ALIF – Episode 04 – 26th OCT 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

Here is your ticket, your audition call letter and
your hotel voucher. Have you been to Lahore before? No. Nothing to worry about, get the cab and go the hotel, then from there to the hotel where
the audition is happening. They are nearby. When will they let me know
after the audition? Ma’am, we are losing day light. One second. When will they tell me after the audition? Dawood was saying they will
tell you the same day. They need to shoot from next month, there were 2-3 Indian actors that
said no at the last minute, so they are hiring Pakistani actors,
so there are no visa issues. I will run now. Bye. Its done. Wow. How did you do this? You know it came from Italy,
no one was touching it. I actually used to work in this company. What company? The same one that made this shoe. In Italy? Yes, in Milan. I don’t believe it. Its Rs. 1800. 1800 for what? The repairing of the shoe. Oh. Will 500 do? Hey, Mr. Abdul Hala. Sir. Sir. How are you? How are you? Need your prayers. The happiness I have found seeing
you suddenly, I cannot tell you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Come on. Come, you surprised me. You were insisting again and again, so I thought I would come here
and meet you. So this is your home? Yes, this is my cottage.
Come, have a seat. I found your shop with difficulty, no one knows you here. You didn’t say cobbler or you would have found me immediately. I made this mistake. I was referring to Italy. Hey, I will show you, your prize. Here you go,
I put up a new cover. You have really cared for this. This recommendation from
you changed my life, should I not have saved it. I remember when someone gave me
this as a gift and told me that this is a hand written
recommendation from you, I kept on thinking for a long time that master Ibrahim you have wasted your life making shoes for
women who walk on the ramp, what did you get in return? Money, that is it. You remember, I came to Turkey looking for you. Yes, what did you get me? Shoes? Perfume. I think there was a suit on it too. Sir I could only get what I was worth. I am surprised to see you talk in Urdu, so that I can coordinate with my grandson. Sure, how is your grandson? Just like you were sometime back. So his struggle will end soon. He is a tough man, these tests come cause of this, writing God’s name I made
a mistake for sure. Don’t say that, there are many ways a man
has to walk all types of paths, no one walks on the straight
path and gets to his Lord. I have grown old, my hands tremble when I work, there will be no one to write
God’s name in my family after me. This is really big gap. Really big. No sir. Don’t cry. Hello. Hello. Hello. I came to say bye, I am going to Lahore. Oh. Pray for me that gives me success. Surely, goodbye. Bye. Bye. She is amongst one of the girls who help me restore the Quran. Its almost 4, you will see there
will be a lot of children here. I will get you tea. You don’t cry. You are a teacher, and I cannot see tears in
my teacher’s eyes. I just had a heavy heart. Look, listen, he will come. He won’t go anywhere. My parents were also so worried, a children of the Syed’s is
making shoes for women. Where? Paris, Milan, Designer wear. Now see, where am I sitting. Okay, by the way, when Neha comes talk to her
about the wardrobe, because our budget was
over spent last time. This time we have a couple of
designers who have approached us themselves for the wardrobe.
If Neha approves, we will have a lot of variety in the
wardrobe and our budget will be reduced. Isn’t Neha late? Where is she? Call her. Hello. Oh she is here. Zufi got late cause of the traffic. Did I get really late? Just half an hour. So I am on time. Anyway, take out
Shehla’s presentation and… Can you wait in the waiting room, we are in a meeting and
Neha will be free in an hour. Momi, I told you I had to
get you to meet Zufi. Yes, but I am busy today, the mobile phone are coming, our sponsors are coming,
its not possible today. It’s a matter of 10-15 minutes Momi. If you had told me 1-2 days earlier… anyway, Tina, set my meeting
with him after 2 days. Ok? Is that ok with you? Yes ok, not a problem at all. Good. Come on we are good to start. Tina, I remember something important, fix my meeting for 2 days later too. Neha. Excuse me. Neha. What is this childish behavior? Behave yourself, if you don’t care for someone,
then why should someone care for you? You are arguing with me
because of that boy. Yes, I am. He is my friend. You can leave everyone, I cannot. Sister, you are so lucky, you got such a big opportunity
without trying too hard. Hollywood, you will work in Hollywood. This is just a call letter for the audition, how many times do I tell you. I know. I know but I also know you will get selected. You will see. I pray to God this happens. You will be treated too and you know even if I get a small role in the movie, I will get a lot of serials and also main lead in soaps. Aqsa was saying she will talk to
Dawood to have me promoted. You won’t do soap and serial, you will do movies, that too for
Hollywood and Bollywood. I don’t live in fool’s paradise. I do. If I was fine, I would have come with you to Lahore. I used to go to Lahore earlier. You get fine, then I will take you to Lahore. You will take a plane, right? What hotel are you going to stay at? I don’t know they arranged everything, the plane ticket, the stay, everything. But this letter said that they will not
be responsible for travel and accommodation. Show me? Why did you do all this? What? The company wasn’t paying for
travel and accommodation. You did all this? You read the call letter, I was afraid of this. Jahangir read it and told me, what was the need to do all this? Yes, but if you read this earlier,
you wouldn’t have gone. I didn’t want to go, but I will return the money. I know sister, you are really strong-headed, you will return everything. First go. Because of you I find the
world to be less dark. When you stop taking things to heart,
it will look even less darker. The category for the director of the year, Nadeem Malik for Junoon, Kalb e Momin for Aitraaz and the award goes to, one and only Kalb e Momin for Aitraz. Thank you. Thank you so much.
Thank you. Thank you. Grandpa that’s brother Momin’s
award that is there in the corner. The one with the star. Firstly, I want to thank myself, because I have done a lot of hard
work for the past so many years, I really like when my hard work is awarded. Thank you Kalb e Momin. There was a lot of hardwork in giving
you all such a great film, Are you going to sleep? I will check. My team, they are always there, doing their share of work,
another award for my shelf, many more to come.
Thank you. Thank you. Please show my Momin the right path. Put him on the right path. Show him the straight path. Show him the straight path. Show him the straight path. My dear God, I saw papa become a star again, I saw him again. I thought he became a star, at time I feel he has become a ball of fire, I always see him in my dreams and worry for him. No one missed papa more than me, not even mama. Ouch! Madam, Momi fell from the tree. Why are you reading me letters? They were not for you. You want to go to grandpa? No, I just want to go to papa. You cannot go there. Then he can come. He cannot come. Why? Because you made a mistake
and he didn’t forgive you? Your father went to God. I know that is why I write to God. You see your father become a star, right? He really became a star, he cannot come to us. Can we not go either? Not you, maybe I will go. Momin, what happened? I will not let you go anywhere. You go to your grandpa. No, I won’t go. But why? My friends don’t call their
mother with their name. There mothers are not Husn e Jahan and don’t tell anyone that you are Husn e Jahan’s son, you are my son, my love. I will never call her Husn e Jahan, I will call her my mama. You are really stubborn. No, I am Momin. A stubborn mother’s stubborn child. Did you get a reply? No. I told you before. You sure God is getting the letters? Yes, He must have got it, God gets everything. How many letters did you send? 30. That’s too many. God should have replied. The teacher said God listens to everyone and responds to them as well. God must read everyone’s letter too, so we should get an answer for the letters. You please don’t tell anyone. No. No. I feel God will reply to me soon. and what if God doesn’t reply? He will. Yes Momin, what if you don’t get a reply? Then I will get upset with God. get upset and do what? I will not write another letter or pray to him. and? I will not go for prayer. and? I will always do bad things and lie. Then you will get yoru reply? Baba, did a letter for me come? No, who would write to you? The postman has given all the letters. You always ask this daily. Okay, is mama back? Yes, she is inside. Mama does a lot of makeup, I don’t find her beautiful like before and I also don’t like her talking to such uncles and dance
in front of them. Should I tell God? No, I will not tell mama’s secret to anyone, she made me promise this. You have never celebrated
my birthday so nicely earlier. Yes, but I felt like it. So I did. When are you friends coming? I don’t know. I am waiting. Momin. Yes? In front of your friends take my name… Yes, take your name, not call you mama. Call me your mother today. Momin. Momin. Happy birthday. Thank you. Happy birthday Momin. Happy birthday. Come mama I will introduce
you to my friends. Hello. Oh, we didn’t know you are Momin’s mother. Where is his papa? Let us meet him. I am looking for you people for so long, you are having lunch without me. Now we will never have lunch with you. In fact, we won’t even talk to you,
or sit with you. Why? Because your mom is a bad woman. No she’s not. Yes she is. My mama was saying that
your mama is a dancer, that’s bad. I don’t want to live with you.
I want to go to grandpa. I hate you, you are a bad woman. Show him the straight path. Show him the straight path. Grandpa, what is it? What is the straight path I am not on? Papa, what is the straight path as per you? Dar? Grandpa, I am Momin. Momin. Grandpa, tell me. What is the straight path? The way to mental peace. Mental peace? You mean success, right? Ok, come. Come. Come on. This is success and this, this is success. You see this home, I made this in 5 years and this is in the most expensive
area of the country. Everyone in this country knows me, recognize me, die for me,
beg me to let them work with me. Every brand spends money on a
single move I tell them to make. This is success. What you are doing? That is immodesty and you get everything in it. Everything! Such a house, the cars you drive, amazing. The brands that are ready
to spend money on you. You show bodies, you make people worship bodies, why wouldn’t the world worship you Momin? No, grandpa, this is wrong. You are being unjust by considering
my work small and worthless. What did you earn? What did you earn? What did you get giving 70 years of
your life to this calligraphy? Look at me, I am not even half your age, but I have fame, I have love from millions,
what do you have? Nothing. I have nothing. You want me to say this, right? Yes, I don’t have these credit cards, this home, a car like you, millions don’t know me,
but God knows me, he recognizes me.
Does he know you? This is pride. This is faith. Faith. I write God’s name for 16 hours a day and don’t even think
that He would know me. If you think this is pride, then let it be. Grandpa, you really worry me, you please go back. Hello. Momina Sultan. Please sit. So, your character is deaf and mute and has just witnessed the
murder of her best friend and you are trying to save yourself. Ok? You mean I have no dialogues. No. I think I came here for no reason, there goes the audition. Deaf and mute? Yes. Ok? So you are in a room,
hiding yourself in a closet, frightened, shocked and helpless. On record. No, I have no hope. There are no dialogues even,
this is a role of a mute and deaf girl. I was telling you earlier. Did they not tell you? No, they have me waiting here. Just need to discuss it with her… I will call you in a bit. Momina. Yes? Can you extend your stay? My return flight is booked, I will also have to get the
hotel booking done. We will manage that, but please extend your stay because Tabassum wants
to do some more auditions. Okay. Thank you. What did they say to you? they want me to stay back
and extend my stay. so you are selected. They didn’t say that. they will. Congratulations. Momina Sultan, please come. You don’t tell sister. No, I informed her. You go tell the doctor to come and see. I have gone so many times,
it’s a government hospital, no one hears me. Come on take him to a private hospital, I cannot see his pain.
Why does no one attend to him? I will go again, if I find no one I will
go get an ambulance for the private hospital. I will get your ticket dates changed, I will also have your ticket dates changed, if you have any issues,
you have my number. We all are also staying in this hotel. You have a meeting with
Tabassum in the evening, before that I will come with a
contract and its details to you. Fine. Congratulations again. Thank you. She is really impressed with you, a lot of leading actresses
approached us for this role and the pressure was there too
but you were lucky. Thank you. Bye Bye. Hello. I have been selected. No Yes, they have extended my stay for 3 days and moved me from the hotel you booked to the one they are staying at. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. Congratulations. Congratulations. I am so happy for you. I want to fly to Lahore. I will fly to Karachi, all this is because of you. All of it. Okay, don’t get emotional. Did you sign the contract? It will be done,
I have a meeting with Tabassum in the evening. Awesome. Did you tell aunty and Jahangir? No, not yet. I want to surprise them. I was just calling them, no one was picking up. Is there a signal issue? No, there is no signal issue, I will call them and tell them
that you are staying longer. If you cannot through, try later? I am staying at a 4 star for the first time, the room is awesome. The fun has just begun. Did they tell you about the role? No, in the evening, I have a meeting. I will tell Dawood, he was asking about your audition today. Fine. Bye. Move this here. Are you sure this will look
good with my skin tone? It will look great, trust me.
It will look fantastic. Okay fine then, next time I will bring my jewelry. Yes, do bring it. I will leave now. Okay, bye. Bye. Hi Momin. Hey. Bye. Neha. Neha. I was busy with a clinet. So I didn’t interrupt you. You should have waited
for me outside in the lobby. Ok please, don’t get upset. Why would I be upset with you? And even if I am, why would you care? Hey, I care that is why I came to you and why are you so adamant
on having Zufi in my film? Not adamant, it was my wish. If you think I am adamant, then fine. Look, Zufi shouldn’t come between us. Zufi is not between us. You know what your problem is? You consider everyone
small in comparison to you. Your ego is the biggest, your respect even more. It was the same earlier, I have been the same since start,
I didn’t become this today. I made a mistake understanding me. Neha, now you are hurting me. That’s your job,
how can someone else do it? Look, I am here to convince you,
not to argue with you. It will only be fixed if Zufi
plays the lead in your movie, or else its all over. You give Zufi more
importance then our relation? No, I want to see if your stubbornness
is bigger or our relation?


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