All About Cinema Makeup School

this is cinema makeup school yes this is amazing yeah Yonex is their great work and this is work from the artist here I donated these these two mermaids to cinema makeup school just because I do a lot of teaching here this is probably more of them than you will ever see anyway what they teach here is they teach a full spectrum of makeup whether it’s special effects makeup Beauty makeup hair work so they get a well-rounded education I’m hoping that people at once are getting out of going to makeup schools is that they’re learning from professionals you know I think that’s the important thing you know I think with with cinema makeup school so many of the teachers I’ve worked with some schools will hire students that have graduated but they only know that curriculum you need to have people that have a wealth of information so have you been enjoying the school cinema makeup school I absolutely love the school oh yes when I walk through the doors it’s just good spies like your creative energies alive it is learn much of creative energy but if the school really has a great vibe I really like if I was going back to school I would come when I was first starting my career I wish I would have had a resource like cinema makeup school to be able to teach me some of the skills that I had to learn on my own so people they do learn in a very quick way a lot of the skills that are required to be creative in this field one of the real keys to learning is learning from good instructors and that’s what you’ll see a similar the interns we’ve gotten from cinema makeup school have been among the best you ever have the kids that come to us have training and great attitudes and so whatever you guys are doing in cinema makeup school keep it up and we thank welcome to the words insider I’m Andrew Ginsburg here at the cinema makeup school in Los Angeles a place renowned for turning anyone into literally anything they’ve worked on Hollywood blockbusters like x-men poltergeist even Pirates the Caribbean putting up with those guys to make and I do believe we’re ready all right let me see it come on yo Cee Lo vivo Y no kita Los Angeles in a Griego usual cicatrice Neos andante blue do notice am do grey pad panicky nuni sample JoJo’s Danno potala me off la Kudo maquillage Don lino Dupree celibacy cold early woulda we’re getting a lot more students coming from out of the country they’re taking advantage with that Hollywood training they can get hear from teachers who have Emmy Awards Academy Awards Rosa Lonnie is about to have the world’s most extreme makeover thanks to the work of Aubrey Jensen and Caitlyn Stimpson their tutors at the Hollywood cinema makeup school so this is no ordinary face pack all right here you are it’s transformations like this that make the Hollywood cinema makeup school one of the top training facilities for makeup artists in Los Angeles before lights camera and action here’s makeup we’re here at the cinema makeup school in Los Angeles Akuma gory a holy oh darn Peru Jonah gwinin go see Smita cinema makeup school equator CGH ago Yonghwa quick you need a cage Mira see Jacob Rita Jojo hi I’m from Bethlehem Palestine Nigeria in Japan I’m from India yet she liked Anandi yojanas anion of ours if you light hint Aamir mr. Wilton Theatre affinity key cinema makeup school la escuela de maquillaje mas prestigio so de Hollywood monday presencia Mo’s como uno de sus alumnos hace una quemadura una Modelo es que la verdad pour in santos nuestro su una transformation que eso que me dezhkin on Sierra immune yzma no no no estamos alone grasses otra Ballou giochi stays como es muy t’as veces Desmoulins es para producer uma unica maquillaje SE squally most energy news in Siena tow disaster cause you ma ki asha para cinema inclu endo a confection you mask arrows yeah props on gfa toes especi ice to be able to come to Escobar Thurston do learn and then come and compete and have the work seen by industry professionals I wish I would have had this kind of opportunity when I started you you


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