ALIF – Episode 14 || English Subtitles || 4th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Give these keys to sister Azra, Jhumar. You don’t worry. I have given the address. I am worried about one thing, who will Jhumar go to
for her makeup? Mama, papa. This house is huge. How many rooms? 2 bedrooms. So many windows, we will have fresh air.
Yes mama, lots of windows, we will get a lot of air and light. Its really quiet here, not a sound. Not even birds. This is how it is here. Come I will show you the kitchen. Momina, where do I keep Jahangir’s
pictures and awards. Anywhere you like papa,
this is your home. You people haven’t slept? We cannot sleep. Why? New place, that is why. You could have turned on the AC. We are not used to sleeping in the cold, we sleep in the fan and this cold will get into the bones. There are so many mosquitoes here,
you should fix this. We have a life long relation
with mosquitoes, we like it when they drink our blood. The house is not furnished, I will come from America
and get new furniture, I will change the old things. What? Old things? Why will you change them? Then we will have
partner in this home. You go sleep, don’t stay up. Come on. Decide on the writer, brother Akhtar is calling. That is not needed, I am writing this film myself. What? You guys have a problem?
No, nothing. Sadaf is calling,
I don’t know what she wants… She probably wants to write
an article on my film, in fact, let me talk to her too. I will take her on speaker. Hi Sadaf. Thank God you picked up,
I was calling you for so long. Sorry, was busy,
I am in a meeting with brother Momin. I won’t take a lot of your time,
I wanted Momina Sultan’s contact number. I have heard she is your friend. Yes, I will send it. She will give an interview? You can ask her, she is busy. I know but if I give your reference,
will she give an interview. Yes, go ahead and the article about our movie you said
you would write in the press conference, that is not done. That won’t happen. Why? Momin has gone mad, a movie on spirituality. Now the movie makers who give us item
numbers will talk about religion, who gave him this suggestion? Brother Momin wanted to talk too… No, don’t let me talk to him,
I want Momina, not Momin. Okay, send me her contact number, I will talk to you later. Bye. She says anything just like that. These cheap journalists, when the movie comes out she
will call us and bother us for passes. No need to get a review or
article from her in future. You say that I just talk about body,
show bodies, worship bodies, I will show you that I can make a
movie that touches the soul. Fine, go ahead, you make a movie that touches the soul,
makes people worship God. But when you talk about the soul, these millions of followers, who you call fans and followers, they will leave. Momin has gone mad, a movie on spirituality. Now the movie makers who give us
item numbers will talk about religion. Hello grandpa. Hello. You have been gone for so long, we didn’t talk after that. I was just working on the film. What happened? Are you worried? Yes, a lot. Is everything ok? Grandpa, first I didn’t have a story, now I got the script but no one is willing to invest, I cannot find an investor. Even after it’s a Kalb-e-Momin film? You are being sarcastic? I am not being sarcastic, I am reminding you, when the script is ready, call me. I will give you the money. You will give me money? Where did you get the money from? I will send you the phone number, you sell all my calligraphies that
I send on your birthday there, the problem will be solved. Grandpa this is about millions, you think this is a joke? Its not about billions, right? Okay, fine. Leave that, lets talk about something else. Hello. Hello, is this Momina Sultan? Yes, who is this? I am Zulfi Adeel a famous model and actor, I wanted to talk to you. Yes, go ahead. I wanted to congratulate you, I am really proud of you. If someone from our industry goes and
works in Hollywood and Bollywood, it’s a matter of pride for us,
I am a fan. Thank you. I have added you on Facebook, please accept my request. Okay. I am also following you there. I think you are busy,
I will call again. Bye. Brother Momin, Sophia Durrani is saying
she cannot do the wardrobe for this movie. She has to go to Milan
for some fashion show, she is ready for Sanam. Fine. Tell her, we apologize for Sanam, if she cannot do the wardrobe of this film, she doesn’t have to do the
wardrobe of Sanam either. Hi guys. Hi. Dawood, send coffee. Hi love, where were you?
I missed you so much. I was in Turkey, was doing recee for the film location….Right, Dawood told me. How was it?
Is everything done? Yes, location wise. Is the script ready? Its being done. Who is the writer? Me. Wow. You must be doing the screenplay. Yes, story and screenplay both. Great, I am excited, so my character will be glamorous. Well, powerful. Powerful is fine,
but is there glamor or not? Read the script and see. and how many heroines? Only one. Wow! That’s great news! This will be your first single heroine movie, or else you get a whole sale
of women in your films. Is there romance? Yes, lots of romance. I am all game. Multilayered romance. I can’t wait for this to happen. Yeah, I just need a
couple of weeks for it. Fantastic. Did you see Momina Sultan’s teaser? What teaser? She is doing a Hollywood
film with Hector Cliff. The lost cause. She acted so well. I was touched with the
teaser, she is brilliant. Dawood was saying she is his friend, how come you don’t know. I rejected her in the audition. Oh, she doesn’t have the oomph factor and she is not hot, her personality is low. She is really lucky, she got casted in place of VIdya Balan. Dawood was saying she is
doing a couple of more films. Can we talk about our own film? Sure. So tell me, what is on board? Make sure you get a date
before the 7th from her. Because no one is free
after that over here either, make sure you CC me,
so that I know. You are really unfaithful. What happened? You didn’t think of me before getting
Momina an audition for Hollywood? I didn’t know you would be
interested in Hollywood. What are you saying Dawood? Who won’t be interested,
its Hollywood. Okay, I will remember you
when there is another opportunity. You will remember me? Why am I not your first priority? Momina was rejected in the
auditions by brother Momin, I got her the audition out of sympathy, she turned out to be lucky. I wish Momin rejected me in the auditions, I would have been a global star. My picture would have been
on the cover of HnM. Anyway, I got to go. Brother Momin, the audition
is at 8 am tomorrow. See you tomorrow. Noor. Brother Momin. Brother. There is a call from Turkey, something happened to grandpa. Hello. Hello? Papa, you? Yes, I wanted something from you. Go ahead. You need money? No. You go abroad now, can you go to Turkey? Turkey? For what? I have to find Husn-e-Jahan’s son, I have to give him
some stuff of Husn-e-Jahan. Her son is in Turkey? Yes, he lives in Turkey. Husn-e-Jahan married a calligrapher and
dancer in Turkey. You didn’t tell me earlier. Who wants to hear Husn-e-Jahan’s story? Okay, I will sit some day, tell me. Will you find his son? Do you have an address? I know the city. Papa, you can’t find someone like this. Its possible he became a
famous calligrapher. His grandfather was a
great calligrapher, he used to live with him. What was his grandfather’s name? I don’t remember the name, but I will try to remember. Its possible he wrote his name in a letter. Letter? Yes letters. She used to write to me from Turkey when she got married and left. What was her son’s name? Kalb-e-Momin. Kalb-e-Momin? What happened? You are not comfortable removing your veil in the scene?
Is that what you are saying? You cannot wear a veil in
Kalb-e-Momin’s movie. No, nothing. I thought of someone. When I come back
I will try to find him. I will find the name of the calligrapher
in the letters of Husn-e-Jahan. So grandpa. This is you. I am Kalb-e-Momin, I could never know you or maybe you didn’t let me know. People around the country know me,
they die for me, they beg to work with me. What did you get? What did you get? You gave 70 years of your life to
this calligraphy and got what? Look at me, I am not even half your age but I have fame. Millions of people love me,
what do you have? What is the museum in the world where your
calligraphy has not been placed and you never told me. and I am Kalb-e-Momin, I couldn’t tell the difference
between respect and fame. Couldn’t tell the difference between
name and making a name. I could never know what success is. This gathering that came to
send away grandpa for the last time, this gathering of people, did it only have people or all
of God’s creation was there, that came to salute Abdul-Ala-Bin-Sorab
for the last time? He was right, all my life he praised God, then how could he not be in God’s eye? And me, Kalb-e-Momin, who am I? Someone who refuses to
praise the greatness of God. The last family member
of Abdul-Ala’s family. You please go back. The Abdul-Ala bin Turab, who spent his life in praising
God and his greatness, he hid everything that praised him. Momina Sultan is the first actress of
the Pakistani film industry who got an Oscar, would you like to comment on that? The award we are going to
announce next is not ordinary, it is being given to Momina Sultan
on winning the Oscar. I would like to pass
my congratulations to her, I would say its not just an
achievement for her but also an achievement
for our film industry, so congratulations Momina,
best of luck. Momina Sultan is not part of this event
cause of some personal engagements that is why we will invite Humayun Saeed
to take the award on her behalf. We are standing outside
Momina Sultan’s home right now and right now there is rush of people
who have come to congratulate her. Come, we will talk to her neighbors
on what they feel? Yes, so what do you want to say? I am really happy, I have been dancing since morning. Sister Momina would do something great,
I knew it from start. Yes viewers, you have heard
what her old neighbors feel, everyone is really happy. Yes. You just saw a special report on
Momina Sultan’s Oscar win, the showbiz celebrities and the reactions of the public and along with that, the biggest award
show and the tribute she got last night in it. Along with that, I will tell you that the
prime minister Pakistan has called Momina Sultan today and congratulated her on her
success and expressed his good will. Momina. Momina. Momina. Yes mama? Child, switch on your phone, Aqsa has been calling for long, your phone is off.
She called me just now. I will in a bit. Okay, I will tell her. Sister you will be a great star, I am telling you,
you will work in Hollywood, you will win the Oscar. Then you will do a speech and thank me that if Jehangir wasn’t there…
Okay stop, don’t fly so high. I have a 3 scene role.
I still haven’t got it. Fine, don’t agree,
make fun of me. What you are doing is shamelessness and in this shamelessness
everything is hidden. and the award goes to the one
and only Kalb-e-Momin. I put life in a character written on paper, I show it to people and drive them mad. If the soul is touched with the
soul then it gives you a new path, the soul is greater than all of
the things you are involved in. number one position, awards, hit and flop, who will get paid what? You show people bodies, you feed their imagination, you make their hearts come to life, has any of your characters
ever touched anyone? Show us the straight path. God, show me the straight path. The path of those who you are happy with. Not the ones who You are upset with. Dear God, Dear God, show me the straight path.


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