Alternative Miss World 2014 has hit London

The thirteenth Alternative Miss World competition
returned to London yesterday bringing poise, personality and a lot of originality to the
Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. The theme greeting this year’s contestants
was Neon Numbers. The emphasis of this competition is transformation.
Contestants are not limited to cross-dressing, but are instead encouraged to use their imagination
to be whatever they want. It doesn’t belong to any category except for
the Alternative Miss World. That’s it. And it’s done very infrequently, so people forget
all about it so you have to reinvent the event every time you do it. But it’s just so heart-warming. The format of the show stays true to the Miss
formats we may be more familiar with, in which contestants appear initially in day wear,
then swimwear and evening wear. If you think of London in 1978, it was a very
black and white place, you know London was a very conservative, dark place to live, and
suddenly this huge explosion of colour and transgenderism, you know, opened my mind,
it opened my mind, and I’m very pleased and proud and, indeed, privileged, to be a judge
here tonight. Miss Zero plus beat the competition to be
crowned Alternative Miss World 2014.


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