Amar Akbar Anthony Theatrical Trailer | Ravi Teja | Ileana | Sreenu Vaitla | Thaman | Sreenu Vaitla

[air flowing] In this world… where there are some people who
lack potential to establish credibility there are a lot of people who
deceive with their full potential [bullet fired] Are you sure you will not come here? Absolutely sure sir.
I will never ever come here again. I’m Anthony. Dr. Mark Anthony. The lady’s name is Theresa. Mother Theresa. [punch]
[groans] If you want a violent girl to turn silent… …she has to fall in love. I love you. Oh! This is Akbar. I’ll strip the demon of it’s
skin and chase it and bash it up. [music] That girl is possessed dude! This is a very small negative thing when
compared to all the positives the girl has. Huh! -We don’t get into personals.
-She is my personal. [chuckling] -Where is the pickle man?
-Who is a priest here? [blow] -You call us cheapos?
-I didn’t see you were here. What time would the doctor come? The doctor doesn’t come according to time,
but according to the situation. -Can we wait?
-Your patience is welcome! [gun shot] Amar… [blows] He seems to be a man-eater. EDITING
M R. VERMA [metal blows] It’s pure madness not to
expect bad from bad people. [tyres screeching] [shots fired] MUSIC
THAMAN. S I just understood vengeance haunts.
It’s confirmed. [music] [blast] This is not a revenge…
It’s a return gift. AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY How do we find out where he is doctor? -It’s your job to trace him out.
-Ah! I’m strong, you are strong… -We all are strong.
-We all are strong. Relax! AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY


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