All Line Clear – Suspense Comedy Marathi Drama with Subtitles

Leave me. Who is this?
Leave me. Who is this? Who is that? Who is that. What happened? Why are you
shouting so early in the morning? Somebody had come!! Who was going to come to you? Somebody must have come
to you, some messenger!! What did you say? Are you alright? I am alright, Usha but
nothing can be said about you. What are you doing about tea?
Want it inside or here outside? Look, look, that man! Which man? What about tea? Where is your attention? Hey, Usha, I am your
husband and as such.. ..I give so much attention to
you and still you harass me.. much. If I do not give
any attention to you, how much.. ..more you will harass me?
– It is enough. What are you doing? Nothing. Now that you are
sitting relaxed, applying.. ..make-up, I do not think I
will get tea now, so was going.. ..out to see if anyone offers me tea. No need of doing any such thing.
I will make some tea. I am in a hurry to go to
office and in that I have to make.. ..tea for him and also
bring it here outside. Office? So early. Why have
you to go early today? It.. ..Is just about 7 o’clock to 7:15 now. 7:15? Your watch is
having tea since 7 o’clock.. ..yesterday evening and now
it is about 8:30, therefore.. Did I say I do not want tea? But you did not say yes even. Your whole attention is outside,
who comes and.. ..who goes rather than on what I say.. Do you think yourself to be CID? Yes I am CID. Keep this in mind. The bread earner.. ..of the family should
be CID, do you understand? The bread earner!! You
call yourself bread earner!.. ..what are you doing?
– Nothing much. From your sweet talk, it seems I.. ..would not get the
morning tea from now on. So I am going out to
have this elixir equivalent. Do not overreact. I
will make tea for you. You are spoiling the holiday I
have today with your nagging. Nagging!! You cannot see
the nagging you are doing.. on my holiday and
spoiling my holiday. What is this and whose is this? Oh, this is ours only. Had told her not to take, I tend to.. ..over it but she does not listen. Where is today’s newspaper?.. It must be in its place. In its place means it is still
hanging on the door handle.. Old newspapers are inside here and
the needed new paper is outside!! This lady does not let a single.. of mine go happily,
just goes on nagging.. ..nagging. Oh, man, for once I should
write down what all is where.. this house but who
would be able to read that.. It is all so confusing, confusing.. .. Paper, yes paper is here down. Ok. Wow, this is wonderful! Oh my God. Who knows what these newspaper
people do, distribute after reading.. ..the paper or print
it after distribution. It is difficult to understand. Let us see what the paper says Done or not? Are you
done with making the tea? Yes, making the tea!!
– Okay, okay, keep making. Seems I am going to
die asking for the tea. So what does the newspaper say? Good. Though there is nothing much
to read nowadays in the paper. Hey. what is this?
Chitte-Landge marriage!! How would the children look like? Let it be, that is their problem. One more director is
making a Marathi drama. Why is he doing so?
– Here take this tea. Hey give me the tea, give me. Here take this tea.
– Hey give me the tea, give me. Here, push it down now.
– Hey, push! Usha, when you give something eatable.. should say eat or drink. Those words are said
to humans and look you.. ..have a holiday today,
so instead of wandering.. ..around, do four household work. Do four household work,
washing utensils, and clothes? Four household work means
do some chores at our home.. ..throw away those bottles first. Have collected all trash at home. Enough Usha, You are
my wife or a computer? I will as much as possible. This is not my first holiday and
– Really. I have had so many holidays so far.. And they have gone by as
such but today you have.. do all the work I have told.
– But.. Yes, I was thinking of
watching a movie today. Which movie are you going to watch? ‘Kaho na’, Devdas. I am going
to watch two movies, ‘Kaho na’.. the first one and
Devdas is the second. Okay go but do not go
in this sloppy state. Leave this sloppy appearance. And tell me one thing, it is
nearly four days that the.. ..rim of your spectacles broke,
cannot you buy a new one? Okay, I will see what to do,
either will change the.. ..spectacles or change the eyes. I will embarrass to call you
my husband. Look at my boss!! Where is he? In the office.
– Then how will I look at him? Look means I am giving his example. Okay, you want to tell something.
Okay, okay, tell. He is of your age only.
– Really? He must not be looking his age. Yes, less than that.
Just looks like a hero. Hero? Young? Handsome? Smart? Okay, you can go now
if you are done with. Do not praise your penniless
boss in front of me. Understand? Not praise him. Do not just
about say anything about him. Hey, please do not start
harassing from morning. I harass you? Tell me, do I harass you? Hey, wait, stop. Let me at
least take a sip of that tea. What?
– Let me take a sip of the tea. Here take. Take a sip of my
throat too so that you will.. free for once and all. Why are you saying like
this in our prosperous home? You cannot even drink tea properly!! What shall I do?
– Now wipe this off. Ah, what?
– Wipe, wipe this tea off. Yes, yes. Hey what a wife? he is telling me to wipe this off. My luck, she did not
say lick this off. Huh! Nowadays, your office is not
planning any tours, travels fairs, etc.? Seems nothing like this is
happening of late? – No. Seems you are bored. You
have not gone anywhere.. ..since a long time. You
look tired of going it seems. No, I am not tired of going on tours.
– Then what? I am tired of leaving you two alone. The two of us? You mean me and the maid? I mean me and boss. How is boss related with this?
That episode is over now? Really? Is that over? Then… Oh, does your tongue have a bone? That episode is over
means that topic is over. That episode and that
topic should be over as early.. possible. Understand that? Then only again this.. ..home will be a haven of well-being,
peace, and happiness.. ..Hey, look our house is
like palace, you are the queen.. and I myself
am like the king here. The king is stumbling. Laughing!! You are laughing on the king. ..but do not lame the
meaning of what I want to say. I just want to say that
our house is like a palace, you are like the queen,
I am like the king. Where has our princess gone? Princess?
– Yes. You do not miss a chance
of calling yourself a king. Yes, just with a load
behind me and with a repaired.. ..spectacles, I will be like a king. Oh, listen!! Look at how
much is the salary, the house.. ..the house loan installments.. Enough, Usha enough. Always
ready to argue and as the.. ..extreme point you just
land up on my salary and money. I know, I know…Oh, God,
this should all be sold off. I know that your job is
more paying than mine. Yours is a private job and
mine is a government job. How much admiration for that
job just because she has a.. ..private job and for
my government job… ..the person above me does
not let me live properly ..and the person below me
does not let me die properly. Hey, okay I do not have money,
there is no money.. ..I know I am a beggar but my heart, I am king from my heart.
Do you understand king of Clubs sorry king of this palace. Who is that? Who is that? Who is that? It is me, Dad, Dhami. Hey, Dhami, it is you, my daughter. Good morning, Dhami! Good morning, Papu. Papu! That is a real dangerous
nick name you have given me. Papu, what Papu? I am your father. Yes, you are. Why are
you saying like this, Papu? You only had said to me that
adolescent children should.. ..treat father as their friend. Hey, that applies for father
treating his children, not.. ..children treating
their father this way. Has Dhami come back?
– Yes. Papa, it seems you are
enemy is still at home. It seems she is not
going to office today? Hey, has it ever
happened that she has not gone.. ..or is not going to office. It may happen that she
would not work at home but.. she has to go first. Papa, your argument with Mom
has not yet resolved it seems. What is there in this
which I cannot understand? Keep quiet.
– Move aside. What are you doing here?
You please move aside. Do you want anything?
Then tell me like that. Dhami!!
– Move aside. She wants something from there it seems. Look here, I have coffee for you.
It is still hot. Have it quickly. Yes Mamma. Hello, are you going
to take a bath or not? Yuck, you are so dirty!!
Look at my boss. Go now, you are getting late, go otherwise you will get
late to go to office. Go!! Yes, got your point. Hey, and yes!!
– Do you have any command to give? No, not any command.
Have to pay water bill. Okay, I will pay.
– Do you have money? – No. Must be having for watching movies? Yes, I have only that much.
– Really!! Says only that much. Give. Oh give now.
– Take, take them. Give now, what are you doing?
Firstly, I am . O madam. She has gone or what. Hey. What is this? You
has thrown the money down!! Hey you, what is this? You can
insult me if you want, but.. ..why do you insult these big,
big leaders? What a woman!! Dhame!! Come out here, come here. What happened?
– come here. This, your mother while going out
told me to pay some grocery bill. I do not have money, today is Sunday ,,banks are closed today, I do
not keep any money in my pocket, I asked her to give and she just
threw the money like, like this. Just threw the money down
and I picked them up like this. And this girl is laughing! And people say… web .stop now your job just wait and watch I am
going to create trouble in this high paying job
of yours one day or else.. I will not say my name
is Prabhakarrao Dhapane. My God, she throws the money down!! Just wait your job.. ..just now, just now will
take away your job, just wait What does think about herself? Yes, now consider your job as gone. I think let it be, she has a
job but now gone, consider your.. ..job now as gone. Just as you
have gone now for job, the.. ..same way now you shall see
your job gone. Job is gone!! Dhame!! Dhame!! What is the
phone number of your mom’s office? Dhame!! Has she gone for a bath or what? Oh, no, now again heat the water
and again everything I have to do. The hot water kept for me… Ah.. what is this? Usha forgot her purse? Yes!! Now I will get the phone
number of her office in this. ABC Enterprises, correct. Found, now I have found the number. Gone, now your job is gone. Just watch, your job
is now gone, understand? You will see now, how I will
call up your office and then.. ..your job will be gone. I always think let it be, let.. be, let it be,
let it be, let it be. Hey, but how many times let it go.. Huh Hello, is it ABC Enterprises? Greetings. What I want to say is more
important than knowing who am I. In your ABC Enterprises, a lady,
Usha Dhapane works? Yes, she is a very dangerous woman.. ..she has been telling
what not about your company.. .. to the whole world. What to do? Why are you
asking me what you should I do? Just dismiss her from her
job without asking anyone. Yes, yes. Let her come home crying. No, no do not worry she can live
happily even if the job is gone. ..yes you think over
before dismissing her from job. Huh, no, no, such a woman..
hello, hello. Hello, hello, please listen to me,
listen, at least you listen to me. Wife does not listen to me, I give you.., at least you
listen to what I have to say. Yuck. Useless phone, useless phone!! It is okay. People
should know what this lady is. People, yes, people
should know about her. I will now tell each and every person. Hello, I have not yet dialed the
number and the call has started. Hello, who, who? The breadman. Greetings, I am Khariwala speaking. Nothing much, just wanted to tell.. that Usha Dhaskne,
Usha Dhaskana..Usha.. Usha Dhapane, a very
notorious dacoit has come.. our city and she is.. oh. Hindi too is such.. Huh, have you understood? You understand and think.. ..that a very notorious
lady dacoit by the name Usha.. ..Dhapane is creating a
havoc in the city and yes.. If she comes in your shop.. huh, what? It is okay if I speak in Marathi. Okay, okay, yes, okay.
Do you understand Marathi? Okay, then you should tell so in Hindi. Okay, nothing much a
very notorious lady named.. Usha Dhapane is creating a
pandemonium in the city, she is creating a lot
of trouble in the world. If she ever comes to your shop.. not give her much attention,
do not pay much.. ..attention to her. Listen,
do not pay much attention.. ..No, I do not mean do not
give pure items, I mean do not.. ..give much attention to her. Huh, breadman!! I am
saying do not give much.. This is nice.. ..people should know about
her but now my idea.. your.. ..job is now gone, just wait
and watch, I will make you sit.. home jobless. See in two minutes,
your job will be gone. Hello, hello, hello, a
lady named Usha Dhapane is a.. ..very notorious dacoit… A lady named Usha Dhapane is a very .. A lady named Usha
Dhapane is a very notorious… A lady named Usha Dhapane…
give attention. Hello, a lady named
Usha Dhapane…attention. Hello, hello, hello, a very notorious
lady named Usha Dhapane is.. ..creating pandemonium in the city. If she ever comes to you, do not
give her much attention and status. She gives a lot of trouble at home. Yes, yes, I am her husband speaking… did you recognize? Can one see through the phone or what? okay, okay. You can solve our problems, you solve.. ..household problems,
husband-wife problems,.. ..any problems you can solve? Come, sure, please come.. Huh, now as you saying
you are going to come, I feel a bit more courageous. I am Prabhakar Dhapane, it is my name. Yes, yes. But I am
very happy now that you.. ..are going to come. Yes, yes,
sure. Hail Shivaji!! Hey. Why do you say
Hail Goddess instantly? No, no, announcement you are making? No, no I was not making an announcement, I was telling my address. In front of Jai Shivaji mansion. Hun, are you writing down? Yes do write. You have paper? Pen, you have? When?.. Yes, write. In front of
Jai Shivaji mansion, yes.. ..Gol market, it is Gol market. You try to understand,
yes I will explain you. Gol market, there is
Gol market, square.. ..shaped, from there come
straight ahead on the left.. ..hand side and on that
whole road, you can ask anyone.. ..where I stay
because nobody stays there. Come opposite, I mean
normally as humans walk.. ..if you walk like that you will fall,
yes, yes, huh, correct.. ..When you come opposite,
there you do not need to.. ..ask anyone because I am
the only one who stays here.. ..We are the only ones here. You can ask me where I stay.. ..Yes, yes, it is easy. There are ten plots and
mine is the six number plot. Yes. Here we have made a
nice palace like bungalow. Ours is the only bungalow here.. ..One to five have not built
any bungalows and seven to ten.. ..have gone for
redevelopment Yes, do come before.. ..our bungalow goes
down for redevelopment. Yes, yes. I felt nice talking to you. Where do you stay? UP!! How come this phone got
connected somewhere in UP. Local calls do not get
through most of the times. Okay, UP is your name! Okay,
yes, yes, I see. Do come, yes do come. I
will wait for you, do come. Oh God. Who are you? I am… I am.. telephone… Have you come to repair the telephone? Yes, yes. I have come
to repair the telephone. Hey, your service has become very quick. The moment the telephone
went dead, you have come here. Yes, our service is very quick,
sometimes it so happens.. ..that I reach before
the telephone goes dead. Really!! Okay, check the telephone.
It goes dead many times. I have to make some important calls.
– Okay, okay Do check. Ah, where are you? Yes, I am here only.
– Telephone is here. This is called telephone still.
– Yes, yes. Listen, where are you? What are you doing?
– Nothing. ..just checking the wire,
searching the telephone wire. Wire? Now are you going
to dig up the whole house? You dig up the roads,
is that not enough? Sir, it has no wires. This is
a wireless phone. – Wireless! Repair it, repair it.
– I am doing it. I have some important calls to make. You have surely come
to repair the telephone? Why do you ask?
– Or are you going to make a free call? No, no, I have come for
repairing the telephone only. Otherwise give a dollar first. A lady, where, where is the lady? Here, here. Wait, wait.
This lady in the photo. Again this lady only? She is the lady from ABC Enterprises? Means what? Have you seen her somewhere? How is she related to you?
– Mother. I mean she is my wife. She is my wife. Your wife? I cannot help it now, what to do?
– Very bad, very bad! Why so? Have you seen her somewhere? Rather ask where I have not seen her? No, first tell where have you seen her? Then the other question
is not needed to be asked. Where have you seen her?
– At Ranichi Baug, Hanging Garden, Girgaum Chowpatty Juhu Chowpatty,
Dadar Chowpatty, lakes, riverside.. ..have seen her everywhere and in lift. You have seen her in lift also. Then, have seen her a
lot of times in lift. What, what, what.. where has he gone? Here..
– What does this lady do? Pliers.
– Pliers!! What so you mean she pliers Pliers!
– In the lift? Give me the pliers. I have to
repair your telephone, right. Yes, of course. It slipped my mind. Get it quick.
– Sure, I’ll get it. Where are you wandering? Keep in mind, mister.. ..nobody must know what you
just told me about my wife. Okay, okay. Continue with you work. What are you doing?
– It wasn’t like this earlier. What do you mean?
– So how does it feel this way now? Wha..?!
– Go on. Continue with your work. You must have been on
that side when I touched. Yes, yes.
– But don’t go. No, I won’t. Take this. Mister.
Mister, take these pliers. Mister? Where is he? Do these people get
inside to do the repairs? This is strange. Where are you? Telephone! Telephone man! Exchange! He’s gone. The way these people behave!
The telephone is out of order.. Why are you yelling? You’re here?
– What’s going on? Where did you go, sir?
– Where were you using this? I touched you in the same place?
Sorry, sorry. Sorry. Take this.
– Give me. Wait. Give me the pliers.
– Here. Tell me, what is the time?
– It is ten o’clock now. Ten? Oh no. That means the next house. Forget this. It’s
important I go to the next house. Why are you doing this?
Repair the telephone or it will.. Oh! It is working. Okay! Now I know.. ..if the telephone gets out of
order one needs to slam it.. ..and it starts working immediately. There’s no sound now. It is dead. What do you gain from behaving this way? Why are you behaving this way? You claim to be going to
the office and where do you? With whom are you wandering? Who are you these people?
I’ll behead each one of them. Did you say something to me? Who is it?
– It is I. Thank you. I’ll behead each one of them. I’ll behead each one of them. Why are you upset?
– Why are you upset? I am upset with my wife.
– Me too. Why? Why?
– She left in a cab with a man just now. That’s why I got upset yesterday. Yesterday? Why? Why is she doing this? I’m going to put out a contract on her.
– Contract? Shanta, I will put out a
contract on you. I sure will. Come here. Come here.
– What? What? You just said you will put out
a contract. What is a contract? You don’t know what a contract is?
– No. Tell me.. – You tell me first
and then I’ll tell it to you. No, no. Tell me, does
this behaviour befit a lady? Oh no. Not at all.
– Exactly. But you know.. That boy is worthless. I will put out a
contract on her. I sure will. But first tell me,
what is this contract? You don’t know what a contract is?
– No. You don’t know what a contract is?
– No. What is your educational qualification?
– M.Com. I would have been but
the lady destroyed my life. Oh.
– Let that be. What? – You still haven’t
told e what a contract is. You don’t know what a contract is?
– No. You don’t know what a contract is?
– No. It’s like this.
– Yes. – There’s a contract. – Okay. We take a person.
– Okay. What? – Just a minute. You
have a job, don’t you? – Yes? So why are you clapping? I feel
as though I’m sitting in a train. No. There is a contract killer. And we give the photo of
the person we want dead.. the contractor. And
hand him the money as well. And the man kills the
person in his own way. Is that a contract?
– That is a contract. That’s a contract. Oh my! Shanta, I will put
out a contract on you. Yesterday we evaded your
husband and went for the movies. With another woman’s husband.
– Yes. Huh? Had it!
– What? That boy has had it.
– Obviously. I will put out a
contract on her. I sure will. Come here.
– What? Do one thing.
– Tell me. Don’t bother with a contract.
– So what should I do? Do the job yourself. But first please
repair my telephone for me. Telephone?
– Yes. Come. Come here. Please repair my telephone.
– The telephone. It’s important.. This
has to be repaired? – Yes. Is the putting out a
contract more important.. ..or repairing the telephone?
– Don’t do this. Shanta! I won’t let you
get away with this, Shanta! What a hassle! Why
does he slam the phone? Oh! The phone is in working order. Will you come and stay at our house? You have talent. Please come. Wha..? Why are you behaving this way? What do you gain by behaving… What do you gain by behaving… By behaving this way.. have made
Othello or Hamlet out of me. Had I got higher education I
would have expressed to you.. ..exactly what a monkey you made of me. You made a monkey out of me. Let me spot those men.
I’ll behead each one of them. Hey papa, what are you mumbling?
– Nothing. What?
– I’ll behead each one of them. Huh? You, papa?
– Yes. Exactly. Papa, if you’d shown
this pluck in mama’s presence.. ..then you. Else you are no good, papa. Mama will continue to you. What can I do, Damya? What can I do? I can think of such
dialogues when your mum isn’t around. But when she’s in front
of me I lose all my nerve. Really?
– Yes. Papa, I have an idea.
– Tell me, child. Child, tell me for the
sake of a happy life. Sit. Sit. Be comfortable. What can we do to lead a happy life? Papa. – Yes. – I’ll give
you an idea. – Tell me. Papa, mama… you on your off days. Correct?
– Correct. So why don’t work on
your off days as well? What work can one do in a
government office on an off day? how can you be expected
to work on your off days, right? Why you grinning, papa? You
should look for some work. Something such as sweeping. Sweeping?
– Yes. Is your father an office sweeper?
I’m a clerk. Innocent clerk. Junior.
– So what? I believe you.
– Well? Your mother doesn’t.
– Mine? My mother doesn’t. That’s why
she… you all the time. 29:40 Papa, your lifestyle
and your behaviour.. ..has become like a table
from the administrative office. What do you mean?
– Messy. Messy?
– Yes. Damya, do I look very handsome? Handsome? Papa, you look like a dodo. Oh no?
– Yes. To mother. That’s why she scolds you all the time. Be brave, papa. Be brave. Be brave. Like hell. Just because you are
educated in English.. are spewing words at me. Be brave. Like hell. I’ve
lost my life when I got married. I should not have gotten married. I had such a wonderful
life before I got married.. ..selling those books at college..
– Huh?! Reading books in college. What was my father thinking? He directed the fast
train on my platform. It keeps going at high speeds. She has no idea whether a man
is sitting, standing or fallen. Damya.
– Yes. Look here later. Look at me first.
– What? Damya. – Yes. – Don’t get
married during your lifetime. Marriage is the worst
moment of man’s life. And for that one
moment they dress a man.. him on a
horse and dance in front. Damya, Damya, Damya. What is this? Why do you
do these silly things? That is the only day
man sits on the horse. And for the rest of his life
man is down.. Man remains down. You don’t get married child. You.. Don’t get married?
– No, not at all. What are you saying, papa? Papa, marriage is a beautiful dream.
– Nonsense. Deep experience. It is a thrill. Papa.
– Yes. – Husband means riding fast on.. Why did you that when I
spoke of riding on a horse? I thought the house collapsed. So, as I was saying. The groom is a brave
warrior riding a horse. The bride is a princess. The pleasing
atmosphere of Lonavala. And.. What’s that about Lonavala? I know you went on a college
trip to Khandala or Lonavala. Khandala or Lonavala.
Lonavala or Khandala. You went on a trip somewhere. Lonavala, Khandala. Yes. You met a confectioner there.
– Not a confectioner. One finds confectionary in Lonavala. Yes, but the one I met
wasn’t a confectioner. Well?
– He was a contractor. What’s the matter?
– The contract is raucous. You met that person. And when he met you he told you,
“I am in love with you.” You like him, don’t you? You
like him, right? – I like him. Do you see him? Do you meet with him? I see him sometimes. Why sometimes? Tell
him to come every day. Bring him here. Bring him home. At our house?
– Yes. But what about mama? She won’t like it. She won’t like it?
– No. She won’t like it.
– Exactly. Then you must bring him to our home. If she doesn’t like it
then you bring him home.. ..umpteen times a day. I’ll get you married a
thousand times in one year.. ..and get you divorced a million times. No way. Up until marriage is fine..
– Fine. But papa, you mean it, right?
– Yes. Really?
– For sure. – Promise? – Promise. Thank you, papa.
– Don’t simply thank me, child. Well?
– Complete your college education first. You spend three years in each grade. Don’t you feel embarrassed?
– I do. What do you feel?
– I feel embarrassed. But papa.
– Yes. I have found a solution for it. What?
– I can’t pass. So I shall.. Drop out of college. How did you know, papa?
– It’s obvious. Even I was young once.
– Of course. Even I had a papa.
– Yes. After three years of college I
spent five years under my papa. No way. I am leaving, papa.
– Come home early.. Hey! Wait! What? What? What?
– Wait, wait. What’s the matter?
– This morning I read the Sunday paper. So? Today is Sunday, isn’t it?
– Yes. You don’t go to college
from Monday to Saturday.. where are you going on Sunday? Is today Sunday?
– Yes, I got you, didn’t I? What do you mean, is today Sunday? Nobody prints tomorrow’s paper today. Yes, today is Sunday. It’s true. Yes, yes, yes, yes! Papa. At our college today we have.. What?.
– Nonsense. Utter nonsense. Fashion show?
– No. Well, what is it?
– Oh yes! What?
– Extra lectures. You have extra lectures?
– Yes. You attend extra lectures? Of course. I decided to pass this year. What are you saying?
– Of course. Study well, my child. Study well.
– Yes, yes. Don’t study too long.
– No. Your father is a government servant. He isn’t the President of some country.
– No. A nation or what have you.
– Okay. I don’t have to run a college.
– Of course not. May I leave now, papa?
– Sure. Later at college we have.. What?
– Traditional day. How’s this?
– It’s lovely. I look good, don’t I?
– Yes. I bought this dress for your
mother and you wore it. – Really? Let it be, let it be. It fits you well, right.
– Yes, it’s nice. You girls should walk properly. Why? – God has given us
two legs so we walk straight. Don’t do the cat walk or fat
walk unnecessarily. – Cat walk. Don’t cross your legs when you walk.
– I won’t. You make others fall and you
fall yourselves too. – I won’t. May I go now, papa?
– Go. And papa, I’ll be late.
Don’t wait up for me. – Okay. I’ll be back in the evening.
– Take care. – Okay, bye. Give other people the right of
way and then you move. – Yes. Take care of your skirt. Until the time a girl is
slim she does the cat walk.. ..her weight increases
and she does the fat walk. Well, I should go take a shower.. ..else she will talk. She is due anytime. She will ask, “Haven’t
you had a shower as yet?” Can’t you be clean? Look at my boss.. I wish you’d look at me sometimes. There were stairs over here,
weren’t there? What’s going on? I see.
It’s put up over here. Well, never mind. No problem. Oh god! She’s useless. I told her not to put up these
winding stairs in our house. It feels like… Wasn’t there was a
door over here before? Lord knows where the things go.. I see. This is where it is now. I don’t know what to do with that woman. That woman won’t do anything straight. If there is a bucket in the bathroom,
there is no water. If there is a bucket and water,
there is no mug. If there is a bucket, water
and a mug, the towel is missing. I got everything over there.. ..the only thing I
missed was the drawers. I should go bathe in the
pond like a hippopotamus. I’ll take this shawl that
mother-in-law gifted me. I’ll wrap this.
Mother-in-law will like that. Oh! Oh! Oh!
– Hands up! Who is it?
– Hands up! Who are you?
– Hands up! Who are you?
– Hands up! Who are you?
– Hands up! Who are you?
– Hands up! I can’t put my hands
further up than this. My name is Bond. James Bond?
– No. Brooke Bond?
– No. Rubber Bond?
– No. The Bonds are over?
– My name is Tarna Bond. Put your hands up! Come here. Move!
– But.. – Move it! Careful with the pistol
You might shoot by mistake. Okay, tell me. Did you
call me here over the phone? Do you mean I phoned and
asked you to come here? Same thing. Chaos office.
Did you call there? – Yes. Why? Really?
– Yes. That’s why I came.
– Is that so? The very same. Chaos office. We need men like you.
– Thank you. We look for men like you. Well, Mr. Dhapne, you
phoned and called me here.. quickly tell me your
problem and get a solution. I’m supposed to tell you my problem.. ..and get the solution myself? Tell me your problem and get
a solution from me. – I see. I mean, brace yourself. Why are you talking
about a race like a child? That’s why I was saying, erase. Erase. Mr. Dhapne.
– Yes. This isn’t the block number. It
is today’s date. – Is that so? Tell me.
– Yes. Tell me.
– Yes. Tell me. – Yes. – Prabhakar Dhapne,
talk. – Look here, Mr.. Tarna Bond. Your name is complicated.
Don’t you have a simple name? What do you mean?
– I mean, who are you actually? Sorry, sorry. Who are you actually? Nobody will know. Even I.
– Huh? Even I feel I should tell you my
personal name. – Yes, tell me. Correct. So Mr. Dhapne, my name.. Tell me. Continue telling me.
I’m paying attention. I can hear even without my glasses. Why are you sitting down there
like a school child? Sit here. Mr. Dhapne, don’t you have a backrest?
– Huh? Don’t you have a backrest for this seat? I forgot to tell you. That
seat was initially a backrest. I changed it into a seat.
Now rest yourself on it. Take it easy.
– Yes. Come. Sit. – So, my name.
I’m.. – Easy. You will fall. Not now. I’m comfortable now.
I’m holding on to this. – Okay. So, my name is U P Hands. How’s that? U stands for uplift.
P stands for pleased. And my last name is Hathe,
which means Hands. Uplift Pleased Hands equals U P Hands. Wonderful! You have so
many names for one man. U P Hands.
– Yes. U P Hands.
– Uplift Pleased Hands. Let me try. Upil.. Upila..
– Let it be. You can’t pronounce it. I’ll tell you my very
personal nick name. – Tell me. Hukya.
– Huh? Short for Hukya. Hukya?
– Yes. You have such weird names. Hukya!
– Hukya! The name is top notch.
Hukya. A-one name. Hukya. Funny.
– Enough. Prabhakar Dhapne. In short Prabya, nickname Dhapnya. The pretty women at the office call me… If one wants to do business.. must have such
good names, Mr. Dhapnya. What?
– Dhapne. – Better. Will you have a cigarette?
– Yes. As I was saying, when
one wishes to do business.. must have good names.
– Okay. Take the name of our organization.
Chaos. Your office sounds like it is chaotic. Correct. The name should sound chaotic. Why? – Because you won’t
understand unless I explain.. ..the meaning of every
alphabet in this word, Mr. Dhapne. Correct. How will I
understand unless you tell me? Do you have matches?
– No. Give me the cigarette.
– Huh? – Yes. The name of our organization is Chaos. The first part of Chaos is Cha.
What does it suggest? I made a mistake calling him here.
– Correct. Cha for the dance as in cha cha cha. Os for ostracize. The problems with a couple is.. ..that the husband and
wife first do the cha cha cha. And finally it leads up to
them ostracizing each other. Or they build up into it. My problem doesn’t
fit into that category. I am telling the truth.
The whole truth and nothing.. Enough already. Don’t
tell me in Gujarati. – Okay. I’ll tell you in Marathi. Tell me. What’s the problem? Problem is that, I would like to say..
– Marathi. In Marathi. Tell me. – My problem is that
my wife and I don’t get along. You don’t get along or you
don’t want to get along? I don’t want to get along. I don’t because she
won’t get along with me. How long has this been going on? I can’t tell you the exact day
or date but I’d say when Dammi.. Pammi?
– Yes. – Who is Pammi? Is it a lousy woman?
– Bi..? Pammi. What is her pedigree?
– Pammi. Not Pammi. Dammi. And she is not a lousy woman. Great! You have a daughter?
– Yes. How old is she?
– She’s grown up. Age?
– Forty-three. I didn’t ask for your age,
I asked about her. Oh, I’m sorry. I see.
She’s about twenty-three. Great. What’s she look like? She’s a pretty girl.
She’s a very pretty girl. I tell you, she’s like a star. Seriously?
– Like a star. Hold on.
– She is so pretty.. ..when she goes down the
street people pass comments. What?
– She’s taken after her father. Pretty girl. Does she know of this?
– What? All your fights and your tiffs?
– She knows, sir. She knows. At her age she knows … A time will come when she
gets fed up of these tiffs.. ..and bring home a
loafer and say, papu.. Papu? That is a dog, isn’t it?
The name suggests a bulldog. No. Papu is not a dog. Well?
– Papu means me. Oh god!
– She lovingly calls me papu. What can one do? I
lovingly call her Damu.. ..and she lovingly calls me papu. And both of us lovingly
call her mother.. Mother. Damn her! I forgot to tell you something. A time will come when
she brings home a loafer.. ..and tell me, “Papu,
I’m fed up of your fights.. ..and I’ve made up my
mind to marry this chap.” Give me your permission if
you wish or.. – Go to hell. Else I’ll really have to..
– Go to hell. Be quiet. I’ll have to give
permission to my daughter. Good. Wonderful. Huh?
– I mean wonder. You’ve been fighting.. ..since your daughter Dhami’s birth. Not since she was born, sir. The problem started
because of her birth. Your problems began
because of your daughter’s birth. I’ll have to note down this fact.
Because of Dhammi’s birth.. Your problems began
because of Dhammi’s birth? Okay. Now tell me, who is
Dhammi’s biological father? Where? Where is he?
– Oh lord! I am her biological father. I’m here.
– It doesn’t seem to be so. What can I do about that? I mean it doesn’t make sense
this is the cause of your tiffs. What should I do?
– Do you have concrete evidence? Of what? The fact that I am her father?
– No. The fact that she is my daughter?
– No. Your fights… It comes to a point where
your family could be wrecked. Can you think of such an instance?
– No. Mad man. Mad man..
– I’m wasting my time here. Well, Mr. Dhepse.. Who is Dhepse?
– What is your name? Okay, Mr. Dhapne, I’ll
take your leave now. – Okay. If you think of something,
give me a call. – Okay. I’ll immediately… Where do I call?
– At my office. The same. Chaos office. This is my card.
– Yes. Give me. I’ll leave it with you.
– Very well. I’ll leave this card over here.
– Will do. Leave it. Or shall I leave it here?
– Will do. Or shall I leave it here? Leave it anywhere. It
doesn’t matter. It is only a card. It’s not a thousand rupee note. I’ll leave it in the purse.
– Okay, keep it. I’ll leave it in the purse.
– Yes, okay. I’ll leave this purse here.
– Okay, keep it. Or shall I leave it here?
– Leave it. No, I’ll leave it here.
– Keep it anywhere. It’s only a purse. What’s the..
– Keep it. You keep it. “Keep it. Keep it.” But… Don’t leave the purse in open.
Hide the purse. Hide it, hide it. Hide it, hide it, hide it, hide it. “Hide it, hide it, hide it, hide it.” Where do you expect me to
put it? In the cupboard? Keep it, keep it. Keep
it anywhere. Keep it. Oh no. I have an idea. No, not here. Well?
– Here. Come here, come here, come here. The house ends here.
Where are you going? Here. There’s place over here.
– Yes. What are you doing?
– Look. I’m keeping it. Keep it, keep it.
– The purse will be here. Very good! First class. Even the purse won’t know where it is.
– You’re right. My card shouldn’t get into the
police or anyone else’s hands. I’m leaving now and if
you think of something.. ..if you have something to
say to me, call me immediately. At the same Chaos office. I’ll solve all your problems in a snap. Just a minute.
– What? Stay right there.
– What? Let me know if you have a problem.
I’ll try to solve it. What do you mean? – Ever since
you came you haven’t let me speak. But did I tell you not to speak? Exactly. This is exactly
what she says to me. – Who? She doesn’t let me speak.. ..but she keeps scolding me saying,
“Don’t speak.” – Who? She doesn’t listen to one word.
– Who? She doesn’t let me speak.
– Who? What do you mean, who?
Have you been drinking hooch? What information have you
come to gather over here? Your spouse. My spouse, right? My wife, right?
– Yes. Well, I’m talking about her. Tell me.
– You don’t listen to me. I say anything and you run off with it. I say one word and you run off with it. “Don’t speak, and you run off with it. Mr. Dhapne. Mr. Dhapne. I’m
sorry to say.. I’m sorry to say. I don’t understand your language. Look, she’s off from
the office on Thursdays. My day off at the office is on Sunday.
– Okay. Is it my fault if I’m off on Sundays?
– No, no. That works as per the
government’s decision. But I have my off on Sundays and..
– She grills you over it. No, no, no.
– No? Good. She doesn’t grill me on my holiday.
– Well? When I’m off she goes nag,
nag, nag, nag, nag. It’s the end for me.
– Horrible, man. Horrible. An example. Give me an example. Yes! Listen.
– Yes. Look.
– Yes. And..
– What? Now tell me, how do I deal with it? That.. There.. And.. Now
tell me. How do I deal with it? And..
– Dhapne. Dhapne. How do I deal with it? How? How? You tell me how do I do it? I don’t understand a
thing that you’re saying. You don’t understand a
thing that I’m saying? – No. I didn’t say a thing, so
how will you understand? So talk.
– That’s what I’m telling you. I was wondering what
to do and how. Oh yes! I get it. I get it. Come here.
– Tell me. Come here. This happened
just day before yesterday. – Ok. It was a Thursday.
– Yes. She had an off from office. When?
– Flashback. Usha. Usha! Usha! Usha, the gla.. Usha! Usha! Usha! Usha darling! Mrs. Usha ma’am. Usha ma’am. Usha.. Usha Utappa! What a name! What do I do? These glasses are causing
me great grief. Oh lord! What shall I do? One must have about seven
pairs of glasses for two eyes. Ush.. Usha. Usha. My shirt isn’t ironed. Neither is acceptable. She might come out with a CD. Usha.. What is this? I’m getting late
for office. Look at the time. Just my luck. Song. Not here. Not here. No needle.
No thread. No… What are you singing
so early in the morning? Shouldn’t I be asking
you that question, Usha? I’m not an idiot who
doesn’t understand what you mean. I know that.
– Why did you say it if you know? Would you like me not to say anything? Did I say that yet?
– “Yet?” So say it now. Look, don’t pick on my
brains so early in the morning. Bring someone intelligent and ask him.. ..who has been picking
whose brains since we woke up. Okay, okay. Shut up! Sure, when you’re wrong
I’m supposed to shut up. Keep speaking. Shall I
bring you a loudspeaker? No need. My voice is loud anyway.
– Yes, I can see that. You increase your voice
when it isn’t required.. ..but not when it is required. Hereafter I’ll increase
my voice when you say so.. ..but please keep quiet for now. I’m always the one
who must remain quiet. You won’t let me enjoy one day off. Grumble, grumble, grumble. Okay. I’ll keep quiet. No problem. I’ve been doing so
for several years now. Who told you to keep quiet?
Talk. Please talk! No! No! What’s the point of speaking? Why waste words when it
has no effect on anyone? No need to waste words.
Clearly state what you have to say. I’ve spoken to you as clearly
as god has made it possible. Look, don’t go round in circles.
I have work to do. Hand.. This is your hand, isn’t it? Yes. Your work. Your job. I
told you a million times.. quit your job at ABC enterprises.
Quit. Quit. And I told you a million
times I will not quit my job. Why? Why won’t you quit?
– I have been promoted now. I see. Tell me what
goes on at your office. I am the boss’ personal secretary now. Is that so? Wonderful! You
seem to have landed a cushy job. I’ll have to do good work as well.
– Sure. Boss came home and told me
only yesterday. – What?! Creep! Your boss.. Your
two-bit boss came to my house? By home I mean he came to the door. He comes up to the
door while I am alive.. ..if I am no more he will come
all the way to the be.. be.. Sit here. Sit here. Usha. This is the last and final
time I’m going to tell you this. There will be no end after this.
This is the last time I’ll tell you. Quit this job! Ouch! Quit
this job! Quit this job! No need to work. Look, you
work for a private firm.. ..and I work for the government. My job will last my life,
right till the end. If I die you will get
the job for your lifetime.. ..but your job at the
private firm won’t last. And even if it does, I
won’t let you last there. Get that? We have such a lovely home. Stay at home. Our daughter is grown up. Where does she go under the
pretext of going to college? What does she do? Someone should be at
home to keep an eye on her. You know what the world is
coming to these days, don’t you? Stay at home. The imp is
following in your footsteps. Her father.. Look at that. Her father.. Look at that. Her father.. Yes, yes.
Be a little patient. My heart is beating like… The door bell rang.
– So answer it. It won’t harm you to answer it. Will it harm you if you answer it? I won’t come to any harm if
I answer the door like this.. ..but if the person sees me
like this he will come to harm. Hurry up or the bell will be harmed. And look here.. Wait. Wait. I
want to speak with you. Wait. Don’t run. Get a good look at who it is. If it is someone for you,
get rid of the person.. ..and if someone is here for me,
bring the person inside. Go. Leave. Who is it? Who?
– Good morning, ma’am. – Boss? “Boss?”
– Won’t you come in? Come. Come. Boss?
– Please come in. Hello.
– Welcome. Hello.
– Won’t you sit? Hello.
– I’ll bring you some coffee. Hello.
– I’ll bring you coffee in two minutes. Hello.
– Take a seat. Hello.
– Damn him! Insolent chap. Don’t say one word.
– I’ll bring coffee right away. Why bother? We could have coffee out. Is that so? – I was passing from
here so I thought I’d pick you. “Take her away. Take her away.” Your house is very small, ma’am. Purchase a big house now.
I’ll help you with it. You look like the servant. Yes. It looks that way
but I am not the servant. I am her man. This man doesn’t laugh. I see. He has a delayed reaction. My boss is a very pleasant man. Yes, thanks to your father. Help yourself.
– Huh? – Please help yourself. Look, she brought you something.
– Yes. Guess whether it’s tea or coffee. Nothing for me? Oh yes.
We must be out of milk. Probably run out of sugar. Very good, ma’am! Geez! You make the best coffee. Your father is very old. Sir. He isn’t my father, he is my husband. Husband? I’m sorry, ma’am.
I’m sorry, mister. I’m.. Hey!
– This is how one should drink. I am sorry. Sorry. What is this? What is this?
What’ve you done to yourself? You have… You should cut down on drinks. Cut down. I don’t. That’s why this is happening. Drink milk. Milk.
– I’ll buy a couple of buffaloes now. And exercise. You should exercise.
– Yes. Ouch! You got hurt, didn’t you?
It pricked you, didn’t it? What is this? You feel
pricked every few seconds. Let’s go, ma’am. We’ve got to go places. We have to go to… You mean today’s off..
Don’t you have an.. Today is Thursday.
Don’t you have an off? I have an off.
– Well? But tomorrow is his wife’s birthday. Is that so? Very good! Here. Come here. Huh?
– Happy new year. Very good day of nice day..
May happy returns of today. I get it. So exactly where
will you be going today? It’s his wife’s birthday.. I’m going to our to buy a ring. Our…
– Yes. Yes. He’s not a good man.
Why are you going to him? His gold is impure. Don’t. Go elsewhere. And the others will be
closed today. Go later. Do you have to go today? Sir, please wait a little and I’ll
be back right away. – Sure, sure. Please take a seat. I’ll be back. Hey! Listen. Where
are you going with him? Dhame will come now.
Why are you doing this? What will I speak with this man? And where is your sacred gold necklace?
– It’s in the house. You are too much. Don’t go. Sit there and speak to him! Listen to me first.
Okay. As you say. I concur. You see? Did you say something? Does he laugh without reason? What do I speak with him? Yes, yes. Why is he laughing
reading while about the moon? I thought of something from
my childhood seeing you laugh. Jokes. Jokes. Jokes? I see. Jokes. I thought something
was printed about me. Huh?
– Nothing. We had a function at the
office yesterday. – Yes. That’s why. It’s good to read the newspaper.
It’s good. – Hmm, hmm. This will not get done today. Let it be. Do you read the newspapers every day?
– Huh? Do you read the newspapers every day?
– Yes, yes. Do you buy them though?
– What? I mean, why do you buy the newspaper? To read. – Of course. Even
we buy the newspaper to read. But why do you read the newspaper? What’s the reason for
reading the newspaper? The reason. News.
– Yes, that’s true. We read the newspapers we get news. And most importantly
we read the newspaper.. we might sit at home and find out.. people do what
they do that we cannot do. We come to know in our homes. That’s why we read the newspaper. Even I used to perspire
like that in the beginning. Read. Go ahead and read.
– Yes. You will know when you read. Huh?
– You will know when you read. How will you know if you don’t read? You are very amusing. What can I say? Thanks to father. My father was a jester.
– I see. His name was Jester. You laughed? She’ll be here. My wife will be shortly. It’s getting late. – She’ll come,
she’ll come. She will come. It takes time. Where are you? Yes. It takes time.
Women take time to get ready. We have it easy. Just.. And out.
– Yes. Done. The topic keeps
coming back to the wife. At the end it’s the wife. Huh?
– Our lives are dependent on the wives. Yes.
– My wife is up. Yes, she is getting ready. How many wives do you have?
– Huh? – God.. Kids. How many kids do you have?
– Two. Very nice. Small family, happy family. Only two boys?
– Huh? Only two boys? Why only two boys? Are they both boys?
– No. One boy and one girl.
– I see. There’s a difference. Yes. – There’s a difference.
One boy and one girl. Good. Good. Two kids. One boy and one girl. Married? Are your kids married? What.. What? Ask me. Ask me what you want to. They’re still young.
– Okay. You can’t get them married then.
– Naturally. We shouldn’t get them married.
– Exactly. It can be troublesome
when they are young. It is troublesome to us
when the kids are young. One’s own life isn’t settled as yet,
what can one do with kids? I have two girls.
– Tw..? One is mine.
– Yes. And one belongs to my father in-law. I take care of both. The younger one is nice.
Younger one is nice. She’s good. I get it.
– I take care of both girls. Did Usha tell you
anything about our kids? Yes, but she told me
she has only one girl. She wouldn’t know. She is ignorant.
She is uninformed. Shall I switch on the fan?
– No need. I would have switched it on.. ..but all three blades are broken. It simply spins. It doesn’t
give any breeze. – It’s okay. What can I discuss
with him now? What’s left? I’ll be in trouble at my work.
When will I go to the office? If I go this late the
boss will publicly.. Huh?
– Nothing. Recently there was horrifying
news in the newspapers. -Yes. For example, Kargil. Kargil.. Kargil. Kargil.. Kargil..
– Yes, right. What can one do? Kargil.. Kargil.. What about it?
– Nothing at all. If anything would have
happened in Kargil I’d discuss it. He laughed, he laughed. Nice laugh. I work there.. I
work for the government. Really?
– Yes. The department changes. Is that so?
– Yes, the department changes. I’m in the health care department. Health care..
– Health department. but they are two different departments. I see. I see.
– Do you read the news about us? About the polio dose and so..
– Polio dose. I see. That goes through our table.
They stick up those posters. If we want the kids to stand on
their own feet, take two pegs.. Pegs..? Take two doses.
They must take two doses. Then the children can
stand up on their own two feet. Yes. I’ll have to down a full bottle. Listen to me. I wanted
to say man can be strong.. In Kargil.. This is another question.
Another question. Why don’t you drink tea?
It’s with regards to that. Does the tea in Kargil have bullets? Bullets. DTB, PPT,
CST.. what is it? Tea.. Ma’am, I’ll wait outside. How can you weight outside?
You’ll have to go to CST. That’s where the weighing machine is. I mean I shall wait outside.
– I see. Okay, okay. Bye. Goodbye. Take this.
– Give me the tea. Goodbye. – No, this is yours.
– Oh no. Ma’am gave it to me. I see. It’s ours?
– Yes. Were you taking it away?
– No. I was returning it. What is this? What is this?
I’ll tell you once again. What?
– Drink milk. I will. I will purchase buffaloes. And exercise. Exercise.
– I will. Take care. Take care,
old boy. Take care. Old boy? Old boy? I am an old boy? You.. You are an old boy.
You’re an old boy. Your cat is an old boy.
Your monkey is an old boy. Who are you swearing at? I am swearing at your boss. Get that? Oh god! How do you tolerate
all this, Mr. Dhapne? Oh god! It is horrible! What?
– Give me something. One has to light a match
before lighting a cigarette. – Yes. Here. Oh lord! How do you tolerate this, Mr. Dhapne? Only the sufferer knows.
– That is correct. Only the sufferer knows. The one who inhales is
the one who exhales. The one who inhales is
the one who exhales. The one who suffers is the one who… The one who suffers is the one who… Why are you repeating everything I say? Oh no. I was thinking what
to do to make you happy. Why are you thinking about that? Sit down. Sit down, Dhapne. Sit. After hearing everything you said.. ..our institution can advice you
on the latest plans. – Tell me. Things that will make you happy.
– Tell me. Mr. Dhapne, you must let
go off your wife tomorrow. I mean you must let go
off what your wife says. If she tells you to get up, you get up. She tells you to sit, you sit.
In short you do as she says. That’s what I’ve been doing
for the past several years. She talks and I say yes or no.
That’s what I do like a bull. I play the instrument too. Okay. Second plan. You must
become a millionaire overnight. Are you telling me to
rob a bank? Rob a bank? I can’t see the house keys,
how could I break the bank lock? In that case, Dhapne, until
there aren’t basic changes in you.. ..I don’t think you will be happy. Okay. Sorry. Okay. I get it. I get it. I
will never be happy. I get it. As long as I live I
won’t find happiness. I get it. I get it. I get it. Why doesn’t the wife
just lie down and die? Mr. Dhapne!
– Who is it? I have a beautiful plan.
I found a beautiful plan. You found one?
– Yes, yes. You found one.
– Mr. Dhapne. I tell you.. So far.. If you use this plan
you will win, Mr. Dhapne. Throw that away.
– No, I wish to smoke it still. I want to tell you something, Mr.
Dhapne. A beautiful plan. Just a minute.
– It’s very small. Extinguish it now. Give me. Throw it. A new plan for you from our
institute to make you happy. So far our institute told you of
big plans for your tiny problems. Now for a new idea from our
institute for your big problem. A new scheme. A bright scheme.
– Give me. A beautiful scheme.
– Enough of the advertising. Now say something. Mr. Dhapne. – Yes. – A new plan
from our institute to make you happy. Murder your wife. Murder my wife?
– Yes! I?
– I. You? – Both of us together.
Or both at the same time. Yes. That will do. No, no, no. No, no. It is decided
that we will kill your wife. And you must pay me only ten
thousand rupees for the job. Ten thousand rupees?
– Yes. There is no solution for me.
– We found the solution. How about a discount? Give me one rupee
twenty-five paisa less. Why are you jesting? I will
give you only one thousand. Monthly. Will do. Will do. You will require certain things.
– Things? The wife.
– Wife? Yes. You want to kill your wife,
don’t you? The wife. A sword.
– Sword. A dagger.
– Dagger. And the latest.
– What? New. A garland.
– We’ll need the garland after death. No, we’ll need it before. Why?
– It’s the latest fashion. We’ll place a bomb in the garland. Bomb. Bomb? Bomb?
– Bomb. Inspector Goldande. I am inspector Goldande. Why are you here?
– Don’t question me. But I’m glad you asked. What
were you doing? – Bombing. Huh?
– Bowling. Bowling. Bowling. The matches are going on these days.
– Yes. I was demonstrating it. To whom?
– Him. – Huh? – To me. There’s a mirror in front. Look. Yes, yes. You’re right.
There’s a mirror. Why did you come here?
– I don’t want any questions. But I’m glad you asked. You want it?
– Why sir? You want it?
– No. Why sir? To use as stumps. Oh yes. The bowling.. No need.
Come in, come in. Come in, come in.
– Never mind. No need. Why would I want the stumps? See how many stumps
we’ve got in our house. Give me, give me. I’ll add
yours too. A bonus stump. Okay, okay. What?
– Stump. Yes, that’s right. Thank you.
Look at our house, sir. – It’s nice. Sit. This is the first time
you’ve come. – Yes, thanks. Take a seat, sir. Sit. Oh yes. Yes, yes.
– Take this. Keep it, keep it. Okay. Okay. What brings you here?
– Don’t question me! Sorry.
– But I’m glad you asked. I’m sorry. I am
collecting donations. 10:05 What’s the matter?
– Stump. You’re collecting donations.
Have you brought the box? Don’t question me?
– Sorry. But I’m glad you asked.
– Okay. I haven’t brought a box.
– Okay. What to do?
– What are you doing? What to do?
– What are you doing? I’m asking.
– Whom? Him. Myself. The mirror is across there.
– Oh yes. Look at our mirror, sir.
– Nice. We got a new one.
– Wonderful. On installment. We pay for
it in monthly installments. I see. I see.
– We pay a little as we go. That’s how it works.
– Okay. Sir, our mirror is… Meaning?
– Things are visible in the mirror. What are you saying?
– Look. It’s true. Really? Nice purse.
– Thank you, sir. Whose it is?
– Donation. Oh! Thank you, thank you. Carry on. Carry on your net practice. Will you be returning, sir?
– Don’t question me. Sorry.
– But I’m glad you asked. I won’t be returning.
– Okay sir. Carry on. Carry on.
– Bye, bye, bye, sir. Hey! Come out, come out. He’s gone?
– He’s gone. The inspector is gone. Gone.
– What nonsense were you talking? Bringing swords, to murder her. And a bomb along with it.
– Bomb. Bomb.
– Bomb. You are batting now, correct? No. You’re mistaken. If one
is victorious in cricket.. I was demonstrating that. Whom?
– Him. Myself. The mirror in front. I see.
– sir. What is that?
– It’s a rotating.. – I see. Why did you come?
– Do not question me! But I’m glad you asked. Cane.
– Don’t beat me, sir. I’m not. My cane is left here.
– Oh yes. That. Come in, sir. Come in.
– Yes. Come. Come. Come.
– Give me. Sir, the cane. I was
saying the cane is here. I see. I see. Give me. Why don’t you call it a staff, sir?
– Okay, it will do. It will sound better.
– Give me. Let’s present it to each
other and that way it will feel.. it is January 26 or August 15. Wonderful!
– Come. Oh, sorry, sorry.
– It’s all right. Well, carry on. Carry on. Okay.
– Yes. Will you be returning, sir.
– Don’t question me. Sorry, sorry. – But I’m glad
you asked. I won’t be coming. Now I know why people who
present awards walk like this. Has he gone? He most probably heard
what our conversation. It is decided your
wife has to be murdered. So this…. – What… The.. of your wife’s murder,
I’ll write it on paper. Why write it on paper? Shall I write it on a slate?
– Not on the slate. Why?
– It will be erased. That’s why I said I’d write it on paper. As per, we distribute our tasks. Distribute what? Let’s say we decide to
kill your wife by hanging. You’ve already decided?
– If it is decided. Then who will put the
noose around her neck.. ..and who will tug it.
– Yes. That is what we need to decide.
– Yes. On which part of your wife’s… Ouch! – That will cause
her to die immediately. If we decide this, then who will
put the noose around her neck.. ..and who will stab her
with the sharp weapon. That needs to be decided.
– Yes. Paperwork. We need paperwork, Dhapne. It’s not easy doing business.
– You’re right. I understood what you just said..
– Yes. But there’s one thing I
still don’t understand. – What? After you stab my wife in the
back with a sharp weapon.. – Yes. Whom do I put the noose around the neck? Mine.
– Yours? Right. That way you can kill
her without making a sound. Why are you being silly, Dhapne? You should not do that to me.
– Well? I’ve got such a stupid client.
– So true. In whose body will we
stab the sharp weapon? Whose?
– Your wife’s. Right.
– So, whom do we put the noose? Your wife.
– Co.. No. My wife. Her photo is
there so I pointed that way. I understand all that but do
we shove the sharp knife first.. ..or stab the round weap..
Something is not right. I’m mistaken. Oh god! There is confusion.
– Yes. You are confused. Yes. Instead I shall make the plan.
– Yes. Tell me, where has your wife gone now?
– Office. Huh?
– To work. She’s gone to work. When will she return?
– She will come at 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. in the evening.
– Yes. There’s plenty of time.
– Yes, yes. So? That’s it.
– Okay. It is decided.
– What? What is decided? That’s it.
– Okay. But what is decided? That’s it.
– Okay. Get up. It is decided. What? Tell me what has been decided. My wife is the one who
is going to be murdered. At 8:02 p.m. tonight
your wife will be murdered. What can I do? That man
hasn’t shown up as yet. My wife is due any minute.
Lord knows what will happen. She has to be murdered.. Done. I think he killed her. He killed her there and
the sound came from here? Who is it? Who is it?
– It is I. Dhame. Dhamu?
– Yes. Why were you whimpering
like a dog that’s been kicked? Papa. – Yes. – It’s a
horrible story. It is scary to read. Look at the goose bumps I’ve got. Then why read such horrible stories. Read the Ramayan instead.
Arjun teachings to Bheem. I’m mistaken. That’s not what I’m saying, papa. Well?
– I was telling you about this story. It is such a dangerous situation,
you know. Look. Like this. No. Like this. Arjun’s chariot’s wheel had come out. And he was trying to lift it..
You know it was very dangerous. That’s not what I’m saying, papa. I’m telling you about this story. Really?
– Yes. Papa, in this story.. ..a man planned to kill
his wife with hired help. Very dangerous situation. Did this imp find out my plan?
– Yes, I know. You want a slap? What do you know? Dhamu. Where are you? Dhamu. What?
– What you learned is a lie, my child. It’s a lie?
– Yes. But you told me it was true. What? – The name of this book.
The true stories. Were you talking about the book?
– Yes. I thought you came to know of my plan. No. I haven’t learned anything
about the plan as yet. – Right. The plan is still to be made. Get up. Up. Get up. Why?
– Don’t sit here. Why?
– Go sit inside. What’s the matter?
– Go read in your room. Wait. Wait.
– What? I have to read only the
last two or three pages. Really?
– Yes. – Only two or three pages? Yes. Only two or three left.
– Okay. Papa! – Here are your two or
three pages. – Wha.. What..? Go read it inside.
– What nonsense! Go, go.
– Why are you behaving this way? And do not come down until I say so. Why?
– The killer is due to arrive. Killer?
– Biller. Biller.
– Biller. Why is the biller going to come here?
– We have to plan. Plan?
– Planchet. Planchet?
– Yes. Papa, you’re talking about
the metal disc, right. – Yes. You put your finger on it.
– Yes. And the metal disc moves
around the place. – Yes. I’ll stick around. I want to
see how to perform a planchet. No, no. Don’t wait here. You’re here, aren’t you? That is just one.
– Yes. Go up.
– Why are you doing this, papa? Don’t come down no matter what.
– I won’t. Don’t come until I tell you to.
– I won’t. Latch it from out while you’re inside. What are you saying? Do not come out until
the outsider is gone. And look here. She won’t listen. Look, I’ve kept the book here. What do I do? Geez! How come that man isn’t here as yet? My wife has to be murdered.
He hasn’t come as yet. Oh lord! It is almost 7:45 p.m.
How come he’s not here yet? What do I do? I
think he will come first. Then my wife will come.
And the two will kill me. What shall I do? In the office..
Office? Office? Chaos office. He gave me a card.
Where did I put the purse? In the cupboard? Where’s the purse? That’s it. Chaos office. Yes! That’s it. Thirty,
thirty, thirty. Chaos office. Fantastic number. One couldn’t obtain a number
like that if one asked for it. Thirty.. Oh lord! Hello. What’s this? Who is speaking without
dialing the number? Hello! Hello. This is my number. Let
me speak. Hello! Hello! He.. Who is speaking when nobody has dialed? Hello. Hello. Hello.
– Hello! Hello. Hello. Is that the
telephone exchange? – Yes. Is that the telephone exchange? That is the telephone exchange, right? Listen. Or.. Over..
– Our. Thank you. Please correct
me if I use the wrong word. Okay, okay. – Our phone was
deceased earlier. Not deceased. Decreased. What is it? De..
– Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! Yes!
My phone was dead earlier. My chest hurt from screaming. Is it better now?
– Yes, mother is okay now. Not mother, the phone. The phone. Oh sorry. Even the phone is in order. Now that it’s reborn after it was dead.. ..what is the guarantee
it won’t go dead again? I have to say something. Don’t
make our telephone dead often. Look, you’re a civil servant
and I’m a government official. We are on the same side, aren’t we? So why do you put my
telephone out of order? Yes, and most
importantly we are united. Listen. He hung up again. Apparently these people
don’t laugh during office hours. What shall I do?
– Hello! Yes! Exactly. The
conversation was incomplete. Yes, talk. Hello? Hello.
– Hello! Excuse me. Excuse me.
I’m speaking to an officer. Hello.
– Hello. Hello.
– Hello. Hello.
– Hello. Is this the time to come, you idiot? My wife is due any minute. Don’t worry, Dhapne. I
planned everything on the way here. Why are you sitting there?
– Well? Get up. Take these papers and sit there. On the papers?
– Not on the papers. Come here. Get up. Sit here. But what is written on the papers?
– Sit, sit, sit. Sit. Mr. Dhapne, I have
written the detail plot.. ..of your wife’s murder on this. May I?
– You can speak later. Let me speak first.
– Okay. Read the matter properly.
– I.. Read it four times.. Do
you wish to speak? – Yes. Speak later.
– Okay. Read it four times and..
– I.. Do you wish to speak?
– Yes, yes – Speak later. – Okay. After you memorize it we
shall distribute the tasks. – I.. Do you wish to speak?
– Yes. Wait a little. – Okay. – It’s
important you memorize it well. – Okay. I.. I’ll go out now.
– Why are you going out? Why?
– We have facilities here. That’s not where I’m going.
I’ll go and scout the area. Scout.
– Yes. A murderer must scout the area. I’ll go see if anyone is
keeping an eye on us. – I.. You wish to say something?
– Yes, I wish to say something. Talk. – Okay. – I’m leaving.
– Listen. Hey, hey! Listen. Where are you going?
Listen. Someone listen to me. Nobody listens. I’m sure my
earlier conjecture is correct. My wife will come and he will come.. ..and the two of them will kill me. His handwriting is terrible.
How could he write like this? We put a line across the
top of the words, don’t we? How come he has underlined the words? I see. It’s like this. Brilliant! Ouch. What does it say? Oh dear! Oh my lord! Why have you been
hollering for so long, papu? Who is it? Who is it?
– It is I. Dhame. Why are you whimpering
like a dog that’s been kicked? When did I whimper?
– Who whimpered? You whimpered.
– What?! Why did I whimper? Never mind that. Papa, I
understood the plan. – Really? Yes.
– Really? Okay, let it be. Okay. No. I understand the plan,
papa. Please sit here. – No. No plans for now. We’ll
discuss it tomorrow, not today. Papa.
– Yes. – I understood the plan. I know you read those
strange books every day.. ..and tell me about them
but I’m not in the mood now. Why?
– My Muni hasn’t come as yet. What Muni..
– Not Muni. Okay.. Sit down and I’ll tell you, papa. Okay, papa.
– Do you have to tell me now? Yes. Why?
– Nothing. I have plenty of time. You do, don’t you?
– Yes. – Mother hasn’t come home as yet. Mother.. Mother.. Mother..
– Right? Listen to me in the meanwhile. Papa. Are you listening?
– Yes. Okay. It is evening.
– The story is fantastic. I haven’t told you the plan as yet. You mean it will follow? It will follow. I haven’t even
begun as yet. – I see, I see. Are you listening?
– I’ll have to listen now. It is evening. Once again?
– It’s the same. You mean the same evening?
– The same evening. Papa, I’ll only tell you once now.
– Tell me. Yes. It is evening. It
is quiet all around.. There’s a bungalow. A
man is in the bungalow. The man wants to murder his wife. He is pacing the floor of his
bedroom waiting for his wife. It starts raining outside.
There is lightening. Strange creatures making sounds. Just then there’s a knock
on the door. Knock, knock. The murderer’s heart throbs. With his heart
throbbing he open the door.. A person wearing black
clothes carrying a black bag. He has a revolver in one hand.
A noose in the other. The murderer gets scared.
The murderer gets scared. The person who arrives says,
“Don’t be afraid. It is I. The thug.” Your wife is coming. Be alert. Take this paper ball. This
is no ordinary paper ball. It contains poison. When your wife arrives you
shove this into her mouth. And I will come up from behind.. ..and stab her in the
back all the way down. That way your wife will be half dead. Then I shall put the
noose around her neck. And the two of us will keep
pulling until the time she dies. Pull! Pull! Pull! Enough, enough. Enough, enough, enough. Is that written on those two pages? Oh no, papa. I didn’t tell needlessly tell
you it was a dangerous situation. Papa.
– Yes. Those are terrific ideas, aren’t they? Heavy. Mother.
– Mother. Mother.
– Mother. Mother. – Mother. How come your mother
hasn’t come home as yet? That’s right, papa. It is so
late but mother still hasn’t.. Why are you screaming like that? You are scaring yourself and me. Get up, get up. Get up.
– Wait. Don’t hit me. Get up.
– How can I look at you? Don’t hit me.
– Get up. Get up. – Give me a minute. Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?
– Get up! Who are you? Who are you?
Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?
– Why are you behaving like that? It is I. Hukya. Oh God. What kind of clothes are you wearing? Why don’t you wear good clothes? Why do you wear such
funny clothes? She fainted. What? Your wife fainted?
– Not wife. She isn’t my wife. Well?
– Mummy, mother, grandmother.. This is my daughter Dhamu Dhama, Dhama.. Pabhya, your wife is due any time. So what can I do?
– Why do you want her to come to senses? I have to revive her
before my wife comes.. ..or everything will go wrong. Everything will go wrong if you
revive her. – So what should I do? What if your wife comes
while you try to revive her? Let’s do this.
– So what should I do? This is your daughter, right?
– Yes. I’ll take her upstairs to the bedroom.
– Okay. Call me downstairs when her
mother comes. I’ll come down. I’ll slap you. What’s the matter?
– You are telling a girl’s father.. are going to take
his daughter to the bedroom. Let me know when the girl’s
mother arrives and I’ll come down. Why are you being this way? The moment your wife arrives
your task will begin first. In the dark.
– Don’t be naughty. What work will begin in the dark? Exactly.. that’s it.. That means you did not
read the plan, Mr. Dhapne. Yes, you’re quite right. I
can’t read that paper of the plan. He speaks English terribly. Because I am very afraid. And I am not simply afraid.
I am Hitchcock afraid. Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down. How do I sit?
– Sit, sit, sit. I’ll explain the plan to you.
– Yes. Sit. You sit.
– Yes. Your wife comes..
– She’s come? – When your wife comes. When your wife comes we will
switch off all the lights. Switch off all the lights.
– When it becomes dark .. hide in the corner. Hide in the corner.
– Let’s make a slight change. What? – I won’t hide in
the corner after it is dark. Well? – I’ll hide first and
then you switch off the lights. What the.. Let it be. Let it go. When your wife comes we
switch off the lights. You hide in the corner.
– Yes. Your wife comes..
– She’s come? Later. I’ll tell you. Later. You shove this ball..
– Into her mouth. This is no ordinary ball.
– Poison has been dabbed on it. Correct. You shove this
poisoned ball into her mouth.. And..
– When you will come. ..and stab her with this sharp weapon.
– Correct. These are our individual tasks. Now for the task that
we have to do together. This noose.
– Lovely. Pull. Why are you behaving this way, Dhapne? This is not for you.
– Well? One will be ready for you later.
– Very well. And both of us will get
together and pull, pull, pull, pull. Once that is done
your wife will be dead. You and I will be rid
of a lifetime of pain. Yours. How?
– You will give me one thousand rupees. That’s if I live. Who will
give you the money after I die? Who will give you one
thousand rupees after I die? Then give me the money in advance.
– I don’t have money. Why are you doing this? You
fill big tenders for murder.. ..and you don’t have
one thousand rupees? That’s why I’ve been
trying to tell you.. ..I have something
else to discuss with you. You aren’t letting me speak. You made me quiet. Talk. Talk. Talk.
– Tell you what.. Where are you going? I’m right here. – Look out there
to see if anyone is watching.. ..and I’ll see if anyone
is watching us from here. Nobody but the monkey is watching. Talk. I was saying.. Listen. Why are you behaving like this? What happened to my other leg?
It was there a little earlier. What’s this over here! Where?
– Here. Attached to your hip. My hip? How come? One leg is attached to my torso.. ..and other leg is attached to my hip?
– Here. This is the system. I see. This is the system.
– Yes. Yes. Does this one do the same? It feels good. Yes. Yes. Yes. All the hiding etcetera when
my wife comes is well and good.. ..but I’ll go hide in the kitchen.
I’ll go hide in the kitchen. And when my wife shows up,
you don’t kill her for real. Well?
– Just fake it. Look. When my wife comes in like this. She’ll come in which way.
Is that important? What’s important is that she will come. When my wife comes you
don’t kill her. Don’t kill her. Simply batter her. Only batter her. Then she’ll scream. Help! Help! Help! You foolish man. She will wake up. Who?
– Your daughter. Oh dear! She’s asleep now, right?
– Yes. Come here. My wife will come. Help! She hasn’t woken up now, has she?
– No. No. And when she yells out for
help two or three times.. ..then I will come out to rescue her. Like the heroes comes to
rescue the heroine in the films. How?
– I’ll come out like heroes do. How?
– “How?” Something like this. How do they manage to walk like this? Next. Next. Next. Plan? Then I’ll come out like a
hero and I will beat up on you. No. No.
– I’ll hit you a couple of punches. A couple of kicks.
That will do the trick. She will learn that I am brave. I don’t understand why
you keep changing my plan. I don’t understand why
you won’t listen to me. What should I listen to, you dodo?
– It is true. What is true? Why don’t you take a
little beating from me for my wife? Phone..
– Don’t answer it. Let it be. It could be important. You receive important calls?
Is that possible? I do receive important calls.
– Answer it! Answer it! Hello. Hello. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, Prabhakar Dhapne. Dhapne speaking. Hello. Yes. Who? What? What? Lord
knows what he’s saying? Hello. What’s that? Sonubai? Not Sonubai. Ushabai.
– Not Sonubai. Ushabai. Yes.
– Yes, Ushabai. What? house? Not house. The ball.
– Not house. The ball. Poisonous ball.
– It’s a poisonous ball. It has to be shoved into the mouth.
– Hush. Be quiet. Don’t disturb.
– Is it? Yes, Everything will be done. Don’t talk. Don’t talk.
– You talk. You talk over there. Yes. We have the knife.
– He says we have a knife. Sharp knife.
– Yes, it is a sharp knife. I’ll stab it easily.
– Yes, it will stab easily. Be quiet. Don’t talk. The shopkeeper has
guaranteed me two murders. I’ll tell. Two mur.. Be quiet!
Don’t disturb. Don’t talk. – Ok, ok. Yes. What?
– A noose. A noose. Put it around the neck and pull. Pull the noose twice.. Shut up will you! You idiot! You keep
mumbling in between. Don’t do it. Let me find out who is
calling and for what. Why are you picking my brains? Let me find out who is
calling and why he is calling. Do not talk in the middle.
You won’t speak now, will you? In between.. He.. Hello. Where did the black
earpiece go? Where is it? Speak now. Speak now. Where did it go? Where is this man gone? Disappeared. Where has everyone gone? Where? I am here! What is this?
– I see. So it was in your hand?
– Oh dear! You should have told me it was there. Let the lady come. I’ll shoot her. Let the lady come..
– Be quiet. I’ll stab her with the knife.
– Don’t. Don’t. Don’t speak! Be quiet. Don’t speak. Who is calling?
It might be important. We have to commit murder.
– Hang up the phone? It’s not important. We have to commit murder.
– Hello. Why won’t you let me speak?
– What do you want to speak? I have to know who is calling.
– No need. What do you mean, “no need?” Who called? What if someone comes now? We’ll land up in trouble. The phone.. Oh dear! Dhapne! Your wife has come. Dhapne! Be.. Be.. Be brave. Come on. Move forward. Move forward. I am.. Dhapne! Remember the plan. When your wife enters..
this poisonous ball.. Come on. Come on,
move. Move it. Hurry. Move. Dhapne, do you remember the plan? When your wife enters..
this poisonous ball.. Come on. Come on,
move. Move it, move it. Dhapne. I hope you remember the plan. When your wife enters..
this poisonous ball.. Come on, come on, Move it,
move it. Move it. The light switch. Mr. Dhapne, do you remember? When your wife enters..
this poisonous ball.. Come on, move.. Hey! When your wife enters.. have to shove this
poisonous ball, don’t you? Take the ball. And do you remember the entire plan? I know your plan like the
back of my hand. – Okay. I know it. But we
will go ahead with mine. Huh?!
– Yes. Light. Light. Is she here? Is she here? Is
she here? Pull! Pull! Pull! Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?
– It is I. Why did you come here?
– I.. Outside.. Yes. Who was it?
– I’m afraid to go out. Who is it? Who is it?
– Your wife has come. Come on. Get up, get up. Move. Bring her in. Move. Come on,
hurry. Hurry. Come on, move. Move! Come on. Hurry! Mother! Someone has
stabbed me with something sharp. Who are you?
– Lord knows who it is. Who was at the door?
– The same thing happened. Why do you keep assaulting me? Give me a chance to assault another. What can one do if we
aren’t destined to it? Is my father ringing the bell? Does he know this house?
– Shut up! Go. Go. I’m afraid. Don’t be afraid. Come on. I
must earn my thousand rupees. Let go. Let go.
– Come on. No, no. No. Don’t, don’t. It’ll make sound. Never mind.
To hell with it. I must earn one thousand rupees. I will still kill her now. It is I. It is I. It is I. It
is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It
is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. It is I. Why do you keep coming
in over and over again? What can I do? There is nobody outside. How can I help it?
– How can nobody be outside? Is the bell ringing by itself?
– Someone was there earlier. So who was there now?
– He wasn’t there now. What a strange man!
– But he did something at the door. What did he do? – Actually he
didn’t do something, he left something. Look.
– What is that? – It was the postman. So late at night?
– Yes, that was the night postman. Really? – Yes, sometimes he
mistakenly comes in the morning. Really?
– He came on time today. It is something
important from the office. Why do you do this? Look, it’s something important.
Let me read. Do you have to read it now? Will you read? It is 8:15. It is 8:15.
– It’s okay. It is important. Oh no!
– What happened? I can’t see a damn thing. The lights are off. You idiot!
– Oh, the light is switched off. When one’s number is
high it affects the eyes. Listen. Oh no!
– What’s the matter? I can see nothing at all in light.
– The letter is with me. You should have told me.
Earlier the phone was with you. Read it, read it. My
sister-in-law was supposed to come. My sister-in-law was supposed to come. What are you up to?
Just sit there quietly. My sister-in-law was supposed to come. What happened?
– Nothing. My sister-in-law was supposed to come. Read. Read. What does she have to say? Mr. Prabhakar Dhapne.
– That’s me. Blessings. She’s written blessings? How old is your sister-in-law? My sister-in-law won’t
write blessings. She is young. It must be my father-in-law. Take them both into the corner. Huh?
– Kill both of them. Do we have to read this now?
– There’s no alternative. Because.. .
– Don’t yell! Don’t yell.
– Kill father-in-law if he comes first. Or kill both. Blessings to Prabhakar Dhapne. He blessed me twice. Mother-in-law and father-in-law.
Both will come. I’m happy to let you know.. ..that your wife Mrs. Usha Dhapne.. in our custody. I’m happy to let you know.. ..that your wife Mrs. Usha
Dhapne is in our custody. We’ll call you or let you know
in writing about our demands. Don’t inform the police. Mr. Dhapne. Someone has kidnapped your wife. Who did that? He must
have written some name. Yes.
– What? – Usha Dhapne. She’s my wife. What’s important is who kidnapped her? Yours..
– Who’s he? Is he someone familiar? Nothing.. nothing is mentioned here. I want my wife.
– Spare me. I want my wife.
– Let me go. I want my wife. I want my wife.
– Don’t drag me in this. I want my wife.
– I.. Don’t drag me.
– I want my wife. What’s this man doing?
– I want my wife. Usha.. Usha.. Usha.. Usha! Usha! Usha! Usha! Usha! Usha! Usha! Usha! Usha! Usha! Usha! Usha! Usha! Usha! Dhamu?! Prabhakar! Prabhakar! Prabhakar! Prabhakar! Prabhakar! Prabhakar! Prabhakar,
where are you? Prabhakar! Prabhakar! I’m here. Looking for the needle and thread. It fell down from the calendar.
I can’t find it. But what are you doing
by going up before me? Come down! Don’t do this. What happened? Goons are after me.
– Don’t crack jokes. Goons?
– Yes. – Goons are after you? – Yes. Let me see. What do they think of themselves? Let me see who they are. They’re many in number. Tell them I’m busy. Go. Go and tell them. Go. You?! You?! You?! Hey.. Screams a lot.
– Hey.. You ditched us.. ..and enjoying life
with Prabhakar Dhapne? Hey.. Hey.. Usha! Usha?! Usha! Who’s it? Police! Who’s it? Police! Police! I must inform the police.
– Police! God, such a big parrot. So, what’s red on your head? That’s my hat.
– I felt it’s your beak. No.
– Are you sure you’re a human being? Yes.
– So, come through the door. Why do you enter from the window? I hope you’re not the police. Will anyone give me a police job? Are you from the police?
– No. Actually, I confirm if
there’s any police in the house. Then I enter any house. So, what I saw wasn’t true. What did you see?
– How do I tell you? Usha!
– Moustache? No moustache. I said Usha. What about her?
– Yes, Usha Dhapne was standing here. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. they were standing here. I was standing there.
– Okay. – And one of those had.. ..a long sharp knife. Shining.. Was sleeping!! No, not sleeping, shining, shining. Do you hear a bit less? Horses were there too? Oh, not horses, less, less. Let it be. This horse seems deaf. Actually, I am bit deaf. You speak loudly please. You speak softly. I can
hear properly. Where was I? One of the men had a long,
2-1/2 inch shining knife and ..the lady, Usha Dhapane
Madam was standing here.. ..and he thrust the
knife into her abdomen!! In the stomach?
– No, no not direct into the stomach. Then? – I mean not
actually in the stomach. – Then? A bit lower.
– Ah… In the lower abdomen and, and.. And, and?
– And, and, murdered!! Someone at the door? Who, who has come? Where, who is there? Look, look, who is there,
who is at the door? You only said someone is at the door!! Someone’s at the door! No,
I mean murdered. Murdered? How is it possible?
We just kid…kid…only. What, what…? I am feeling very
frightened. Will you give me this? What should I give?
– What will you give? What do you want?
– Anything. Will… 25 be enough?
– Of what? Dollar. Dollar? Not dollar, I
want water, water to drink. Quarter!
– Oh, no, not quarter!! Water! Water to drink,
splash, sprinkle, splash, splash!! Okay.. you mean you want water!! Where do you keep water in your house? In there, in the kitchen cabinet. In the buttocks? What is this? How can
we keep water anywhere.. ..come, you walk straight ahead. Stop, there is a wall.. ..and there s a door to be removed. Door to be removed?
– There is a door that has been removed. Oh, yes, there it is. Go, when you go in, I will
describe you everything. Okay, okay. I have to
go straight in here. Yes, yes. Have you gone in straight?
– Yes, yes. Do you see a tap?
– Yes, yes. Do not open it.
– Why? No water comes from it.
– Then? Do you see a basin?
– Yes. Do you see a tap there?
– Yes. Do not open that tap too.
– Why? No water comes from that tap too.
– Then? Do you see a bathroom in there?
– Yes. Do you the tap in it?
– Yes. Open that tap, then water
will come from the basin tap. “Clunk” Broken! Seems this man
has broken the basin. Now, God only knows what will happen.
– Sir!! – Yes. Is it okay if I give you
some water from the fridge? Now if you give me water from
the geyser that will also do. What to do now? Water…!! Sir. Here is the water. I have a sent a person to get it. Oh, I am the person you
sent to get water. – What? I am the one.
– You are that person? Yes. – Then, why did you put
on so much makeup for that? Oh, I felt in the flour container. Hey…re… are you a human or a mouse. Take care of yourself,
now that you are an adult. Today you fell in flour
tomorrow you may fall in Golpitha, I mean something like a round,
flat bowl of flour. Oh, God.
– Huh.. Is your surname “Deva”? No, it is Danave. Look here, Dana… Dana… Danav..
whoever you are.. have entered my
house free of cost .. ..and you fell in the
flour from my house only.. gave me only, in my
glass only, water from.. house only and I am
grateful to you for that. Should I repeat all that I have said? I…I am grateful to you. I am grateful to you.
You can now…get going. Yes, yes, I can get singing.
I am a good singer. Look here, I can sing for you. I have a very husky voice.. Listen!! Listen clap..clap.. listen, okay.. ..I did not ask if you can sing. So.
– I asked if you can now get going. I.. I I said can you now go? Can you go… Do you
have anything to do with me? Yes, I mean if you say yes
then I have and if you say.. then I do not have. Please.. do not talk in hollow riddles. I am a person who is already
caught in a very depressive situation. What? Oh, my god!! Please do not
talk hollow, I am a person.. ..who is already caught in a
very depressive situation. Listen. – Your mother’s husband,
do have something to do with.. just say so and leave. Is there anyone else in the house? Do you have something different in mind? She is not at home. What next? Where has she gone?
– I do not know. What next? I have some work with her. Then come back after
she comes. Understood? No actually. I have to speak to her. Usha Dhapane!! You have
to speak to Usha Dhapane? Yes, yes. – You mean to say
you have to speak to Usha Madam. You have to speak to Usha Dhapane!!
– Yes, yes. Rogue! Insolent! Don’t lean more. Rogue.. where have you kept her? Ringing.. the phone is ringing. Whom are you calling? I mean there is a call coming. How can a call come on its own? Oh, I mean the phone is ringing. Okay, okay, you mean to
say the phone is ringing.. ..okay, I will take
the call and come back. Do not move from here. Keep
sitting in one place. Hmmm. Do not make a move. I am
telling you do not move. I can see on my back, Okay? You idiot! Oh my God! Oh, Dhapane, get up, Dhapane, get up.. Dhapane!! Listen, listen. I am feeling
good but I have to stand.. ..up then I have to put my
legs down on the ground. Ah.. keep them down. Is it like that? Okay.. Greetings, you are the real Marathi man. How? How?
– You are straightaway pulling my legs. The phone had rung just a
few moment back, now who.. ..will call back? Phone!! It is ringing again. Hmm, do not move from here.
– No, no. Just do not move from here.
Coming, coming. Ah… Hello, hello. Quiet. No, no. You say. Who? Huh…who?
– Godu Madam!! Who Goddu Madam? No Goddu Madam stays here. Hey, do not…hush. Hello! A cat has come in the house. Hey, you look… that
is not your concern. That is not important.
You.. who is this Goddu.. ..Madam. Ok, the domestic help. Kitchen.. okay.. yes, yes I
know you come occasionally.. chat with Usha Madam. You have some work.. okay.. want to give a
message for the neighbours. Do not you know there are no
neighbours here? What are you saying? Goddu Madam.. hey,
hey.. where are you? Hey.. Come here, come out here.. How can you go out from there? You come in from.. ..the window and how can you
go out from bedroom? Get.. ..inside, come get inside. Hey… Hey, come on out, come here.
Come out here. Come out here. Where did this man go? He is playing door-door. Hey, hey. What happened? What happened? There is a knife under
your legs. It may slash you. Slash me!! Wait, I will slash you now. Tell me, who are me.. me.. you?
Why do you come here? No .. no.
– Tell me Where is Usha Madam? I do not know.
– Look, I know magic. I have a big number in my eyes and.. ..I have a sharp knife in my
hands and now I cannot see anything. Hey.. oh, my god!! Now I’ll.. wait.. Gone.. gone. He was scared and so has gone. Who is this man? Why does
he come here? What to do? Police.. Who is he?
Usha, Usha, murder. Police!! Usha.. murder, police…Usha. I am Inspector Goldande. I am Inspector Goldande. I.. sir, you. I have recognized you. But not recognized me
completely it seems. – Means what? By the way, just asking casually,
what were you doing? I.. do not remember exactly,
I was not wearing glasses.. ..on my eyes.
– Do not throw a tantrums on me. I will tell you for your.. ..information that you were
faking sleep and mumbling.. ..words like murder, fighting, wife. No, I.. I have not murdered anyone. This means someone has been murdered!
– Yes. Yes?
– No. Yes. -Yes or no? Medium. Keep quiet. Tell me, tell me,
who has been murdered? Sir, I ask you truthfully just
tell me the truth why have.. come here? I do not want a counter question
but it is okay that you asked. I have come here to give you the bill. Bill? Of what?
– Light bill. Hey, come, come Sir, come, come, come. You have come again in our house.
– Yes. Sir, why did you come
specially to give this bill? I could have come to the station myself. No, no, it is okay.
– Sta… square… station… let it be. How come you are doing
such petty work, Sir? What to do? It is five
years that I came into this.. ..department but have not got
a single medal and therefore.. one in the department respects me. Your wife must always be
taunting you for this. Does not she? She taunts at times,
at times… let it be. Oh, my god!! Did you think that by talking
to me in this way, you can.. ..get away from clutches. No, no, no Sir. – No, now you
are gone. You are teasing me. No, no, no, Sir. Hey, you
keep this in there, then.. ..where is your revolver? In the shop? Will you have some?
– No, Sir, you just now… I mean. Have it, have it. Do not
feel shy, come have it. No, no, as such no one is
going to come now but I.. To drink with thieves is
also the first time for me. Have it, have it.
– No, I will not Sir. This will not do, come, come.
– No, no, I will not. Please listen to me, Sir.
– No, no, this will not do. How can I…ah.
– Have it, come and have some. Okay, you can have it, no problem.
Since you are.. ..insisting so much, I will
have some but for me just fill.. ..a very small amount. Why? – Actually with me it is such
that even if I just look at the.. ..liquor, then I just… in
the air, drunk.. Hun.. Hun. Okay, okay. Look, I just start off instantly.
– Okay, okay. I like to drift off. Enough, how much are you giving me? We have to keep
talking using this as medium. Have it.
– Not roll on the ground. Hold it. Enjoy yourself! Cheers.
– Cheers. Hey, what is this? Sit down, Dhapane, sit down. Water! Water, Sir, water
I will bring some water. Hey, Dhapane, sit here. Who started the topic of
wife a few moments back? I did, Sir, I started the topic. You started the topic of wife? Sorry, Sir, will not
start the topic again. You started the topic of wife. If someone starts the topic of wife. I feel so overwhelmed. Is it so? Previously, I was Lipton Tiger. Then? – Now I have
become just like Super dust. Sir, yours has become super dust only . But mine has become
completely dust, flat. Sir. What to tell now? Powder, powder, ha. What happened?
– I just breathed out a sigh, Sir. Like this?
– Yes in a different way. Why, why, why are you sighing? What to tell, Sir? I have the
same problem as every other house. I mean to say. Do you have some left? How much do you drink? How much? No, I had enough. Sir, I wanted to say,
Sir, that… I mean to say.. ..if anyone discusses the
topic of wife I too feel very.. ..overwhelmed, Sir.
– Why? What…I mean…her
loyalty was dual, Sir. Why, did she stand in the elections? That could be tolerated
but Sir, dual loyalty means.. ..I am feel ashamed to talk about it…I Talk from a distance!!
Your breath is stinking,.. from a distance.
– My breath is stinking!! Yes, correct, will talk tight-lipped. I am at home, she had a love
affair with her boss at the office. And therefore you have murdered her. No Sir, why will I kill her?
She has been kidnapped. Okay, so now she has been kidnapped? A few moments back
she had been murdered. Dhapane, tell the truth
what has happened exactly. No Sir, I am telling the truth,
why just tell, now that.. have come here, I
will show you. Look at this. I have not shown you anything yet.
– Okay. I came here to show you. Okay, show me. What do
you want to show me? Come here, come here, Sir. Look, Sir, look at this, Sir. What is this? Letter. This is a letter
for me… letter I received. See the handwriting.
See everything calmly. Who all know this? About what?
– About this letter. About this letter? To tell you
the truth, I got to see the.. ..handwriting, this letter
and read the content of this.. ..letter yesterday night and
I was alone in the house.. ..yesterday night and I
was making preparations of.. Of?
– Murder. I am trying to recall to
cut what and now I remember.. ..I was making
preparations to cut, to cut a chicken. I make the chicken myself. You cook food daily yourself? Wife goes for job out of house
and therefore I can be found.. there in the kitchen. So you do the cooking?
– It is my house and my kitchen. Hmm, so tell me how many
bowls of flour is needed.. ..for making ten flatbreads. How many bowls of flour
is needed for making.. .. ten flatbreads.. Two.
– Two? Three.
– Three? What are you doing? Five, five. Five? Hey wow, five
bowls of flour is needed. Five bowls of flour is needed? Then how much is needed. Who the hell does know?
– Then!! Hey, you are trying to outwit me? Sir, I wanted to say how
many bowls of flour is needed. Sir, what I want to say is, please
listen to me, let go the cooking. Okay, you mean someone has
kidnapped Usha Dhapane. – Yes. What, where this all happened, tell me. Will tell, Sir, sit down,
you sit down first. Yes, I will sit and listen.- Now
that we have to discuss, we can sit. Yes, yes, sit. My wife name is Usha Dhapane. Okay. – She works in an office,
not a bank and the name of the.. is AB..AB..ABC.ABC. Is it a laundry? No. Her office is very clean. Okay.
– Sir, please do not swing your baton. Why?
– It feels like viper on my specs. Okay, already one hand of my glass
is broken. Oh, my God. I mean ABC. Let it continue up to Z. No, no, Sir, now I recall the name. Okay, then tell. – The name of
the office is ABC Enterprises. Where is it? From here…no please
do not swing the baton. Okay, okay.
– Viper.. When we go out from here… okay.. can swing, swing.. ..swing, swing the baton now. Out from here, you
and me both of us, out. Run? Hop on one leg? We have to walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, then stop, main.. ..road, now why
should we wave our hands? Okay, for a taxi. Sit in the taxi. Go, go, go, go. The taxi has just started.
– Okay. Go, go, go, go, go. Now why do you need a horse? No, I took a turn. Such a
sound comes on taking a turn. Go, take a turn, go, go,
go, take a turn. Go, go, go, over a bridge, go, get down the bridge. Why? Because this is halfway only. Go, go, go Stop here. This is the sound of the brakes.
– Wow, that is great. Pay the taxi. I am not
going to give, you give. Okay, you only are giving. No problem. Okay, you do not take the
remaining change!! That is great. Gate, stairs – first floor,
second floor, third floor.. ..fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh,
eighth, ninth, tenth, elev.. th. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six. Look. ABC Enterprises office. Oh, my God. You are trying to deceive me?
Let us go, let us go, Dhapane.. come with me, I
am going to put you in. I want to… clothes.
– Do not remove your clothes. I want to change my clothes.
– Are you trying to demean Goldande? I want to change my clothes.
– Let us go, Dhapane, come, come. Let me wear a different dress.
– No, no, come, come no.. different dress for you
come with me, Dhapane, let us go. Let me change.
– You’ll do that later. Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?
– Me? I am U P Hatte. What? DSP Hatte!! No, no, not DSP, U P Hatte. Means you are not police. Why, are you afraid of police so much? Yes, I am very scared of police,
so much so that.. ..even if I hear ‘po’ of police,
I develop polio like this. What is your name?
– Danave. Dhapane?
– Yes, Dhapane. Are you a relative of Dhapane?
– How are you related to Dhapane? Hey, I have understood that,
deadhead. You.. you.. you have some work here? Where has everyone gone? All have gone out. And you?
– I too am going to go out soon. Wife’s home.
– What? – Maternal house. Not wife’s home, I mean go out soon. Do you have any work? When are they coming back? Who?
– Two!! Hey, oh my god. Then I
will come back later. Okay, go now. – Hey, oh my god!!
What is there near the mirror? It is a knife. Hey, do not you have polio?
– Yes, I have. Look! What a sample of Dhapane
he is? I do not understand. Oh my god!! Hey, what are you doing? Why had I come here? To
take my card, yes. My card! Is Mr. Dhapane at home? You have come again? Is Mr. Dhapane at home? No, he has gone out.
Do you have any work? No, I just have the habit of
roaming around casually. I.. not have any occupation.
Who are you? I am U P Hatte. Ahhatte!! What do you do? My father has a business of
supari and I want to make.. ..a career in TV and movie acting. Okay, okay, go ahead, make
that career. Have a seat. And what about you? Me? I am inspector Goldande. Okay. Inspector Goldande. Yes, right. How come you are here? That is a funny story. Hey, wow. I like listening
to such funny stories. Come.. ..and have a seat and tell me. It is such that you
know this Prabhakar.. ..Dhapane, I am his would-be son-in-law. Thank you, thank you.
Now that was inevitable. Has Prabhakarrao given
permission for this marriage? Yes, yes. He has given the permission. Okay, hmmm and what about Usha Madam? Usha Madam!! How will Usha Madam give.. .. permission for the marriage? Why, why, why do you say so? Somebody has kidnapped her. Kidnapped? How do you know this? That… I… I… that letter. But that letter is with me? Dhami told me this. She still does not know this.
– I told her. Means you know everything. Tell,
tell me, where is Mrs. Dhapane? Tell, tell me fast, tell fast, Can I drink some water? Why drink some water?
Drink a lot of water, come. Do you want to drink? I drank before I came here. Okay.. Hello. This is Goldande speaking. Hey, you pimp give the phone to the Sir. Bhadwe Sir, you!! This
is Goldande speaking.. ..caught… You have also caught one? No, this… oh.. I am coming. Yes, Sir. Hey.. what you?
– Now a medal for me is fixed. Yes!! Medal!! Medal!!
– Hey, listen. Medal, what? Utkarsh!! You? Utkarsh, how come you
are here in our house? Just casually. Your
Papa had just called me. Hey.. that was Inspector who
was speaking on the phone? Yes, he is an inspector. Then what was he doing in our house? He had come to meet Papa!
– Yes, he is a very funny man. Really. But I am very scared of the police. Let it go, why you are
giving so much attention on that.. ..your Papa and he
will take care of that. Yes.
– Shall I give you a good news? – What? I am going to tell your Papa
all the truth about you and me. Really?
– Yes, shall I tell? Yes, do tell.
– Shall I tell? Yes, do tell.
– Then tell me. Where is your Papa?
– Papa, Papa I will tell him all
about our Lonavala fun. Yes, do tell but Papa… Papa!! Papa, Papa. – Hey, who is that?
What is all this happening? Dhame, you!! – Papa, Papa, I
will clarify, I will clarify. Yes. Papa, it is good that
you have come early. – Yes. Papa, I had told you remember.
– What? Papa, I had told you,
remember about the.. ..betel nut seller from Lonavala. Sugar cake seller from Lonavala? No, not that.
– Then? That we had gone on a camp
to Lonavala, that there I.. ..had met a person, that, he
is that man, Utkarsh Hatte.. ..means Hukya. Yes. – Hey, Hukya. You
have ruined everything. Because of you,
because of you, you Bastard. Papa, Papa, what are you doing?
Hey Papa, no, no. – Hey, rogue. No, no Papa, Papa.
Listen, listen, Papa, Papa. Because of you, because of you,
I am facing this situation.. ..fallen upon me, just because of you. ..of you, I am facing
this situation. Oh, my god. O Papa, why are you
saying all this to him? – Why? It is not his fault and you
had said to me that if I meet.. What? – ..that betel nut seller again,
then to bring him home and that.. give your
permission for my marriage. And now the only
matter of concern is mom. Mom! Mom is the matter of
concern and it is very.. ..important at this moment, Mr. Dhapane. That is from your point of view,
but not so from our.. ..point of view. Right, Papa? Why are you doing this, Papa?
We will ask Mom.. ..If she gives permission,
it is okay but if not, then!!. Then, khus.. khus..khus.. means what? Are you going to run
off with my daughter? What? Hey!! Greatest fool. Hey, how can you do that to your father? Hey, you are sitting in the
same class since last three.. ..years and have selected
such a son-in-law for us.. ..that too like this. Like this means?
– Like this means like this. Like this means how you are?
– Like I am? Like you are means like
what you are, I am telling you I am not notorious.
– You are, remember I said that. How can you say I am notorious? You enter my house like this and do
these sorts of affairs and things. Look here, we have not done
anything wrong and neither.. ..have done anything
hidden from anyone. – Then? Whatever the two of us
have done was done openly. Oh.. my God!! What I have done was done openly. But whatever foul play
you were planning to do. What was I going to do?
– You were going to murder Dhami’s mom. And Dhami does not know this story yet. Not just Dhami but no one
else at any time in this world.. ..should come to know this story. That will be done on one condition.
– Whatever conditions you say are.. .. acceptable to me. – Well done,
I was expecting this from you. Give me the paper.
– Now do one thing. Say what? This horrible secret of yours,
if you do not want anyone.. ..else to know about it,
you have to give permission.. ..immediately for Dhami and my marriage. This is your condition?
– Yes. You are putting in a
condition or asking a ransom? Look, if this is acceptable
then it is okay, otherwise.. Otherwise what? Hey, but… but. No, no, no, I am not afraid of anything. Those who are in love
are not afraid of anything. Those who are afraid,
they are not in love. Hey..
– But! Those in love. I understood what you want
to say. Are never afraid. No, this song is different.
– Okay, then? Those who are in love, live
with pride and die with pride.. ..the poet wanted to say it like this. Let the poet say what he
wants to say, you say what.. ..ever you want to say, make
it into a song, take out.. ..cassettes of your song, then
play first the “A” side and.. ..then play the ”B” side and
if possible for you, make a CD.. ..I do not have any problem. what has this happened in my life? This… this erratic
telephone connected where it should.. ..not have and now that
is pinching, huh.. huh. Do not worry, Mr. Dhapane,
I can understand your pain. Your wife has been
kidnapped by someone……. Kid.. kidnap, kidnap, kidnap!!! In this situation, someone
is asking your daughter’s….. My daughter’s, my,
my, my daughter’……. A young Bond…… It is okay if you speak
loudly but softly loudly speak. In such situation also, I
have not yet forgotten my job.. a young Bond. This is enough now. I have brought a very
good news for you, Dhapane. About Usha?
– Yes, about Usha. What did you say?
– About my mother-in-law. What did you say?
– What? – What…what,., what? What where… what where?
– Nothing much, nothing. What.. what?
– Tea.. tea.. – Tea? No, no I was not telling anything.
Just was saying.. ..that if Usha Madam
has been murdered. Mmm. What are you saying?
Why are you saying this? My mamma!! Papa, what
has happened to my Mamma. Nothing, nothing has happened.
– Mamma, what has happened to my Mamma. Nothing, nothing has happened.
– Mamma, mamma. You have messed up everything,
messed up. – Hey… I. – Papa. Papa, what has happened to Mamma? Nothing, my child, wait I
will tell you. Your mom.. ..has been.. Now you have messed up
everything and now I have.. ..give her the answer.
– Do not tell. We have to complete the
incomplete information she now has. She will pass out if she just
has half of the information.. ..about anything. Are you going to kill her by
telling the whole information? You just keep quiet. Papa, what has happened?
– Nothing- What has happened to Mamma? Nothing, nothing has happened. Look, how sham-hearted child she is.. Not sham-hearted, it is warm-hearted. Okay, my mistake, instead
of saying ‘wa’, I said ‘sh’. what has happened to Mamma Nothing much, my child,
your Mamma has been.. Do not tell her. Do not tell
she is too young means what? Not to tell her? Papa, what has happened?
– My child, keep your mind calm, Dhame. Your mother.. I understood. Oh my god.. Dhame. Now you try to do.. Dhame, how will you
do it? Dhame, Dhame.. ..someone has kidnapped your mother. What is this all going on?
– Papa, Papa. Hold her!!.
– Mamma, Mamma. Kidnap. – Dhame, Dhame. Papa, Papa.
– Dhame. Listen. Catch him, catch him. How
to identify who is this? ..How will we identify him? Catch him, Catch him. Yes… hello, Madam, is
this Bhagaikar’s number? I am speaking from
Prabhakar Dhapane’s home. No, I am not Prabhakar Dhapane,
I am calling from his home. Has his wife come to your place? No, no, I had called up ABC
Enterprises to enquire about her. She is not there. It is now three days, nearly
36 hours, she is not traceable.. ..anywhere, therefore, called
you up to see if she is there. She is not there, okay. Yes. I have called up
about 25 to 30 people. If you get any information, please just call up at
Dhapane’s home to tell. Huh.. yes, yes, please call up,
please, okay thank you. I have seen, I have seen a different. Hey, beggar, go ahead.
– Huh.. okay Sir. – Hey.. Who are you? Is that you? You call me a beggar? This cannot be corrected. I
have practiced a lot but.. ..what do you think of yourself?
Firstly, my wife.. ..and the house where there is
no wife, in that house, the.. ..husband is a beggar,
beggar, beggar. What happened.. ..about my wife? Where is my wife? How can I tell? I have given you the
telephone numbers, photo, and.. ..addresses of all her friends.
Where is my wife? The list is here. I have
called up 25 to 30 places. Are you a fool?
– Why? How can my wife be at 25
places at the same time? Not in that way, Sir.
– Then? I have enquired everywhere,
your wife is nowhere. Means I had kept this tumbler on
the threshold of the main door. Kept a big utensil, it is said .. But I have called up so many places. It is nearly 36 hours and
there is no trace of my wife. I am also saying the
same thing. My young Bond.. ..brain says that..
– ..What?.. ..the person who is not
traceable for 36 hours.. ..that person is not here
anywhere and that person.. ..might be looking
for you in the heaven. What? It is now 36 hours
that my wife is not traceable.. No – ..that means she is
not alive on this earth. And she must not have
died on her own. Someone.. ..must have killed her. You are right. – And there is
only one person who can kill her. Who is that? Tell me one thing. Have
you heard of Aabasaheb.. ..Babasaheb Chorte-Patil? Yes, I have heard this name.
– When? Just now. You are a fool, ah. Hey, you…….. – Have you
heard any time before this moment? No, no, no.
– Then listen now. Aabasaheb Babasaheb Chorte-Patil.
Yes, this.. ..person must have done this work. Right. He must have
killed my wife and murdered her. You take contracts, you take contracts?
– Yes, yes. Get up and come here. Now I
will give you contracts. Kidnap.. ..the wife of that
Aabasaheb Babasaheb Chorte-Patil.. ..from his house, bring her here,
keep her here on this.. ..bed, and use many
different types of arms, weapons.. ..and instruments to
murder his wife, just kill her. I am giving you this contract.
– Oh. I will give you Rs.130 per kg. Hey, whatever is this?
– Rs.125 per kg. Whatever is this nonsense?
– Rs.99 final. Don’t be stupid.
Supari (betel-nut) taking.. my family business
and supari means what.. ..I do not take contract of
killing anybody and tell me how.. ..will you prove that
Aabasaheb Babasaheb.. .. Chorte-Patil has kidnapped your wife? There was no mention of
such a thing in the letter. In the letter, it was written
that they will contact next.. ..with what they want
either through phone or letter. We do not know yet
what these bastards need? It is nearly 36 hours and
there is no trace of my wife and.. ..there is no trace of those
who have kidnapped her or.. ..murdered her. No letter, no
phone and no person has come from them. What those scoundrels
need is still not known. Take, use any axe, just blow
off the heads of the wife. What is this, blow off head? You are talking like a stupid.
That person has not.. ..kidnapped your wife. Then why should we kill his wife. Without any reason? How can you say he has
not kidnapped my wife? Without any reason? Say
so without any reason? What? What? Come forward. What are you doing? what where? Had not done exercise in
the morning and therefore.. ..was moving hands and legs. And why did you bring this thick rope? Hey, oh my God. This thick rope! Sir, I had to hang some
washed clothes for drying. A thick rope to hang
washed clothes? Do you use.. ..clothes made of sack material? You have not seen my wife’s sarees,
They are so heavy. I wash them daily. Therefore…..
– And what about this large knife? Where is the knife? Sir, this knife,
this knife actually.. ..Sir, Ah… why did I buy this knife? Huh… nails, to cut the nails. Such a sharp weapon for
cutting the nails!! – Yes, yes. Dhapane!! Cap, my cap.
You come here first. Sir, I….
– Just show me your legs? No, no, please do not touch my legs. I do not need them for that,
Dhapane. Show your legs. Dhapane, one of your legs seems bigger? Huh.. let me see. of course
it will seem like that. I.. .. have kept the other one down behind. Now look. How do both of them look now? Now both are equal.
– Then, see. You are great, Sir. But still I feel one leg is smaller. It will be smaller, I have
cut nails of one leg only.. ..some time back, that
is why. Sir, you are.. ..great. Let us see your legs. Hey… let me see.
– What happened? Hey. One of your legs
seems to be round, Goldande. This is because I have
kept the other leg behind. Because of that, it seems round?
– Huh. So now keep the other one
in front of the previous.. Keep the other one in
front of the previous……. Dhapane!! – What are you doing? First,
let me finish speaking.. ..or you do as you want to.
– Okay, come. See, how I had done? I
had kept my leg like this. This is correct. Oh my god. What happened?
– Goldande, this is all chaos. What have you done? Hey..
you are an inspector, Sir. What have you done? You do not seem to be in the
mood to go to office. – What? Look properly, today you
have put shoe in one foot and.. ..slipper in the other foot.
How did this happen, Sir? Huh? What is the meaning of this? And I can understand
about sliper and shoe but.. ..what is this? Different
coloured underpants in.. ..two different legs.
How did this happen? Sorry.
– No, Dhapane do not get confused. Okay, explain, explain. -This is my
left leg. -And this is my left leg. Dhapane, again you are getting confused. Sorry. -Look, now this is my right leg. And this is my right leg. Dhapane, again you are getting confused. And this is my.
– Left leg, Sir, you have two left legs or what!! Dhapane, do not get confused.
Already you have created a big mess. What have I done?
– You yourself kidnap your wife, you yourself write a letter and
try to deceive us, do not you? How can you say I have
written that letter? Keep quiet and say what I say. Left, right, left. Left, right,
left. Left, right, left, right, left. Sir, listen to me.
– Right, left. Sir listen to me.
– Left. – Sir. Left.
– Sir, listen to me. Sir. Hello, hello. Hello. Found it.
– Is Madam Usha Dhapane there at home? Huh… What? Is Madam Usha Dhapane at home? No, no she is not here. Okay, do you know where her purse is? Huh… purse…, no, I do not know. Oh, this mess-up.
– Why, what happened? Ah, I had taken a ring as a
gift for my wife and that.. ..ring I forgot in her purse. Is that so.
– And today is the birthday. Oh, happy birthday.
– Hey, my birthday has gone. Okay. so what are you thinking of doing? You just search around. No, no, you come afterwards. Please, do not do like this. No, no, please listen to me.
– You come afterwards. Tell me how will recognize that. My name is there on the ring. On the ring. Okay, you sit here. I
will search around. – Okay. You sit here only. Hey, I do not understand
one thing. How come your.. ..wife’s ring come in that purse? Hey.. It so happened that
Madam and I went to buy.. ..the ring and after buying the ring,
I forgot to take the ring.. ..back from Madam’s purse
and this has created a mess. Okay, so this happened. What is your name? Name, your name?
– So, you have not recognized me then. No. – Aabasaheb Babasaheb
Chorte-Patil is my name. Aabasaheb Babasaheb
Chorte-Patil means you are.. ..the owner of ABC Enterprises. Tell where Usha Madam is,
first tell where Usha Madam is? Left, right, left. Left, right, left. Who are you? I..
– Does your stomach hurt? Oh no.
– What is your name? I am called Abasaheb
Balasaheb Chorte Patil. Abasaheb Balasaheb Chorte Patil?
– Yes. That means you are the
owner of ABC enterprises. No, no, no, no. The facilitator.
The boss. The facilitator? The boss? So where is Usha?
Where is she? Where is she? That’s exactly what I was asking. I came to ask that.
– Where is Usha? Usha.. – Left, right,
left, right, left, right.. Left.. sorry.. Sorry everybody. I mistakenly
entered another person’s house. Please forgive me. – Hey! Hey!
Why are you behaving this way? This is my house.
– Yes. Look. Look, it’s my monkey. What did you call me?
– This is your house, father-in-law. Father-in-law. I’ll break your
face if you call me father-in-law. Who are these people? Who
are they? Who is this man? Who are you?
– Dande! So how come the family is out.. ..while unwanted
outsiders are in the house? Who is this man? Oh! Hukya!
– Yes. Inspector Goldande!
– Yes. Oh! Who are you? Who are you? And why are you in my house? Where did this man come from? Where did he come from? I see. Really. Okay. And.. Then.. I see. Is that so?
– Yes. I didn’t understand anything.
Tell me once again. Clearly. Hukya.. Tell me what business you have here. I want your wife’s purse.
– Purse? Is it public property? Today you are demanding my wife’s purse. Tomorrow you’ll demand my wi.. Where did this man come from? From the window? From the door? Yes, yes. He wore
his pants. Zipped them. He put his hands in his pocket..
– Mr. Dhapne! Stop your recording. 22:10 No. Oh no. I told him, sir. He’s needlessly putting on an
act for me but he isn’t talking. I see, I see.
– Tell me where this man came from? From the window? From the window? Why did you come through the window? Couldn’t you come in
through the door? Tell me. What? You aren’t willing to say one word. My wife isn’t at home.
It’s been so many days. It is so frustrating. Nobody
is helping me look for her. Let me change into my night
clothes then I’ll teach you. Do you know how frustrating it is.. in a house without the wife? I don’t understand who this is.
I don’t understand who that is. ..then I’ll teach you a lesson. I am in pain from doing left,
right, left, right. You are responsible for all of this. You see the delicate
condition of my complainant. I’m feeling better. That
exercise of Yoga is good. I’m feeling very good. Where did you meet this insane man? Who? – I thought it was him.
Not you. This first lunatic. Where did you meet him? Him? Pay attention to me.
– Yes. Yes. Begin. Shorts, pant, zip, hands in the pocket. Where did he come from?
I still don’t understand. Speak up and tell me. What’s going on, sir?
Give me an idea, sir. I have an idea.
– You’re kidding. Do you have a chain?
– Chain? There was a zip in the
pants I was wearing earlier. I mean, do you have a lock or key?
– I do. For the house, right?
– Yes.- I do. I do. The lock is on the door
and they key is in the house. Give it to me. – I’ll give it to you.
I’ll have to look for it. My glasses fell when I was
doing left, right. – I see, I see. That’s why I.. The
key was here somewhere. It would have been
good if I had my glasses. No glasses, no stick.. Oh lord! What’s the matter?
– The key looks so big. Dhapne, you haven’t worn your glasses. Not because of that. The key is big. Look. Take this, sir.
The key. There’s only one. If it gets lost we’ll
have to change residence. Okay. No problem. Mr. Hukya.
– Yes. Take this.
– Catch it! Why are you tricking me?
– Take this. Go lock it.
– Not now. We’ll do it later. Go lock the door. The door.
– Okay. – Go. – Yes, yes. What are you doing?
Will you please tell me? Lock.. – Back, back. Get back.
Here. Sit here, Dhapne. Do you have any article
belonging to your wife? Such as?
– Such as a bag. No bag. Shopping bag.
– No shopping bag Purse.
– Purse. I have a purse! You have a purse? Why is everyone
entering through the window? I locked the door from out, so
how else do I enter? – Correct. Do you have a purse?
– I have a purse. But I can’t remember where I put it. Who is this man? Will you
explain it to me? – Purse. Purse, sir. I’ll give you the purse.
– Yes. I remember. Sir, will you ask him to please go back? Hey! Go behind. He is behind. Ask him to get away. Hey, go back a long way.
– Yes. Good. How do I manage? Oh!
– What happened? – Oh! Oh dear!
– What happened? I did nothing.
– No that. The purse isn’t here. The purse was here, wasn’t it? Hukya, the purse was here, wasn’t it? Where’s the purse. You gave me the card. Where’s the purse? Where’s the purse.
– I’ll tell you. At it again. Pant.. Yes. both,
drawstring, pant. Hands in the pocket. I see. What else? Cigarette, booze, matchstick. What are you saying? Tell me
where the purse is. Tell me. Will you tell me where the purse is? What shall I tell you?
– Give that to me. It is my pajama. Not telling me about
the purse. Take this. Tell me where the purse is.
Where is the purse? What’s this.. Why are you tossing it? I can only have two
every eighteen months. Why are you behaving this way? What are you doing? I
deliberately tossed it away. The purse is in the pajama pocket.
– Oh lord! In the pocket. What are you doing?
Out with it. Out with it. Purse. Get the purse. Purse. Give me the purse.
What are you doing? What are you doing?
– Open the door. – Your wife’s purse. Purse. Don’t rip it.
Don’t rip it. Please don’t. Don’t. Why you doing this?
That cloth cost 300 a meter. Mr. Dhapne.
– Yes. The purse is not in here.
– So what shall we do now? The purse is not in there?
– No. No. Found the purse.
– No, no! No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. Dhapne! Open the door, Dhapne! The door is locked and he is
telling me to open the door. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Someone’s knocking. Someone has come. Who.. Who do I call? What
are you doing? No, no, no, no. Found the purse!
– Found the purse. Found the purse.
– Someone has come. Someone has come. The two
of you quickly go upstairs. Give me the purse.
– No, you go up quickly. Hurry up. And don’t say one word.
Go upstairs quietly. You go up too.
– I’ll wait here. No, no. Go quickly.
– I’ll wait here. Mr. Dhapne.
– Hand me my shorts first. Come inside, Mr. Dhapne.
– Give me the shorts first. Come inside, Mr. Dhapne.
– Give me the shorts first. Come inside, Mr. Dhapne! I detect the scent of a
family member, sir. Let go of me. Let go of me, sir. Whiskey. Papa.
– Yes. You are in here?
– Yes, come here. But there’s a lock on the door.
– Come here. What to do, my child?
These monkeys put a lock. I meant to say these
men locked the door. It was a slip of the tongue, sir. Come out. Come out.
Dhame is here. Dhame is here. Dhame is here?
– I am her father. Okay, come. Are you feeling okay?
Are you feeling okay? You got hurt, didn’t you?
– Yes. How is the doctor now? The doctor asked how you are. He asked about your health? I am feeling good, papa. Mother..
Where is mother? That’s exactly what we’re wondering. Softly.. Softly. It will
kill the girl. Be gentle. That’s exactly what we’re wondering. Okay. But where could
mother be, watchman? I am not a watchman! Don’t yell. It will kill her again.
Why are you being so nasty? I am not a watchman.
– Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Talk, talk.
Mother will be back. Don’t worry. They are looking for their mother. What?
– They are looking for mother. Tell me, are you feeling cold?
Is it raining? Does it feel hot? Yes. – It feels hot,
right? Give her some air. Switch on the fan.
– Can you see any? Get a newspaper or something. Give me that file. What?
– Why do you keep following me? Where did you put the purse?
– What purse? Okay.. Fan her. Wind, wind.. What have you done? All my criminals are scattered. Now how will I know where
the murder will take place? Don’t yell. We will find
all your criminals for you. You just strut around with medals.
Here, here and.. But please don’t yell. We shall find all your
criminals for you, sir. Take this, sir. Sir.. Sir!
Who is this man? I can see only negative. The photo is here, sir.
– Oh yes. Who is this man?
– This is him. This is the thief. He is very good at gobbling. And he has wooed many descent women. And the women aren’t spared by him. What are you saying?
– Do you know him? I know him.. I..
– Tell me, tell me. Him?
– Do you know him as well? Very well. Very well.
– Tell me, tell me, tell me. I’ll get a medal or
at least rupees 5000. There’s a rupees 5000 reward on him. Really?
– Yes. Please tell me. Wait. What is this? Are
you an inspector or a beggar? Wait. Efforts are on. It is in progress. Tell me, inspector, what the surname?
– Goldande. Look at that. We have
one Goldande who is a cop.. ..and the other is a thief.
– Deewar connection. I told you my surname.
– I asked you for his. The police still don’t
know his real name. – I see. But there’s a rupees 5000 reward on him. Four feet..
– Five inches. That is correct. Right, right. The police are
looking for this man. Tell, tell. What is this man’s name? Where have you seen him?
– At your house. Correct! I too have seen him at home.
– Tell me. Tell me. His name is..
– Dev? Not Dev. Not Dev. His name
isn’t Dev. His name is Danve. Danve.
– Danve. Danve! I got him now. The matter will clear up now.
Hukya, call the police. Yes, call the police. Call the police. Yes, call
the police. Call the police. Call the police. Call the police.
– Just a minute. The police. Call the police.
Call the police. Call the police. Call. Call the police. Will you shut up! Don’t yell.
– Please don’t yell. You’ll kill her. Gently. Gently.
– Will you shut up! See.. I am the police. Or
I shall call the police. Hurry. Someone has come. All
of you go upstairs. Go, go, go. Can I stay here?
– No. Go up again. And Mr. Dhapne, take
your daughter inside. – Yes. Hurry up.
– And Mr. Dhapne. Just a minute. Don’t return until I call you.
– I won’t come even if you call. Come on, come on. Go inside. Hurry up. Don’t return until I call you. I’ll have to tighten
security to make enquiries. This is him, sir. This
is him. Sir. This is him. Sir, this is him. He’s
the one, sir. I caught you. Sir, sir, catch him. We
recognize him. He’s the one. Although I can’t see with this eye,
I can still see with this eye. This is not a human eye. It
is the eye of a crow. Look. I can see all around. You have had it. I can break into two with one move. Of the ice. He’s the one. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Sit now. You need rest.
Sit. Sit. I’ll make enquiries. Talk, talk, talk.
– Come.. Come. You need rest now. Come. This is the general ward, sir.
Pass it to the next one. – Ok. Tell me why you came here.
– Talk. That’s my wife’s purse,
isn’t it? Give me the purse. Give me the purse. How’d you
get hold of my wife’s purse? Sir, I bought it for my
wife from my first salary. And this man took away my
wife’s purse. This purse.. Where is it? Where is
the purse? Where is it? He gave it to you, did he?
– Yes. I bought this purse for my
wife from my first salary, sir. And this man refuses to give
my wife’s purse to me. Look.. What is it?
– Purse. What’s going on?
– Give me the purse. How can I talk to you when
they keep snatching the purse? And keep one thing in.. You are doomed. Where’s the purse? Tell me where the purse is.
– Where’s the purse? The purse. Why do you escape like that? Sir.. You want the medal, don’t you?
– Yes. Then ask him. Talk.
Where is Usha Dhapne? Talk. Where is Usha Dhapne? I already asked him that.
Ask him something else. – Yes. Why did you come here?
– Correct. Why did you come here?
– Correct. Why did you come here? Sir. Sir, use your
brains instead of grammar. Okay. Talk.
– Where is she? Talk. – Talk. Talk.
– Talk. Talk. You came here before, didn’t you? Did you come here before?
– I tell you. He’s telling, he’s telling.
Listen. Listen. Didn’t I come?
– Yes. Didn’t we meet?
– Huh. That’s why I came here.
– Is that so? You understand? That’s why he came here. You understand? You didn’t understand?
I understood. He was simply making fools of us. Leave. Please leave. I understood. Can I go?
– For sure. Gladly. He teased you before leaving.
– Never mind. Never mind?
– Yes. Sir.
– Yes. Someone has locked the door from out. This man has the keys.
– Give me the keys, dodo! “Dodo?” Hit him!
– Get him! Hit him!
– Who are you? Talk.
– How did you come here? Talk. Talk. Talk. Come on. Tell the whole truth.
Tell the whole truth! I’ll pound you. I mean
with this tiny hammer. Talk. Tell the truth. Tell the truth.. I’ll talk. I came to get the pen.
– Pen? What pen? Not any ordinary pen, sir. Well?
– It is a trial pen. Trial?
– That’s right. Where is that pen?
– I have it. Give me. Give me.
– No. That pen is of use to me. Beat him! We’ll make it’s use. Please let me have it. It contains drug?
– Yes. Take it.
– God! But how did this pen
get into my wife’s purse? When I was conning
people the other day.. I see. That’s why I put the
pen into Usha Dhapne’s purse.. ..who was standing at the bus stop. And I keep coming here
to try to retrieve it. Where is Usha? Where is Usha? Where is my Usha, sir?
– I don’t know. Sir, take him to the police station. My Usha. I want my Usha. Usha. Usha. Come on! I don’t know, sir.
– Usha. Usha. Usha. I shall deal with him.
– Listen to me, sir. – No, no, no! Usha. Usha. Usha.
– Come on. Listen to me, sir. Usha! Let me accompany you, sir. I’ll go home now.
– Why are you going so soon? You must eat before you leave.
I lost my wife. What a man! What shall I do? Usha. Where are you, Usha? Usha. Dhammu. Dhame. Come. Come. Come. Come. Sit. Sit. Sit. You
can’t fall asleep, can you? Who sleeps in the bathroom? Rest here. Your mother will come. She
won’t leave us. Get some rest. It hurts, doesn’t it?
It hurts very much. Usha? Where have you gone, Usha? Usha? Please come back, Usha. This family and I need you very much. I have realized my mistakes.
Please come back. Come. Don’t do this. I need you. Come for Dhame’s sake if not for me. Look, look. Look at our Dhame.
She got hurt here. By here I mean she got
hurt here over here. Usha! Usha! Usha! Dhame!
– Usha. Dhame! Dhame!
– Mama? What happened to you?
– Papa. Papa, mama’s back. Who?
– Papa. Papa, mama’s back. Look here.. Who is it?
– Look, mama is here. Mama.
– Mama! Mama! Mama! Mother! Where
had you gone, mother? Boss? – No, I’m not your boss.
I am your servant. I am not the boss.
– My boss. When did you become
the boss in this family? Your glasses fell outside.
Let me get them for you. Then who is boss? This is your boss?
– Yes. What’s he doing here?
What is he doing here? What’s going on here? I’ll tell you. I told the boss
about your suspicious nature. I was going to resign.
But the boss said.. I said why waste your talent. We jointly planned this
t o clear your doubts.. ..and strengthen your relationship. You planned this? You..
– Oh yes. My wife and I. That’s right. What did you plan?
– I sent the fake letter.. .. stating Usha was kidnapped. Dhapne.
– Yes. You suffered a lot of trouble
for this. I am sorry. I am sorry. Grateful for what? You
spent the night at my house. But your complete
focus was on this house. I listened to her phone conversation. Tanu. Sonu.
– Sonu. Sonu. Move. Sonu. Sonu was..
Hey! Did you hear? You made all those calls? Did you hear that? All those calls from Sonu and
Tanu were from her. – Right. Which ones?
– You want me to slap you? Usha. Usha.
– Mr. Dhapne. I’ll leave now. Take care. Take care. Young boy, take care. You must visit us again.
But only when I’m at home. Bye! Usha.
– Nonsense! “Father-in-law?”
– That’s right, mother-in-law. “Mother-in-law?” Who is this jerk that’s
calling me mother-in-law? I’ll tell you. He is our Dhame’s.. Are you saying our Dhame got married? No, we aren’t married as yet,
but we are planning to do so. I don’t even know your name. I’ll tell you my name. I
am Utkarsh Prasana Hathe. Native of Ratnagiri.
Business.. betel leaf seller. How are you related to Kuku? You know her?
– Of course. Kuku is my dad’s sister.
I am her nephew. Really?
– Yes. Do you hear that? He is Kuku’s nephew. Is that so?
– Yes. You hear that? He is..
Lord knows who is who. You’ve grown so big!
– He’s here to get married. You be quiet.
– Okay. What brings you here?
– He’s here to get married. You be quiet.
– Okay. What do you do here?
– He’s here to get married. It’s like this. I have a
big booming business. – Yes. I have two offices.
– Yes. I came to your house
on official business. I was supposed to murder you. What?! – Why did you tell her?
What have you done? Utkarsh.. – Murder.. – I
didn’t come here voluntarily. I only come when I’m invited. Who invited you? Tell me the truth.
– He invited me. What the.. But it was
your idea to murder her. Utkarsh? Dhame. Dhame, phone the police. Yes, yes. Yes. Police, police. Dhame..
– Dhame, I am your fianc. Dhame, police! Usha, I am your husband. Dhame, police! Yes, yes. I’m calling. Police! I am inspector Goldande. Mr. Dhapne, I have good news for you. Why has he come here now? Mr. Dhapne.
– Sit. Okay.
– Get up again. Mr. Dhapne.
– It is troublesome for him. Sit down. Why are you behaving this way? Stay in one place!
– Both of us? Both of you stand apart where you are. Okay. Okay.
– So, Mr. Dhapne, good news. What is it?
– Rupees 5000 was awarded. Congratulations.
– To you. Congratulations.
– Congratulations. Some more good news.
– What? I am getting a medal.
– Congratulations. Thank you.
– For what are you getting the medal? Mrs. Usha Dhapne’s real
murderer has been found. Who?
– Abasaheb Babasaheb Chorte Patil.


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