All My Sons – Roundabout Theatre Company

– When I was approached to do this play, All My Sons, with Tracy Letts, I just jumped at it. There’s probably a pretty good reason this play has been
around as long as it has, and that it continues to be revived. It has some essential truths in it. – It’s what’s true about
all Arthur Miller plays. It’s why we keep doing them, because we’re still
asking the same questions. – Are we responsible only
to ourselves and our family, or are we responsible to the
community and the greater good? – Does the world stop at our porch? Where do we start to
care about other people? We still have those same dillemas that those characters had in 1947. You turn on the news, we’re still having the same conversation. – I think Miller was trying
to pull the veil back from what everybody knew
but nobody wanted to say. – It seems to me that
those moral questions have a kind of urgency right now, in this country in particular. It’ll be interesting to
see how people respond.

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