Alun-alun Thesaloniki Yunani di daerah Aristoteles/Aristotle/Αριστοτελους

Meet me again Christine Metallidiou Tellah here Babybule and I are going to the Aristotelian area The father of world science The father of world science Aristotle Father of world science “Aristotle” In the Greek alphabet “Aristotle” Next to a lot of cafes We go to the beach on the edge of a big highway This is the city square of Thessaloniki Let’s go to the sea Sunset In Greece popular with “Patini” For rent, but not lost because it uses GPRS and we pay for it using mobile Ok, we go to the sea There is a port (limani=Greek) for the ship to dock there is a ship docked Next time I will make a Thessaloniki symbol video on the other end there is a tower that stands, it is a symbol of Thessaloniki Later I will film it BabyBule said there was a boat start the road it’s a port in Thessaloniki (Limani=Greek) If the water is receding, many people are fishing Hai Striped (my foster dog in downtown Thessaloniki) Striped plays in his park … come here … Here is the chocolate (my foster dog) has a drink and eat they are always together wherever they go Chocolate… hey chocolate … hello my dear … poor you I’m sorry I forgot to bring food but he was given a meal with a mother Aristotle Greek Ἀριστοτέλης Aristotélēs rule in 384 BC 322 BC was a Greek philosopher Along with his teacher Plato tutored Alexander the Great His writings cover many subjects including physics,metaphysics, poetry,logic rhetoric,politics,government ethics, biology and zoology along with Socrates and Plato Aristotle was considered to be one of them 3 of the most influential philosophers in western thinking Aristotle was born in the city of Stagira town in the Chalcidiki region, Tracia in Northern Greece the middle Macedonia was born in 384 BC His father was the personal physician of the king of Amyntas from Macedonia At seventeen or eighteen years of age Aristotle became a student of Plato he joined Academy Plato’s in Athens for 20 years Aristotle left the academy after Plato died tutored Alexander the Great from Macedonia When Aristotle came to power in years 336 BC had returned to Athens with support and assistance from Alexander establishing his own school there known as the Lyceum which is led up to years 323 BC Political change as Alexander fell make him have to run away again from Athens, in order to avoid an unlucky fate as was experienced by Socrates Aristotle died shortly after the evacuation. Aristotle really point about empiricism to emphasize knowledge Aristotle’s philosophy developed in 3 stages the first when he was still study at the Plato academy when the idea was still very close to his teacher then when he fled and finally when he led the Lyceum includes 6 written works that discuss about logic his most important In addition to his contribution to Metaphysics Physics, Ethics, politics Medical science, natural sciences and artwork. In natural sciences Aristotle was the first to collect and classifying biological species mathematically this work illustrates the tendency to be critical analysis, and search for natural law and balance in nature opposite to Plato, who stated theories about the ideal forms of things other Aristotelian theories about motion where all objects move towards 1 destination all opinions are said to be patterned theological because objects cannot move by itself, then there must be movers where the movers must have other movers until it arrives at the first movers that cannot move which came to be called Theos which in Greek now Theos means God Aristotle’s logic is a system Deductive thinking, which is even on currently still considered the basis of each formal logic lessons although in his research his scientific research, he realized also the importance of observation experiment and inductive thinking in the politics of Aristotle believe that the political form is ideal is a combination of forms of democracy and monarchy Aristotle considered contribute to covering fields such as physics astronomy, biology psychology, metaphysics formal logic ethics, politics rhetorical theory, poetry in the field of art, Aristotle contain a view of beauty in the Poetike book He always emphasizes empiricism that knowledge is built on the basis of observation and sight Aristotle also defines understanding history namely history is 1 system that examines an event which since the beginning are arranged in form He also say history is events in the past that has a record and concrete evidence his theories lasted for 2000 years because they think the theory makes sense and according to the thinking of society in general Aristotle’s thought which is very influential on western thought and other religious thoughts in general alignment of Aristotle’s thought with Christian theology done by St. Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century with Jewish theory by Maimonides in years 1135 until the year 1204 BC and Islamic theory by Ibn Rushd 1126 to 1198 BC for medieval humans not only considered an authoritative source towards logic and metaphysics but also considered as the main source and science as is said by Dante Alegeri

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