Always Be My Maybe | Trailer | Netflix

(party music)
(laughter) (fire crackling) – You’re gonna be late. – All right, I look good? – Yes. Water? – That came from your thigh gap? No thank you. – Thanks for calling it a gap. – [Interviewer] We are
catching up with celebrity chef Sasha Tran and her fiance Brandon Choi. – What a great cause, huh? (typing) – Mm. – We are opening a new restaurant and I need you in San Francisco. (doorbell rings) – Hey! – Hi, Marcus. – Yeah, hi Sasha. Hi. Hello. Hi. – Long time. (moaning)
(car squeaking) – Yes, yes. Very long time. What’s up? – Sasha Tran! – Mr. Kim. – You’re like our own Asian Oprah. How much money do you have now? – (laughing) – He’s serious. – Oh. – (Mr. Kim) I’m surprised
you two lost touch. You used to be so close. – So, when’s the big wedding day? – He wants to travel a
bit before we settle down. It’s really for the both of us. – I finally realized that I
don’t want to get married. – Are you kidding me? You’re a piece of shit! – I can tell you’re a little… – I hope you get malaria and shit yourself to death you shitty piece of shit! (goat baas) – A little softer, please. You are scaring the goats. (soft guitar plays) – I guess I have to
start dating again, huh? Is there anything worse? – [Friend] You and Marcus are so cute. – Mm. No, no. – Remind me why you never got together? – There’s way too much history there. Oh. Haha. Yeah. ♪ You were his one babe ♪ ♪ For a moment in time ♪ – You still have the Corolla? – What are you looking at? My backseat because we had sex back there? – Oh my god! – So what do you think? – That it might be even smaller
and grosser than I remember. – You better still be
talking about my backseat. (laughter)
(Always Be My Baby plays) – [Mr. Kim] You don’t
want to wonder “what if”. Tell her how you feel, son. – I have some news. – So do I.
– Mine’s big. – Mine’s big too. Okay. Look… – Okay. I wanna go first. I met someone! – Wow. That’s so great. – We had the most insane, freaky ass sex. I can’t even talk about it, otherwise- – Yeah, let’s stop talking about it. ♪ You will always be my baby ♪ – Well, there he is! – (slow-mo) Oh my god. – Hi, baby.
– I’m missed your flesh. – [New Boyfriend] I missed your thighs. – I miss your beard scratching my thighs. – I missed your taste. – [Sasha] I missed your thumbs. You’re so good with your thumbs. ♪ You will always be my baby ♪


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