Alexander Theatre

The theatre was built in 1879 and it was named
after Alexander the Second. When the construction was finished, almost
immediately unexplained phenomenon begun. Many workers have claimed that they have seen
an officer wandering around the theater. Many believe that the ghost is a Russian officer
that died in the Crimean War in 1854. The ghost came along when stones of war ruins
were transported to build the theater. In 30th of March, 2010 it has been 130 years
since the theater opened and during this time there have been lots of sightings of the ghastly
phenomenon. People have seen shoes walking without any
legs, figures walking pass windows, closed doors that should be open. Sometimes a worker has heard classical music
playing even though they were supposed to be alone. The elevators start by themselves, figures
disappearing suddenly and lots of different kind of noises all around. The janitor of the theater told that he has
heard very heavy steps. They carried from a room that was supposed
to be empty. He checked the room and asked “is there
anyone here?” – and the answer was a very heavy sigh coming
from the room. There was no one and after the janitor closed
the door, the footsteps begun again. This happened multiple times during janitor’s
employment. In 2009 the janitor saw a figure. He noticed he had forgotten the lights on
in the attic. He looked at the skylight and saw a shape
looking at him back. Even though the ghost of the officer has been
scaring the employers, – no one thinks he has any bad intentions.

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