ALIF – Episode 03 – 19th OCT 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

Has grandfather woken up? Greetings brother Momin! Yes, he is awake. He was saying that
he’ll have breakfast with you once you wake up. Was he asking about me? What? About what? About me. That who comes to
the house and who goes? Was he asking anything? That he saw in the night only
that who comes and goes. You! You better control your
tongue till grandfather is here. Alright. Did he tell something about
when would he leave? No, he didn’t tell anything regarding that.
Should I go and ask? No, no! You focus on making breakfast. Greetings grandfather! Greetings! I was just thinking about you. Okay! Did you sleep well at night? Yes! Absolutely well! I woke up at Fajr prayers. Is that my birthday gift? Yes! It’s very beautiful! Won’t you ask what it means? What’s the point of asking, when I always forget? Try to keep it in mind. I’m unable to. Allah is with His believer! And I am not a believer! Come grandfather,
let’s have breakfast. You asked for a donor? Did you arrange the money? Not yet but it will be done. Let’s speak about this
when the money has been arranged. Donor will be provided and
kidney will be transplanted too but you cannot talk to
anyone without money! But I am telling you again and again that he cannot survive very longer
without a transplant! Has someone been through a dialysis? Yes. Who? My brother. Is he young? My brother is on dialysis too. My elder brother’s kidney failed earlier
and now younger ones. And what happened to the elder one? The elder one passed away now just pray
that the younger one survives. Momin does not make films as
if he makes hand carved sculptures that he decorates in the heart
of his audiences in cinema. He presents his heroes as objects and this is my biggest complain
as a feminist and a filmmaker! His diva is not more
than a toy in front of his hero. Despite of his glamor,
charm and giving the best hit of the year… Who has written this review? Sadaf Sehar. Apart from the last few sentences
she has given an outclass review! Still why even the last few lines when we are paying them for a five star review
then why even these last few lines? I had a word with Sadaf, she said that to keep the balance
she had to add a few lines to this article. If she‘d written down praises, people would have doubted
that we have paid them. That is not my problem! My problem is that
when we are paying a website for reviews then how could they write such
stuff about my films and me? Let me talk to her again
and get back to you. Hello! Hey! What is up? Come, come, have a seat. I want to talk to you about something. Sure? About Zulfi. Zulfi? My friend that
I brought with me at the GT. Your GT? The one who is a model? Yes! He wants to give an
audition for your movie too. We are not doing male auditions.
I think I will only keep Rehman this time. Audition him for some other role then. He is your fan. To be honest, I did not find anything impressive in him. What are you even saying?
He is getting so many offers. Ask him to accept them! I do not know Momin! You will have to take him,
I have promised him! For now let us just go home,
I want you to meet grandfather. We will sort this issue later okay. By the way, I do not like such men that
use women as a staircase to their success! What do you mean?
He is my friend! Whatever! If he wanted to work with me
or wanted a chance, he should have come
to me himself yeah. Let us go! Let us speak about this
when the money has been arranged. Donor will be provided and
kidney will be transplanted too. but you cannot talk to anyone without money!
Momina? But I am telling you again and again.
Momina? That he cannot survive very
longer without a transplant! Momina. Greetings aunt. I was shouting you from your back. Sorry, I have not listened your voice. Yes, because you are a start now,
why will you listen now? I am looking at your soap, I have told Suraiyya that
your daughter is acting nice. Thank you aunt. Why are you not doing the serial? Now you will do the big role. I will do the big role too. I have gone to your house, I met Jahangeer and Suriayya, but I did not get the strength
to talk in front of Jahangir. What happened? Tell me. I want to empty the house. Empty? Yes, I am selling the house,
my son is doing contumacy, he will buy the house in defense, and the money is low. Okay, then, me, you. No, you do not worry,
I will give you two months, you can see the houses easily, I am the sister of yours and Suraiyya, okay I will leave now,
I will have to go to the tailor too, bye. Nadeem sir have seen him
and told him that I can see
the Waheed mural in this kid, he will be a big artist,
when he will grow up. Take this, he was not agreeing
that he is my son, he said from
where did you get him. When I will be fine,
I will start acting again. Yes, my son will take
the award of best actor. Sister did not get the movie. Her mood is off. There is no comparison
of mine and yours, look, I have no award here, all the awards
and shields are yours. Like me if you will be
child artist as well, these all awards will be yours,
no one allowed you to work. If it would be in her hand,
she will not do today as well, she do not know
the value of acting and artist. Husn e Jahan used to value the artist, she used to value me a lot, and she used to do
the makeup from me. I do not know
why father miss Hush e Jahan, now he will start
giving examples of her, sometimes I feel that
father loves Hush e Jahan, he do not only work with her, and mother is in love with Jahangir, everything is going on circles, no circle will meet another one. Our wardrobe department is very low, I am thinking you
should hire more people. What you think? Momin. Yes. Have you changed the interior. No. Paintings and sculptures are changed. Okay that, I have told you,
I have to do it for some time. What? I told you she was very rude. So what? It was an art. But, my grandfather is there. So, is he conservative, he must not like it. No, he did not say anything. Then? He used to do the translation of Quran, so I think that sculptures and
painting will be in appropriate for him, Grandfather, greetings. Greetings. Neha, he is my Grandfather, who we have discussed this time,
Grandfather, she is Neha, my closest friend. Greetings. Greetings child. Momin appreciate you a lot, he was telling me
that you do calligraphy. Momin also do that. Seriously. In direction and calligraphy,
there is a lot of difference and I do not have time. But have you learned it? Yes. It was my hobby from childhood, it is finished now. The name who will written by God, they leave to write down the name of God
but they cannot forget it, whenever you do calligraphy, you will do it right. Anyways, you both talk,
I will come from upstairs and change. Grandfather, Momin in is a star director, calligraphy will give him stardom, have you his movies, and you must watch them, the way he paint on screen, that is awesome, he represents the heroin in the way
that the people who are looking at her, loves her, you are an artist too,
you should have known. Okay, Neha, lets u go, Grandfather,
we are going in an event, we will be late,
do not wait for us, Bye Grandfather. Bye. Bye. And the best child
artist goes to Jahangir Sultan, in your big claps, Babra sharif will give her this award. What happened Jahangir? What happened? Sister, you do not let me die. I will not let you die Jahangir. I do not understand you. I do not understand myself. What do you think mom in is? You will go to the mom in
and he will accept your apology and will give you the role? What is wrong in trying? He will not give you the role, look I do not want to
repeat those things, that he have done after you left, why you want to insult yourself? Right now, I just need money
and famous that is it, respect is not my priority now. Daud, what happened for the party? Momin brother, he wants to talk to you. What is the matter? Why have you come here? I came here to excuse you,
what happened that day. I just do not have the time
to deal with your non-sense and I do not want to see you
here again, understood, and you just sit the whole day
with these girls and talk, just focus on your work, if I will find here again, I will get you out with her
form the studio. Mother, what happened? Mother, mother. Grandfather
what happened to mother? Just pray that
nothing will happen to her, just pray. My lovely God, please forgive me, I do not need father, just get my mother well, I will never misbehave with you, I will also not let you say that
I will not write letter to you and I will not let you go, I do not need the father, I just need mother. Mother you are fine,
I was praying for you mother. I have prayed too, but it has not been fulfilled. Please forgive me Hus ne Jahan. Forgive me. I will forgive you, but how will I forgive me? Can we go with Grandfather? If you want to go, you can. I will not go anywhere, I will go with you. We are going to Pakistan. Where is my letterbox, I do not know how mother
know about the letterbox, this was the secret of God and me. Take care of yourself. Bye. I have make you Husn e jahan,
but you went to be Husna. Just see her selfishness,
she did not think of yourself. We die or alive,
she does not care. No, why will she care? She got her love, love is big, sister brother and parents, she does not care, she came to be a reason. No one does this
with their real relations that she have done
with her real relations, I have done the business
that has been undergone, when she left,
I need money to out in that. And she want to get me the movies, but no, what is with her, she wants to be number 1 herself, her own coin will walk, that is enough,
brother and sister will go to hell. I forced her a lot, do not get the hard work of
mother in the love of mud, but no. Now, what is the need
for you to come back? After 8 years. Sister still wants to be number 1
whenever she needs she can go and come back. We have made
them number 1 heroin, she was on the minds
of so many men, it is good then the rope of
the name of the men and then this child, now why have you come here,
tell me what should we do for you? We should put pickle of you? What have you done
and came here? I came here to love. To do the makeup from Sultan,
people used to get desperate, Sultan do not have time, the movies of Hus-ne-Jahan
did not get finish, then shows and interviews, I have gone
so many countries with her, India, China,
London and turkey… I just lost. Just pray Sultan brother that
I will give the performance that I will rock. Yes, for sure, Hus-ne-jahan used to
say the same thing, I used to make her
wear safety things, I used to give penalty for her
to save from the bad eyes, I used to distribute the rice, then Hus ne Jahan used to step on the set
and if I doubt on any producer or director, then the whole world on one side,
Hus ne Jahan do not do that film. Sultan brother, you remember your things like that,
that it is the matter of tomorrow. Our generation is like tomorrow, the moment that
has not been passed, we do not know that our
yesterday has been passed like that. You have the work In your hand
but you do not have money, when you have make so much name,
you should have make the money too, just see the makeup artist now,
they are making shop, the salon, nothing else if you can
make the roof of the head, you will not eat
pushes in every place. I do not know that
to make money we need this, we consider Sultan as Sultan, we do not know, with the famous of Hus ne jahan,
Sultan famous is also finish. Wait. You do not need to beg
and roam around me, all of this is ass cheap as you are. You cannot talk to anyone without money
but I am telling you again, he will not live forever. Sister does not let me die. I will not let you die. Momin’s movie is not for you. Need to sell the house. Sorry I do not have time. Grandmother, let Momin brother get married. Why have you thought of
the marriage of Momin? When he will be in parties
24 hours and girls came, I would suggest to get married, an innocent person, Momin brother is an innocent boy, the girls for now is not good, they made the boys bad, Grandfather, do not tell to Momin brother, he have doubts that
I tell his talks to people, you are here form days,
I have not tell anything to you. You did not tell me one thing. Grandfather I like these talks of yours, you are a true person, should I tell you one thing, Momin brother is scared of you. He is scared of me. That is why he has put all the paintings
and sculpture in the store because you are here
and he has put the boxes in fridge, you have understood
that what I am talking about? Daud, have told me that
he is casting a shoot, a spell, Tabassum is staying at PC, I have told Daud that do our audition. I did not get chance in the movie here, I will get in Hollywood. If you get a chance, so what?
You should give an audition. Many days of mine has been lost,
I cannot do the audition any more. He have casted. I am not interested
to know anything on that. Just forget it, he is crazy, if you will get famous,
this thing happen, I forgot to tell you,
I meet Faisal. Faisal? He came back from America? Yes, he is here. I met him day before yesterday,
in mall, he was asking for you. What? Condition. Do not started crying now. No, I am not crying, it is very cold. If it had been cold,
you would have been cry like this, do not miss him. I do not miss him, I can just not forget him. Will you meet him? Was he saying that? No, I am just saying. No. You are not siding me. Do not meet him. You came late,
I waited for you until 2am. I was late yesterday,
I came around 3am, why do you have any work? No, just need to talk to you,
until I came here, I do not get time to talk to you. Yes, what should we do Grandfather, this is life. It should not be like that. It should not be like that, but it is, very fast place, just tell me one thing, how do you find Neha? Neha? The girl that I let you meet. Yes, she is nice. I want to get married with her. I already knew that. Everything you get
to know in advance. Yes, especially for you. I think everything you
get to know in advance. Are you happy? What have you asked? I am saying are you happy? I am happy, a lot, what kind of question is that? I do not think so. Come on Grandfather, you can see my lifestyle, my house,
just see my career and my famous, these are things that
every boy of my age dream of, it is not possible
that I am not happy. I think that
I have asked you wrong question, I am very old, sometimes, you can ask wrong question. I have learned all. Okay, just tell me. Scene number. Scene number 13, no 8, Hero Nail and Heroin your favorite. Why are you angry, should I tell you of heroin as well? Okay, I will be heroin. it is the matter of getting angry. You look pretty. Do not say bulshit. If I appreciate you,
you will get angry if I do it or not. Now I am angry on you as well, okay then we both will end everything. I do not get any relation with Aiza. If you do not have it,
she have it. It is also not that. Okay, you are her brother. I am that of yours, in script. You forgot. What happened? Why are you crazy? I will do it again. There is no role in script of mother
and mother in law, all of them are witches. So what? I can be fighter too,
it is the matter of 2 minutes, you can get me the role. Mother, let me get first. Hello. Congratulations. What happened? You are selected for audition,
just get ready for Lahore. I did not get it. I am talking about audition,
Daud called for you. Okay. They will send you
the tickets and stay too, Daud will call you. And you, what happened to you? I do not get the chance, I do not care too, you are done I am happy on that, okay, I will call you in night, bye. Bye. What happened? In Hollywood that
we have sent the film too, they have selected me for the audition. What? Great sister, see I was saying. Thanks to God. I have just selected
for the audition, I have not get the role yet. You will get that too. I have to go to Lahore. So what? You can go, not a bid deal in that,
you can go, I will go and tell your mother. Sister, you need to get a big star, I am telling you, in Hollywood you will work and then, go to take Oscar, just do the speech
and thanks to me that… Okay, do not tell me that, Oscar, it is just the role of 3 scenes
and I did not get it yet, okay, you do not listen you
can say me that. You can see my lifestyle, my house,
just see my career and my famous, these are things that
not every boy of my age dream of, it is possible that I am not happy. But it does not look like?


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