ALIF – Episode 17 || English Subtitles || 25th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Momina is a friend brother Momin,
she will obviously keep her plan flexible for us. Not at all. Why should my package be
flexible for you people? I am a professional,
why would I give you concession. As far as being affordable is concerned, you should have thought about it
before sending me the script. No, I don’t want any concession, you please tell me your package. The seven calligraphies you
were about to sell. What do you mean? This will be my fees for ‘Alif’. Those seven calligraphies. Sorry, I cannot give you those. Fine. Your script. Thank you very much. One minute. What will you with them? I won’t sell them, so don’t worry, I won’t find
that collector and sell it. That is not what I meant. Thank you for the meeting.
One second. Fine. I will give you these
calligraphies on one condition, that you cannot sell them to anyone, but me. I won’t sell them
to you either. Then its done, congratulations, I will get your contract made today,
I will get it drafted. Next meeting,
once these reach my home. You don’t worry,
I don’t go against my word. Not even me. Okay, that’s good to hear. I hope I will feel better in
working with you. But I am not interested in
working with you. Yes, I am interested in the script,
unfortunately that is your script. Master will be fine, right? Yes, I have prescribed the
medication and…Hello. This is yours doctor. Yes, thank you. We are meeting after so long. Yes, just been busy. This doctor? Yes, master is unwell, that is why. Is he inside?Yes, come. Who is it? Come in. Come on, who is it? Hey, Momina. How did you come today? You are so unwell,
why didn’t you tell me? No child, I am fine, Farooq got
worried for no reason. Look, I am better, active. Sit. You should have told me,
I would have come to see you. Hey, you are here. After so long, I will get you tea.
NO need to make tea, I will have it if I want to. That is fine too. That’s you, right? Yes, I had such good times too. I am seeing your room for the first time and these pictures. You used to be smart and beautiful. I have covered a lot of
destinations in my journey, get it? This is Milan, right? Yeah. I recognized it, I went a week back. Its really beautiful. Really beautiful. I spent half my life in this city. That is why, I have these pictures here,
so that it is in front of my eyes. You saw all heights, London fashion show,
Milan fashion show, Paris fashion show. Hey, that wasn’t the height, that was my decline. This is the height. You have no picture of your wife? She didn’t like taking pictures, she wouldn’t let me take
pictures either. The ones that are left, she put them up. You tell me, how did you think of me after so long? I think of you all the time, I have some work from you today. Work, from me? Tell me. Is there any relative of
Mr. Abdul Ala in Pakistan? Why? Why are you asking? I don’t know I feel that
I met his grandson. Kalb e Momin? You know him? Yes. Mr. Abdul Ala used to mention him. Why? What happened? He’s Husn e Jahan’s son? Mr. Abdul Ala… I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. Why didn’t you tell me? All secrets are entrustments, all secrets are told on their time. That is it. I will get something for you. For me? What? A master piece. Brother Momin, I will send
the paintings to Momina, I will also get the contract signed. No, not today, tomorrow. Brother Momin, don’t delay, you have no idea where
she is getting offers from and we need to break the
news to the market. Tomorrow. Fine, I will collect the
paintings early tomorrow. Does she like calligraphy? Who? Momina? Yes, she is an artist, she does calligraphy, if she was not acting she
wanted to be a calligrapher. Who all is in her family? Brother Sultan, don’t you want go home? Home? Hey, sister Suraiya must
be waiting for you. I know but… You are not telling me
what is in your heart, I am sure there is some issue. You didn’t have the samosas,
or cold drink, are you a star like sister Momina? You don’t eat with us poor people. Ok wait. Should I dance for you? No. The dance life is showing me, that is enough. Whose story is this? Not mine. Husn e Jahan’s? Who is that? A famous actress of the past
and dancer. How do you know Husn-e-Jahan? Who Husn-e-Jahan? You just said…
I don’t know her. Is everything ok? you were calling. Your father has been out since morning,
he has not returned. His phone is off. Did he not tell where he is going? No, he didn’t even have breakfast. I tell you not to mention Husn-e-Jahan
in front of him again and again. He mentioned her all his life, how would I know he
would get hurt now? Okay, ask someone to
find out where he is. Where were you?
I was worried. mama, he is back, he will be fine. He is upset with me, not you. I prayed Fajr after so long, when I raised my hand for prayer, I didn’t know what I should
ask from God. He has given me everything
without prayers, the things people die for. Should I consider myself lucky or… Is this my birthday gift? How did you come? I wanted to give this to you
on your birthday. What does this mean? This is the reality that a man
is thankless to his creator. I am not thankless. We all are, we don’t thank God
for his blessings. Hey, grandpa, this time for the first time you are painting a
calligraphy on my birthday, or else you used to give me
something else. You are going to the film
industry for the first time, that is your first year there. Show me the straight path. You think I need guidance to
be on the straight path? Always. I have not lost my way grandpa. You are Momin, a momin loses his path, someone who doesn’t have
faith cannot get lost. Your success is from God. Does this Ayat mean this? Yes. And failure? That too. Grandpa, you always get me
a burden from Turkey. This is not a burden Momin. Huh? Your actions are the weight. So this way you are like the weight
of the feathers of birds and me, I have no idea what to
compare my load with. Good actions take away the sins. What are good actions? About what your heart talks, you don’t need to ask anyone. Grandpa, I thought I will take
my gift with me and make my life easy. Put it on the wall of your home, the new one you bought. Your Lord sees everything. Grandpa, if I see this Ayat daily, I will want to die of shame. Let me please live my life, let me live, I don’t want to come
to the straight path right now. These are the master
pieces of Abdul Ala, I used to beg him each year to give me
one when he was making it for you but he would say no. But now see my luck, all these 7 will be mine. How can I give her all these? These are my last sign. I think grandpa’s too. Nothing can match the worth of this. Not even for Momina Sultan. I was in market all day long and no one knows who
master Ibrahim is. You gave me the wrong address. Brother Momin,
that was the address, I also checked the car app,
grandpa used to go to this address. I waste the day.
Where is the calligraphy? That were taken by brother Dawood. What do you mean brother
Dawood took them? You gave them to Dawood
without asking me. He said he spoke to you yesterday. That was yesterday, not today. You didn’t say no today either. You idiot! He is getting upset
on me for no reason. Hello brother Momin,
I was about to call you. Yes Dawood. All the arrangements have been
made. What for? The press conference. What press conference? Your film announcement. Why did you give the
paintings without asking me. I asked you yesterday. That was yesterday, not today. I want my paintings back. I gave them to Momina and got
the contract signed as well. Cancel the contract. I have broken the news, a lot of media is coming and
you check the channels, the news is on TV that Momina
Sultan signed your film. Brother Momin, we will get insulted
if we cancel the press conference and the international media is
covering it due to Momina. I cannot give my paintings. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. First of all thank you for
taking out the time. In the previous press
conference I told you that my next movie will be the most
difficult one of my career but I didn’t tell you the
name of the movie. I will tell you the name of the film too, but before that I want to tell you
that I am lucky to have Momina Sultan
as the lead of the film. The name of the film is ‘Alif’ and
as far as…Excuse me, can we talk to Momina Sultan? We spoke about the film a lot in
the last press conference. If you don’t mind. Sure. Sure. Hello ma’am, how are you? My name is Sadaf and I messaged you
for an interview but you didn’t reply. I am sorry, I must have missed it, you can ask whatever
question you have. Shelly was playing this role before, as you know. I spoke to her an hour back, she said she rejected the
role you are about to play. How can you accept a rejected role. Look, I do all roles on their merit, the role I got the Oscar on was
something Vidya Balan rejected, I do believe what a person has in
their fate is what they get. I liked the character of the film,
so I chose it. Will you tell us something
about the character? I cannot tell you much details, you can ask the director if you want. Kalb e Momin wrote this script
and he is not a writer, he does commercial cinema. A director who does commercial cinema, if he sit downs to make and even
write a film on spirituality, is it not risky? And then an actress
like you is ready to work on it? Is this question for me or the director?
For you. Is it a sin for someone who does commercial
cinema to write or make a film on spirituality? No, right? So till the film is not released, don’t judge from the start that someone who
focuses on people cannot talk about God. Excuse me ma’am, after working in Hollywood,
you must have charged a lot for this movie? Yes. A lot. Will it be in million? Maybe much more. Momina, what is your
next Hollywood project? Right now its Alif, you can ask about it.
Excuse me ma’am. Ma’am. Excuse me ma’am,
how was your experience with him?
Experience…Ma’am… Brother Momin, the phone is
continuously ringing from brands. They all want to be part of the movie.
I have put them on hold. Guess what? Who called? Sophia Durrani,
she wants to do wardrobe now. She wants to meet you too. Yes, lineup a meeting with her. Seriously, I thought you
didn’t want to work with her. I will just go see off Momina. Sure. I wanted to thank you. What for? For a lot of things, but the way you defended me
in the press conference, thank you. I didn’t defend you, I defended Alif. Don’t be thankful to me. This is Abdul Ala’s painting. You know who he is? You met Kalb e Momin. I signed the film today, I have the complete script too. I don’t have the courage to read it. I wasn’t able to meet eyes
with Momin today. I had never thought I would be
someone who wronged him. Momina…Papa, I forgive you, without knowing everything but I need to know the truth. Me and Husn e Jahan had one fault, Momin thought she was wrong and you are thinking I am wrong. I am not thinking papa, these papers are. The writing on it is judging you. This is Momin’s writing. Kalb e Momin, he is her son. You knew but you didn’t tell me. I didn’t know till yesterday but that day
when you told me the story, then I knew it. Only he can write all this. There was no one other than him
and God that knew that I went to Turkey when
Husn e Jahan called me. Why are you still standing? Sit down. I am in pain. Why? The home you left and this…
Sultan, what was in my past, where I came from, I have stopped thinking about this. How are you? Fine. Do they miss me? Everyone. The people who go to cinemas, the producers who make films, actors, everyone. I was asking about my family. Maybe not. They must miss me. Maybe in bad words. Your hands? What happened? So injured? So dirty? It happened while washing the utensils, when there is no water in the cold…
You don’t care for yourself. The way Sultan used to care for you. Sultan used to care for Husn e Jahan, I am a wife. So much…I live for others. I am not Husn e Jahan. You made a loss. I got a lot of thoughts in my life, not that this was a loss. But Momin is here. Why did you call me? You are the only one in my life,
who I miss in tough times. I knew I would call
and you would come. I have come. I thought you wanted to come back. No. I cannot leave Taha, it’s a tough time, it will pass. If I leave Taha in this tough time, he will die. and Sultan? You never thought of Sultan, whether he lives or dies. No Sultan, you are a good friend, this relation will never end, nothing else apart from that. I have been waiting for you for 6 years. How is Sameera? I don’t know about anyone else but you. She loves you, you don’t care. I also love you, you don’t either. You and fate do what you want,
even if I want, I cannot do anything. Taha has my heart. It’s the swan of the lake, it will die once the lake dries. It won’t change its place. Sultan is not a lover for a season. Take all these and sell them. I cannot sell them, I don’t know anyone.


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