experience

I think for me what really makes me put my head into the era, of what it would have been like to perform there is the school matinees, cause if kids aren’t enjoying it they let you know if they’re loving it they’ll let you know for me, I think that’s what it possibly would have been like at the time you know, if the audience weren’t liking it they would have just walked out and they would have gone to the bar or they would have gone somewhere else if they liked it they would have stayed and cheered and it’s the same with the kids, if the kids don’t like it they’ll walk off and wander but they don’t they stay and watch it and it’s great, it’s really good they’re not afraid to talk, you know, like if something’s spoiler alert! But when Romeo dies sorry ’bout that Just before he goes to take it, there are performances where the kids go ‘NOO!’ and part of you goes, ‘oh no you shouldn’t be talking… oh no, you can’ it’s great and you know they’re in it, they’re engaged they’re so visceral of course The last matinee we did of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Was that yesterday? Yes. Was it only yesterday! Montague and Capulet have a moment at the end, when there’s death and now we’ve really spoiled the ending! Sorry! Sorry! Spoiler, sorry! But it just amazed me because they shake their hands and there is this kind of rough, vague attempt at the families getting over themselves and the matinee, the school’s audience broke into this huge applause now, they’re listening to the story so powerfully there They wanted these great warring families to come together and get over themselves and stop messing up their young people Familiar story! And I think that’s a tribute to the work that we’re doing as a company in the space We’ve learnt – I guess for me personally – I think we’ve learnt how to just own the space but also accept the space for what it is and welcome our audiences in so when an audience feels welcome to walk into our space and see a show then they release and then they can find those moments of catharsis and go ‘there I go’ and break into tears or laughter or joy or even today when there was like ‘BOOO!’ He got booed off stage I got the first boo! It was amazing It’s because we’ve given the audiences the chance to let that happen because I think we’re confident in what we’re doing you know, we’re still trying to find things, but yeah.

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