ALIF – Episode 15 || English Subtitles || 11th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Brother Momin, you need anything else? No, that’s it. You didn’t eat anything. I ate what was necessary. Brother Momin… some bills have been piled up, we paid a few, some are left. Fine, bring the bills, go. Get them. Fine brother Momin. Man, doesn’t do what
brother Momin has done. Fine his grandfather passed away, but that doesn’t mean you
disappear for months, don’t answer your phone,
messages, emails even. The other person gets ruined. I will join another company as
soon as possible. Who ever gives me a better offer. I have bad luck, I am not getting calls from
any place I apply. What happened? Why are you quiet seeing me?
Did I grow horns? No, we are just pleasantly surprised, we didn’t expect you. Here is the script. Do the casting for it quickly. Dawood, I am telling you, we will have to do something
about our future. We will do that, but tell me,
who will read this script. You, I am not going to ruin my weekend. Hello brother Momin. Hello. Shakoor, get me a glass of water.
Yes brother Momin. Hello. Hello, am I talking to Kalb e Momin. Yes, its me. Thank God I got in touch with you,
I am Mr. Khaliq’s manager. We have been trying your
number for so many days, but we have not been
able to get in touch. I don’t think I know you. I am sure you don’t know us, but your grandther Abdul Ala, knows Mr. Khaliq well. You are grandpa’s friend? I wish, I wish I was his friend. We are his fans. There is something important,
you please take out time and tell me when
Mr. Khaliq can meet you. Whenever, ask him
to come on the weekend. Fine. Should I text you the address? That is not needed, Mr. Abdul Ala himself shared it with us. Okay, fine. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Brother Momin, Mr. Khaliq came to meet
you after you left. Yes, I just spoke to him. Do you know some master Ibrahim. The one who was grandpa’s friend and
the one grandpa used to visit? Yeah, the same one. Yes, I know him. Do you have an address?
I want to meet him. No brother Momin, I don’t know his address,
but I know his area. Fine, you tell me about the area,
I will go there and find out. Fine brother Momin, but why do you want to meet him? There are shackles in my feet, I don’t think Momin wrote this script. Momin cannot write like this. I didn’t believe it, but he is saying he wrote it. Whose story is this? Reading each paper feels
like its someone’s story, someone suffered. I feel the same but Momin is saying
that it is all fictional. Nonsense, I don’t believe it. But the story is amazing. Nofil and Alia’s love story, Abdul and Ayaan’s relation. You know who should do this role? Don’t take Momina’s name, she won’t do it. Why? You know their history. But I feel that no one else can do this
role other than Momina Sultan. Right now Momin has
asked for Shelly. Yes, I know, you will say that. What do you know how busy I am,
Momina is over, I am cooking for her, she makes requests all
the time just like you. I told you? She got an award, an Oscar! She is really happy.
All of us are really happy. Mama, who are you talking to? Me? Jahangir has come over. Here. She is suffering from schizophrenia,
she has been seeing your brother for a few months. You must not have noticed earlier. I was out of Pakistan. Oh, that’s why you didn’t know. We will have to give her proper
medication or the condition could worsen and have
other side effects too. By the way,
congrats on winning the Oscar. Thank you. Lets go. You get me to the doctor for no reason, you have extra money to waste. Momina, is everything ok? Yes, its all fine. I said this earlier too,
what could happen to me, that idiot just spoke to
me for 2 hours. I won’t come here again. Is everything fine? Everything is fine papa. First film and you got an Oscar,
was the journey so easy? not at all, I think there is a big
price behind every success. Success takes away the
tiredness of the journey. Success makes you tired. Did you make any compromises
to get to this position. Can we talk on some other issues? Okay, lets get light hearted. Did you ever love someone? Yes. Did you get them or lost it? I would have lost them after finding
them so I just lost them. Are you hurt by the loss? Not anymore. Have you ever hated someone? Yes. Who? There was a director, I auditioned for a film, he insisted on wearing skimpy clothes, I said no, I didn’t get that film. If I got that film,
my brother’s life would have been saved. So when someone mentions hate,
I see his face. Would you like to take his name? He is not even worth
taking his name. You want to be so simple,
then go home and wear a veil. Don’t come here and
beg me for a role. Can we talk to Momina
brother Momin? Shelly doesn’t agree. Have you ever hated someone? Yes. Who? There was a director, I auditioned for a film, he insisted on wearing skimpy clothes, I said no, I didn’t get that film. If I got that film,
my brother’s life would have been saved. So when someone mentions hate,
I see his face. Would you like to take his name? He is not even worth taking his name. Why didn’t you tell me her
brother was unwell. You didn’t listen to anyone then. But I can still talk to Momina. No point, she will throw the script in your face. I don’t want to throw this script in your face,
please pick it up. Momin said the same that you will do this. Even if Momin was in your place,
I would have done the same. How dare he offer me this film? This was my idea. Aqsa is right, your are stupid. You just read it once. I am rejecting it without reading it. It has Kalb-e-Momin’s name on it. It also has God’s name on it, Alif is the first word of His name. No, I… I will never work with Kalb-e-Momin. Fine, just read it once, get me tea. In fact lets go the kitchen,
Aqsa must also be coming. I take care of her. If I don’t care for her, who will I care for? There are two people who live here. You have not been here for months. I know papa, its my mistake but I was helpless. I couldn’t stay in Pakistan, even if I wanted to.
I don’t know where work is taking me. I am not complaining to you. I know. We are lonely here. Also peace. Peace too. But peace doesn’t take away loneliness. The day is so long, it doesn’t pass. We don’t fall asleep at night, this didn’t happen in the old
home and locality, we didn’t know where the day went by and even the night went by sleeping. I know. After you and Jehangir left, I have never felt lonely. All day we used to roam around the locality or someone would come over. Here, there are a lot of things but no one visits. No even birds. We are thinking after your wedding, we will go get a room on
rent in the old locality. The old people will be there, we will have the old locality, we will pass our time well. If you spend good time in your last hours,
there can be nothing better. Me and Suraiya have
nothing to do here. The cook makes the food. The servant cleans. The driver gets what’s needed. Me and Suraiya sit here
and look at each other. We have no one, Jahangir was there, he left, you are here, you are busy, we have no one in the world. Alif. What is it about? Papa, what are you painting? God’s name.
But the canvas is empty. I am unable to write. Its so easy. Its not easy. Here I wrote Alif. I can’t even get to Alif. You can write it, I can’t. Should I hold your
hand and write? My hands are tied. They are open, not tied. No, they are tied. Should I open them? You cannot open them. You cannot open them. Papa. Taha. Taha. Papa, why are you crying? Papa is unwell. His hands are tied, that’s why. Go open his hands. It must hurt. I cannot open them. Who tied his hands? God. Why? God’s will. Mama, why are you crying? When you grow old, you will find out why we cry. Mama. Why do you do all this Taha? Momin worries seeing this. Its not in my control. You won’t get it. You will never get it because you are not in my place. I can get it, I have left everything and come. What you left is the world, what I have left is God. I made a mistake. Mistake? What are you calling your mistake Taha? Selecting me? I don’t want to talk to you, you go. Buddy, did you get a letter for me? No letter. Mama gets a lot of letters. Why does he write to you? Who told you? You hide things from me. Taha, you are mistaken…Mistaken? I told you not to, I told you to end all ties and you… You are doubting me? Doubt? Taha. Taha. Taha. Taha. Taha. Taha. Taha.
Taha, what are you doing? Taha. Taha. Taha, don’t do that. You want to leave me? You want to leave me? No Taha, where will I go? I love you. Love? You are cheating on me too. I have ruined myself for you, Husn-e-Jahan. From Taha Abdul Ala bin Turan
I became worse than a dog and you are cheating me. Who do I kill? Myself or him? No, kill me, it started with me,
so end it with me. Kill me. Before you, I will kill myself. These hands are not able to write God’s name, they can’t even take your life. Did you tell papa about the letters? Mama, the flowers you used
to put in your hair, why don’t you do it anymore? Momin. Momin. Mama, I am here. You scared me,
I have been looking for you. Why did you leave the house
and come here? To get these flowers. Why? I wanted to put them in your hair. Don’t leave alone like this, don’t come to a place where no one is.
Come on. No one is here? No, do you see someone? Not even God? God is here. Where do you get these questions? Father Calligrapher,
mama action and you? I am Momin. No, my love. Come on. Papa. What did you get? Momin, you go play, papa is tired. Did they not buy it? No, they said that my work is ordinary, not like before. Is it ordinary? No. This is not ordinary. Its good. They are right. It has something missing. What’s missing? It doesn’t touch the heart. I cannot remove this lacking. All will be fine. When? I have been waiting for the past 6 years, my work is going from bad to worse. I can no longer do calligraphy and you will say it will all be fine. What else do I say to you Taha? Nothing will be fine? I will take it to another gallery, sell it cheap, I hope it gets sold.


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