ALIF – Episode 01 – 5th OCT 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

My dear God, today, I have again saw
father to be the star. Why are you up? hat are you doing sitting there? Little schoolwork has been left,
that is what I am doing. Okay, do it but fast. Okay, sorry, God, I have lied to mother but
this is yours and mine secret, I do not want to share it with anyone, I write you a letter daily
and I send you the letter but you did not replied yet, once I thought, maybe you are upset with me but then I have thought
how you can upset with me? I am a kid, and you love kids, mother says, I do not where do you live, but mother said that you live
where you no body live, in sky, I cannot go to sky, but I am sending you the letter here, you can take your letter from anywhere, this was told me by mother, today I have sent you 30th letter, please send it to father. You are late again today. I forgot the way. You always forget the way,
today just stand outside. Love of my life, Taha, you have gone
and since it is 1 year. Mother writes the letter to father, daily, one big letter, mother do not allow
me to read this ever that what she have
written in the letter but I know what
she writes in the letter, mother, you always writes letter but
you always keep it with you, why? I do not have his address. I will give you his address. You sleep, it is late. Mother do not have
the address of father, but I have your address that is why I always send
the letter to you on your address, that is why I am sending
this to you as well, me and mother miss father daily that is why mother do
not talk to me of father, but every day, I will not tell to mother that
whenever she writes the letter to father, I always see her, she writes the letter and cry a lot, once she writes the letter, she puts it in the envelope and
keep that I the cupboard and then she puts
the lock in the cupboard, then again she sits and cry, not me, because I am brave, but when I come back from school daily,
I check my letter box, I feel like crying, this is not fair, who have sent the letter today, I do not know, I will never send you the letter again. Momin, your letter is here. My letter? Who sent it? God. Shakoor, coffee, give my phone too. Okay mom in brother, your phone. What? Your phone, I have iron your clothes and
I have said the driver to get the car out. Daud will come in night
with the event planner, this weekend we need
to plan the success party. Okay, he told me. Okay, Hey shelly. Can you believe this Momin? Believe what? Have not you seen dusk yet? I am looking at it,
what happened? You can see that my picture is smaller
than the two girls at the side are. It is fine shelly, there is no issue. No, love, just look at it carefully,
it is small. Maybe, it is half inches small. What the difference of half inches,
tell me something Momin, who have given
the biggest hit to them this year? Me and the size of
picture of mine is small. You do not care shelly,
that is not an issue. I do not care and
you are saying this? I do not believe you. Listen, my head is paining a lot,
I have a massive headache, and can we talk
about this tomorrow? What? You have headache? Momin, you should have tell be before,
okay you hang-up, I will come, okay? No, do not come right now, I am in hurry right now,
I need to go for auditions, and we will talk
tomorrow about this? Okay? You are being very
mean to me, Momin, I have given you so much big hit
and you are going on audition of new films heroin, that is really bad. You know shelly I do not repeat
my heroin in my films. I want to abuse you. Yes, baby you can text me,
I have to go now, bye. You scoundrel and dog,
how dare you? Do not come near to me, I am telling you do not come near to me,
otherwise, I will jump from here, you cannot achieve me, you cannot, you cannot achieve me, hello. Hello Momina, 12:30 is audition. Yes, I know, I will be there on time. I thought of reminding you. Thank you, bye. Your rehearsals are done? Yes. Just do the breakfast and
I will keep your clothes out. I do not want to do this work. I know, I have listened to it every time, if you will get the role in
the movie of Momin, your luck will be changed. My fate will never change, Jahangir, Jahangir, how are you now? I am the same sister. You will be fine. I know, the person will die,
when he wants to get die, I want to be alive, I have to do a lot of things. I am going on auditions in one place, just pray. For the movie of Momin? You will get it sister. May God do this. You will get the award, like me, you will be star. I do not want to be star, star will break, and I just need money so that
I can save your breaking star, yes, which medicines of yours are finished? Father fast please,
my bus will be gone. It will just take 5 minutes,
everything will be done in 5 minutes, I used to get ready
Husne Jahan in 5 minutes, she used to get ready
in 5 minutes too, her skin was like a butter,
powder used to slip, he will never allow anyone to
touch her face except for me. I will put the lipstick myself. Lipstick, the real art is in lipstick, because of lipstick, in front of camera,
good lips looks bad, now you will see, just do your hair like this there. Bye. Momina, wait, tomorrow is the dialysis of Jahangir, when is your payment will
be done for your drama? Mother, I need to go to take
the payment myself on set, junior artist do not
get payment so soon. I have you ready from my hands,
you will look Husne Jahan on screen, you will get the role like this, God is with you. Bye. Father always thinks that
her vanity box will make me, Husne Jahan, father do not know that
world has been changed, all the things of her
vanity box has been expired, now that brand do not make makeups,
the brand that Husne Jahan likes, he always makes me Husne Jahan
and send me in rehearsals but then I am Momina. The people of 12 number stop. Mirror loves me, and I love you and you with someone else all the three are crazy and the hands of all three are empty, look, this cigarette has been
touched by your lips, I can blow it off, but me and mirror can burn
but cannot blow, we can be fire, but not mud. Excellent, very nice,
and actually done. Do I perform well? Yes, very nice,
Daud just try her the next dress. I will let her try the remaining
costumes in look test. Yes, that is right, okay, thank you Sana,
Daud will let you know. It is my dream to work with you. Okay, Daud will tell you after look test. Sure, sir, can I drop you out. Bye. Thank you. 1200, so it is 1700, 3500 and 4500, it total they are 8000. The remaining, which are left,
we will used it in second lead. Okay. You are so focused,
are you learning the line from now? For which role you are here? For side heroin. Okay, she was the glamorous actor, best of luck. Thank you, before me,
how many people turns are? Madam, they are not calling you by turn,
they are calling everyone randomly, and now the side heroine
audition is about to get start. Okay girls,
make sure before leaving, Thank you. and make sure you are giving
the right address and your contact number. Greetings, Saleem brother. Greetings, I was about to call you, there is a role,
maximum the work is for 10 days. You can give me
a big role Saleem brother. Yes, next time, I have told you so many times to sit and
have some conversation with producer, you will go in his party,
you will get the role automatically. I will get the check today? Today, it is not difficult. Saleem brother,
please, do it by today, tomorrow is the dialysis of Jahangir, just give me small
amount of money. Okay, I will do something,
are you coming? Yes, I will be there in 2 3 hours. It is limit Momina, I have been searching for you since long,
and you phone is also busy. Saleem sir, I will be there, okay, bye, I am sorry, I just come outside
to do the important call. You remember all
the scenes and dialogues? Yes, I did, I will get the role? It is the choice of Momin. I really need this role, Daud. Go and stand there. Sir, she is Momina Sultan,
whose shoot was shared with you by me. Okay. Tell us something about yourself. I am doing acting for 3 4 years. Okay. I have not seen you in any films. I am working on television. Okay, you lead in which serial? I have not lead in any yet, I have worked in soap and
I have not done any serial yet. She is a soap artist, and you have brought her in
the audition of a movie, seriously. She is a good actor, we can see it one, and otherwise, I have options. Okay, just read
the first scene, show me. I know that you hate me, we have more powerful
relation than love, if someone will give me choice,
I will never separate me from you. Just put your stole on table. What? Just put your stole on table,
it is ruining the whole scene. I can tie it. What is wrong to take it off? I will not be comfortable. Excuse me? To take your stole off,
you are not comfortable in your scene, is that what you are saying? No one will wear any stole
in the movie of kale Momin, you did not tell her
about the role? We have not talk in this detail, I have only given her
the scenes of auditions, and the brief was there. It is the role of the friend of heroin, who wants to snatch her fiancé, It is the role of vamp, a woman who can do
anything to get the man, she dance,
she went on parties with boyfriend, she sings,
can you do this in stole? Tell. You low level person, how will you snatch
my respect from me? The respect is on
the slipper of my feet and nothing has been suited
to me more than an insult. She can act, but the role is very
seductive and glamorous, will she looks like that? I think so, maybe she wore shalwar kameez
right now, she looks local. I think she will look like this in bikini
and short skirt too. I will not wear these clothes but yes I will make sure,
that acting… Madam, I am not making an art film,
I am making a commercial film, you have wasted yours and
mine time by coming here, at least you should have known
the description of your role before coming. You can give me any other role,
any side role or small role? In Momin’s movie,
there is no role for you, sorry, you do not have
what it takes to be a film star, lights on, just show me the third audition. Iman Siddiqi, come on you are next, Momina, I will talk to Aqsa. Momina Sultan, why do not you
die in the small water, may be to die with ashamed,
the little water is high, I do not have to come here, need have made me helpless, need is a shameful thing, where is it? Okay, let us do that, all right baby, stop being nervous,
it is all fine, I think your hair are fine,
on this side. Excuse me, my file was left here. What these manners are? How have you come inside,
without asking? I am sorry, I left my file here. This is a very cheap
way of getting the attention, very cheap of you. What is going here,
it is less cheap than that. What did you say? You do not need to
misbehave with me, I came here to take the file
and I am taking this. Who is misbehaving? Are you new? What cheap is going on here? Yes, what cheap is going on here
and if it is cheap, what are you doing here? Do not dare go without
answering me, tell me? it is my choice,
if I answer you or not, who are you to stop me? Momina, behave yourself. If you are that modest then go and
wear Hijab and go to your home, to beg this role and coming here,
you do not need to roam around me, this, all of this is as cheap,
as you are. I came here to take the work,
not to sell my respect, the help that you are doing by showing bikini
and mini skirt in art that is cheap as well. Seriously,
is this what she is saying? I am so sorry, I am apologizing you
on her behalf, I am so sorry. This is your entire fault, I have told you so many times do
not bring these drama actors for audition. Who was she? I am sorry. My loving Momin, I am hopeful that you are right, all your letters has been received by God
and he read this as well, God is sending me to you
for answering this letter, I will be with you on 15th. God has written
the letter to you as well? This was from your Grandfather. But, why did not God has
written the letter by him? God never writes
the letter by him, he have so many people,
who work with them. But, I asked for father, not grandfather. He will also come. True, mother true? God have written this
to you in the letter? He did not write that but I know. I love you God, I love you, you are sending my father back, I love you God, I love you God, you are nice, you are sending my father back, I knew that you will get my letters, and you will answer them too, all my letters are with you
and you have read that too, I am happy but you do not
have to tell this secret to mother, this is not your fault, I think that this fault has
been done from grandfather. Your father will come, so we will go with him. We will not live here? No. After how many days? A lot of days. Many days, why did he went? I have done a mistake. So you can apologize. I did that, when he will come,
I will ask him to forgive you. He will be agreeing with you. Can I tell you one thing, Yes. that I have not told you ever. What? Sometimes,
father comes in my dream. Then? I can see him converting into star. How can he be a star? I also think the same. Okay, sleep now. Everything is so nice and tasty, mother do not cry in nights, and he do not write
letter to father as well, mother has taken
new clothes today as well, for me and for her, mother do not look
good while crying, she looks nice in laughing, great mother you
have lot of jewelry. Yes. so why do not you wear it? When your father was there,
I used to wear it, I will wear again. I will make you wear. Momin. Mother, looks nice now, and I want to see mother like this, happy and smiling. What are you looking at? Mother, today you look very nice. Okay. You father likes this cake a lot,
I used to make for him usually. You did not make it for me ever. Now, I am making it. You love father or me? I love father more than
you and you more than father. You mean more than me, he is here. This is beautiful Momin. but after your hands. Love you. Love you too. You taste is matchless than anything. Okay, that means that
you are appreciating your own self? You are enough to appreciate me, I am not trusting that
Kable Momin have proposed me, it is as if a dream comes true. Okay. What you like in me? Only, I like you from here. You only like from here not here? Kalbe Momin,
only takes decision from mind. When you talk like this, you fold the heart of
girls in your fingers, Kalbe Momin. But Kalbe Momin
is in your wrist only, you are like Husne Jahan. Why like? Why not Husne Jahan? Husne Jahan was one. This chance has
been gone as well, mother is right, I do not have mind, I have regrets afterwards. You should have some mind,
you refused them. What should I do, should I show them
after wearing mini skirt? You should show them 2 3 scenes, once they will see your acting,
they might will give you a role. Mother, no one see acting,
performance and expressions here, they want to see the body
and to show the body. It is not that Momina. It is like that mother, you generation was something else, her in cinema all family
and innocent people go, with their whole family but they go to see
the item number. Momina, acting and performance is something. In your generation,
there is acting and the respect, in my generation only
they are selling glamour, everything have a price
but not value. My generation is not that old,
it is just the matter of 15 20 years back. You say 15 20 years to
two decades mother. If you would have get the role, the liver of Jahangir
would have got transplanted, all the films of Momin are hits, this film would have got hit
and you will become star, then you will get the work, not on films but in television, you will get the money in television too
but Jahangir’s liver, just take this, drink tea, why have you stop eating, take it. What a person can do. They should get some mind, it was a big opportunity Momina
and you have failed it, what have you done? I cannot fulfill
the demands of director. Then, you can sit and do the role of sister
and friends and the aunts, you have to do everything to
get your name and everyone is doing it, have you heard that? I have heard that. But you have not learned anything, I have forced Daud and
talked about your audition, but you fought there, no stupid or a blind
person can do this and you are helpless
and needy Momina. He misbehaved with me,
what have I done? He can do that, he is a director, his coin is moving
in this industry, actors roam around
to work in his film, if he abused, no one says anything and
you said that he is cheap. I was crazy. What is the point
of regretting now? I am not regretting,
I am thinking that I should not go. Momina. Okay, I am sorry. He insulted Daud for you that from
where you get all the girls, no one has class and family. Okay and the person who has level
and class what he is doing? You are right, I should not send you to him, Daud have said to me before
as well that this is a film, do not come here
considering it a soap or serial. My problem, is money right now, I just do not want to miss the movie of Momin
because of Jahangir’s disease. Daud and I are trying for the sake of
Jahangir only that you will get a chance. What should I do now, should I apologize with him? He is Momin,
he have grudges in her heart, he take revenges,
he do not forgive, it is not possible that
he will cast you in his film, you will not be seen in any of
the film in his circle now, you just had once chance
to get Jahangir treated, and you, you have lost it. What have I done,
except of losing chances in life?


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