ALIF – Episode 07 || English Subtitles || 16th Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

It is the wish of God,
what can I say? Momina is here too. Greetings. Greetings. Yes, child you sit with Faisal,
I have put the tea, I will bring it. Aqsa told me about Jahangir yesterday, we were talking by chance, I feel very disappointed to hear that, I thought he would be fine. We were thinking that as well, I was not expecting that you will come. Our relationship was not that weak that we cannot support in each
other happiness and sadness, you have changed a lot, I am looking at you after 4/4.5 years. Yes, I have changed a lot, my life has been changed, you tell? I have come back from America, my degree has been completed, now I will work with father in the factory, you tell me. Aunty was telling me that
you are leaving acting. Acting? Yes, she was helpless
because of Jahangir before, now there is no helplessness now, now I will get her married and then end, you drink your tea. I will come again. Okay, child, come for sure, I will wait. Bye. Bye. Bye. Mother, why did you tell him
that I am leaving acting? You never want to do acting, you always said that
I do not want to do this work, before you were helpless
because of Jahangir, now you are not. Mother, I have loans on me,
I do not know any other work. May be, Faisal can bring the proposal,
I have talked to him. Why did you talk? What he must be thinking,
he is engaged now? No, his engagement is finished now, that girl does not want to come
from America to Pakistan, he was telling me, he brought his mother then as well, we were selfish, we were helpless,
because of Jahangir, otherwise,
he would have got married with you. Mother, he brought his mother, and his mother denied on this proposal
when she got to know about our family, between me and him, Jahangir do not come,
fate comes, mother. I have talked to her, he said he would talk to his parents, if he will also talks to you then. Mother no, I will not talk to him. He loves you, there is no ego in love Momina. There is no ego in love but
there is a hard work mother, there is 7 seas in
between me and him, I am Sohni and my well is deep, he is Mahiwal,
he will not make him sink to save me, our love was this only, our love was not for stories. Take care of yourself. Bye. Do you need any guidance? No, thank you. Okay. Why have you stopped? I am missing my mother. You just came in. I missed he in train and in plane. Do you want to go back? Never, she does not love me. She loved you a lot. No, she do not, otherwise,
why she will sent me alone here? You told your mother yourself
that you want to live with me. I do not say to come alone. Look, you came here, she will also come. When? When you will stop crying. I am not crying. You are my Kalbe Momin, your mother is very nice, very nice. Can I tell father
that mother is not bad? No, I cannot tell this to anyone. So, you are a calligrapher too like my father. So, you do calligraphy too. Yes, mother has put me in school, she used to say that
I have to learn everything because my father was the biggest calligrapher
and she never told me about you. I was very small at that time. You were not small, you are old. You are saying right, but when I see you
I am young again, Momin, you know that
these all things are for whom? For whom? For you. For me? Yes, I will make you a calligrapher, and you have to
take our family forward. What is that? This! And this. Can I also write the name of God like you. First go and do the ambulation, I was thinking that
I would end my work, before you come, but this time as well,
it is not done. How do you know that I will come,
before I come? It is your fragrance. My fragrance,
or the fragrance of my cologne. It is the fragrance of you. Are you fine when you come here. Yes, I am staying in Istanbul, but when I came here,
I come to you. Someone came with you? Yes, the film team is with me, we came here for
the wrecking of location. Team. Yes, so I thought of
getting away your upset. My upset? Yes, I have been rude to you
when you come here, so I have decided to come
and apologize with you. I am not upset, I just told you on phone yes, I was sad, but you were not
the reason for that as well, come we will have food. So big bluff with you, you have to be with the lawyer,
what are you doing with me? Madam, you know about
the showbiz industry, no one put the respect of your talk, you are friends with mom in sir,
so I have thought of pleasing you that, just tell them to give me
one more chance. Why are you asking
for chance like a beggar? This film is your right, they cannot put your off,
after doing the contract, why do not you understand that? Yes, that is right but,
I want to do this with cleanliness, I have done 2 films with him and I want that he will give me
the chance in future as well. He will give you chance,
you have to do case against him, if he will not give you chance then
he have to give you the penalty of 1 million rupees. 1 million, why will he give me 1 million? My film salary was decided 10 lac. You go and make the noise on media
and send him legal notice, there is no use of sitting
silently like this. Where will I send him
the legal notice? He went to turkey and
his team people do not meet me, nor do they pick my phone up. I know very well, Momin and his team, that is why I am saying that to send the legal notice
and to do the press conference, he will run and will come to you in 1 week,
if not, you can change my name. Yes, you are saying right but
my problems have boundaries, once the work will start,
people do not give work. You are a star writer, you have a lot of work, why do you not understand, you write so big dialogues in your movies, you cannot raise your
voice for your right? It will be balance madam, when you will raise your voice,
you will increase your problems. Why are you scared, I am with you, I will bring media for
your press conference? I will arrange the lawyer for you, in 1 week, Momin will run from turkey to you, he will apologize with you
that I have done wrong with you, write my movie. If you are saying that is okay,
if this will happen, but you have the trust that
he will write his film from me? 100%, should I write it for you? No, I trust you. Momina, it is the work of how many days? Mother, I told you before as well, it is the rehearsal of 1 week,
and 1 week of shoot. Yes, you are saying right, I asked you repeatedly, I do not know,
what happened to my mind? You go child and
take care of yourself. I will also come and go Momina, you just go otherwise,
and your flight will be missed. Bye. Take care. Be a star sister and come. Momina, it is the time of flight, let us go. Exactly, the face like yours. You tell. Yes, exactly like that. Everything? Yes, nose, nose, eyes, nose, eyes, lips, and contumacy. Contumacy, he has it too. I was also. Your, and contumacy, no, I cannot agree on that on you. Your father also asked me these question. What he used to ask? Father, why I will do that what you want? Why should I not do that I want? Grandfather. Grandfather, where are you lost? I have asked you something. Your father used to
ask me the same question. May be he wanted to dance,
and you have problems in dancing, right? No Momin, I do not have any
issues in dancing of him, he went that side by doing calligraphy, he used to spread
the colors from hands, and used to write
the name of God on canvas, there is nothing wrong, why should I stop him? I just stopped him from one thing. From which thing Grandfather? You will not forgive me. What connection I have with that? I am just asking you that
from which thing you have stopped father. I cannot tell you that. Okay, let me guess, what? He used to drink? No Momin, he do not do any illegal work. So he was friends with girls. No, that is also not, he have passed so many years
in this room and in this house, apart from calligraphy, he do not have anything in his mind, and if there is, then yes, he went to Korea on the tomb, so many months,
he do not come back home, he used to write letter to me
that he wants to learn dance, there is an inner voice
that is pulling him. You do not have any issues in that. No, he came back, he used to do calligraphy,
he used to also preform as an artist, but while doing calligraphy, he started dancing, he used to dance, he used to say
the saying of Molana Roomi, he used to read the names of God, he used to dance, I used to ask him that
is what is happening with you? He used to say that
I do not know anything, someone, someone is calling me and when I used to think of him, my whole body used to dance. Grandfather, the love of the human can make you dance
but the love of God how can, I do not get that. Why are you laughing? Tell me please. Kalbe Momin, I will wait. Okay Grandfather, you did not tell me that from
which thing you have stopped father. To get married with your mother. Greetings. I was about to say, Greetings. How was your sleep? Not good, actually, I do not sleep fine in new place,
here as well, it did not come. This is not the new place,
you lived here for years. Yes, when I went to boarding school,
I do not live here for long, for how long I come here. 5 years, you remember everything. Yes, do you recognize this? Grandfather, I have written the name of God. It is pretty. But Alif is tilted. When you right the name of God repeatedly, everything will be straight, even the Alif. My Alif is still tilted. You have stopped writing it as well. Yes, maybe, I am Momin, maybe the mistake is always for Momin, let us go and eat something. Cut, that is fantastic first cut, excellent job, excellent, that was brilliant. My feet is hurt I guess. I will check, it is bleeding. Maybe the glass is in the feet. we will do the checkup,
can I call the doctor? Leave it, I have so many glasses in my feet, now I am not hurt, wrong number. What a brilliant movie, I was already the fan of him, now I am more, I think that there is one director
in the industry and that is Ehsan, he has given the super-duper hit movie. Have you decided to work with ehsan? In future, I have decided to work with ehsan, we have a film together,
we will work together for sure, bless you Ehsan and love you, Oh Momin, I love you, you are the best, I was already the fan of him,
now I am more, I have decided to work with ehsan, we have a film together, we will work together for sure,
bless you Ehsan and love you, what you like in me? I just like Neha, How can he sleep by his choice? Moreover, wake up by his choice, I have no hold on my sleep, why? Are you happy? You have listened to the talks of Akhtar sir
and you all have known everything, this is not just I who have
problems with Momin, he is exploding everyone. But madam, what is your concern
with the matter of Akhter sir, why are you supporting him? I have a relation of human with him
and with every person of industry, and if anyone has a problem, he will have Neha with him and Akhtar sir supported
me a lot in my crises, it is my right to stand with him. Akhtar sir,
what will you say in this matter? Which matter? On the fight of Neha and Kalbe Momin? Fight, I have no concerns with them, but when did it happen, Neha and Momin is very near friend. Akhter sir is very innocent person,
he do not speak in anyone’s matter. Then why are you talking? I am innocent, but not coward. You also went and Jahangir too, your father is also out the whole day, the house is empty. Mother I will come, do not worry,
it is the matter of 7 days only. In a week, there is 7 days. I have asked Aqsa to come to you,
she did not come? She came, twice, but what will I talk to her, I have all the talks of Jahangir, and I can only talk
about Jahangir with you. Have some courage,
you can talk with father. No, I cannot do with him, he do not do the talk
of Jahangir with me, nor I, we both want to forget Jahangir, we both think if we both do
not talk about him, we both do not miss him, so If we do not talk,
can we forget to miss him. What a sick women you are. And what a saint you are? You can go to this
level for your publicity, you can do this all to
have your name with me. Momin, it is not good
for you to be that angry, you will have blood pressure. I will tell you when I will return that
whose blood pressure will be high. What can you do? What will you do? What will I do,
I will not tell you about it, but just write one day that you will not
get the work in this industry again, that I can assure you. Do not threat me,
I am not scared of you. I am not threatening you, what I am saying,
I will do that, stupid woman. Behave yourself, if you will say a word, you will be responsible for your results. What will you do, what will you do? I have dealt with you,
I will do that in future too and you have exploited me, Neha, first you have exploited me with Zulfi, now you have taken that Akhtar, why do not you get out of my life. Love, I am already out of your life, what you are saying to me on the phone, I have just recorded it, tomorrow you can listen
this on the social media. Just go to hell Neha, go to hell. Momin. Sorry, grandfather, I am sorry, this woman has made my life hell. Which woman? This Neha. The one, with whom,
you want to get married? Now I am not marrying her, she is out of my life, she is a blackmailer. Do you have pictures
with her on internet? How do you know? Shakoor, I am sick and tired of him as well now, I will fire him when I will go back. What happened to you Momin? I am in stress grandfather, everyone has made my life miserable, I have thought that I will come here
and lives with you in peace, but, I have no peace in my life. The peace is not there in the life
that you are spending Momin, you are spending this
life with your own choice. Not now grandfather, please, I am in stress right now, I can say something
that can hurt you, please. You and I got 5000 likes on
the engagement pictures. But, Momin and
me gets 30000 abuses, so in this matter,
you have no competition with Momin. Now, you do not please try
to make me jealous please. What is that in Momin to get jealous of? I have his audio too, tomorrow again, Momin and me will
trend on all the pages of social media, I do not get the publicity on the 2 hit films which I have got in these
two pictures with Momin, there is a line of clients. You do your business, like he do. Grandfather, you have washed my clothes,
I told you not to. I had to wash my clothes too, I have washed you clothes as well. You should not wash your clothes too, I have told you to get
a servant for yourself, I will pay her, in fact, I will send shako
or from Pakistan, if you say. If I will keep servant, what will I do then? You do calligraphy, you have calligraphy, you say by self,
that there is nothing better than this? Now, I do calligraphy,
the whole day. Now my hand shiver,
and the water come out of my eyes. No worries, I will take you to
the best eyes specialist and will give you
supplements for weakness, best specialist. Kalbe Momin, I am the phase of my life, in which no medicine,
no supplement or doctor can help me. Grandfather, you are disturbing me, when you are saying this?
I am sorry for last night. After me, you will come here and when you will come here you will convert
this house to the school of calligraphy. I will build the school,
but who will teach calligraphy? You are my Kalbe Momin, you will teach, who else will teach? Me. Yes, Grandfather you are saying me, you are saying that I will leave my big career
and will come here out of nowhere and will teach people calligraphy,
in which I do not know how to do. Your name is Kalbe Momin, your family is doing this
work since last 10 generations, you are from the 11th generation, you will write the Ayats too, to read God and to
understand him is in your blood, it is in your jeans, you will come, after me, you will come here. She has to be replaced, she definitely has to be replaced. Hello. Hello Renuka. There is a problem.


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