All Star, but it’s so DARK and DRAMATIC, I bet 1.000.000$ You Will CRY!

Somebody once told me the world had nothing for me, There’s not a screw secure in your head, Why try anything at all, When life’s just one big brick wall, And you’re no one at all, never will be. So the years keep coming and the years continue, The rules have beaten and they’ve hit and they’ve tricked you, And is it better to live for fun? Since nothing matters when you’re dead and gone, “So much to say, so much to do” But will anyone even miss you? Deep down you know that you’re alone, Go ahead and play on your phone… Hey there, you’re a dead star, Switch your brain off, go home, Quit now, while you’re behind, Stop your dreaming, don’t moan, Yes, all that glitters is gold, No, you’re not a star, You’re just some mould. Look around you, Did you think life was fair? You do nothing, and whilst you act like you care- There are children dying, and their parents crying, But you drown them out with all of your whining, “I can’t do this, I wont do that!” You eat when they starve, then complain that you’re fat, The ice we skate, is getting pretty thin, Cutting down the forests while we grow our double- chins, The world on fire! But it’s not a war, So just add a new profile with their flag over yours… Hey now, you’re a dead star, Turn your brain off, go home, Quit now, while you’re behind, Stop your dreaming, dont moan, If all that glitters is gold, What makes you the star? And not the mould? Tell me why you’d be the star, when all you’ve ever done is… Keep talking bout change, but you keep it all the same, Switch up the labels, paint the chains, it’s all fine! I can say all of this now, But I’m talking to the air on my own, Who really cares what I have to say? I… Have… A… Nightmare I’m trapped in, and the ice caps are melting, Don’t face my problems instead I keep running, Would it make sense just to live for fun? If my cake got burnt by a nuclear bomb? Put down your guns, let’s have some peace, Wanna chill with tubs of Ben and Jerrys? Do you have a fridge to keep it cold? Let’s try to keep global warming on hold! Hey there, we’re all dead stars, Guess that means we’re our part two? Cos we’re all made of dead stars, Their dust is what made me and you! Oh, did you get that last pun? It makes a good point though: Because it means we’re all one, And if all that glitters is gold? Only dead stars, can break the mould… *Lyrics by Emily Budinger*


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