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Hey, wait. Stop. How long will you run? Just stop. Hey.. Leave me. Leave me.
– Where are you running? Yes tell me. How many people? Four people. Where? 100/-for 50/-ticket.
100/-for 50/-ticket. Hey, you have bought so many tickets.
What if some are left? So what if they are left behind. Someone or the other will be trapped. Why are you talking about him? He is very smart and intelligent. 100/-for 50/-ticket. Hey, give us four balcony tickets.
– Yes, brother. Here, take these four balcony tickets. 100/-for 50/-ticket.
100/-for 50/-ticket. 100/-for 50/-ticket. 100/-for
50/-ticket. 100/-for 50/-ticket. He has been trapped. Brother, I don’t have change. Keep it as tip.
– Thank you. It has been quite long
and he hasn’t come yet. Why are you so late?
Have you got the ticket or not? Tickets? I don’t have money. You took money in
the college for tickets. Me? When did you give it to me? Kiss me..close your eyes.. So many chocolates..
– “Miss me..” I think his bike will
be sold for her chocolates. Okay don’t give the money.
Go and buy the tickets. I had thought no
one would come to see.. ..the horror movie but
there is too much crowd here. I hope you are not scared of ghosts. Seeing your mother it vanishes.
– What? No, nothing.. I think work can be done through him.
– Will you have cold drink? No, I don’t want.
– Say it. No, go.
-Okay do one thing. Go and get the tickets.
– Okay. Take this.
– Sister, one ticket please. Go and take it yourself. The line is quite long but if she
goes then ticket will be bought soon. Please. I have seen this
stupid fellow somewhere. Hey fatty.. Stupid fellow.. Are you thinking wrong about me? Thanks sister. Thank you, uncle. Why did it take you so long?
Did you get the ticket or not? So, will you enjoy
alone with the girl? Even I will enjoy. Sir, give the money. Keep this card and I shall
tell you your future for free. I am not bothered about my
future but please give me my money. If I curse you then you will start.. ..riding a cycle instead
of this auto rickshaw. Go away from here.
– Idiot.. What is this? I had asked you
to show me an A certificate movie.. ..and you have brought
me to see a horror movie. Even this is an A certificate movie. Look there, Priest. There is a lot of
difference between what.. seen in poster and
what is seen I actual movie. Sir, this movie has all the things.. ..which you might
not have thought about. Disciple,
you really take care of your master. Hey, Priest.
– come. Child, why are you here?
– Greetings Priest. Always remain happy.
– Are you okay? Do you remember we met 10 years ago? I am absolutely fine. How are you?
– I am also fine. I have many women disciples
that is the reason I forgot you. There is a mole here
also as well as there. What does this mean?
There is definitely some problem. Priest, as you had predicted
I am blessed with a girl. She is my daughter. Greetings Priest.
– Bless you. In which class do you study?
– 6th class. Hey, how did you get this mark? May be it is kohl pencil, father. He is my husband.
– Greetings Priest. We will leave now, Priest.
– Okay. Take care of me.
– Of course I will. Okay. Hey stupid fellow,
what were you thinking? Priest, shall I get
something cold to drink? Control your actions. Get down, dear. You wait here and I
will go and get the ticket. Listen.. What happened?
– Go carefully. Okay. Her figure is superb. If you will see everything
here then what will you see inside. Are there only photographs
of girls having a bath? There aren’t any photographs
of men having bath. Who will see men having bath? I am there.
I will see them having bath. It is so hot. I will have to do
something about the ticket. He thinks himself to be
a great magician. Let’s see. I don’t know what he will do today. Sir, I have brought coffee. Varun sir..I have
brought coffee for you. Have you brought coffee?
– Yes I have brought it. Is it there inside the cup?
– Yes, it is there. I had made coffee with my own hands. Then how did it get vanished. From where did it come back again? Varun sir..I have
brought coffee for you. Have you brought coffee? Is it cold coffee? No sir, this is absolutely hot coffee. Put your finger and check it. Shall I drink coffee in
which your finger is dipped? Go away from here. I don’t want it. Okay sir. Not only my finger but
I had spitted into it as well. So, did you feel bad? Are you happy now? Morris has to depart. Yes, he has to come out. Zaheer Khan.. Taking second wicket of the
innings coming round the wicket. Harris plays across the line. Reverse swing. Swinging away
from Harris. Out of the off stump and out of the ground. Got it. Fine nick..Zaheer Khan Brother, give me the remote.
– For what? I want to see pogo.
– Go away from here. You always keep watching cricket. So often we have seen
after the drinks break. Six on every ball..two six.. Three ball.. three six.. Two ball..
two six.. two ball.. two six.. One ball..
one six.. one ball.. one six.. Six.. six.. Two ball..
two six.. two ball.. two six.. Two ball..
two six.. two ball.. two six.. Two ball..
two six.. two ball.. two six.. Two ball..
two six.. two ball.. two six.. Six.. six.. Short ball this time. This ball has gone a long way. Dhoni sees the fielder.. This is incredible hitting. The width was provided.. And after that.. Get away from
dupatta is here. Why did you come in between? He tried for a six.. And Mahendra Singh Dhoni
suddenly realized it.. ..that the ball was coming
into the right handers. Yes Shree, you be ready. I think even today the
match has slipped from our hands. Again..let it go. You get ready and come down.
I am coming. Okay, I am coming. Come on let’s go. So, even today you lost the match. It just slipped away on the last ball. Let it be. Just call up Sandy. Hello.. Hello, who is speaking? Hello.
– Where are you fatty? Tell me. Get ready in five minutes
and come down. Okay? In five minutes? Three minutes are enough for me. Sit back.. “Munni got insulted just
because of you darling.” Oh God, I don’t know where
have I kept things after drinking. My ring. I found it. My it is. I had said three I am coming. The system is temporarily
out of service. Hey, your phone is ringing. Don’t worry about the phone, mother.
What is there in the tiffin? Dosa..
– I will have to eat. Bring is quickly mother.
-Okay I will get it. You pick up your phone first. Hey, what is this? Here, eat this. Wow! Friends are useless
in front of this dosa. Hey, someone is blowing the horn
outside and the phone is ringing here. At least reply them. While eating I do not pay
attention to anything else, mother. You go and get more dosa.
– He is such a lazy boy. The car is shaking. I think they have started it here. Mother, bye. So, you did not come
when the phone was ringing. But came immediately
when you saw the car shaking. Stop talking nonsense
and tell me what the plan is. seems to be new. Hey, that is for my watchman. What difference does it make?
I will wear it now. Idiot, he will not even
spare watchman’s sweater. Brother, the girls are beautiful. You are right. My uncle has sent perfume from Dubai. After putting it once she will
come running to you wherever she is. Look,’s fragrance is so nice. Look, the way she is
doing..she is getting excited. She is looking so beautiful. She is looking so beautiful. Hey, she has come here.
She has come closer to me. Stop it.. Leave me..hey, start the car. Hey, dear.. Wait. Let’s put on FM.
Why He unnecessarily shouts. Okay tell us Ramoji,
do you have a girlfriend? Yes I have but why are you asking me. What does your
girlfriend like the most? She likes Biryani more than me. Superb. Increase the volume, brother. Why increase the sound? Leaving all this we will see
if we get to hear a romantic story. What do you say?
– Hey, do you want all this now? Oh no.. Did you brush in morning? What should I tell him now?
What should I tell him? Of course I will give.
What luck I have? Today I had a program
and I don’t know what to say. Just as everyone else says
so similarly you too say something. I do not understand
what should is say. So do one thing. Make an
excuse of accident and say anything. It is a good idea. Yes Sindhu..
– Are you at home? No, I am in Mumbai.
– What? Why have you gone there? No, nothing.. My friend Goverdas
met with an accident. So I came to Mumbai by
travelling overnight in bus. Keep quiet. What? He tried to trap someone
else but got trapped himself. He is very serious. Let me also hear.
– Keep quiet, buddy. I am amidst something
so will call later. Bye. I gave you the idea and
you got my accident done. Police is standing near your office.
– Police? I hope they have not
come to know about us. Look, many days have passed
since that incident took place. Don’t keep any wrong
notions in your heart. Petrol’s car has come
so it will take 10 minutes. Shall we go ahead? He has asked to wait
for 10 minutes so let’s wait. Oh no, which spray have you sprayed? Stupid, the moment
he got down from the car. Brother, look there once. Okay. I have come. Leave her and look at him. Great. I shall tell him. Sandy.
– What happened? Take the flower for the girl
and then see how she gets trapped. Correct idea. Thank you, brother. All the best. Your eyes are black with kohl pencil. Where are you? Brother..
– Now I shall show my magic. Come fast.
– Dubai’s perfume working. I am getting bored here. Now there is going to be fun. Why are you getting late? Come on. Do you know gymnastics?
I know many moves. I shall just show you. Come on, come on. Take this rose flower. And now come in my arms. What is this? Slipper. Did she hit me with a slipper? Did you get the punishment?
Come, come. Why did you do this brother? By giving me rose flower
you got me hit with a slipper. Oh God..I will be there in a minute. Hey, this time you will
have to complete the task. Hey
– What happened? Where are you going? Didn’t you find anyone else?
– Leave my way. Have you come here
to get petrol filled.. ..or have you come
here to tease girls? Leave me. Why are you hitting me? Why are you teasing girls?
– you are teasing girls. People like you should be beaten.
– who are you? Why are you beating me? Why were you talking nonsense?
– what have I done? Let me go.
– Hey, fill the tank. Take this, brother.
– Why are you beating me? What have I done?
– Are they coming to beat me? Now I will tell him.
So you try to be smart. If you are a strong
man then will you beat me? My friends have come
so now show me your power. Brother, he beat me. Did you see brother
that even he hit me? Hey, how dare you do eve teasing?
Come on. Come on let’s go.
– Sorry, sir. Where has it gone? Actually this is the
reason for all the problems. My uncle had said that.. ..even if you use it on a stupid
person then girls will run after him. Shall I use it on a stupid man first?
I shall come to know the result. Hey, stop it. What are you looking at so carefully? Look, a girl is asking for a lift. She seems to be good
so shall we give him lift. We have place in the car too. She is coming this way.
– yes, she is coming. She is looking so beautiful. Just show your face. Oh no.. Oh no.. You are in trouble now. When did you come to Poona? All the best brother? Just come, this side. You had said that
you were going to Mumbai. You had said that your
friend had met with an accident. I said about that accident.. Why did you lie to me? Really my friend had met with.. accident yesterday
and we are going there. Then why did you tell
me that you are in Mumbai. Tell me. He had met with an accident
so in a hurry I said that. I don’t believe you.
– Have I ever lied to you? He met with an accident yesterday.
– I shall separate both of them. I swear upon you that I am
saying the truth. – Hello, hello. There is a call from your city,
one minute please. It is that friend’s call. Where are you, friend? In Vizag. Even we are coming to Vizag. He is someone else. Just like that.. He is just trying to pacify you. Okay, we are coming tomorrow evening. So you are going on a vacation.
Even I will come with you. There is no need. I am going for some urgent work.
Understood. Is he saying the truth? Believe me. I do not believe you at all. I will come with you.
– Hey, listen to me Sindhu. Today she will get trapped. Come on sit down. One minute, madam. Hey, what is all this.
Come on go that side. Go. Sit that side. You come and sit madam. Come on move. Sit down, sit down. Hi Varun.
– Hi Sindhu. Hi, my name is Dheeraj.
– Hi, I am Sindhu. Hi, my name is Kaamraj.
– I know it. Why are you looking
back again and again? How did she come to know?
Actually the matter is. No. No. Whenever I travel
by car I feel scared.. ..that someone might
come and bang from back. This lap is very beautiful. Even your top is very nice. This is not called lap top but laptop. We are illiterate madam so
we do not know what it is called. Hey, can’t you sit quietly? Shree, make Sindhu understand. She will not listen to me.
She gets serious on every matter. Yes, even I don’t want
those who speak lies. So, did he lie to you? Such a face, eyes, lips.. ..and cheeks and below that.. Keep quiet, idiot. Aren’t you ashamed of
saying lies to such a girl? You lied to such a beautiful
girl about the accident. From today you are neither
my friend nor her lover. Sandy stop talking nonsense.
– Okay. We are going for
enjoyment so keep quiet. Then ask him to apologize. Come on Shree apologize. Okay I will apologize. Sorry Shree. I apologized so now talk to me. Talk to me. Hey, talk to me. Talk to me. Talk to me. Come on talk to me. Save me. Hey, why are all of you scared? Come on Sandy say something. What are you asking me to say? All of us would have died. Because of her hand
bag we all would have died. Because of your fun and
frolic we would have died. What happened? Why are you asking me? Don’t you know? Sorry Varun,
I did not do it purposely. It happened by chance. I had not thought that
all this would happen. Okay fine.
Forget it. Such things do happen. Don’t get tensed. Why are you talking like fools
with her? Can’t you sit quietly? We all would have died because of you.
Sit quietly. Oh God. Stay away otherwise I will. Stop the car. Leave us. Come on. Listen, come quickly.
– yes, yes.. Yes, tell me. Yes tell me. This is not the case.
-This is not the case. Keep quiet, buddy.
– Keep quiet, buddy. You wait there and I will call. Okay. You wait there and I will call. Okay. Hey, come on. Varun.
– give me. Weigh this.
– Yes keep it. Now if we weigh this. Yes.
– It is of equal weight. Great, it is absolutely equal. So, isn’t it fine?
– Yes, very good. Look here. Where are you looking,
the weighing scale is this side. What are you looking there, friends?
Look here. You cannot see more by standing up.
This is just a movie. Oh no. That is hen, priest..hen..
– I know it. Brother, give me some mouth freshener.
– Yes. So brother,
is everything going on well? Yes everything is going on well. Whose photograph is there on the wall? Who is he?
– He is our master Ram Gopal Verma. Is he the one who remade Sholay? Is he the one?
– Yes, he is the one. Few days back he
came here to have tea. He did not have change so he gave 500/-
-Is that so? Yes, I will show you. See. This is the currency note.
– He gave it to you. Hey, what are you writing on the note?
– Keep quiet. Shiva, Shiva..who is this Shiva?
Find him out. Okay brother. He looks similar to master. This much is enough for you.
Go and make baked bread. How much more time
will it take, Varun? It will take half an hour more. Wow! This is so beautiful. Varun, stop the car for five minutes.
– We will get late. So not at all. Please, just for five minutes. Brother, please stop.
– Please stop, brother Quiet. There is no need to stop.
Keep driving. Oh God.. Why is the car jumping? What happened? What happened? Oh wow! This is so beautiful.
– Very beautiful. Wow! Look at there, baby. Really beautiful.
– Wow! So beautiful. Baby.. Such a beautiful place.
– One photo, baby. Oh, God! I can’t believe this.
– okay. Did you fill the petrol in the car? Yes, I got full tank
filled in the morning. Hey, you did cheating with
the money given for getting tank full. I got it filled.
Look it was full tank. Hey, instead of petrol
you got it filled with diesel. I had said petrol. I did not know.. This, this.. You do not even understand this much. Sindhu, Sindhu..hey Sindhu.. What is it? The car has stopped because of me. Really.
– Yes. -Thank you so much. Forget that happened
but what will we do now. What can we do?
We will have to call the mechanic. The phone does not catch signal here. Damn you. You are enjoying here.. Yes.. We have been caught
very badly in this jungle. Your brother-in-law knows
everything so call him. Will you keep quiet? Hello, listen I am Varun speaking. Actually the car broke down. Instead of petro he
got it filled with diesel. On the guest house road. Okay, fine. What happened? There is a garage
at a distance of 1km. We will have to take the car there. How will we take the
car till there, brother? Oh God, I am dead. Push the car. I am tired. Both of them are sitting comfortably. If they keep pushing like this
then they will be in a bad shape. Push with force. Oh God.. Hey, what is this?
– This.. Where did you get it from?
Come, come.. Come. Sandy, push with force. She has a superb figure. Hey, wait, wait.. Greetings, sir. You should have stopped there.
There was need to push it. The car is absolutely fine.
It has just got heated up. You made us a fool. Because of this stupid
fellow our time got wasted. Who is calling now? Till today we have never smoked
so why are you giving it to us today. Hello.. ..they are playing. Don’t think much but just put the bet. Whatever will happen we
will see to it but you just bet. This is a very dense forest.
– Sir, the car is ready. Okay, you may go. Okay sir.
– Shree, come. Come.. Hey, are you both coming
or you want to stay here? Don’t go. Don’t go at any cost. I will never keep
friendship with him. Never. Hey, look there. Hey, wait..what are you doing? Oh us. Who was there?
– Who was that stupid fellow? What would have happened
if he was crushed under the car? Where did he go?
What if he would have died? I will see who will die.
I will see who will die. I will see who will die.
I will see who will die. Hail to Goddess. Hail to Goddess. Every time you keep adorning yourself. Your parents have left
you as a burden on me. We cannot celebrate
any happiness or festival. Leaving the village you always
stay back in this guest house. Just like this blank
TV you too are blank. It was ill luck that
I got married to you. Every day the same old conflict. But you seem not
to be bothered at all. Keep quiet. Why are you cribbing? Am I cribbing? Oh God, inspite of me
saying so much you are not bothered. For last six months I am asking for
a sari but you have been delaying it. Every day you keep
worshipping the same photo. If you were to offer prayers all your
life then why did you get married. You should have remained a bachelor.
Why did you spoil my life? Forgive me God.
She does not know anything about you. I apologize on her behalf.
– I know you will never buy me a sari.. Forgive me, forgive me..
– I have requested to younger sir. He has said that on his way back with
his friend he will get sari for me. I do not know when he will get it. Sir has come.
Sir has come. Listen, sir has come. I wanted sir to come so he has come.
– Okay, go. Okay I am going. It was not sir’s car. I had thought it was sir’s car.
– Come on let’s go inside. Look, car has come.
Maybe it is that of sir. Go quickly. Listen, remove the
luggage from the car. Yes sir.
– Get the first aid kit. Okay sir. Take it, sir. Where has the statue
of Lord Hanuman gone? I am seeing that you are very strong. Nothing has happened to you.
– Of course, buddy. You have not got hurt anywhere. Oh God.. – What happened? Why are you screaming?
– Oh, God. Till now nothing had happened to you. It is really paining. Why have you started
screaming suddenly? I have been hurt very badly. What happened suddenly?
– Be careful. Be careful. Oh, God!
– It’s okay. It will be fine. What an idea, brother? Here.. You..
– Oh, God! What should I do? What should I do? Oh God, my foot is paining.
– Where? Here Take this and put it yourself. I made so much effort
and you gave me this. You should have kept
your hand a little up. You are laughing at me. I will hit you hard. Show me. Hey, what are you looking at? Go and make preparations for food. Go. He did not get sari
but is asking for food. So, have you put in money? We should recover whatever
we have lost in the morning. Nothing of this sort will happen. I am saying that nothing
of this sort will happen. Mr. Chintu’s phone.. What is it Mr. Chintu? Did you note down everything? What did you say? Hello. – Don’t
know what cheating he keeps on doing. Hello..
– Hey, can’t you see? What are you saying? I can’t hear. Where have you hidden the mobile? Hello Mr. Chintu I cannot
hear what you are saying Mr. Chintu. Hello.. hello.. Don’t worry I will buy all policemen. Don’t you know me yet. Why are you calling
me again and again? Hello, hello..I cannot
hear what you are saying. Hello, hello..I cannot
hear what you are saying. Talk when the signal is clear.
Can you hear me? in which corner are you standing and
talking..there seems to be no signal. Oh God I am me Someone save me. Hey, say yes at 56. Malashree, have you kept hot water
in the bathroom? – Yes, madam. Yes I have kept it. Hey, come out with me
I am feeling very scared. Come out..
– Leave me. There is a big dog outside.
– I will not come. Hey.. What did you say? You will not come.
– Why should I come out with you? Come with me please. There is a big dog outside and my
phone is still there. – Okay, come on. Yes brother, here.
There was a big dog here. There is no dog here.
Come on hurry up. The dog was here. While talking
on the phone I came till here. You should have gone a little
further and reached the jungle. I don’t know my mobile
got lost somewhere here. Why did you come here? Let me see why the
light is on over there? Feel it.. Feel it.. What are you looking at?
– There is something that I am watching. Hey, get a side. Oh God, someone has come. What are you all doing here? We are not doing anything. Be careful sir as ghosts
come here at night. Okay, come on let’s go from here. So, do you know? Her figure is like a sword. Shine like a star.
She is just like an open book. If you see her completely
then you will lose your senses. Buddy.. What a scene it was?
It would be fun if you had seen it. If she is here then who was she? What did you say, stupid?
She is sitting here. As sharp as sword. Shine like stars. Nonsense. I really saw her, brother.
– She is sitting here. Hey, what happened again? He was saying something
like an empty book.. Why are you telling him this?
They will kill me. Madam, the water is
hot so you can take a bath. Okay. He is all set for the runs.. Dear, will you keep watching TV? He has timed it well and is
going all the way..but he is caught.. Talk to me. He is caught. Hey, till that time
I will go ad have a bath. Go now.
– No, no.. This is high..will he be,
it is four. If Sindhu was having bath in the
bathroom then who was sitting here. And if Sindhu was sitting here then
who was having bath in the bathroom. Come on, come on.. Why are you making sound while eating?
Eat properly. Shree, your position is at risk. This batsman is good. If he keeps
on playing then you will be saved. Not safe but today
I need something else. Will he get it away on the off side? He is trying to get that away. Yes. Caught it, caught it.. He bowled well. The finger has gone up. Yes, yes.. That was great brother. Will you keep watching cricket? Last.. What is this Shree?
Why did you slap her? Didn’t you see that because
of her we lost the match? Rs 2.78lakhs only.. If you still miss it then.. New Zealand has won this game. We are saved.. It was nice.
Sir.. Sir, she has gone out
so late at night crying. Great, nice.. Sorry dear, I am apologizing.
– I do not want your sorry. I was in tension because of match.
I really made a big mistake. Tell me what I should do. Hit me if you are angry. Hit me..
– Go away. Look, till you do not talk
to me I will not go from here. Talk to me. Will you do whatever I ask you to do? Yes, I will do that. Shall we play some game?
– Game.. Let’s play hide and seek madam. Hey, this game is useless. If I do any drama now then
someone or the other will surely come. My sound..there is no one here. Even then my sound is coming. Where is the sound coming from? Listen, sir.. You idiot watchman. Why were you screaming?
Do you need anything? Hey, do we shout only
when we need something? Leaving that way why
are you coming from this side. Because you screamed.. Okay, just because I screamed.. Okay, then I will keep quiet. You are playing this game just for me. Yes, of course. Then tell me why were
you ignoring me since morning? Nothing. Just like that. I did not like the way
those stupid’s were behaving. If they are stupid then so are you. No, no they are good ones
in the batch too. Basically like me. Dear, why is your body so hot? Nothing. Haven’t you played
such a game in childhood? I have played but not with girls. Really.. How did you come here? I came here because
you might feel scared. It is not needed. I am here. You are two but still you feel scared. I was alone so that
is why I came here. Now I will remain here. Malashree if we all stay
here then we will be caught easily. You go and hide somewhere else. Is that so? But you both do not start
any other game. Understood. Brother Shree, where are you? Hey, where are you? Where are you, brother?
Come quickly as I am alone here. How much will you trouble me? Come on now.
Come otherwise I will hit you. Come out now, brother.
How much will you make me shout? I am tired of finding you all.
Till where shall I find you? Come. Come out brother. Oh God.. Brother, you are caught. I found you. Oh no.. Where are you brother, Varun? Brother Varun, Brother Varun.. What are you doing here? If you remain here then
you will also be caught. I know it. You go. Wow! New phone. Show it to me. Hey, go and do your work. Sir, do not hide here. That side there is a big
tree so we shall hide there. No one will be able to find us.
– Just shut up. Don’t even dare to say a word. Go away from here, idiot. Save me.. I have found you, found you.. What did you think that
I will not be able to find you? Hide wherever you want
to but I will find you. What did you think that
I will not come to know anything? You were hiding there
and saying I love you. And you were hiding there
and crawling like a frog. What did you think that you will hang
and I will not be able to find you? I found you all. Out, out.. Wait, I will not agree like this. You are doing cheating with me.
I will not play with you. Let me go. Leave me. This is not done.
– You will have to play. We will not let you go.
– Leave me. You have trapped me. Where are they all? Have all of them hidden there? Why are you staring at me like this? It is a cat. Sindhu, it is better if we
are not caught. – Why? Otherwise we would
have missed a chance. You naughty. What happened, Shree? No, nothing. Hey.. What happened, Shree? What are you looking behind? Aren’t you hearing any sound? No, I did not hear. Okay. Brother, Varun.. Sir, it is me.
You had asked me not to show my face. That is why I am hiding
my face and roaming. You.. if you are seen
again then I will kill you. Go away from here. You both are out. Hey, stop playing
these childish games. Hey, you are roaming
wearing a mask like children. Hey Shree, the game is
over so all of you come out. So soon.. the atmosphere
of this place is very nice. Shall we stay here for two days? In this jungle..
– Where is Dheeraj? Hey, where is Dheeraj? Hey Dheeraj, Hey Dheeraj.. Where are you hiding? Come out. Hey Dheeraj, where are you? What is this? No one is answering. Hey, enough of it. Come out. Hey Dheeraj.. He will come out on his
own wherever he must be hiding. Let’s go from here. Hey.. ..hey brother where are you? Hey, come out Dheeraj. Dheeraj, what happened?
– What happened to him? Dheeraj..
– Dheeraj.. Dheeraj, what happened?
– Dheeraj, what happened? Dheeraj..
– Dheeraj.. Have you gone mad?
Why did you hit him? He had kept his foot
on the wire having current. Sir.. What happened? Are you not feeling well? Look, what has happened to him. I cannot understand anything. Brother, the fire
is burning very brightly. Remove the logs of wood
otherwise we will burn, buddy. Leave this fire and feel
the excitement going on there. It will be fun. I have got your name written here. Are the eyes of you both burning, sir? Not their eyes but
their hearts are burning. I am feeling angry on what
they are doing since morning. Why are you laughing? Go inside. She is a very strange girl. Every time she does something
or the other stupid. Hey Sandy, come on drink beer. You naughty.. Shree. They are doing romance.
We are dying here. Till their romance we may drink.. much beer it is
not going to affect us. Hey brother,
I cannot tolerate it anymore. Cheers, cheers.. Hey, why are you staring at the beer? You have asked a very good question.. ..but he will answer this. What was I staring at for so long? At the ghost.. You are calling such a
beautiful girl a ghost, stupid. She is a ghost.. What is this buddy? Everything
is going wrong since morning. I was thinking of enjoying
here but everyone’s mood is off here. Sandy’s love story.. then
it will be really enjoyable. Okay..move ahead. What is this for? My husband also wants to
drink some so he has sent me here. Put little in this as well, sir. Does your husband want it or you? Does a woman ever drink? Take this. Come on tell your love
story to Sindhu. Come on speak. Shall I tell?
– There is no need. There is no need for
anyone to speak in between. It is my story and I will only tell. The scene opens.. One day a burning sun, white
clouds are overcast in the blue sky. After that the shoot starts. The camera is fitted at a low
angle and someone sees through it. And then my heart yearns
on seeing that girl. And she also falls in love with me. And so in this way I went around
that girl everyday and followed her. Okay. The moment cut happens I get courage.
Courage.. By putting flowers in the
envelope I give it to the girl. happens like this. Then she calls her
brother from inside. What is this? And then he ran away. Just this much. That’s it. Common.. And that day I was
awake the whole night. I could not sleep. And in the morning his brother stood.. front of me with
both hands at the back. Then I got scared. I was scared
for the first time in my life. Shit. My lungi was kept nearby. I picked it up and
wore it around my waist. Courageously I switched on the light. The moment the light was on I came.. know it was a dream
and the shot was okay. Switched off the light and slept. He is lying.
I will tell you the actual story. When he got up in the morning then her
brother was standing in front of him. The moment he saw him he got scared. Do you know what he did next? He picked up his lungi and ran away. The moment he left
even her brother left. Are you a fool? Fool? This always happens with him. He always runs away
and then comes here with us. Actually he wanted to..
– Oh, my God! ..become husband of his sister.
– I beg of you to keep quiet. And his condition became bad. Do you want to drink more beer?
– Actually my husband wants more. You will not get more. Ask him to have it some other time. My husband never drinks imported.. ..alcohol so that is
why he is asking for more. Please give some more sir.
Please give. Malashree, you really
take good care of your husband. You are a loving wife of modern times. She is Sita of modern times. On seeing your smile I feel
she is Anusuya of modern times. Malashree you are looking sexy. Oh God do not praise me so much.
I am feeling shy. Hey, you bite me so hard. I will not spare you. Dheeraj that is just an ant.
Leave it. Please. No, it has bit me very hard. Today I will kill it and eat it. This is nice. I cannot eat non vegetarian
food but can surely drink. I think I drank that also. Dheeraj, I want to go to
the washroom so come with me. Hey, come with me. So what brother.
Everything is wet here. It will not matter if you make wetter. Hey stupid, aren’t you
bothered about people around. Don’t I have any respect?
I will go alone and do it. What do you think I am? Did you see the way he talks to me? Will you eat?
– Hey.. He talks to me rudely. No problem if he
does not come with me. I will go alone and do it. No one came wi8th me so
I will also not go with anyone. Do you think I am scared of anyone? Just watch it.
I will spare none of you. There is total darkness here. This is the bathroom. Oh God..this is just hallucination. There is no one. It might have got closed due to wind. Let me not worry. I don’t know what is happening. Let’s go and see. It is a very good movie.
– Brother, please get a side. I don’t know whether
I will get taxi or not. It is quite late at night. Who is there? Leave me. Spare me. Spare me. Where had you gone? What do you mean where I had gone? Let’s go from here first. But what has happened, priest. What scene has happened? No scene.. nothing. There is something wrong here. My mind is getting restless. I do not like anything.
I do not like anything. Let’s go from here. Come on, come on.. Shall I bring more? Kiss me.. ..close your eyes..
– Is ice cream tasty? Miss me.. Close your eyes..
– He is taking too much time. He was saying that
he didn’t have money. Ask him to get 2 ice creams. If he
will have money then he will get it. Listen..
– Yes.. Get two ice creams extra.
– Okay. Is this okay. Yes come on. We are not able to find anyone. Even I am think if
we could find someone. Let’s see. Our target is standing there.
Maybe our work is done. Let’s call him here and see. I.. This property belongs to only boys. Even such people are giving
competition to our work. Let’s go. What is the cost of this?
– 20/- And this one..
-20/- And this one..
-20/- And this one..
-20/- Hey take any. The cost of each is 20/- Okay I will take this. Take the money. I am getting excited
because of this figure. Sandy has still not come back. He must be drunk so
he must have slept there. Sir, it is quite late
at night so please go inside. Why so? Are you too much drunk
that you are dictating terms to me? I was saying that
you too drink alcohol. All this will not
be done in front of me. Sandy is inside so go and get him. Go.
– Okay sir. He is a strange man. he just nods his
head whenever you ask him something. Useless man. Sandy sir.. Sandy sir.. Sandy sir.. What happened? Have you come
here to watch movie or create a scene? Sit quietly.
– Sorry.. I will go and get him. You all wait here. Okay. You people wait here. Even you taste it.
It is very delicious. Even you.. I don’t know where he has gone. He must be hiding somewhere here.
I will find him. Hey, brother.. Is that you? You go away from here. You are drinking? What is it stupid fellow?
You call me dirty picture. Come here.. come here.. Hey, I will just set you right. Will you set me right? Wait, wait I will show you.. What is it? – Malashree is
dancing after being drunk. Stop talking nonsense
and go and find Sandy. He must be inside.
– Brother.. Watchman, you look this
side and we will look that side. Okay sir. Malashree, Malashree, Malashree.. Malashree, what are you doing? Get down. Now even sir
has come to know about it. Get down.
– Leave me. Malashree, listen to me..
– Leave me. ..and get down.
– I want to stay here on top. You go away. Because of fear all
my intoxication has gone. What happened? Nothing brother.
I had called her dirty picture.. that is why she
was getting angry on me. Sandy, Sandy where are you? Why are shouting Sandy, if he is a king. Sandy, Sandy.. Hey, stupid..she is calling you. Who asked you to make people like us.. ..drink alcohol as we
are used to drinking beer. He did not see signal
of both of you so that is why.. Varun, what nonsense are you talking? Really.
– dirty.. You are drunk and she
seems to be intoxicated. Where have I held? Varun.. Silence.. Hey, what happened?
– What happened? I felt something here. Did you feel something
or you saw something? No, I heard something. Oh God.. What will you hear over here, stupid? Come on. Come on. Come. I don’t know how much
more we will have to find him. What happened now?
Did you hear something? I am really feeling that
someone is following us. Hey, even he is a ghost.
You can try if you wish to. Come. Can’t you be normal like before?
Why are you talking about ghosts? Are you scared of ghosts? Wait, I will narrate
a ghost story to you. I don’t want to hear. Even then I will narrate. Many years ago far from the city
1km through the jungle was a house. And only one person used to
stay there. Alone in the whole house. He was sleeping on the sofa.
Then suddenly heard a scary sound. There was no one around him.
He thought it was his hallucination. He slept again on the bed. After some time.. After some time he again
heard the same scary sound. And the sound of dogs crying. He started getting scared.
He lost his sleep. But he tried to sleep. This time the sound came
from far away in the jungle. The same scary sound. And all the insects started playing.. Everyone started
playing here and there. Then his voice started diminishing. Because of fear his eyes
were going from here to there. Due to fear he had stopped his breath. During that time.. Listen, all these are childish
stories and I am not scared of them. Okay. You read children’s comics.
You will find stories interesting. Even after hearing this
you did not feel scared. Okay I will call ghost by magic. You do not know logical
stories so now you will do magic. Okay, I will show you now. I am going. You keep on trying. Wait Sindhu,
I will also come with you. Hey Varun, did you see the ghost? Stay away from me. Don’t even touch my shadow.
– Come on. Come on. You have cheated me. You have spoiled my life.
– now calm down. Go away from here.
– Malashree.. Malashree.. I am asking you to go from here.
Go otherwise I will really hit you. It is so late at night.
You are so dark.. ..complexioned that
I cannot even see you. What do you think I
cannot live without you? I can live without you. Go, leave me. Malashree, where are you going? Come home. Malashree.. I am telling you not to follow me.
Go away from here. I cannot see anything here.
Where are you Varun? Are you hiding here? Malashree, Malashree..what happened? Why are you crying, Malashree? Tell me what happened? Malashree, Malashree..don’t cry. Keep quiet. Everything will be fine.
Don’t be scared. Just remember God.
Everything will be fine. Let’s go home. Come with me. Don’t worry. I am there with you. Come. Don’t be scared.
Nothing will happen. Okay. Just remember God
and the fear will vanish. There is nothing to worry. Come carefully. We are about to reach in some time. What happened? Something pierced me.
– What happened? Did something pierce you in your foot? Something hit me.
It is really paining. I am really feeling the pain. I am really feeling the pain.
Apply something on my foot. Don’t worry. Don’t worry Malashree. I will die.
– Come on. Come on. I know that.
– Everything will be fine. I am really feeling the pain. Hey Sandy, where are you? Sir, sir.. What happened?
– I did not find Sandy anywhere. Sir, the snake has bitten
my wife and she cannot see anything. Take her to the hospital. There is already so much tension..
– What happened to you? ..and we are unable to find Sandy. Now who will take her to the hospital? Sir, please do not say like this. I request you sir.
– Let her die. Don’t worry. Sir I beg of you.
– Everything will be fine. Take her.
– Okay? I will die..
– Sir.. What are you talking?
– Malashree.. Someone is dying and
you are not bothered. I will take her.
– Do whatever you wish to. Come on. Come on. Malashree, come on. Come carefully. Don’t worry.
– Nothing will happen to you. Don’t worry.
– Don’t take tension. Okay. Come on sit down. Be careful. I cannot see anything. I cannot see. I will get mad, buddy. Don’t take tension.
Just go and take rest in your room. You come with me. Don’t sleep.. Come out quickly. Come, come.. Come. Where has everyone gone? There is no one on the front seat. Where has everyone gone? I feel something is wrong. This means..the door
was closed before. How is it opening now?
I cannot understand anything. I will go out and see.
I will go and see what the matter is. Yes. The door is closed. Doctor has said that she is fine now.. ..and you can take
her home in the morning. What are you doing? You are
elder to me so don’t do like this. Thank you, child. If you were not there then
today my wife would not be alive. For last so many years
I have been serving them.. ..and this is the respect
they give in return. People like us lead
such a life, child. Okay I will leave now.
You take care of Malashree. Okay. Child, don’t go there. Why? Why shouldn’t I go? The situation does
not seem to be good there. I am feeling very scared. Something
wrong is happening there, child. I don’t understand
what you are saying. Listen to me. Three months
ago they committed a crime there. It so happened that.. Have fun, have fun drunkard.. Have fun, have fun drunkard.. Have fun, have fun drunkard.. Have fun, have fun drunkard..
– Hey, keep the cigarette straight. No problem brother
I will somehow manage. We are drinking so much but
still we are not feeling intoxicated. Take this. We will find local alcohol
in the nearby village. Come on let’s go. You are too drunk.
– Come on let’s go. We are less drunk than you.
– Why are you tensed? Come on let’s go and get
some local made from the village. Come on you go ahead of us. These flowers are so beautiful. Hey flowers, do you know something? My cheeks are softer than yours. Touch and see if you wish to. Isn’t it? Hey, don’t fall. Hold my hand.
Something wrong is happening with me. So many leaves have fallen.. Why are you moving so much? My waist moves more than you. Isn’t it? Look.. Isn’t it? Look here. Hey, he fell down. Hey, wait. Oh no.. Listen.. What happened?
– Look there. Oh God, it is not coming out. Come out.. Leave me..
– My dear.. No.
– Why should I leave you? Leave me.. No. Where are you going? No. Leave me.. Wait, wait.. Why are you screaming? My dear..
– Leave me. Hey..where are you running?
– Wait. Catch hold of her. No.
– Where will you go running? Hey wait.. Wait, where are you going? Stop.. My dear.. Hurry up, she is running away. Till where will you run? Stop.. Hey stop, stop.. No.. leave me..
Leave me.. Leave me.. No.. No.. Idea.. I found it. No.. Let’s go friends. Really had fun. Come on let’s go. Come. Since then that girl
is roaming here as ghost. There were 2-3 people with me and
they also said the same thing to me. Other than those people
even my wife has seen her. Seeing all this I
am feeling very scared. It would be better if
tonight you stay here, child. If whatever you have said is
true then I will kill four of them. Sandy, where are you? Hey Sandy.. Where has he gone? Sandy, where are you? Hey Sandy.. Sandy, hey Sandy.. Hey.. Sandy, where are you? Sandy.. Brother, you go that side and
see and I will find him this side. Okay fine. Sandy, where have you gone? Hey Sandy.. Hey Sandy.. Hey Sandy.. Sandy, where have you gone?
Where are you? Hey.. Hey, where have you hidden? Oh God.. I think my ear is injured badly. Run.. Hello.. ..wait I will come out
of the theatre and talk to you. Yes. Sometime ago this exit
door was not opening. Yes tell me. Where are you? Are you downstairs? Okay fine. No, no.. please, please.. I, I.. No, no please spare me. No, no.. please, please.. Hey Sandy.. Hey.. Hey Dheeraj.. What has happened? What has happened? Hey Varun Dheeraj, what happened? Three people have died in the movie.. that means the three people who
left from here have also been killed. Oh no.. ..what is happening after all. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me.. Don’t kill me. Spare me. Stop.. Reverse the car. Take the car back. Reverse it.. Take reverse. Take the car reverse. Take the car reverse.
Take the car reverse. Take the car reverse. Why is there crowd here? Have all of them really died? All of them are alive. What are these packets? His name is Sambha. He is a member of Juna Basti gang. His work is to supply cocaine. According to our information.. ..this person was supplying
drugs in the theatre. That is why we caught him red handed. Sir, sir.. no sir. Leave me. No, sir.. please.. Come. You.. After tracing the call
history on his phone. We have found out the details
of places where he supplies drugs. At this moment this boy and that man
were going to buy cocaine from him. Sir, I do not know anything.
Please leave me sir. No, sir..
– Why are you saying lies? I do not know anything, sir.
– Quiet. You are continuously saying lies.
– Sir, leave me. Hey, get some water. He is the broker that supplies girls. His name is Raja. He came here to become
a hero in movies. We did not find his phone number.. ..but traced him through
the number of the car. And at last this man. The projector operator
of this theatre. This person is also
a member of this racket. To save his customers he had put.. the slide of switch
off your mobile phones. But his bad luck.
He forgot to switch off his own phone. Take them all and put them in jeep. That’s all. Thank you. Sir, one last question..
– Get a side. Please last question.
– Sir.. I am such a big fool. I got scared thinking
unnecessarily of the ghost. There is nothing as ghost.


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