Alexandra Daddario Net Worth!

Alexandra Daddario was born in New York City,
on March 16, 1986. She is an american actress, model and with
14 million followers in Instagram, she is an influencer too! During her carreer, she has worked in 19 films,
as well as several TV series. She has a number of blockbuster films to her
credit including San Andreas and Baywatch. For her movies, she was nominated 5x and won
1 times. Now let’s have a look at her net worth! Alexandra’s career started pretty slow. In her first film, The Squid and the Whale,
she appeared for 3 seconds, earning just $ 400. In her second movie, she already had a sentence,
she got $ 4,000, which at least covered the rent. In 2007, babysitters were earning her $ 25,000
for one of the side roles, but her screen time was less than 1 minute. His first major role was in the Bereavement,
in 2010 for $ 200,000. Her first blockbuster was Percy Jackson & The
Olympians: The Lightning Thief in 2010, which made her $ 500,000, but it was far less than
the commissions of other cast actors, but the good news is that this role brought her
international success. In 2013, Texas Chainsaw 3D as she is already
an experienced and famous actress, earned $ 1.5 million. San Andreas in 2015 earned her $ 2 million. In 2017 with the Baywatch she made $ 3 million. Since 2017, he has starred in 8 more cinema
films and also in 5 further movies, which will only be released in 2020. She is not only an actress but also a popular
model and influencer. She has more than 14 million fans on Instagram
and she worked with companies, like Jaguar. Her salary for a year is about 500 000 dollars,
as a model and influencer. She resides in a luxury house in Los Angeles
and has a BMW i8 Alexandra Daddario s recalculated net worth
in January 2020 is approximately $ 65 million. We don’t think she has financial problems! This was Alexandra Daddario’s Net Worth, thanks
for watching!


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